How to prepare in advance for a prom

How to prepare in advance for a prom
How to prepare in advance for a prom

Are you ready to start planning your prom? The prom is one of the most unforgettable events in high school. It is therefore important to go all out to make it wonderful. If you start planning this a few months in advance, you'll have enough time to find some pretty clothes, finalize your prom group, and make some great pre and post-prom plans. The list is long, but the most important thing is to have fun! Remember that the time and energy you put into preparation will pay off during the ball.


Part 1 of 3: plan your look

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 1

Step 1. Start with your clothing

Finding the right attire for the prom is one of the most exciting steps in the prom planning process. However, it can also be the most stressful. You are spoiled for choice, so it is good to start looking for your dress a few months in advance, so that you have enough time to choose the perfect one for you. Take inspiration from a few magazines and look for a dress that meets your own style, whether it's classic, old-fashioned romantic, or edgy modern preppy style. The important thing is to find a dress that shows off your elegance.

  • Check out prom sites online for a plethora of options at discounted rates. Make sure to order your dress well in advance so you can make alterations if necessary.
  • If you like an old-fashioned look, take a trip to a thrift store and vintage store. You will find very inexpensive items there.
  • If you want a designer dress at a lower cost, look for designer dress companies that offer outfit rentals at cheaper prices.
  • Check if your boyfriend's clothing will match yours (for example, your dress matches his jacket or tie).
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 2

Step 2. Find an undergarment that flatters your dress

Don't get the wrong attention with a pretty gorgeous dress by leaving your suspender or bra uncovered! Take a trip to the underwear store to pick one that will make you look beautiful.

  • Choose a bra that gives you full support without being exposed. If you are wearing a backless or strapless dress, there are several options that would go perfectly with your dress.
  • Choose a seamless undergarment in a color that won't be seen through your dress.
  • If you're wearing something very thin, you might want to wear underpants underneath.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 3

Step 3. Find jewelry and other accessories

Once you've figured out the dress question, it's time to add the details that will make your look complete. Choose accessories that highlight the style of your dress without being bulky.

  • Vintage jewelry and costume stores offer great jewelry combinations at very low prices.
  • If you can't decide which piece of jewelry is right for you and if you are ambitious, why not make your own?
  • Don't forget to choose a bag or pouch to match your dress! It also needs to be large enough to hold essentials such as makeup, your cell phone, and keys.
  • If your prom is scheduled for early spring, it can still be chilly outside. So choose a blanket or scarf to put it on your shoulder in case you catch a cold.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 4

Step 4. Choose the right shoes

Your shoes should match your dress, but don't worry if you can't find heels that are the same color. You can buy white shoes and tint them or go for a neutral color or black heels which look great with any dress color. You can take your dress to the shoe store so you can try them on together to see if everything is okay.

  • Try on your heels before prom day. Wear them around the house and outside on concrete to flatten the bottom a bit. This will make your shoes more comfortable and less likely to slip when you are walking on prom night.
  • Consider bringing a spare flat shoe. If you're not used to heels, you might start with a sore foot. For this, have a neutral ballet flat shoe on the side for wearing as needed.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 5

Step 5. Think about your hair

Many girls prefer to go to the salon to do their hair on the morning of the prom, but it's also common to invent your own hairstyle for the prom. There are hundreds of online courses that teach you how to create great looking hairstyles for any hair type. Here are some styles that are stunning for a prom:

  • loose and romantic notches;
  • a braided bun;
  • a classic bun.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 6

Step 6. Practice with your makeup

Watch beauty videos for ideas on how to match your makeup with the rest of your style. Some girls take the prom as an excuse to go out, decked out in sparkles and color, while others prefer a heavy, classic look. Experiment with various ideas until you find the look that makes you look gorgeous and goes well with your dress.

  • Smoky eyes are sexy and classic.
  • Bright lipstick will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • You can think about applying contouring makeup to your face.
  • Also choose your nail polish.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 7

Step 7. Make an appointment with the beauty salon if necessary

If you're planning on getting your hair, makeup, or nails done at a beauty salon, book a spot at least a month in advance. So you won't have to run around looking for beauty salons at the last minute. Lounges are often full during prom period.

  • Your manicure / pedicure appointment should be the same day or two days before the prom.
  • Your hair and makeup reservation should be made on the morning of the prom.

Part 2 of 3: Thinking About Logistics

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 8

Step 1. Decide who will be your rider

Some people prefer to go there with their boyfriend while others go solo. Either way, it's a lot of fun going with a bunch of people you dined with before the prom and those you'll be partying with after the prom. A good group is made up of six to ten members. Try more and you'll have a hard time making a reservation for dinner (although it won't be a big deal to include more that might come up). Once your group is up and running, you can start planning things together.

  • Create a group on Facebook that includes all of your prom group members. You can discuss your meeting place, dinner, etc.
  • Also decide how your group will take the photos from the ball. Who will be in the photos? Are you going to have them in someone's house or by a professional at the ball? Discuss it with the group.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 9

Step 2. Obtain your tickets

Prom tickets often go on sale a month or two in advance. You can take your ticket as soon as possible so that you don't have to worry about it afterwards. If you are planning on going to prom with your boyfriend, make sure he has his ticket as well.

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 10

Step 3. Think about your move

Will you be going to the prom in a pink limousine, your own car, or will you let someone drop you off? Think about what to do weeks in advance so you don't have to worry about it when the day comes. Chat with your boyfriend or your friends to come up with the best modus operandi.

If you want to hire a limousine, think about the price each member of the group will have to pay (including tip). Make a reservation with a limo rental company and make sure everyone knows where to find the limo before the party begins

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 11

Step 4. Make dinner reservations

It is customary to go for a nice dinner before heading to the ball with your group of friends. You can go looking for the four-star restaurant in town or try something small so you don't have to worry about a big bill. You just have to make sure to make your reservation with the restaurant several weeks in advance.

