How to celebrate your 18th birthday: 15 steps (with pictures)

How to celebrate your 18th birthday: 15 steps (with pictures)
How to celebrate your 18th birthday: 15 steps (with pictures)

Turning eighteen is a big turning point in life for many people. This is the age of new responsibilities and new rights, it is also the age when, in Europe, we reach our legal majority. It is therefore a matter of celebrating this event with dignity. You can celebrate it in style by learning how to throw the right party for you, whether you plan to do it with the family at your home, whether you are looking to throw a big party, or you prefer to go out.


Part 1 of 3: Celebrate your majority

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 10

Step 1. Know what is now available to you

Depending on where you live, you may have access to lots of new things to try with your young adult status. It's common to plan an activity that you couldn't do when you were a minor, whether you're planning a party for someone nearing their eighteenth birthday, or having your own party.

  • In some countries, eighteen is the legal age to consume alcohol, it is sixteen in France. Make sure you drink in moderation and don't go overboard if you're going to treat yourself to a few drinks to celebrate your birthday. You have a whole life ahead of you to drink legally. There is no point in wanting to drink for the next thirty years.
  • Eighteen is the legal age at which you can drive, enter a gambling hall, get married, join the military, and vote, among other rights. Know what you have the right to do and plan to celebrate like an adult.
  • You can therefore take your driving license and register on the electoral roll. These aren't very fun things, but it's best to get them done as quickly as possible.
Celebrate a 14th Birthday Step 7

Step 2. Go to the casino

One of the first things you can do that a lot of young people who are eighteen do is bet some money. It's a quick way to experience your first steps as a person of full age, as you need to show some ID. Who knows, you might even win a little something to throw up your birthday party.

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 6

Step 3. Although the purchase of a cigar is not legal in France until the age of eighteen, French tobacconists indiscriminately sell cigarettes and cigars to minors without checking their identity

Giving you a cigar for your birthday probably has no charm given that the sale of tobacco in France remains very lax, unlike the United States where tobacconists require an identity document for the purchase by young people of any product. containing nicotine.

Don't buy a pack of cigarettes. While all drugs make you very addicted, cigarettes are probably the most harmful of them all. It's expensive, it's dangerous and you get hooked very quickly. Don't be a long-term smoker who started just for fun

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 7

Step 4. You can also get a tattoo

If you are eighteen, you no longer need parental consent to legally get a tattoo. You don't necessarily need to have one just because you can legally do it, but it's a common way to celebrate your birthday if you've had a design on your mind for a while and actually want to get a tattoo.. Find a good tattoo artist near you, schedule a visit to talk about your design, and make an appointment.

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 8

Step 5. Register on the voters list

It is not, of course, very jovial, but it is part of your new adult life. Assert your rights by registering on the electoral list for your constituency so that you are ready to give your voice in the next election.

Part 2 of 3: Throwing a Party at Home

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 9

Step 1. Invite a manageable number of people

A great way to celebrate an 18th birthday is to throw a big party in your honor. Depending on where you live, you can organize a larger or smaller party. Whatever your plan, you should make sure to invite the right number of people so that you don't have a crowd spilling out onto the lawn and attracting law enforcement.

  • Stick to private messages, whether you are talking about your birthday party on Facebook or some other social network. Do not make public announcements otherwise you risk having unwanted visitors and being noticed by the neighborhood.
  • Consider having a multi-party majority at the same time. Merge several parties into one big celebration if you are more than one friend reaching your eighteenth birthday. Think big.
Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 11

Step 2. Find a theme

Set up your party in a style that suits your theme or personal tastes. You can keep a certain elegance in tone with some pretty flower arrangements, photos and lace or you can do it with a bubble machine, a disco ball and a wacky DJ to get a 70s dance party. You've got it. maybe want big bowls full of lemonade, a jazz band and hay bales. Decide what you like for your party and stick to it.

