How to celebrate a thirteenth birthday (with pictures)

How to celebrate a thirteenth birthday (with pictures)
How to celebrate a thirteenth birthday (with pictures)

You have officially entered adolescence! This will only happen once in your life, so you should throw a great party. What are you going to do to celebrate this unique occasion? Start by brainstorming ideas!


Part 1 of 2: Keep It Easy

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 1

Step 1. Gather a group of friends

After all, the more the merrier, the more we laugh. It doesn't matter if you are two or twelve, it will always be a lot funnier if you have a few friends around you. Try to find a number that is large enough for team activities, but not too large to keep it manageable and fun.

Prepare your party first, after which you can decide on the number of guests, if you are not sure how many people you want to invite. It will be decided on its own, how many people get into a car, how many you need to form teams or how many chairs you have in the cellar

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 2

Step 2. Think about the meal

Either go out and have your party at your favorite restaurant, stay home and order pizza, or ask your parents to cook you a meal, unless you cook it yourself. It's just about finding a way to feed your friends and have fun messing around with them without having to worry about school or the scenes. A good choice of food can be a great start to a great party.

The idea of ​​keeping your friends busy is great, everyone can make their own pizza with crazy ingredients, decorate a cake or invent a sandwich or ice cream. You can also ask your mom and dad to take care of it! You can schedule the rest of the evening as long as everyone has eaten well

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 3

Step 3. Relax and watch a movie at home or at the cinema

Comedies are great entertainment with friends. After that, you can invite everyone to sleep at your place and stay up until late at night. Who will stay up until dawn? You can obviously do this on a Saturday night, but it can also be any day of the week. Maybe you could plan a movie screening marathon, why not?

Make sure you have enough sweet foods and light to stay awake and not fall into boredom and sleep if you plan to party all night long. You'll need a pyramid of soda cans tall enough to make a splash on Facebook. An Orangina fountain, perhaps?

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 4

Step 4. Make up with friends, girls and boys

Invite friends over to your house and ask them to bring a make-up bag to paint on each other. What does it matter if you all look completely stupid! You will also have a lot of laughs while taking pictures! You can chat with your friends about school, other classmates, boys, movies, music, or celebrities while you all do your makeup.

You can also force the line. Wearing electric blue eye shadows, bloody red lips, everything you see in those awful magazines. You can then take pictures and put on a sort of fashion show pretending to be a high fashion model. Make yourself all make up with crazy colors, glitter and wigs

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 5

Step 5. Go to the mall

Save your pocket money and ask your friends to do the same then go shopping. Have fun trying on new outfits, even if you can't afford them! Go into stores you would never have set foot in normally and try on clothes you will never wear. But don't say anything to the saleswoman!

What kind of store is driving you crazy, if not the mall? It's your day. Are you losing your mind in a bookstore? Could you spend hours trying on jewelry? Hats ? In a pottery workshop? In a luxury second-hand clothing store?

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 6

Step 6. Go to the pool

You probably live not far from a swimming pool or the beach, as long as your birthday doesn't fall in winter, of course. Plan your day there, if it's feasible. Have each friend bring their own towel and a snack and spend the day together playing ball and basking in the sun. When everyone is tired of swimming, you can organize beach games and a barbecue or bonfire.

Make sure your friends are comfortable with these types of activities. Some people don't like it, can't swim, or are uncomfortable in a swimsuit. First, go around your friends to ask their opinion, if that's what you plan to do to celebrate your birthday

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 7

Step 7. Plan an outing, participate in karaoke, and play video games

You can do your own karaoke in the garage! Find a karaoke machine, rent one or borrow it from a friend and become the star for a night. When your friends' vocal cords are tired, you can set up board games.

Make sure your parents agree to let you use part of the house. Explain your schedule to them so that they don't worry too much and more importantly, don't spend every five minutes to see what's going on

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 8

Step 8. Organize new board games

Group games aren't just for babies, any game can liven up a party, break the ice, and keep everyone entertained. But you probably don't want those old fashioned games you've been playing for years. Here are some new ideas.

  • Set up a treasure hunt. Ask your parents or anyone outside to hide things around the house or in the neighborhood. Two teams can follow the trail for different clues, and you could organize a competition to see which team solves the puzzle first.
  • Organize a photo treasure hunt. Two teams each have a camera and have to take five to six shots in a certain amount of time. They then exchange cameras and the opposing team must then take the photos again in exactly the same place. Find places that are difficult to recognize if you can play your game across the city.
  • Play guessing games with inflatable balloons. Write riddles on small pieces of paper, put them in the balloons and inflate them. Your friends will then have to choose a balloon, pop it and find the answer to the riddle. But don't be too cruel, come up with some easy-to-find riddles that aren't too puzzling.
Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 9

Step 9. Organize your party in a park

Invite five to twelve friends and all spend the day in a park. Pack a mega picnic, games, sunbathing towels and loads of sunglasses. Also take some balloons to have fun with.

  • You could do the same if there is an outdoor swimming pool near you and some grass around it to cool you down if you are too hot and to take a nap if you are tired.
  • You could then take your guests home for dinner and let a few of your friends sleep at home.
Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 10

Step 10. Don't forget your birthday cake

Because that's part of any good birthday party, whether you're three, thirteen, or one hundred and three! When the time is right, bring your cake and blow out your candles. Cakes are all the rage and come in so many different shapes, you're going to find the one you like best.

