How to Win a Biggest Eater Contest

How to Win a Biggest Eater Contest
How to Win a Biggest Eater Contest

Biggest Eater contests give you the chance to win a prize while enjoying a great meal. These competitions can focus on different factors, for example spicy food, speed, quantity or a combination of factors. To eliminate the competition and win the competition, you need to prepare for the months and weeks leading up to it. Follow strict training before D-Day and follow a clear strategy throughout. You can then be proud of a gold medal that hangs above your full stomach!


Part 1 of 3: prepare for the long term

Win an Eating Contest Step 1

Step 1. See your doctor

Biggest Eater contests are going to take a toll on your digestive system and your overall health. You will also need to exercise regularly to stay healthy during your workout. You can call or make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your condition and find out if you can participate in this kind of competition.

Win an Eating Contest Step 2

Step 2. Choose the competition

Go online and use your favorite search engine to find a contest near you or in the nearest major city. Choose where you are going to eat something you like, as this will make training and competition easier. Also decide if you are interested in speed or quantity contests or even something else.

  • Most of these contests will require you to eat large amounts of a certain food in a limited time. This means that you are going to have to practice eating as much food as quickly as possible.
  • In some types of competition, you will have to swallow something more difficult to eat, for example very spicy dishes.
  • Make sure you choose one that you are eligible to participate in. Some are reserved for amateurs while others are professional competitions. This means that if you have never made money by participating in this kind of event, you will not be entitled to participate.
Win an Eating Contest Step 3

Step 3. Learn the rules for exercising properly

There are many strategies you can use, but some are not allowed in some contests. Take a look at the event website or call the organization to ask questions about the different policies and conditions, including the following.

  • If you have the right to immerse your food in liquids before putting it in your mouth. This makes the solids easier to chew and swallow.
  • If you have the right to do whatever it takes to eat faster.
  • If you must eat food the way it is served to you and only that way. This means that you are not allowed to dip them in liquid, make them into balls or separate ingredients served together (eg sausage and the bread it is served in).
Win an Eating Contest Step 4

Step 4. Find a strategy designed for the competition

Once you know the rules, prepare for them. Note the different menu items that will be served to you and think about how to swallow them as quickly as possible. Determine which parts will be easier and which will be more difficult based on your current skills.

For example, if you know you have a dry mouth when you eat a lot of bread, you are going to have trouble swallowing a lot of buns. Try to adjust it by practicing or develop a strategy for soaking bread-based foods

Win an Eating Contest Step 5

Step 5. Increase your jaw strength

As soon as you have registered for the competition, you need to set up long-term training. Chew gum whenever possible. When you eat, chew faster. These exercises will help you strengthen your jaw.

Win an Eating Contest Step 6

Step 6. Learn to swallow larger pieces

Start exercising with water. Take deep sips, tilt your head back, and let gravity help you swallow. Increase the amount of water until your mouth is full and try to swallow that sip. Practice every day.

  • Once you get it right with the water, switch to soft foods like rice and quinoa. Then you can try your hand at more difficult foods like steaks. Take this process little by little because you don't want to choke on yourself.
  • Never do this kind of training without having someone to watch you. If you have a problem, you are going to need help quickly.
Win an Eating Contest Step 7

Step 7. Train with special foods

Prefer foods low in calories and high in fiber. If you want to enter a competition where you are going to be judged on how much food you can swallow, you have to work on enlarging your stomach. Start eating large amounts of low calorie, high fiber foods that will fill you up quickly.

  • How much you eat depends on your height and competition. Some professionals will eat several pounds of raw or cooked cabbage in one session during their workouts.
  • Foods high in fiber will fill you up faster and keep you feeling full for longer. This will make the workout more difficult than with other foods, because you will have to fight against this feeling of fullness.
  • You can also exercise with fruits like grapes and melons or with steamed vegetables.
  • Even though some professionals train by swallowing gallons of water or milk at one time, it can be dangerous for your health. Try the cabbage instead.

Part 2 of 3: Train right before the competition

Win an Eating Contest Step 8

Step 1. Find the techniques that work best for you

Try different strategies, such as soaking food in liquids, tilting your head back to swallow, or taking small bites that you can swallow without having to chew too much. Pick the ones that work best for you.

Remember to follow the competition rules during your training

Win an Eating Contest Step 9

Step 2. Eat it for the past two weeks

Visit the event website or call the organization to inquire about the brand of foods and how they are prepared. Try to reproduce them as best you can to get used to them. However, do not eat the same amount that you are going to eat during the contest.

