How to be a good date for a prom

How to be a good date for a prom
How to be a good date for a prom

The prom can turn out to be a horrible or magical experience. Suppose you finally managed to invite the girl of your dreams to make this evening unforgettable, what would be next? You must know that there are behaviors to adopt to be a good ballroom date in order to give your partner a good time.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare

Get Ready for Prom Night Step 2

Step 1. Help her make a plan

The prom isn't all about dancing. You also have to take into account the photos to take, the trip, the dinner, the after party and more. Offer to help her plan the evening, not only so that you can share ideas, but also to show her that you are also affected by the event.

  • Talk to her about how you will get to the ball. Are you going to go there as a group or just two? Doing a program with a group takes more time and effort.
  • Decide on the appropriate time to go to dinner and take the photos, when to arrive, and when to leave the ball.
Break a Car Lease Step 12

Step 2. Plan everything for the trip

Decide if you are going to hire a limo or if you will be taking your date to the ball in your car. Even if you love your car, your date may prefer something more romantic, such as a limousine (which could turn out to be pricey).

  • If you decide to pick up your car, be sure to refuel the night before to avoid being late.
  • Make sure your car is free of clutter and that it is clean both outside and inside.
  • In case you have chosen to rent a limousine, keep in mind that rentals are done by the hour and that some companies set a minimum limit on the hours during which the vehicle will be rented.
  • No matter which vehicle you choose, be sure to get out and hold the door to your rider, both when getting into and out of the car. Also, make sure she is always the first to enter.
Get Ready for Prom Night Step 16

Step 3. Impress her with your clothing

Women usually devote a lot of time and thought to their dress and they hope their riders look just as good as they are. Since costume is mandatory for the prom, be sure to dress appropriately for the occasion.

  • Wear a nice suit or tuxedo to make sure you're dressed right for the occasion.
  • Find out the color of your date's coat in order to create a certain harmony in the small details such as pocket squares, ties and socks.
  • Pay close attention to your hygiene that night. This includes taking a good shower, shaving, going to the hairdresser and putting on a perfume (in moderation).
Pick out a Corsage Step 7

Step 4. Bring a corsage bouquet

Corsages are small bouquets of flowers that are offered to their date to show them respect. Usually, they are worn on the left shoulder or on the left wrist if the dress has thin straps or none at all.

  • A boutonniere is a similar (but smaller) version of the flower bouquet and it hangs over the man's costume. It is customary for women to offer a buttonhole to their rider, and the latter is often in harmony with the bodice (not necessarily, however).
  • Try to match the color of the bodice with that of your date's dress or choose a neutral tone like peach, pink or white.
  • Various flowers can be used depending on style and budget, including roses, orchids, carnations and lilies.
  • Since proms are a busy time for florists, it would be best to order your date's corsage bouquet one to two weeks in advance. This way, you can be sure that the florist has had enough time to create the personalized bouquet. Even if you have booked, try to pick up your order no later than the day before the ball.
  • Make sure the flowers maintain their freshness. To do this, sprinkle them with water, put them in a vase, keep them in a cool space and use a coating that can be found at any florist.
Get Ready for Prom Night Step 14

Step 5. Be on time

It is extremely important that you are on time, as there is so much to do on prom night. Also, nothing turns off a girl (and her parents) more than a delay.

  • Have an itinerary or plan of action. Master your program in advance so you know exactly when to start from point A to arrive at point B on time.
  • If you know that you are an incorrigible latecomer, then find out what often makes you late. Do you like to have tight deadlines? Are you easily distracted or trying to do too much every time? By doing this exercise, you will manage your time more realistically and thereby overcome your tendency to be late.
  • Do not start at the agreed time. Get moving sooner so you have room for maneuver in the event of the unexpected.
Get Ready for Prom Night Step 17

Step 6. Plan post-prom activities

In fact, the dance lasts between two and four hours, so many plan activities after the ball to extend the entertainment. Discuss any plans with your date to set your schedule accordingly. Will you have to return the limousine? Will you have to change? Will you need a bag for the night?