You should also offer other things to your guests, if you are throwing a party. Drinks (water and soda), a cake (or two different kinds for those who don't like yours or are allergic to certain substances) and snacks so your guests don't leave you and rush afterwards in the first junk food store

Part 2 of 2: Do Something Great

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 11

Step 1. Go bowling

Divide your guests into two groups and see who wins the game. Consider a reward for the winning team. Anyone can bowling, and those who are awkward like to make fun of themselves. See if you can book two tracks during the midweek promotional evenings, sometimes it's also cheaper.

Bowling alleys often also have pool tables, darts and other attractions, not to mention the awesomely fatty food that is served in these places! When you and your friends get tired of constantly throwing a ball on ten pins, you can move on nearby

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 12

Step 2. Play with lightsabers

As with bowling, anyone can participate. And who doesn't like shooting other people? Why not, if there are enough friends to form two equal teams. Your birthday will certainly be the occasion to make everyone experience great emotions.

Any form of activity is always a good idea, especially if it is a little out of the ordinary. Try to go skateboarding, organize a game of Frisbee, offer a golf course, hike or boat trip. Do something you don't usually do

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 13

Step 3. Pamper yourself if you are a girl

You can either save your pocket money to treat yourself to a beauty salon, or ask your parents to offer it to you a few weeks before your party or even use your own beauty products and carry out these treatments at home! You are spoiled for choice in terms of treatments and then you will feel wonderful.

Don't be put off if you can't afford a day at a beauty salon. You can do it at home with your friends and you can give each other a manicure or pedicure, face masks (stock up on cucumbers!) Or organize massage sessions. You will obviously be the first served

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 14

Step 4. Host a tent party

The simple act of camping on the front lawn of the house is still the best, in case someone needs to come into the house at night. You can organize a campfire, play board games, eat and drink, tell stories, play the guitar and enjoy the starry sky and the flames of your fire in good company. Don't forget the marshmallow to grill on the fire!

Running out of wood and starter can ruin a good campfire. Make sure you have enough matches, newspaper, and wood to keep the fire going all night. Also stock up on sausages, snacks and sodas

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 15

Step 5. Organize an outing to an amusement park

Celebrating your birthday at home, going to the cinema or to the show is not always very original. Spend the day in an amusement park! Just make sure all of your friends can get free that day, have something to eat, and have nothing against the rollercoasters!

Ask your parents if you and your friends can spend the night in a hotel near the amusement park, if it is far enough from you. You can prepare sandwiches, a travel bag and receive as many shampoo and coffee samples as you want at the hotel! Here is a splendid idea for a birthday

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 16

Step 6. Do something totally different

Do something you've never done, rather than going to a restaurant and to the movies. Ride a horse if you and your friends aren't afraid to do so. Attend a show or a play. Participate in a ceramic painting workshop. Visit a giant aquarium. Disguise yourself. Why do what you do every weekend anyway?

You can turn a very mundane activity into something original in the blink of an eye. Go to your favorite restaurant in a nightclub outfit. Go to the amusement park with a list of the hundred different things you have to do there and drive yourself crazy trying to achieve them. Turn the preparation of a dinner into a spectacle worthy of a high-flying culinary show. It's all a matter of imagination

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 17

Step 7. Organize a theme party

You'll have hundreds of different ideas just by taking a look at Pinterest. You don't have to put on a classic sleepover or an '80s-inspired party. It's 2014 and it's time to get creative. Put on a bright evening. Organize a fashion show with quirky clothes. Have a party around original sandwiches. What is it that you and your friends have never done?

Ask your parents what you can and cannot do. Organizing an evening with gambling will be, you can imagine, quite tricky. So you should come up with a list of achievable and fun ideas for them that might work for the three of you

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 18

Step 8. Attend a sporting event

You and your friends are bound to find a sporting event that you can attend, cheer on your team and eat popcorn, whether it's spring or winter. Is there a good soccer or basketball team near you? Regional teams often offer cheap entry tickets and the game can be a lot of fun and energetic.

Make this event even funnier by bringing sodas, snacks, blankets and chairs. It's a picnic around a sporting event. Also pack some travel games in case this sporting event has long breaks and you and your friends need to kill some time

Celebrate a 13th Birthday Step 19

Step 9. Go to a concert or a show

If you're celebrating your birthday on the weekend, there's no doubt you'll find an event near you that could be fun, even if you aren't sure. Take the opportunity to see a band you've never seen or a show you're hearing about for the first time. See what's going on in your area and buy tickets as soon as possible. Make it your birthday party!

The concerts sometimes start quite late at night and can be quite expensive. Make sure your friends can attend first before planning this type of party. They might want a pizza and video game night when you have some crazy party ideas on your side. But you can always try to change their mind


Make sure your guests have everything they need if you want to kick off a party. This involves feeding them, making sure they are settled down and that they are having a good time


  • Make sure no one is allergic to the foods you offer.
  • Avoid all forms of alcohol or drugs.
  • Make sure you don't anger any of your guests or exclude them in any form. You wouldn't want to ruin a friendship over this.

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