  • If others decide to join your group later, call back to update your reservation.
  • You don't have to go to dinner. Some groups prefer to have a small party at someone's house instead.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 12

Step 5. Decide on what to do next

Post-prom parties are as fun as the prom itself! Your options vary depending on the size of your group and your budget. Decide with the group where you are all going to go when the people are tired of dancing and ready for the party to begin.

  • You can pool money to rent a hotel room not far from where the ball is taking place.
  • If the hotel is too expensive, it is common to spend the night together with all the friends.
  • If you want something a little cheaper, you can think about spending the night with some of your close friends, in order to chat about everything that happened at the prom.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 13

Step 6. Talk to your parents about your plans

It's a good idea to talk to your parents about what you plan to do a few weeks in advance. They'll be as excited about your prom as you are, and letting them know the details will only make things run smoothly. Besides, if you want permission for a curfew or to spend the night with a friend, it will take time to convince them.

  • If your parents' plans don't agree with your plans, a good strategy is to try and involve them a little more. Ask them to take photos in advance or their opinion on which restaurant to choose. The more you involve them, the more willing they will be to help you have a fantastic night out your way.
  • If your parents haven't yet met your boyfriend or the other people you plan to spend the night with, you can introduce these to them ahead of time so they can see that you associate them with your plans.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 14

Step 7. Order your boyfriend's boutonniere or bodice

If you come to the ball with a boy, it's common to give him a buttonhole to pin to his tuxedo. If it's a girl, order the bodice for her to put on her wrist. Go to a florist shop and choose the flowers you want to include. Make the order to pick her up on the morning of the prom so that the flowers are as fresh as possible.

Part 3 of 3: start the countdown to the prom

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 15

Step 1. Try on your dress with all the accessories a few weeks earlier

Now is the time to make swaps and alterations for your dress or change the decision about which shoe to wear. Don't wait until prom day to make big changes in your wardrobe. You will have something to think about this week!

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 16

Step 2. Confirm all of your appointments

It sounds like work, but it's worth it to confirm them. About a week in advance, call wherever you have an appointment or have made reservations to double-check if you are still scheduled in their register on the correct day and time.

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 17

Step 3. Pack the things you need to take with you

Instead of trying to fill your purse right before the prom, it's best to have everything you need ready a few days in advance. Put in your bag what you will need for dinner and after. If you are spending the night outside, you may also want to bring some essentials to stay overnight in a separate bag.

  • To get your purse ready: you need your invitation card, your lipstick, your pretty perfume, a small bottle of moisturizer, an outlet hairspray, a few hair clips, your phone charger, your keys and a wallet.
  • To make your bag for the night: night dresses, toiletries, a hanger and a bag containing your prom clothes, a change of clothes for the next day.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 18

Step 4. Start your beauty regimen the day before prom

You need to look good and be healthy on the day of the prom, so it is important to be healthy the night before. To avoid feeling bloated, sick, or tired, do the following:

  • drink enough water to stay hydrated;
  • eat fruits and vegetables;
  • get a full night's sleep;
  • exercise for at least half an hour;
  • go to your manicure appointment or get a manicure.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 19

Step 5. Wake up early and take a shower or a bath on the morning of the prom

This will give you enough time to scrub, shave, and hydrate. Wake up hours before your first date so you don't have to rush.

  • Scrub your skin until it becomes soft and glowing, using either a skin brush or a loofah. Don't forget your back, shoulders and arms.
  • Shave your feet, bikini area, armpits, etc.
  • Moisturize your skin with a rich moisturizer to keep it soft all day.
  • Apply a pumice stone to your feet to keep them smooth.
  • Get a quick facial to brighten your face.
  • You could also put extra coverage on your nails to prevent them from breaking.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 20

Step 6. Go to your appointments

If you want to get your hair and makeup done, go to your dates before putting on your dress and prom accessories. Dress in outfits that you feel comfortable in and that won't loosen your hair when you try to take it off. Remember to bring photos of the look you would like to have to make it easy for the stylist to do it for you. If you ordered a boutonniere or a bodice, be sure to pick it up.

Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 21

Step 7. Finish getting ready

Some people like to prepare with their friends while others prefer to do it themselves at home. Either way, it's finally time to put on that dress that's been hanging in your closet for a long time! Wear everything and put on one last time before going out.

  • Have a friend see behind your back if there is a rope swinging or any part of your hairstyle that needs adjustment.
  • Double-check your bag to make sure you've taken everything you need for the night.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged.
Get Ready for Prom in Advance Step 22

Step 8. Have a great time at your prom

All your hard work pays off, so relax and enjoy the evening. Even if things aren't going exactly as expected, try to go with the flow. What if the limo was late, did your hairstyle come loose a bit or did the bodice your girlfriend gave you not match your dress? What matters now is having an unforgettable time, so let go and enjoy the moment.


  • Even if you don't have a boyfriend, go anyway! You don't really need someone with you before having fun, and you definitely won't be the only one going solo. If slow music is playing, find someone who is horseless like you and invite them to dance, even if it's just friendly. Don't let anything ruin this evening, you will remember it forever.
  • If you're going with several others, a party bus is probably much better than a limo, as the bus, depending on its size, can hold three times as many people as the limo.
  • Spend a day at the spa the week before the prom. It's fun to get ready by meeting up with friends ahead of time for facials, waxing, etc.
  • If you want to have a tanned complexion, use self-tanner instead of going to the tanning salon. Studies have shown that tanning beds can lead to cancer.
  • The important thing at prom is not to be the queen or to have the coolest dress, but to have fun and have unforgettable moments.

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