How to dance at a college party: 15 steps (with pictures)

How to dance at a college party: 15 steps (with pictures)
How to dance at a college party: 15 steps (with pictures)

According to the movies and series, teens throw amazing parties, where the guests wear outfits that are all more elegant than the last. You might then think that you have to do a lot to get to the slightest surprise party. The good news is that your friends and classmates are probably putting the same pressure on each other. Don't be fooled and realize that the most important thing is to have fun, have a good time with your friends and meet new people!


Part 1 of 4: show off your dance steps

Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 1

Step 1. In the first dance, don't overdo it

If this is your first time dancing, don't try to do a bunch of complicated moves that you might have spotted in a clip. No one expects you to know how to do all of this, and most of your classmates will be too focused on their own image to notice what you are doing.

  • Try to blend in by reproducing the movements of your classmates. The music played will probably be basic and catchy, with a rhythm that is easy to identify.
  • If a piece associated with a certain choreography is playing, don't panic! Step back slightly from the dance floor and watch the specific movements performed by your classmates. If this seems too complicated, nothing prevents you from going and sit down for a while.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 2

Step 2. Warm up with the two-step

Two-step is one of the simplest dance moves around. You will probably see your comrades execute it, without even realizing it. For most people, this dance step will be enough to dance the night away.

  • Bring your right leg to the right, then bring your left leg up to your right leg. Repeat the movement in reverse, with the left leg. Move your legs to the beat of the music.
  • For a little bit of change, try the two-step triangle. Your feet will move so as to draw a triangle, until they return to their starting position. Repeat the movement with the other leg, always to the beat of the music.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 3

Step 3. Anchor your feet to the ground and focus on the beat with the bounce

If the dance floor is crowded or you don't want to risk stepping on someone's toes, you can just do the bounce. This movement is even simpler than the two-step: you just have to move your body in rhythm, without moving your feet.

Once you are used to the bounce, you can change the intensity of the movement, the swing of your arms or your head movement

Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 4

Step 4. Swing your arms to the beat of the music

Very often, beginner dancers do not know what to do with their arms, even if they have mastered the rhythm. A simple solution will be to always keep one arm in the air and the other at your side.

  • With each beat, you will alternate the position of your arms. If your left arm is up and your right arm is down, raise your right arm up in the air and drop your left arm down.
  • Make sure your arms are not stuck to your body! Don't keep your arms too close to your chest or you'll feel stiff.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 5

Step 5. Don't show off if you're a good dancer

Do you want to make a magnificent jump in front of all your stunned comrades? By putting yourself too much forward, you risk making your classmates uncomfortable.

As an experienced dancer, your role will be more to encourage others to dance with you. You might be tempted to correct your friends' footsteps, but then you might discourage them. Take the time to compliment them and everyone will have a much better time

Part 2 of 4: Learn to slow dance

Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 6

Step 1. Approach the person of your choice and invite them to dance

To slow dance, you will need a rider, which could be stressful the first time around. You just have to approach your friend and ask him "do you want to dance with me?" Everything else will usually be superfluous.

  • If the person accepts your invitation, walk together to a free area on the dance floor.
  • If she declines your invitation, don't insist and don't ask for an explanation. Just say "OK" or "no problem" and continue your evening. The person could have different reasons for not wanting to dance and lots of other kids will be happy to dance with you!
  • If you are a girl, know that it is quite okay for girls to invite their date. In fact, many boys prefer this approach!
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 7

Step 2. Place your hands on your jumper

For some dances you and your partner may just hold hands, but these will usually be the old-fashioned dances. Nowadays, the placement of your hands on your rider's body will depend on the gender of the rider.

  • Girls usually place their arm around their partner's shoulders or around their neck.
  • Boys usually place their hands on their date's waist or on their back.
  • If you're dancing with a person of the same gender as you or with a non-binary person, your hand placement will depend on who places their hands first. The second dancer will be led by the first.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 8

Step 3. Pay attention to the distance between you and your date

If you're not sure how far to stand from your partner, the best thing to do is ask their opinion at the start of the dance. A simple "is that okay with you?" Will suffice and could save you a much more awkward situation.