  • To keep students safe, many schools choose to host their after-party at an area entertainment center such as a skating rink or bowling center. Don't forget to inquire about the duration of the event, the price of the entrance ticket in case there is one and how to get there.
  • Take a walk. If you are in a limo then this is the perfect way to take advantage of the paid overtime that you probably still have left. Take her to places in your city that you know that are romantic.
  • Go to a party. Of course, there will be a few after-prom parties organized by students. Before participating, make sure you respect the conditions as well as the curfew imposed on your rider and be careful not to put her in a delicate situation.

Part 2 of 3: be gallant

Be a Good Prom Date (for Guys) Step 2

Step 1. Be gallant

Gallantry is a code of ethics that governs the conduct of men towards women. To properly describe this, you need to be caring, courteous, and respectful to your date. Hold the door for her, pull up the chair, and put your coat on her when she's cold. In short, give her priority and she will be happy.

  • Gallantry often does not fit in with modern flirting techniques. Make sure that your actions match your date's reactions and that you don't overdo it with your kindness.
  • Above all, avoid certain old-fashioned forms of generosity such as ordering for your date, getting up when she enters or leaves the room or defending her honor. Be polite, but keep in mind that she is a modern day woman who knows how to stand up for herself.
Be Irresistible to Women Step 8

Step 2. Compliment her

By giving her compliments from the heart, you will not only be able to break the ice, but also create bonds of trust and a good atmosphere. When you compliment your date, be original and don't make common rhetoric. Avoid being rude or giving her clearly gendered compliments, especially when complimenting her on her appearance.

  • Be original. Instead of saying "You have a beautiful smile," find something that appeals to you. You can say, “I like the mole on your neck. It's cute. "
  • Avoid compliments that have to do with sensitive topics such as weight. Even though "You look slim in this dress" sounds like a compliment, a lot of girls can misinterpret it.
  • All women love to be complimented on their appearance. However, avoid cheesy words like hot or horny. Instead, use classic terms like beautiful, gorgeous, or gorgeous.
  • Don't just stop at how she looks and compliment her on her personality as well by saying things like "I can discuss anything with you" or "I laugh a lot with you".
Fall in Love With a Nice Person Step 18

Step 3. Talk to his parents

Although this is an uncomfortable situation, conversing politely with your date's parents will show that you are mature and they will appreciate it. If you strike up a thoughtful conversation with her parents, then your partner will feel safe with you for the rest of the evening.

  • Show them that you received a good education by using words like Pardon and Thank you and calling the parents Mr. or Mrs..
  • Start a conversation with them. Do not answer questions with simple yes or no. Show them that you want to get to know them more.
  • Give them your attention. Don't be rude by rummaging through your laptop or watching TV while chatting.
Be Irresistible to Women Step 1

Step 4. Respect your date

When a man shows that he admires a woman beyond her looks, the latter tends to do the same in return. When you show your partner that you value the qualities that make her who she is, you create the atmosphere you need for an unforgettable evening.

  • Speak to him in a courteous manner. Avoid swearing, making bad jokes, putting her down, or making sexual comments about her body.
  • Don't put pressure on him. Never force a woman to do something she doesn't want to do. This includes drinking alcohol, having sex, or visiting places she doesn't want to see.

Part 3 of 3: Make her feel special

Slow Dance at a Formal or Semi Formal Dance Step 13

Step 1. Don't be afraid to dance with her

Girls don't really care if you are a good dancer or not. All they want is someone to have fun with. It doesn't matter if you like soft or dancing music, try to move to the beat of the music and don't get stuck.