  • This will help you anticipate any problems you might encounter with the food in question.
  • You should do this a little early in the day and even several times if you feel that you need better preparation.
Win an Eating Contest Step 10

Step 3. Start enlarging your stomach a week before

At the start of the week, eat one large meal a day, but eat normal meals the rest of the time. On the fourth and fifth day, you should only have two large meals.

  • The size of the meals will depend on your body and the portions you usually eat. As a rule of thumb, try to double the amounts you eat.
  • At the start of the week, consider having a light breakfast and a more substantial lunch. You can then have a normal dinner.
  • At the end of the week, you could have larger meals in the middle of the morning and the afternoon.
Win an Eating Contest Step 11

Step 4. Eat a big meal 22 hours before the competition

During this meal, you should eat as much food as possible at one time. Choose foods that are low in calories and high in fiber. Make sure to eat this meal at least 18 hours before the day of the contest.

  • Head to a salad bar with an all-you-can-eat buffet and eat until you feel uncomfortable. However, you shouldn't go too far and you should avoid making yourself sick.
  • This is the last real meal you are going to have before the contest.
Win an Eating Contest Step 12

Step 5. Drink water and sleep the night before

Wait an hour after that big meal, then start drinking water to help digest it. Try to get as much sleep as possible to feel well rested on the morning of the event.

Win an Eating Contest Step 13

Step 6. Avoid eating solid foods on D-Day

Wake up several hours before the competition to get your body moving. Drink a full glass of water and eat breakfast with non-solid foods an hour after waking up.

  • If you're looking for non-solid foods, try a protein shake or yogurt.
  • If the contest is running late in the afternoon or evening, you can eat a few solid foods for breakfast, such as eggs or cereal.
  • You could also exercise before the competition, as it may make you hungrier. Don't overdo it because you don't have a lot of energy right now. Try a bit of a brisk walk or a quick jog for 20 minutes.

Part 3 of 3: Implement your strategy

Win an Eating Contest Step 14

Step 1. Use a stopwatch to track your time

The contest judges will certainly time you. They will also regularly tell participants how much time they have left. Even then, you should still have your own stopwatch. Put it down somewhere where you can easily see it while you eat.

Win an Eating Contest Step 15

Step 2. Make sure you follow the rules

Remember them before you start the contest. Do not violate them, as you will be automatically disqualified from most competitions.

Win an Eating Contest Step 16

Step 3. Listen to music to stay focused

As long as the regulations allow, you can take your headphones and listen to music. You can create a special playlist that lets you focus. Make sure to pick one that gives you the heart balm towards the end, because you're going to need a little helping hand.

If you've run out of ideas, you can search online for music to listen to during Biggest Eater contests. Playlists for exercise will work well too

Win an Eating Contest Step 17

Step 4. Eat protein first

Eat meats first while they are still hot, fresh and tasty. It will be one of the heaviest foods to swallow, which is why it is important to get it down as quickly as possible.

Win an Eating Contest Step 18

Step 5. Then move on to carbohydrates

Once you are done with the meats, you can move on to carbohydrates (eg rolls or fries). They go well with liquids, which is why you can eat them while drinking something to make them go through better.

Win an Eating Contest Step 19

Step 6. Eat fast at first and don't slow down

Take advantage of the energy you have at the start of the contest and eat fast. Once you've used up your starting energy, pick up a steady pace. Then use it to push your limits towards the end. You should present a completely clean plate when you are done.

Win an Eating Contest Step 20

Step 7. Add new flavors to your drinks

In general, these competitions will let you choose the drinks you want. Keep a glass of water on hand, along with a flavored bubble-free drink and another flavored carbonated drink. To energize your taste buds during the contest, drink water at the start, a bubble-free drink in the middle, and finish with a soda-like drink.

Win an Eating Contest Step 21

Step 8. Skip to swallow faster

If you are allowed to stand and move, use your movements to allow gravity to help you. Make sure it doesn't interfere with the pace you've set yourself to swallow.

Only try this technique if you are sure it has helped you during workouts

Win an Eating Contest Step 22

Step 9. Press down on your stomach to push the food out

If you start to feel full, gently press on your stomach. You may be able to lower the food a bit, which will give you more room.


  • To win a Biggest Eater contest, you need to be sure you can do it. Your attitude is your best ally.
  • Pay close attention to your limits, you don't want to make yourself sick.

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