How to organize a slumber party (for teenage girls)

How to organize a slumber party (for teenage girls)
How to organize a slumber party (for teenage girls)

Are you a young girl and want to have fun with your girlfriends? Try having a slumber party. Sleepovers are great for girls because it allows them to relax, hang out, laugh and have fun. However, no girl can have fun at these parties if the hostess is playing her role poorly. Learning how to organize a slumber party the right way can ensure that everyone has a great time. With a little method, you can become the unforgettable sleepover hostess.


Part 1 of 4: getting ready for sleepover

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Tell your friends about a week early

Don't invite a girl over if she is used to arguing. You don't need to have someone who continually complains or always creates stories to be found with you at a slumber party, especially if they are a good friend of yours.

Put a limit on the number of guests. Big nights with lots of people can be fun, but also chaotic! Intimate evenings with few girlfriends are a great way to connect with friends, but get boring if there are only 2 or 3 of you

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 2

Step 2. Clean up your house before the sleepover begins

That way, you won't be embarrassed by the mess that reigns in your home. In addition, a clean house is a better environment for sleepovers. So prepare the house to receive your guests. So make sure the bathrooms are clean, as your girlfriends will definitely use them. You can even flag the rooms that the guests should not use (eg put Parents Room, Kids Room, Cellar). Also prepare your room for the slumber party.

Ask your parents what rooms you can go to without disturbing them

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 3

Step 3. Stock up and prepare for activities

Make sure that everything you need for the various activities is available to you. Recommended accessories are a television with DVD player, teen movies, makeup, nail polish, iPod, and phone chargers. Also make sure you have enough drinks and plenty of food for dinner and breakfast.

Ask your friends if there are things they can't eat. Some people have allergies or religious restrictions. Dancing water jet speakers can also create a very cool atmosphere

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 4

Step 4. You can also decorate the house if you want

If your party is themed, you may want to consider decorating the room where you will be sleeping. You will always have more fun this way. Also, be sure to play music that teens like, or songs that your friends are particularly fond of. Most will surely be drawn to new musical trends. Also make the music appropriate if your parents are against certain types of songs.

Cover the windows with black butcher paper. Hang twinkling lights all around the room where you will be celebrating. Put balloons in your favorite colors all over the room. It would also be nice if the room was darkened, because that indicates that it is time to party

Part 2 of 4: organize the slumber party

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 5

Step 1. Invite your friends to come in as soon as they arrive

Show them where to hang their coats (if they have any) and where they can put their things. If there is any special instruction for the shoes, let them know. Also let them know if you have any pets. Make them comfortable and offer them a drink. Find something to do with the first ones that arrive until the other guests are there. Most of the girls chat with the guests who are already there. Wait until everyone you expect is there before proceeding to the next step.

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 6

Step 2. Choose an activity to carry out

There are tons of activities you can do on a sleepover. Here are a few. Be flexible about what to do, and try to go for something that everyone will want to do.

  • Perform manicures. Play your favorite songs, file your nails and paint each other.
  • Make a special day. If you want maximum entertainment, and want a theme for your party, just make a special day. For example, you can set up a karaoke party! You will dress up and have a good time on YouTube, Instagram or even Facebook.
  • Make up. Get out all your makeup and see who's worth putting on makeup. Take pictures of any makeup styles you have used. In the end, you will be able to choose the best. You might even be blindly applying makeup. There are several games on this theme that you can choose from.
  • Play Master Chef. Take samples of some foods and do a little mystery box challenge with your friends. Rate them and then enjoy mouth-watering meals together. You can even film the entire scene so you can keep those funny memories.
  • Talk about boys. A sleepover is one of the few times when girls can talk about boys however they want. Remember to keep any secrets disclosed. No one wants to see their secrets revealed!
  • Do a joke contest preferably after 10 p.m. Tell all of your friends to stop consuming anything that might keep them awake, such as caffeinated drinks or foods high in sugar. The first one to fall asleep will be pranked by others. Make sure you divide your guests evenly, such as having two girls who sleep easily, and two who don't fall asleep easily. Also, make sure everyone is on board to enter this contest.
  • Stock up on junk food and sweets. Caffeinated drinks as well as sugary foods keep you awake through the night. You could also choose popcorn, crisps, cookies, chocolate, gelatin bears, etc. Ask your friends in advance if they are allergic to certain foods. You can also tell them to bring some provisions like crackers or chocolate bars, so your parents don't have to spend too much on junk food. If the party is planned for about two months in advance, do some extra chores around the house, or find yourself a job if you're old enough.
  • Watch movies. You can rent some, or take some from your own collection. What would a sleepover be without a good movie or two ?! Titles like My Best Friends, Lolita Despite Me or Easy Girl are always good choices. Just make sure everyone wants to watch your favorite movie and that there isn't one that's too scary for some! Limit yourself to movies that aren't forbidden to under-13s, as most parents don't like their children to watch underage-forbidden movies that contain inappropriate language. You could also ask guests to bring films. This way everyone will have at least one movie they want to watch.
  • Plan some fun activities and games.

