How to feel and act like a queen (with pictures)

How to feel and act like a queen (with pictures)
How to feel and act like a queen (with pictures)

Being normal is boring. Why not instead live your life like a queen? What is stopping you? Nothing ! Have a little class, a little self-confidence and you're almost there. Read this article and you will realize that your kingdom was in front of you all this time.


Part 1 of 3: Act like a queen

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 1

Step 1. Be polite

Hello manners. The Queen of England (she is a good example) had good manners from the moment she emerged from her mother's womb. She always says "Please", "Thank you" and never eats the last fry, even when the room is full of subordinates. She is nice to everyone, even if she doesn't want it, she would never admit that she doesn't want it!

  • A queen never shouts at people or gives orders. She is kind, sympathetic and lets people talk, taking her turn to respond. She spends a lot of time listening, even though she is a very important woman!
  • She's even polite on the phone! And if she was texting, she would be too.
Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 2

Step 2. Write the book of good manners

This means that you should know everything there is to know about a queen. Even when alone, a queen acts wonderfully. She knows how to eat soup, which fork to use for what dish and she knows what to do in any situation.

Do you know how she knows all this? Because she was browsing the social relationships section on wikiHow. If you think it's simple, think about the movies, sushi, and elevators-related acts, to name just three… Go take a look

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 3

Step 3. Be near people

You might think the Queen spends her days getting manicures and pedicures, sitting cross-legged, but it's quite the opposite. She is close to her people and she always finds opportunities to help others. She could volunteer to help shelters for the homeless or for animals, fundraise, organize fundraising parties, or anything that gets her involved in her community. Knowing that she has the power to do so, she enjoys using it to accomplish good things!

How could you use your power to help others? Could you help them complete projects? Could you volunteer in a hospital or retirement home? Could you go door to door for a cause close to your heart? You shouldn't devote the majority of your days to yourself, but to those around you

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 4

Step 4. Be a good person

A queen embodies truth, justice, mercy, empathy and fairness. She is strong, virtuous and she values ​​justice. She is not trivial, selfish or manipulative. Keep your promises. Be honest. Don't waste people time. And don't be arrogant!

Arrogance is a sign of insecurity. People who act like bullies, who are puffed up and think they are better than everyone else, are just trying to silence that voice in their head, the one that tells them that they are worthless. So know that even if you are a queen, everyone has a value. Everyone has something that you don't have. So act with integrity, be fair, honest and kind

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 5

Step 5. Be diplomatic

A queen always has to make decisions and sometimes they are very important. She always listens to both parties before giving her opinion. She tries to please everyone, but often she knows she won't be able to do it. Whatever the situation, she handles everything with tact and sensitivity. She is very diplomatic.

When you find yourself in this kind of situation, think carefully before you speak. Listen to other people's arguments and respond as tactfully as you can. Let's say a friend of yours criticizes gay people. Instead of saying "Dude, are you really talking nonsense!" What are you talking about, you lunatic? You might say, "I disagree with you and I think the majority of even the most open-minded people would disagree with you as well. However, you have the right to have your opinion. She gives her opinion and she is able to argue against ridiculous remarks, but she does it delicately

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 6

Step 6. Do more boring tasks as well

Sometimes a queen wakes up in the morning and says to herself, “Today I want to take a bath, drink tea and go to lunch with someone I really appreciate. She then checks her diary and realizes that she has meeting after meeting with a series of strangers and that in addition, she will have to smile all day. It's part of his job. You will then have to do your job, even if it is not the most glamorous part.

Do it with pride and with your head held high! Complaining doesn't really exist in a queen's vocabulary. She has so much to do that she accepts everything with grace. It is also worth it when she knows that she will end the day at the opera with Michelle Obama. As a guest, of course

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 7

Step 7. Speak well

Try to have more vocabulary and to speak clearly. Pronounce each word in full (say "I am" instead of "I am", for example) and avoid slang and swear words as much as possible. Use words like “must”, “could” and “may”. Say “may I” instead of “can I” when asking a question. You could use the infinitive from time to time, but don't overdo it.

Part 2 of 3: think like a queen

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 8

Step 1. Have confidence in yourself

You are finally a queen! Why don't you trust yourself? You are wonderful and everyone loves you. You are beautiful, intelligent and you have character. Keep your head up. You have the makings of a queen.

If you have a hard time remaining confident, start by thinking positively. The more positive you are towards others, the more positive you will be towards yourself. It won't happen overnight, but a positive attitude could help you open a lot of doors

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 9

Step 2. Tell yourself that you are destined for great things

Because it is. This is the case with the majority of people, they just need to realize it and accept it. When you believe it, it will show. It will have an impact on your actions, on how people see you, and how you see yourself. If you believe that you can do great things, do whatever it takes to be successful. If you don't, you won't. It's as simple as that.

It is easy to give your 110%. When you reach for the stars you might fall from great heights, but if you don't try to have the best, you won't know what you're capable of and how far you might go. A queen deserves the best, doesn't she?

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 10

Step 3. Don't be afraid to make bold requests

You have the right to have what you want, right? Of course, as long as it is reasonable. In the worst case, people will tell you no, so why not dare to ask? Ask your boss for a raise. Tell your friend to stop boring you. Ask for a family meal to be vegetarian this year. If you are tactful and take responsibility for your requests (you are, right?), People won't be able to refuse you anything.