  • One trick is to change your white bulbs for red or yellow colored models, which immediately sets the tone for the evening on a low cost.
  • Prepare your interior by removing all your valuables and those that are fragile and could be knocked over and put them in a lockable cupboard. You can also take them down to the garage or cram them into a room that you can lock.
  • Try to find quick cleaning solutions. Your eighteen might start off badly if you have to spend them scrubbing a floor covering smeared with raspberry parfait. Make sure you can handle the cleanup after the party well.
Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 12

Step 3. Have entertainment for the evening

You should provide entertainment for your guests and at eighteen there is nothing better than a dance party. Prepare a list of songs that you like and that your guests will like too, if you are going to hire a DJ. You can ask arriving guests to rate two to three of their favorite dance music tracks, which will encourage them to participate.

  • Pick an activity that everyone enjoys. You can set up all kinds of games accessible from room to room, whether video games, board games or others.
  • You need to make sure that the orchestra has enough room to play and to set up the various instruments and electrical devices, if that is what you are going to do. Make sure the orchestra comes in advance to get set up.
Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 13

Step 4. Notify the neighbors

Nothing ruins a party better than a police raid. It is the least of courtesies to tell the neighbors that you are going to throw a party. Go around your neighbors so that they are in the know.

A pro tip: don't pretend it's a warning, but rather an invitation. Tell the neighbors that you are celebrating your 18th birthday and they can drop by. Slip a little note in their mailbox that summarizes the event with a lot of guests and music until a reasonable time of the night as well as the proposal to join you

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 14

Step 5. Consider a quieter party

Some people don't need something too shattering for their eighteenth birthday. Do you prefer to spend a pleasant evening with the family? Open presents and blow out the candles on a classic birthday cake? You don't need to change anything, if you liked it at seventeen. Relax in the company of the people who love you.

  • Treat yourself to a good time. Organize a trip to a beauty salon with your mother or a sister or immerse yourself in auto mechanics with your father. These moments will be less and less frequent as you get older and have to take on new responsibilities.
  • List all the things you loved to do as a kid and use this 18th birthday as a chance to be a kid for the last time. Go out with your brother and watch samurai movies until the end of the night just like you once did or meet your family at the favorite ice cream parlor from your childhood.

Part 3 of 3: get out

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 15

Step 1. Invite only a small number of friends

Eighteen is a very important age. So you should surround yourself with few friends if you want to go out. Try not to date more than five very close friends and go to town. Always go out with others when you spend the evening outside.

  • Make a reservation in the restaurant, bar or club where you want to go if there is a group of you. You should purchase the tickets in advance if it is a show. Make sure everyone has cash if there are any costs to cover.
  • Depending on when you turn eighteen, this might be the last opportunity to see your high school friends again before working life or entering college. It might be fun to hang out at a noisy nightclub, but it could be just as nice to plan something quieter to chat with. Do what feels most natural to you.
Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 1

Step 2. Find a club for adults

It can be quite fun to discover this type of establishment if your city has one. These clubs often have tasteful erotic shows, and this can be a great way to celebrate your eighteenth birthday.

You should also plan activities for those of your friends who are still minors. Do not schedule places that are not accessible to everyone or else plan to go out only with adults. Do some research to make sure you don't exclude anyone

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 2

Step 3. Arrange to find someone who can take you from one place to another

You don't necessarily have a driver's license when you turn eighteen, and it would be helpful to have someone with you who can drive you from place to place, especially if you plan to drink alcohol.

  • The best thing is to take a taxi or arrange a carpool with a family member or friend. But you can also hire a limousine with a driver if you want to have a grand birthday party.
  • There are night buses in some large cities in France that take you from one place to another. You can also opt for this solution.
Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 4

Step 4. Take lots of photos

In a few years, you will certainly want to see the pictures of your eighteenth birthday again. These days, it's easier than ever, but don't forget the group photos, too, to keep all your guests a souvenir. These photos will be invaluable to you.

Celebrate an 18th Birthday Step 5

Step 5. Have fun, but safely

Your birthday party should also be one of freedom and laughter, but you should be careful when going out. Always stay in a group, make sure everyone has the phone numbers of the other party participants, and let your parents or other adults know where you are going. Make sure you start your eighteenth birthday on a high note.

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