5 ways to look fabulous at a concert

5 ways to look fabulous at a concert
5 ways to look fabulous at a concert

Your outfit for a concert will often depend on the style of music you are going to listen to, because everyone has their own clothing universe. Different trends will be required for a pop, metal / rock, hip-hop, country or outdoor concert. You must therefore know them in order to define the right outfit and clothing influences in accordance with the music of your concert.


Method 1 of 5: Choosing an outfit for a pop concert

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 1

Step 1. Start at the bottom

Instead of picking out what top you're going to put on first (as you usually would), for pop concerts, start by finding your shoes and working out the rest of your outfit from them.

  • Take shoes with heels or wedges. Be careful to only wear shoes that you will be comfortable in for the duration of your concert (as you may end up going 5 hours without being able to sit down).
  • Flat shoes will certainly be a better choice. You will be standing for a long time and therefore you will be more comfortable dancing in brightly colored ballerinas or sneakers.
  • You can also opt for boots, although more traditional. They will be perfect with a pair of jeans.
  • Avoid open shoes. Concert halls are often packed and you risk getting stepped on!
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 2

Step 2. Take a stocking that goes with your shoes

They must indeed match the rest of your outfit.

  • For a casual look, grab some slim jeans that you will be comfortable in during your concert.
  • If you wear boots, take skinny jeans for a sharp and sophisticated look.
  • For a splash of color, prefer a pair of jeans in a light or bright color.
  • You can also opt for leggings in a color that matches the color of your shoes.
  • If your shoes are tight, you can also go for a more sophisticated outfit by wearing a mini or peplum skirt. Wear a color that matches your skin texture.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 3

Step 3. Finish with a nice top

Your goal is a feminine and sophisticated look.

  • If you wear jeans, choose a rather large white t-shirt, but with a detail such as an original pleat or a unique cut.
  • If you are wearing a colored skirt, opt for a loose tank top to create a feminine look.
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear a brightly colored or sequined shirt.
  • Wear a cotton top so it can absorb your sweat. You will definitely dance and risk getting hot in the concert hall. Cotton will therefore be the ideal material if you are sweating.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 4

Step 4. Instead, opt for a dress

A fairly simple dress will be very easy to accessorize.

  • Prefer a tight or cut dress for a girls night out.
  • Accessorize it with a pair of colored heels or ankle boots to complete your outfit.
  • Take a dress more formal than the one you would normally wear. Choose light fabrics so as not to be hot.
  • You will find beautiful parts and accessories at Top Shop or H&M.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 5

Step 5. Add some accessories

Wear jewelry that goes with the rest of your outfit.

  • Wear original earrings (and simple pearls if you have multiple piercings).
  • You can also wear leather or plastic bracelets, with the name of the artist you are going to see in concert.
  • Wear several necklaces that will not overshadow your outfit while giving it a trendy touch.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 6

Step 6. Take care of your hair and makeup

Pair them with the rest of your look.

  • A bold lipstick (red or orange) and a line of eyeliner flush with your lashes will be more than enough for this occasion.
  • Take care of your hairstyle by brushing, curling your hair with an iron or tying it into a long braid.
  • Polish your nails or go to a nail salon for a touch of sophistication.

Method 2 of 5: Choosing your outfit for a rock / punk / metal concert

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 7

Step 1. Wear a band's t-shirt

The golden rule for metal concerts is not to wear the t-shirt of the band you are going to see.

  • Take a t-shirt from a band similar to the one you're going to see in concert.
  • You can also wear a black t-shirt or tank top with a graphic design.
  • Avoid materials other than cotton. You risk sweating in the crowd.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 8

Step 2. Take a bottom that goes with your t-shirt

Mix masculine and feminine influences and bet everything on accessories.

  • Wear green or dark blue, black or purple pants.
  • You can also swap the jeans for a short skirt or red peplum for a feminine and chic look.
  • Plaid skirts are also very popular at punk rock concerts.
  • If you are going to see a heavy metal concert and are planning to be in the pit, wear pants instead of a skirt.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 9

Step 3. Wear good, comfortable shoes

Dare to wear military boots or black sneakers.

  • Bet on comfort, because there may be a lot of people in the concert hall.
  • Go for flat shoes and made from solid materials around the toes, as you risk getting your feet crushed.
  • Regulars at metal concerts usually wear combat boots, as even sneakers won't protect you in the event of a pogo.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 10

Step 4. Bet on accessories

They will allow you to feminize an outfit with more masculine rock influences.

  • Wear multiple rows of bracelets (beaded, leather, etc.) for an eclectic look.
  • Leather cuffs are the perfect accessory for rock concerts.
  • Wear discreet metal studs on all earrings.
  • Avoid long necklaces which can be torn off while you dance.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 11

Step 5. Follow your hair and makeup cravings

Keep it simple for this type of gig though.

  • If you dance or do pogos, you risk losing your makeup, so bet on waterproof products at least.
  • Avoid curling your hair, as this hairstyle really doesn't belong in a rock or metal concert.
  • You can tie your hair up into a ponytail or braid it.
  • Brightly colored strands or ridges are also very popular.

Method 3 of 5: Choose a country look

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 12

Step 1. Choose between a dress and jeans

This is the basis of country looks.

  • You can't imagine a country outfit without a denim piece.
  • You can wear shorts, a denim skirt, wide jeans or a denim jacket.
  • Jeans allow you to stay relaxed while composing a feminine look.
  • Choose light shades during the day and darker at night.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 13

Step 2. Wear a dress

You are spoiled for choice between a floral or pleated dress.

