How to throw a slumber party for tweens

How to throw a slumber party for tweens
How to throw a slumber party for tweens

Are you between 10 and 12 years old and want to spend more time with your girlfriends? A pajama party would then be a very good idea! If you don't know how to plan your night out, but want it to be unforgettable, you need to have ideas for games, snacks, movies, and other tips that will get you going to have the sleepover of the century. Just make sure you have your parents' permission!


Part 1 of 3: Prepare

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 1

Step 1. Invite your friends

This is not a birthday party! Do not invite more than 10 people. It would be difficult to entertain more guests and keep everyone enjoying themselves. You would also need more food and more room to sleep. Invite only your closest friends. You will have more fun with people you know well, and you will all feel more comfortable. You might be fine with inviting just one friend, but getting a small group together will usually be more fun. Invite 3 to 6 people. Use the following tips to decide who to invite and who not to invite.

  • You can just invite a single friend. But usually a small group of 3-6 people is more fun. Think about it before you make your guest list. However, don't invite more than two people you don't know well. Otherwise, you might find yourself faced with awkward silences and your closest friends might feel left out.
  • Try inviting a girl you want to get to know better. Don't invite a complete stranger. Make sure you receive her and put her at ease.
  • You might have met a girl at school who shares your passion for Harry Potter. You could then include her in the guest list of your slumber party and thus have the opportunity to get to know this girl better.
  • Don't invite popular girls. Unless you're actually friends with them, inviting these girls out isn't usually a good idea. Inviting a popular girl won't make you a cool girl. And then, what more would you do with it? And what will he know about your real friends?

Step 2. Prepare some food

You will need to prepare dinner, breakfast, snacks and drinks. Try to buy the food only a few days in advance, so that you don't be tempted to eat it all! You can also go out for ice cream, dinner or breakfast (but not all three). Try not to choose foods that are too original and prefer something that everyone will enjoy. For example, don't buy vegetarian or fish burgers. Prefer to offer a selection of normal or vegetarian burgers. Always have something that everyone would want to eat. Below are simple suggestions for all the foods you'll need. But you can also choose your own ideas!

  • The dinner.

    Pizza is the iconic dish at pajama parties, because almost everyone loves it. If you choose to serve pizza, always choose at least one classic and one more original. Alternatively, you could serve chicken, pasta, hotdogs or burgers. Choose according to your friends' tastes and if you don't know what they like, just choose pizzas.

    Host a Tween Sleepover Step 2Bullet1
  • Dessert.

    Be creative! You could make dessert at the party, such as sundaes, cupcakes or a cake. You could prepare them entirely or just decorate them. Alternatively, you could serve a ready-made cake or brownies. You will save time if you want to do other activities during the evening.

    Host a Tween Sleepover Step 2Bullet2
  • The drinks.

    Always have water and soda. Sprite is always popular, but if your friends prefer Coke, 7 Up, Orangina or other sodas, then buy those drinks as well. Also think about fruit juice!

    Host a Tween Sleepover Step 2Bullet3
  • Snacks.

    Of course, you will need some snacks. Stock up on crisps, pretzels, vegetable sticks to dip in yogurt, candy, fruit, etc. Always offer a diet option.

    Host a Tween Sleepover Step 2Bullet5
  • Breakfast.

    For breakfast, make waffles or pancakes yourself, or have a parent make them for you. You could also make French toast. Always offer delicious fruit, as well as juice and milk.

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 3

Step 3. Decide where you will sleep

If your room is large enough to accommodate all the guests, that will be great. If you sleep in your bedroom, make sure you have enough floor space. It would be unfair for your friends to pile up on the floor while you are sleeping comfortably in your bed. So unless you have a very large bedroom, move into another room. If your cellar is furnished, you could sleep there. Or do you all sit in the living room. Any room with a TV, enough space and a table to put food on will do the trick for sleeping and spending the evening with your girlfriends.

To spend the evening, try to choose a place where your siblings and parents will not be present. You wouldn't want them to bother you, unless you wanted your siblings to spend the evening with you. Try to figure out where your family will be spending the evening (probably their bedroom) or if they plan to be away for the evening

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 4

Step 4. Clean up

Take a garbage bag and get rid of the things to throw away. Put your dirty clothes in the machine or in the trash and put away your clean clothes. Dust the TV and bring pillows, blankets and sleeping bags into the room where you will be sleeping. If necessary, vacuum. Put all the snacks in bowls and arrange them on the table. Charge your iPod (if you have one) so that it's ready to use. Make sure you have enough games and movies. You don't have to clean your house from top to bottom, but make sure the floor is clean and your interior is presentable.

