How to look like a vampire (with pictures)

How to look like a vampire (with pictures)
How to look like a vampire (with pictures)

Whether you dress up for an event or want a change of dress style, looking like a vampire can become an art form. This is sure to be a stylish look that you can have fun with at a costume party or wear on a daily basis. Give yourself some time each morning if you are going to adopt this style every day!


Part 1 of 4: Prepare your face

Look Like a Vampire Step 1

Step 1. Whiten your skin

Vampires are supposed to be undead that only come out at night. That means their skin is paler than that of other humans. To achieve this result, you need to apply a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. It should be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin.

  • Foundations are usually available in different textures and in different types ranging from powder to cream. To look like a vampire, use the thickest texture.
  • Apply the foundation to the middle of your face and stretch it out towards your jawbones. Use your fingers or a brush depending on the product you are using.
  • If you have a dark complexion, don't worry! Vampires can have different types of skin tone. Just remember that you're supposed to avoid the sun, and you shouldn't look like a tanned person.
Look Like a Vampire Step 2

Step 2. Use dark eyeliner

Vampires look dramatic and dark. They are also several hundred years old. You have to give the impression that you have seen things that no one has ever seen. To achieve this, use dark eyeliner and if possible eye shadow to complete your look.

  • Apply eyeliner and use a small amount of dark purple eye shadow with black mascara. Your eyes will be a little more protruding than usual, making you look dramatic.
  • A light red eye shadow around the eyes also does the trick. You will look like an undead or a bloodthirsty person.
  • For a more dramatic result, apply darker eye shadow over your eyes and lighter eye shadow below.
Look Like a Vampire Step 3

Step 3. Give your lips a dark red color

In general, the lips are the most striking part of a vampire's makeup. Depending on your skin tone and the desired result, choose something between bright red and blood red.

Go for a rudimentary matte style. If you want, you can use lip gloss instead of lipstick

Part 2 of 4: dress like a vampire

Look Like a Vampire Step 4

Step 1. Wear dark clothes

Vampires wear dark colored clothes. When changing, avoid outfits in light, bright or pastel colors. Instead, focus on those that make you look serious and gloomy. You should look like a creature of the night, not a window mannequin.

  • Avoid gaudy brands and overprinted shirts. A black t-shirt and black jeans are best for a vampire.
  • You don't have to wear only black. Nothing prevents you from adding a little color to your outfit. Dark purple and navy blue are just as suitable as black.
Look Like a Vampire Step 5

Step 2. Put yourself on your thirty-one

Vampires also appreciate the Victorian, old-fashioned and formal style. Dress like you're going to spend a night on the town. Wear an elaborate dark-colored and possibly old-fashioned outfit to convey the image of an undead.

  • For women, black skirts with ruffles, red or black tops with bell sleeves, corsets and black dresses are perfect.
  • For men, opt for a black suit or overcoat with old buttons and black pants with a white button-up shirt.
Look Like a Vampire Step 6

Step 3. Plan “everyday clothes”

You probably don't want to dress like you're going to a funeral every day. Skinny black jeans with a red, purple or black top will help you create a more comfortable and contemporary vampire look.

For girls, black skirts sprinkled with ruby ​​decoration are perfect. However, avoid clothing presented under the mall's "vampire" theme. A Twilight t-shirt won't make you look like a vampire. You will simply look like a fan

Look Like a Vampire Step 7

Step 4. Wear the right shoes

In general, vampires don't go out in sneakers or tennis. They need the right kind of formal shoes to go with the rest of their outfit.

  • For boys, chunky boots are most suitable. You can wear a pair of black leather shoes or chunky black work boots. Favor Dr. Martens.
  • For girls, the shoes should be dark and dressy. Flat and pointed models or low heels will do the trick, as will black Dr. Martens.
Look Like a Vampire Step 8

Step 5. Dress comfortably

Just because you want to look like a vampire doesn't mean you should ignore the weather or the dress code at your school. It would be impractical to dress as if you were going to an 18th century ball when it is 32 ° C outside.