  • Take the time to take a look at the placement of your partner's feet. During a slow, you and your rider won't move a lot and it won't be difficult not to step on other people's feet.
  • Not everyone agrees on what is acceptable in terms of the distance between two partners. If you're not sure how to do it, take a look at how your classmates dance around you.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 9

Step 4. Thank your date at the end of the song

It is very common to thank your date for the time spent together. Again, don't think too long about what to say. A simple "it was great!" Or "thank you for giving me this dance" will be more than enough.

While it is not forbidden to invite the same person to dance twice, it is better not to do so for two dances in a row. Instead, try dancing with different friends

Part 3 of 4: having fun at the party

Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 10

Step 1. Dance with your group of friends

At a party, teens will usually want to dance with someone they like, but don't ignore your friends! Dancing with your whole group could be enough for you to have a great evening!

Stay aware of your surroundings and be polite to others. Don't take up so much space that others don't have room to move

Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 11

Step 2. When you are tired, take a break

The evening will probably last several hours and it would not be very smart to exhaust yourself from the start! Don't forget to rest between two dances, in order to save energy for the rest.

  • It will also be very important to hydrate yourself well! The party organizers will probably have made water and other drinks available to the guests.
  • If you want to get away from the group for a few moments, ask the adult present if you can go get some fresh air. Sometimes you will need to isolate yourself for a while to then fully enjoy the rest of the evening.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 12

Step 3. Don't worry about how others look when you dance

Remember, everyone at the party will probably be just as nervous as you are. Seeing you dance and have fun, others will have only one desire: to join you!

If anyone ever had a problem during the evening, let the adult present immediately know. This person probably doesn't bother you

Part 4 of 4: dressing for the evening

Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 13

Step 1. Choose a comfortable outfit

Even if the evening is “dressy”, choose clothes in which you can move comfortably. Even the most elegant dress or suit will look bad if you're all stiff in it!

  • A girl getting ready for a formal evening can opt for a tight dress, a little sundress, a maxiskirt or a skirt and matching shoes. Just make sure the outfit isn't too short or too daring, as the organizers might not like it.
  • For a formal outfit, a boy can wear dress pants with elegant shoes. Make sure your clothes aren't too tight and your shoes don't hurt your feet, so you can dance the night away!
  • If the dress code is casual, boys and girls may well wear simple jeans and a t-shirt, with comfortable footwear, such as moccasins, sneakers, or boat shoes.
  • Don't feel locked into your gender when choosing your outfit. A girl can wear a tuxedo very well and a boy can wear a skirt if he feels better that way!
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 14

Step 2. Avoid certain clothes

Avoid graphic t-shirts, open-toed shoes and overly daring clothing. Some outfits and clothes just won't belong at a college party. For example, wearing open-toe shoes, if someone steps on your toes, it could hurt you a lot!

  • If you want to wear a graphic t-shirt, make sure the message doesn't get out of place. If you wouldn't wear the outfit to go to class, don't wear it to the party!
  • Dress code for the evening could be clarified. Ask the organizers to educate you on the subject.
Dance at a Middle School Dance Step 15

Step 3. Don't forget to style your hair well

Getting ready for the party isn't enough to just wear the right clothes. Your hairstyle will also be important. Take the time to wash your hair, take care of it and style it: you will feel the most beautiful at the party!

  • If you have short hair, style it with pomade while it's still wet, after you step out of the shower.
  • If you have long hair, pull it up in a bun so that it doesn't get in the way when you dance.


  • When you dance a slow, look your date in the eye and smile. If you're embarrassed, force yourself to smile anyway, to put your partner at ease.
  • If you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about dancing, keep in mind that everyone is probably feeling the same way. Once you understand that no one cares the way you dance, you will relax and start having fun.
  • If you feel particularly anxious about dancing or don't feel able to, you may have chorophobia. It's about the fear of dancing: this phobia is rare, but it does exist. If you think you have this phobia, seek the advice of your doctor.
  • Know that you never have to dance with someone if you don't feel like it.


  • If you're probably very keen on dancing with the girl or boy you like, don't necessarily think that just because he or she is giving you a dance means he or she wants to be your boyfriend. It will take longer!
  • Avoid complicated tricks like jumps. These will be reserved for the best dancers. And even these will need a lot of room to achieve them.
  • If your parents offer to come with you to the party, try refusing. Don't be unpleasant, but make them understand that this evening is yours!

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