It is not an excuse to be selfish. Again, your bold requests should be well thought out and fair. Requiring your roommate to give you their iPod is not a fair request. Asking him to do the dishes he has not cleaned for a week is however justifiable

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 11

Step 4. Be steadfast in your choices

A queen is firm in her beliefs and opinions. She knows what she wants and she knows how people should act with her. Because she is so confident, she stands up to people. She does not procrastinate, because she knows what is right!

Regarding these bold demands, you should have conviction. You have to be sure of yourself. When asking for a raise, look your boss in the eye and don't look down if they say no. You can lose the battle without losing face. IF you don't get what you wanted, accept it. You can always pick up the next day

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 12

Step 5. Be modest

Being a queen doesn't mean being a diva. A diva is a woman who demands that someone put her perfume on her while another person places rose petals at her feet. A queen knows that she is no different from those around her. She is human, like everyone else!

How does she manage to be queen? It's because a queen is a queen her whole life. That's all she knows and she isn't making a big deal of it. She sits at the back of the room, she does not interfere in other people's affairs and she does not need attention, because she knows that she is the queen. It doesn't change the world. She doesn't need a representation of herself in her living room. She doesn't need people to bow at her feet, filling her toilet bowl with flowers. She just wants to be treated with respect. That is all

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 13

Step 6. Think of failure as a stepping stone to greatness

A queen is not afraid to fail! It was actually a quote from Oprah. By the way, if there is a queen in the United States, it is Oprah. Michelle Obama could be too, they are probably friends. Either way, she's right. When you fail, you can only perfect your strategy. So yes, queens sometimes fail. They learn from their mistakes and grow!

The more you fail, the more you will have done. The more things you do, the better off you will be. And the more you fail, the more you will know what not to do. Fail! You will become a better queen

Part 3 of 3: Look like a queen

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 14

Step 1. Practice smiling

A queen, while rarely ecstatic (and rarely angry), is generally in a happy mood. She doesn't like to be negative or whine. She's a queen, why would she be negative? Life is awesome, show your happiness on your face! Plus, it will make others happy to see you smile, so show your zest for life!

Learning to smile with eyes is important, people will notice right away if your smile is fake. Smiling with your eyes will make you look authentic. This will help you if you ever need to pretend. We all need to pretend once in a while

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 15

Step 2. Be gracious

Have good posture and cross your legs at the ankles. Move slowly and with dignity, with a thoughtful air. Acting like a queen means you should be elegant and that elegance will show in your grace and posture. How else will you convince people?

A good way to be graceful is to do yoga or take a dance class. Being familiar with your body will help you move like a queen. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. It's your palace, after all

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 16

Step 3. Walk gently

Think of Charlize Theron in the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman". Think of Helen Mirren in the movie "The Queen". Be majestic. These women are all majestic, posed and elegant like queens. They are dignified, elegant and sophisticated. Do the same!

You are in control. You own all the rooms in a place. Remember that when you walk into a room, it is as if you were in your house. It doesn't matter where you are or who is there, it belongs to you. Why wouldn't you be comfortable?

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 17

Step 4. Have a royal wardrobe

You have the choice. The Queen of Jordan obviously does not dress like the Queen of England. There is no precise recipe, no specific guideline entitled “clothes of a queen”. If you want a little help, try to be 'classy'. Your clothes should be feminine, modest and timeless. Go for pearls, knee length dresses and kitten heels. Don't worry, you'll always find a moment to put on pajamas.

If people are staring at you, it means you are doing it right. Do you wear elbow-length gloves? Impressive. Are you wearing a big hat? Sure why not ? A silk belt? It might be a little too much, but do as you feel it

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 18

Step 5. Have the right purse

In short, don't wear a backpack. Do not carry a satchel, a bag with a drawstring or a tote bag. And do not carry a sports bag! Take a small purse or a shoulder bag. Maybe even a carpet bag if it's modest. And inside? A few glasses, some money and other small items needed.

If you care to know, the Queen of England wears a Launer handbag. You don't have to buy a Launer bag, but it's still a good example to follow

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 19

Step 6. Try harder to maintain good hygiene

You obviously take a shower and put on deodorant, right? You could go further. Exfoliate your skin. Put lotion on your elbows. If you're going to be finishing school soon, consider putting on night cream. Remove your cuticles. Wash your hair well. You don't have to do all of this every day, but at least a few times a week.

And while you're at it, find yourself a scent. A queen always smells good. Put on the same scent every day and that scent will stick to your skin, you won't even smell it anymore. Except maybe when you go camping and accidentally forget the bottle

Feel and Act Like a Queen Step 20

Step 7. Dress up

A queen should take care of herself, this is obvious, but other people should take care of her from time to time as well! So go do your nails, go to the hairdresser and get your makeup done. Spend a day at a spa. Go for skin care. Go to those places where they will put cucumbers on your eyes. In other words: relax!

Since queens don't have to do these things on their own, it's much easier to feel like a queen when someone else is applying cream between your toes. And when you feel like a queen it is much easier to act like one! Remember to say thank you


  • Have chic and fashionable clothes, as well as the perfect handbag.
  • Always maintain a good attitude.
  • Be modest.
  • Have good manners.
  • Keep a label free from defects.
  • Have confidence in yourself!
  • Maintain good posture.

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