How to ask a boy to accompany me to a school ball

How to ask a boy to accompany me to a school ball
How to ask a boy to accompany me to a school ball

If you're looking for a prom partner and you're sick of waiting for a guy to offer to go with you, don't worry! It's easier for a girl to ask a boy to accompany her to a school ball and less embarrassing than you might think.


Part 1 of 2: Prepare

Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 1

Step 1. Find out if he already has a girlfriend or not

This will save you a lot of time and a lot of trouble, as well as having enough time to find another possible partner if necessary.

  • In case you have any doubts, ask a friend of his or a person of the same social rank as him. Find out about this before you invite him out.
  • If he has a girlfriend, then he's probably going to go with her.
Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 2

Step 2. Plan another boy that you would like to go out with

In case your first choice is taken, having a Plan B will allow you to be sure that you don't end up alone at the ball.

Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 3

Step 3. Find a way to invite her

Consider inviting them in person or by phone if you have their number. It would also be entirely acceptable if you could invite her by email or by writing her a message on Facebook if you don't want to do it face to face.

Part 2 of 2: invite her out

Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 4

Step 1. Start by greeting him at school or whenever you see him alone or send him a friendly message like:

" Hey ! How is it going ? If you do undertake to invite him in person, then approach him and say, "hi."

  • Make sure you're smiling and confident, even if you're feeling extremely nervous. Most boys like girls who are confident and respect themselves. However, don't be arrogant or pretentious.
  • Be attractive in your clothing. If you feel beautiful inside, it will show on the outside.
Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 5

Step 2. Advance the topic of the ball

Ask if he will go or not and if he has anything planned.

If he already has a partner, don't ask him to drop her and go with you. It would be unfair to the other girl and it will make you feel like you are desperate and callous

Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 6

Step 3. Ask if he would like to go with you

Smile and look him in the eye if you chose to address the invitation in person.

Let him know of your current plans, if of course you have any. For example, if you and your girlfriends have rented a limousine, then tell her. This will help her make a decision and let her know you've planned a fun night out

Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 7

Step 4. Keep your cool, regardless of his response

If he says yes, tell him that you are waiting for him to signal you, but do not jump with joy: you should not make him regret his decision! If he says no, politely tell him it's okay and move on.

Ask a Guy to a School Dance Step 8

Step 5. Plan a suitable organization in case he accepts your proposal

Decide together who will get the other one, where you will meet and tell him the color of the dress you plan to wear in case it is a formal dance so that he too can decide. the color of the clothes he will wear.


  • Avoid inviting her in public. It might be unpleasant for both of you, especially if the answer is no.
  • To have a better chance of winning your case, invite a boy you know is interested in you or a boy you are friends with. Still, don't be afraid to invite someone you have a crush on.

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