    • Pick a question: Everyone writes down a few questions like Who will be the first to get married? Then each person will give the answer on their notepad.
    • Play Do you prefer: ask questions like Prefer to eat a kilogram of sand or drink a liter of sunscreen? These questions are childish, but also a lot of fun, because you'll be required to answer them.
    • Play Truth or Dare.
    • Play charades or play hide and seek or even play manhunt. These are all great group games.
    • Play Murder in the Dark or Ghost in the Graveyard.
    • Board games and card games are also a valid option. Ask your friends to bring their favorite games.
    • Play console games. These are the games that are played on PlayStation, Wii or Xbox. If you don't have enough controllers, take turns. Remember that absolutely no one should feel left out.
  • Tell each other secrets. Imagine ghost stories or read them in books.
  • Buy a pillowcase and a permanent marker, then, together with your friends, doodle on it and put your signatures on it.
  • Get your computer ready! Obviously, if you are reading this article, then you have a computer. Expect your girlfriends to be looking to update their Facebook status, look at pictures of sexy celebrities, or whatever.
  • Put on some music and dance, if of course your guests want to. If you have an MP3 player or an iPod, make a perfect playlist for a night out with girlfriends with all your favorite tunes. If you have a stereo, ask everyone to bring their favorite music so you can play it during sleepover. You can also simply choose to turn on a radio station that you all enjoy.
  • Play phone pranks. Phone jokes are fun, as long as you make sure you don't call people after 10 p.m. Also, don't play pranks on strangers or companies. Friends are generally acceptable targets for this kind of prank. Be careful, however, not to call those who are susceptible. Also, make sure these jokes are fun, not threatening.
  • Read the latest magazines for teenagers. Often these are People magazines for young girls. Buy a few or take out the ones you already have and make them available to your friends. Do not bring magazines that are more than a year old because the information they contain will not be up to date.
  • Take selfies. If you're all on social media like Instagram or Facebook, you can post and share these images later.
  • Go on a fashion show wearing all your best clothes. If there's one that's not very trendy or doesn't have very nice clothes, get some ready for her.
Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 7

Step 3. Take a break and have dinner

Teens often like to eat pizza at sleepovers, but any other food will do.

Make sure you dine properly so that neither of you are upset afterwards. It would be a real shame, especially if you spent a lot of time organizing this

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 8

Step 4. Prepare to go to sleep

Girls usually stay awake until 3 or 4 a.m. Make sure everyone has a place to sleep. Don't force sleepy friends to stay awake. Also, do not play pranks on them while they are sleeping unless they have given their consent.

Part 3 of 4: The day after a slumber party planned over several days

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 9

Step 1. Make sure everyone has their breakfast

A lot of times it will be pancakes, but if you don't know how to make them, or your parents aren't around to take care of it, just stick with the cereal.

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 10

Step 2. Continue to engage in fun activities

Watching movies in the morning is not recommended, but you can do so. However, watch movies especially in the afternoon or evening.

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 11

Step 3. Prepare dinner for your guests

Prepare food with your parents or order it.

Part 4 of 4: the morning the guests have to go

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 12

Step 1. Make sure everyone has their breakfast

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 13

Step 2. Continue with the fun activities or go out and talk with people

Host a Sleepover (Teen Girls) Step 14

Step 3. Thank the guests for coming when they left

Let them know that you enjoy spending time with them.