  • When it's cold, vampires usually wear a long black or red velvet cape, leather jacket, or trenchcoat.
  • In hot weather it will likely be necessary to lighten your makeup and outfit, but remember to wear dark clothing and not to go out in the sun.
Look Like a Vampire Step 9

Step 6. Use vampire props

A few old accessories will help you look like a vampire and make you look like a person who has haunted the dark lanes of London since the 18th century. Shop empty garages, flea markets, and antique shops for inexpensive accessories. The following items will do the trick:

  • a pocket watch
  • a cane
  • old brooches or pins
  • an old necklace
  • silver bracelets
  • amulets

Part 3 of 4: making a vampire costume

Look Like a Vampire Step 10

Step 1. Wear canines

Canines are the hallmark of vampires. If you dress like a vampire and want people to guess your costume right away, you shouldn't forget about them. Go for small canines that don't look too kitsch. Plastic canines from the vending machine at the local grocery store simply won't look like anything.

  • It will be easier for you to speak with false canines than with full dentures. They will also be more natural.
  • You can also make false teeth with acrylic, pieces of straw, or even fork tips.
  • Apply your lipstick after laying your canines to avoid damaging your makeup.
Look Like a Vampire Step 11

Step 2. Wear a cape

Your cape should be red or dark in color if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. Another easily recognizable element of the vampire is the cloak. You can make them with a piece of cloth or a sheet, but you can also buy them at a costume store.

Look Like a Vampire Step 12

Step 3. Wear stylish clothes

For an even more successful costume, wear elegant and slightly old-fashioned clothes. For men, a tuxedo shirt, black pants and black shoes will make the perfect suit. You can even wear a cummerbund if you feel like it. For women, an elegant top and a long flowing skirt will go perfectly with your canines and your cape. Remember to wear dark colors.

Look Like a Vampire Step 13

Step 4. Apply makeup

Use eye shadow to darken your look and white face paint to make it paler. Your vampire costume will be even more successful. You can also apply purple or red nail polish. Man or woman, these tips will give you a bewitching air.

Look Like a Vampire Step 14

Step 5. Wear contact lenses

Vampire eyes are used to hypnotize others, so you'd better add a little something to your own. The shiny or sparkling contact lenses will be perfect with your costume. Be imaginative and don't hesitate to try out different colors and options.

  • The golden lenses will make you look like the vampires of Twilight. For an even more extreme look, try blood red, black, or even cat-eye models.
  • Be as weird and creative as you want.
  • Most vampires wear sunglasses during the day to protect their eyes from bright sunlight.

Part 4 of 4: style your hair like a vampire

Look Like a Vampire Step 15

Step 1. Darken your hair

Dark hair is best for vampires. They give them a dramatic air by contrasting with their illuminated face. Consider the option of coloring your hair to make it darker or completely black.

  • In some cases, a white, purple, or red strand adds flair to the vampire hairstyle. Consider the possibility of darkening your hair and putting a strand of color in it, much like your mind is somehow trying to escape.
  • Blondes, redheads and the like, regardless of their color and hairstyle, can look like a vampire. Any color is fine as long as your hair doesn't match your skin tone.
Look Like a Vampire Step 16

Step 2. Straighten your hair

Vampire hair is generally flat, straight, and looks dramatic. If your hair is curly, use a straightener after washing and drying it to achieve this result.

  • You will look like a vampire regardless of your hairstyle, but a mysterious and refined cut will work best on women. Curly or wavy hair will help you look sultry and mysterious depending on where you go.
  • Men can wear their hair long or short, but a hairstyle slicked back and short to the sides will make you look dramatic and eerie of a vampire. This is the cut adopted by Bela Lugosi in her role as Count Dracula.
Look Like a Vampire Step 17

Step 3. Try an unusual cut

Wear your hair long on one side and shaved almost bald on the other (like a punk vampire or techno lover). You can also try a mohawk or dreadlocks. The vampire look is flexible and adapts to whatever makes you comfortable. Try an unusual cut to emphasize your unique style.

Look Like a Vampire Step 18

Step 4. Take care of your hair

Vampires are elegant creatures, proud of their appearance and style. Regardless of your hairstyle, keep your hair cropped, devoid of split ends, and shiny.

Wash your hair regularly and cut it at least every 2-3 weeks


  • Be stylish for any occasion.
  • You can color your lips instead of using lipstick.
  • You can also apply fake blood to your face!

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