Also consider cleaning the bathroom. Your guests will be asked to use it, it would be preferable for the room to be clean and fresh. In addition, your parents will be proud of you. Empty the bathroom trash, change toilet paper, soap and towels, and clean the sink. If you don't know how to clean the toilet, ask your parents to do it

Part 2 of 3: Having fun with your guests

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 5

Step 1. Paint your nails

Choose varnishes in different colors and do manicures and pedicures on each other. If you want, try your hand at nail art. You could also get some rhinestones to stick on the nails. Have fun and get creative with patterns and colors. Consider, for example, the following nail art:

  • "newspaper" nails;
  • "panda" nails;
  • "chessboard" nails;
  • "cartoon" nails;
  • “Facebook” nails;
  • the "Harry Potter" nails;
  • "popcorn" nails.
Host a Tween Sleepover Step 6

Step 2. Play Truth or Dare

Sit in a circle and put on some background music, if you like. Someone will start the game and ask "truth or dare? For the truth, ask an embarrassing question. For action, force a slightly frightening, painful, or just utterly bizarre action on the player. Remember, however, not to ask questions that are too personal and that you don't have to answer! The same goes for stocks. Never do anything dangerous. Your friends will understand and if they don't understand, they are not good friends.

  • An example of actions: kissing a pillow or a soft toy with the tongue, imitating someone in the group or outside the group, describing a person in the group in 5 words and asking others to guess who it is, holding a conversation with the wall.
  • Examples of truths: What is the most embarrassing thing you have done? Who are you in love with? What's the worst thing you've done? If you could change 3 things in yourself, what would they be?
Host a Tween Sleepover Step 7

Step 3. Practice other games

You could for example play UNO, Scene It (with your favorite movie), Twister or Cluedo. Play any of these games if your guests seem bored or just for more fun! Make sure all guests know the rules. If not, explain them quickly or start a game and explain the rules as you go. However, games like UNO or Twister are easy and almost everyone knows the rules.

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 8

Step 4. Watch movies

What would a pajama party be without a movie? Preferably watch your movie at night, but not when your guests are about to fall asleep. Take out the popcorn, turn off the lights and offer a few movies to choose from. You can always watch the others later, but have guests choose at least the first movie. Make sure everyone is okay with watching this movie, and don't watch movies that are forbidden to under 10 or 12 years old unless you have permission from your parents and the parents of the guests. Here's a list of the movies you might want to watch:

  • Harry Potter;
  • Pirates of the Caribbean;
  • The Clique;
  • Ella in the enchanted land;
  • Up there;
  • Me, ugly and nasty;
  • Another Cinderella story;
  • Elf;
  • Lolita in spite of me.
Host a Tween Sleepover Step 9

Step 5. DIY

Crafts are a great idea if you don't want to get bored, and guests will have a souvenir of the evening to take home. It will be a cheap and fun activity to organize on a sleepover. Here are 3 simple DIY ideas to try.

  • Photo frames. Take a group photo with your friends. Then frame this photo in wooden frames that you will decorate with paint, stickers and glitter. Be creative!
  • Necklaces. Obtain string, beads and scissors. There are complete kits for making necklaces. You could get one whose pearls you like.
  • Cushion covers. Get fabric markers of all colors, glue, rhinestones and decorate, write, draw! You could ask all the girls to sign the cushion covers.
Host a Tween Sleepover Step 10

Step 6. Sing

Turn on the music and sing along (unless people are sleeping, then mute it). You could do karaoke or just sing along with your iPod. And dance too! You could get into a dance or song contest, but then make sure no one feels left out. Let everyone win at one point or another. You could also make up a choreography all together and film yourself to watch yourself later. If you have a disco ball and neon lights, this is your chance to take them out!

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 11

Step 7. Play dress up

You may think that you are too old to dress up, but you are wrong! Instead of just dressing up, throw a fashion show. Get old hats, necklaces, Halloween costumes, wigs and whatever else you and your guests can wear. Take turns judging the girls (be nice) on their style, creativity and any other criteria from 1 to 10, 10 being the best. Each girl will be able to choose her song and strut!

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 12

Step 8. Settle into your sleeping bags and chat

Do this when you are tired, but don't want to go to bed yet. Tell yourself about your life and speak from an open heart, without of course saying hurtful things. Everyone enjoys juicy gossip at a sleepover. Talk about your lovers, what a cute, funny boy is, a big jerk. If you want, look at old class photos to see the boys you're talking about. You could also talk about sports (the ones you like or dislike) or school (the teachers, tests or homework).

If no one says anything, tell a few jokes, some scary stories, or play "Would you rather? To play this game, each take turns asking questions, asking you to choose between two situations. For example: "would you rather lose a leg or an arm", "kiss Peter or Paul", "enter a window in front of Peter or fall into a giant hole in front of Paul? "

Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 2

Step 9. Plan for food

Take, for example, crisps, popcorn, sodas, ice cream and mini pizzas. Make sure no one is allergic and choose foods based on this.

Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 3

Step 10. Download your favorite songs

If you have a phone or a computer, download songs and tracks that you can dance to. Also, prepare some nail polish and if you can, some makeup.

Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 4

Step 11. Rent some movies

Choose funny movies, but also dramas and horror movies, like this, there will be something for everyone.

Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 5

Step 12. Take over the living room

If possible, organize the party in a large room with a TV, such as the living room.

Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 6

Step 13. Play outside

If it's still daylight when your friends arrive, spend some time outside to have fun.

  • Play touch the blob. To get started, designate one person to be the blob. The people he touches must hold their arms and try to touch other players. Once there are 6 people forming the blob, it splits into two 3 player blobs.
  • Play hide and seek. It's a classic, but it still works well. One person (the hunter) faces a wall and counts to 30 while the others go into hiding. The first person found (or the last) by the hunter is the hunter for the next game.
  • Play volleyball, basketball, table tennis… Have fun!
Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 7

Step 14. Have your parents make a fire

You can roast marshmallows and tell yourself scary stories around the fire …

Don't do this activity if you don't want to join in and have fun with your friends. On the other hand, go there if you want, while the fire is still burning

Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 8

Step 15. Enter the house

After dark, you can play in the dark or head back to make yourself comfortable inside. If it's cold, stay in the house, but otherwise a game of hide and seek at night is a lot more fun than during the day.

  • Tell yourself scary stories.
  • Play Truth or Dare.
  • Do gymnastics.
  • Experiment with new looks while putting on makeup.
  • Take sheets of paper and pens and write the lyrics to a song.
Host a a Tween Sleepover Step 9

Step 16. Prepare a breakfast

The next morning, prepare a hearty breakfast and spend the last moments together telling stories and having fun before everyone goes home. Remember to clean everything or your parents will certainly not let you do it again …

Part 3 of 3: Have some more ideas

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 13

Step 1. Here are some quick and easy activities to incorporate into your party

Choose one or even several. You won't need much and can have fun inside and out.

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 14

Step 2. Prepare snacks

You could decorate cookies with icing, edible sprinkles, and M & Ms's. Or prepare a chex mix to snack on in front of your movies. Throw in pretzels, M & Ms, popcorn, raisins, and marshmallow. You could also grill marshmallows when it gets dark in the garden.

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 15

Step 3. Get out into the garden

Play cat perched in the dark with flashlights. In summer, you could also play with a garden hose, if you don't have a pool. If it's still a little daylight, go for a walk. You could also work on your gymnastics figures and learn to do cartwheels!

Host a Tween Sleepover Step 16

Step 4. Have fun indoors

If it rains, don't worry! Go to the movies, play makeup while closing your eyes (don't forget to take your makeup off afterwards!), Play at the hair salon and braid each other's hair, or make buns with scrunchies, barrettes and clips. If you're bored, play guessing games. Make videos or take photos together. Or play the Wii. You could play Mario Kart, Wii Sports or Just Dance 2 or any other game you like. A good game of hide and seek is always fun and you won't need anything to play it.


  • A good old pillow fight is always welcome!
  • Try not to spend too much time on the computer. You could watch a YouTube video or two, but spending an hour there would be overkill. It wouldn't be much fun anyway, and not everyone could be on the computer at the same time.
  • Do you have balloons? Fill them with water and have a battle! And with a normal ball, you could play volleyball.
  • Don't be the boss. Say I have an idea. We could perhaps…, rather than Let's do this! Go on !
  • You could organize a Spa night. Get face masks and makeup and treat your friends to small bags full of cosmetics.
  • If the weather is nice, you could go to the swimming pool. Don't forget to tell your friends to bring their swimsuits. Take buoys and balloons to play in the water.
  • Phone jokes are always fun. Call an annoying boy or girl. But if your friends want to make a fake pizza order, say no! These people work hard and spend money on gasoline. You wouldn't want to ruin their evening!
  • Make “Mad-Libs” and give them to each other. You could use ready-to-fill Mad-Libs or make your own.
  • Go play outside. Play volleyball, cat or play with a ball. You could also go for a walk and chat.
  • Make lots of videos and photos to watch later. They will make great memories. You could even shoot a movie.


  • Don't think your slumber party has to be complicated. This is just a girl's night out and forcing yourself to play too many games would just tire everyone out. Just have a good time together.
  • For Truth or Dare, don't ask overly personal questions and don't impose inappropriate or dirty actions.
  • Be careful when making dessert or breakfast. Seek help from a parent if needed.
  • Don't leave your friends without activities, conversations, etc.
  • Don't be the boss. You may have everything planned, but guests have the right to suggest other activities. Let them choose what they want to do.
  • Make sure all your friends have the right to watch the movie you choose. You don't want to get into trouble!
  • Don't wake up a sleeping friend. She has the right to be tired. And never prank her, especially if she's sensitive.
  • Don't stay awake all night or you will be exhausted the next day. Get at least a little sleep!
  • Some of your friends may be vegetarians. For this, always prepare a meatless option.
  • Make sure that one of your parents is present and agrees that you organize this evening. Ask your parents to approve the guest list.

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