  • Get in the right frame of mind before the guests start arriving. Don't let the little things make you angry and ruin your good mood, and your evening at the same time.
  • If you're trying to stay awake all night, don't constantly look at the watch. Indeed, it will only make you feel that time is passing more slowly. Instead, try watching movies or playing games. Gossip.
  • Always be sure to invite friends who love or at least respect each other. Never invite girls who hate each other, as that will only lead to chaos.
  • Enjoy your wonderful sleepover!
  • Make sure that none of your little brothers (or little sisters) disturb you.
  • Prepare to see your fridge stormed overnight! Therefore, buy food from the grocery store the night before the slumber party so that you have sufficient food stocks. Preferably take cookies and chips.
  • Always be sure to invite people your parents approve of. Also invite only those who you are sure will respect your home and what is in it.
  • It’s best to organize sleepovers on weekends or holidays so that you don’t have to rush to go to school the next day.
  • If you have a small bed, and your parents do not allow you to use their bedroom, rent or buy a tent that you will put in your garden (provided of course that the climate allows it). It's even more intimate anyway, and you can stay awake longer without disturbing your parents.
  • Turn off the lights when some of you start going to bed. It will be easier for people to fall asleep if the lights are off.
  • Make sure everyone is involved in the sleepover activities. Avoid inviting an odd number of people.
  • Make less noise when the night is late. There is a strong risk that your parents will not allow you to organize more sleepovers if they cannot sleep during the one you are having. However, don't ask your friends to make the noise too often, otherwise they might want to go home (you might be able to tell them that your parents are going to work early in the morning and that they need some quiet time. to sleep).
  • Be sure to surround yourself with people of the same age. You shouldn't put an 18-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl together!
  • Make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink.
  • Before guests arrive, put on some music and decorate the house.
  • Make sure everyone has a sleeping bag and whatever else they need.
  • Avoid talking about sleepover at school when you are around other girls because they may be jealous.
  • Avoid arguments or fights. It can really ruin your night.
  • If one of the girls misses her house, try to reassure her that everything will be okay.
  • Wait until dinner is over before giving out the plan for the rest of the evening.
  • If you are worried that your brothers are constantly bothering you, close the door and turn on the music very loud so you won't be able to hear them even if they knock on the door. Send them to another boy's party or sleepover so they're out of your way. You can also just bribe them to act as butlers or to leave you alone.
  • If some are tired, allow them to go to bed, because if you laugh at them they will not want to go to bed and they will not have a good night's sleep.
  • Have fun !
  • If you have pizza for dinner, make sure everyone has their favorite toppings or none at all. The toppings will also need to be cut in half or in quarters.
  • Only do what you agreed to with your parents.
  • Take lots of photos so you can admire them and remember that sleepover!
  • Always be nice.
  • Never invite people who have been rude to you!
  • Do not invite people who talk a lot or gossip too much. Sometimes you will have to reveal secrets to yourself during pajama parties.
  • Always invite the friends you like, and if a girlfriend can't be around, don't talk about the party next to her.
  • Make sure your house is clean so you can have fun there!
  • Don't talk too much about the sleepover at school. Some people might feel left out and hurt as a result.
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before so you can stay awake longer at sleepover.
  • Always choose the location furthest from your parents and closest to the kitchen and bathroom to sleep. This will make it easier for you if someone gets hungry overnight or needs a makeover.
  • Ask others what they want to do before the party, and remember it.


  • Make sure all the girls you've invited get along, because you don't want to have arguments or crying at the slumber party.
  • Don't overdo the boss as a host. It's true that this is your home, but you have to let people have fun without your permission. A sleepover is meant to be fun and uninhibited.
  • All secrets revealed during sleepovers must stay there.
  • Never, ever insult one of your guests. Even if your parents are forcing you to invite someone over, don't make them feel bad.
  • If you're inviting a friend who doesn't talk much, be sure to invite someone else who's close to her.
  • Usually the more people the more entertaining it is, but don't exceed the number of people your parents want.
  • Have a camera handy.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the bathroom is and bring a flashlight if needed.
  • Make sure everyone is happy with the activity you choose, and ask your guests what they would like to do to avoid sounding like a bad organizer.
  • Don't forget to tell your parents if there are any rambunctious people coming, just so they know what to expect!
  • Some of your friends might not be allowed to spend the night there, so just let them stay with you for a long time (see with your parents how long that person can stay).
  • If one of your guests is a little younger, don't laugh at her if something happens to her, like urinating on the bed. This is something that happens very commonly. Just give her a change of clothes and allow her to sleep with you as it will make her feel much better.
  • Avoid telling ghost stories or watching horror movies right before bed, unless of course you like to be scared. If you want to reduce the fear induced by the film, watch a comedy afterwards. Also respect that some girls don't like ghost stories and horror movies.
  • Everyone should be involved in the activities. The girls will be angry if they are left out and there could be fights.
  • Don't make too much of a mess. It will be very tiring to clean it after your friends leave.
  • Be careful not to talk about the slumber party next to someone who hasn't been invited so that they don't feel left out.
  • If you are going to play Truth or Dare, don't make anyone do what they don't want to do at all. Respect the privacy of your friends and don't force them to tell secrets about a very confidential subject.
  • Make sure you have padding or tampons in case your friends forget to bring some.
  • Don't stay awake too late or you won't wake up in time to do other things before everyone has to go home.
  • Don't make too much noise. It will upset your parents and neighbors if you are rowdy.
  • If you are going to sleep at some point, it might be best to avoid caffeinated drinks.
  • If a friend of yours is having her period, make her comfortable and to be fair, don't go swimming or she'll feel left out.

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