  • Avoid overly sexy outfits.
  • Wear a summer or long dress. Your outfit will usually be more casual than at a pop music concert.
  • Avoid skirts and dresses that are too short, which are neither practical nor comfortable.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 14

Step 3. Wear a light, feminine shirt

Opt for a flannel shirt for example.

  • You can also wear a tank top, a large t-shirt or a tunic.
  • Lace details, ruffles and bows are also de rigueur.
  • Wear a denim jacket over a t-shirt or tunic.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 15

Step 4. Accessorize your outfit

Emphasize especially the cowboy hat and boots.

  • The cowboy hat will give an offbeat side to your outfit.
  • Boots and especially cowboy boots will be perfect for a country concert.
  • Wear delicate and natural jewelry.
  • Choose comfortable and feminine pieces.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 16

Step 5. Complete your outfit with your hairstyle and makeup

Keep it natural, as this will be more appropriate for a country music concert.

  • Curl your hair, make a messy bun or a long braid.
  • Be minimalist when it comes to makeup. For example, bet on a pink blush.
  • Avoid bright colors that have no place in a country concert.

Method 4 of 5: Dress for a rap or hip-hop concert

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 17

Step 1. Start with a bold piece

Choose a strong piece around which you will compose your look.

  • Imitate rap stars who bet on original pieces.
  • Wear skinny jeans, denim or brightly colored leggings. Jeans with holes are also very popular.
  • Take a tight-fitting t-shirt with a graphic design and a bright color. Bet on pink, orange, blue, mauve.
  • Tank tops in bright colors or with prints are also popular choices.
  • You can also wear a bright colored or leather jacket over a dress or skirt.
  • The rest of your outfit should be kept discreet so as not to steal the show from this strong piece.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 18

Step 2. Wear flashy accessories

Bet on diamond or rhinestone jewelry.

  • Rappers often wear long gold hoops.
  • Wear pendants covered with diamonds or rhinestones.
  • Wear a hat, but featuring small studs or rhinestones.
  • Wear designer glasses. Dare to wear sunglasses or colored glasses that will be perfect for a hip-hop look.
  • Choose the right shoes like Adidas sneakers or Jordans.
  • You can also wear heeled sandals, although flats are more comfortable for dancing.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 19

Step 3. Dare to make up and hairstyle

Pair the two with the rest of your outfit.

  • Wear a thick line of eyeliner and dark eye shadow.
  • Wear a matte, brightly colored lipstick (like Nicki Minaj).
  • Put on some blush to wake up your look.
  • For the hair, go for volume by backing your ponytail or wearing a high bun.
  • You can also sport colored or faded strands.

Method 5 of 5: Choosing a look for a multi-day summer festival

Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 20

Step 1. Wear a light, casual outfit

Since concerts are outdoors, you can sunbathe (intentionally or not) and light and short clothing is not only acceptable, but also encouraged.

  • Go for crop tops, one-piece swimsuits, bustiers and headbands.
  • Festivals often take place in the middle of summer and the sun is generally bright.
  • Always wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn.
  • Prepare for bad weather and take a rain jacket.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 21

Step 2. Balance your look

If you wear a very cropped top, balance it with a more relaxed bottom and vice versa.

  • Pair a cropped top with a long skirt and a miniskirt with a loose t-shirt.
  • Wearing a flowy top or bottom can create a chic look without being too strict.
  • These flowing pieces will also be more comfortable to wear in summer.
  • Wear a jumpsuit or overalls, very popular outfits at festivals.
  • These pieces will balance your outfit, because brands often rely on an alliance between strict and sexier lines.
  • Printed jumpsuits are perfect for this occasion (especially flowers and animal prints).
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 22

Step 3. Complete with the right footwear, like sandals or flip flops

  • Go for the summery side with gladiator sandals or jeweled sandals.
  • You can also bet on a more chic and structured look by opting for moccasins, boots or sneakers.
  • If it rains you might be walking in the mud, so pack sneakers just in case.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 23

Step 4. Accessorize your outfit

Pick up accessories that match your outfit and the summer vibe.

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Scarves, backpacks, dangling earrings and necklaces are also all the rage at festivals.
  • Wear natural or neutral accessories.
Look Fabulous at a Concert Step 24

Step 5. Be discreet when it comes to hair and makeup

  • Leave your hair loose or make a simple ponytail or a small bun.
  • Your makeup should be discreet and natural.
  • Always wear sunscreen to protect yourself.


  • Eat before you go. You will be in better shape to enjoy your concert and avoid spending on the spot.
  • Prepare for a pogo and wear appropriate attire if you plan to dance.
  • Wear a comfortable outfit in which you can dance or take the stage.
  • Take some change for souvenirs and drinks.
  • Do not bet everything on your credit card which will not always be accepted.
  • Avoid the purse when possible.
  • Buy souvenirs.
  • Take a pair of jeans with pockets.
  • Take a quirky sign if you want to stand out (and if you stay close to the stage).


  • Don't leave the gig with someone you don't know, even if they promise you a party after the gig.
  • If it is too hot in the room, go outside to cool off or approach the first aid stands.
  • Don't wear valuable jewelry that you might lose.
  • If you've all been drinking, call a cab or your parents to get home safely.
  • Avoid standing near the speakers so as not to damage your hearing.
  • Do not wear heels in which you could sprain your ankle.
  • Concerts can be exhausting so be careful if you have to drive. Enlist the help of a friend or book a hotel room if you're too tired to get behind the wheel.
  • To avoid irritating your throat (and not being able to speak for several days), preserve your voice and don't yell too loudly.

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