  • For soft music, place your right hand on the left side of his hip or lower back and put your left hand at his shoulder. As the leader, you can move left to right or choose dance steps that match the music.
  • If the position of your hands makes you nervous during the dance, then you can go for the close-tight. Thus, the man has his two hands placed on the hip of the rider, while the latter has hers around her neck. The movements of the foot should remain the same.
  • If fast-paced music is stressing you out, just remember to move to the beat. Move your feet from side to side and relax your upper body so that you can move your shoulders and head. Also, be sure to move your arms during the process.
  • Dance properly and avoid lascivious movements. Keep in mind that you must respect your date.
  • If none of this works, dance in a group. Not only is it fun, but it reduces the pressure you will feel. Popular group dances accompanied by choreographed movements like the "Copperhead Road" or "Cupid Shuffle" are always fun options for shy dancers.
Find the Right Guy Step 5

Step 2. Spend time with his friends

Remember, prom night isn't just for playing lovers. It is better if you come with several friends in addition to your partner. If you don't have the same friends, make sure you spend enough time with each group of friends, not just your own.

  • Even if your date is madly in love with you, that doesn't mean she won't want to hang out with her girlfriends as well. Remember not to monopolize her or be jealous when she chooses to go dancing with her friends rather than you.
  • Not everyone has a date for prom. Allow her to spend time with her friends who haven't been fortunate enough to have a partner.
  • Be flexible. If you choose to go out to dinner with her friends, keep in mind that you will see your friends again at the ball or even after the ball. You and your spouse should be prepared to share your time fairly.
Find out if Someone Loves You Step 16

Step 3. Show him affection

This feeling is when you show someone you care through little things that will make them feel wanted and loved. It could be the mundane things like holding her hand, giving her an unexpected hug, or just smiling at her.

  • When you show him your affection in a romantic way (soft music, kisses, etc.), be sure to be alone, so that this moment is unforgettable.
  • As for public expressions of love, it sometimes happens that not too much is needed. It's okay to hold her hand, take her around the waist, and give her closed-mouthed kisses, as long as it's done in a moderate way.
  • Avoid open-mouth smooching, as well as private touching, licking, nibbling, and tampering.
Determine if the One You Love Loves You Step 1

Step 4. Give it attention

By doing this to your partner, you show her that she is your priority. Put your cell phone aside, listen to what she says, laugh when she jokes, and don't get distracted by other friends (or worse, other girls). Let her know that you enjoy being in her company and that she is as important as she is interesting.

  • Eye contact is important when it comes to showing interest in a person. When having a conversation, make sure you are seated facing her and not staring down at your phone or the dance floor (even if you are not very comfortable).
  • Listen more and talk less. If you listen to your partner and pay attention to what she is saying, you won't have a hard time finding something to talk about. The discussion will evolve on its own and you will engage in it at the right time.


  • Work on the details ahead of time. If you must drive, refuel the car the day before, not when you pick it up. Make sure that nothing is missing from the costume.
  • Decide what to do in advance. Are you going to put your arm around her (women love it) or offer her your jacket while she waits outside (women love it even more). Are you going to kiss her?
  • Make your decisions based on the level of your relationship and what you think she would have liked you to do.
  • As soon as you see her for the premiere at the party, give her a compliment like "Wow", "You are resplendent". If you are shy, give a specific compliment like "Your dress is very pretty." No matter how small the compliment, it will make the whole evening more interesting.
  • Be original. Don't plan for something simple. Women love guys who think about doing something innovative and memorable, like getting them a flower right from the start.
  • Don't forget to say thank you for accepting your invitation and for the wonderful times we spent together.
  • Constantly watch over its safety. Remember that you are partly responsible for his well-being that evening. To do this, avoid putting her in dangerous situations (such as drinking alcohol) and be sure to get her home on time.
  • If the evening doesn't go as planned, don't be disappointed! There are several other girls from which you can choose your date (one lost, ten found). Appreciate your prom for what it was: a special night to celebrate the end of high school. Congratulate yourself on being a great prom date and making your date feel special (other than that, you've got the university reaching out to you).

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