How to behave at a party at someone's house

How to behave at a party at someone's house
How to behave at a party at someone's house

Are you invited to a party and don't know how to behave? You are not the only one! It can be intimidating to go to someone's house for a night out, if this is your first time at this type of party. However, these events are an opportunity to have fun and meet great people. Learn to free yourself from your shyness: little by little, you will be going to parties without any anxiety!


Part 1 of 3: Behave with others

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Step 1. Go to the party with a friend

The best way to be sure that you are comfortable at the party is to go there with someone you know. So you will be there for each other! It is better to arrive at the scene with your friend, rather than meet there. By making a date at the party, one of you might be left alone for quite a while, if the other doesn't arrive on time.

Be aware that if you go to the party with an extroverted friend, they might be more social than you at the party. On the other hand, if you are accompanied by someone less sociable than you, you might be tempted to hide together in a corner, without mingling with other guests

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Step 2. Get to the party

Don't be shy and knock on the door. Once you have arrived at the house where the party is being held, be sure to go say hello to your host. Shortly after you arrive, take a tour and see if you recognize anyone. Go to each room and see if any of your friends or acquaintances are there.

  • Introduce yourself by saying “Hi, I'm Jeanne. How is it going ? Be yourself and people will respond positively.
  • If you're not close to a certain person, but you've talked to them before, go see them. However, be careful not to interrupt a conversation.
  • If none of your friends have shown up, try playing it cool and don't seem too desperate to get attention. Often, young people light up a cigarette to make themselves count, but avoid this approach. You would destroy your health and risk forming a bad habit that would last for years and years. It would be best to take a look at your phone and read some articles online.
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Step 3. Introduce yourself to someone you recognize

If you don't know anyone at the party, don't be embarrassed. Spot someone who doesn't seem particularly concerned about a conversation. By approaching a free person, in a situation similar to yours, you will have the opportunity to start a conversation. Once you've started an interesting conversation, other guests might notice you and join in.

  • Just introduce yourself first and tell the person how you recognized them. You can then talk about a topic that brings you closer.
  • You can spice up the conversation by asking the other person questions about their past. For example, you could ask him "have you always lived here?" Or "what did you do last weekend?" "
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Step 4. Interact with your group of friends

One of the easiest ways to have fun at a party is to spend the evening with your friends. This is a good strategy, as other guests will usually join you in the end. When newcomers enter your circle of friends, introduce yourself.

Follow your group of friends, without feeling like you have to stick to them all evening. Take a party tour on your own, you might meet some fun people

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Step 5. Exchange your phone number with someone

You might aim to get a certain person's phone number. A lot of times this will be to get the number of a girl or boy you like, but you could also take someone's number to make a new friend. When you meet someone, ask them questions until you both realize that you are enjoying each other's company.

  • Communicating with others is not easy for everyone, and it is quite normal. Setting goals for yourself might help you interact better with guests.
  • To get someone's number, you could ask them if they'd like to date you another time. You could say "hey, would you like to go see a PSG game with me?" "

Part 2 of 3: Join the party

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Step 1. Take to the dance floor

Dancing the night away is sure to have a great evening. No one should be ashamed of dancing. If you're shy and don't dare, don't be the first on the dance floor. But if people are already dancing, join them, if only for the time of a song.

  • Dancing is sometimes a great way to meet people. For example, you could compliment another dancer's footsteps.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the music and do not resist your urge to dance. It will be easier for you to dance while feeling the music and moving in rhythm.
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Step 2. Have a drink

If there's alcohol at the party, which is most likely, don't be surprised. Help yourself to a drink if the host offers it. Your goal shouldn't be to get drunk, but having a drink or two can help you relax and chat with others. If you don't want to drink alcohol, respect the decision of those who drink.

  • If you are not of drinking age, do not drink alcohol. People too young to drink usually don't know their limits and you could end up in the hospital or worse. You could also get into trouble with your parents or the police.
  • Some people will drink too much to overcome their shyness. Be aware of this phenomenon and drink moderately, responsibly.
  • Drink plenty of water between two glasses of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the body. When you drink it, you should therefore make sure that you drink enough water at the same time.
  • Do not drink to reach out to others more easily. You could end up in very poor condition.
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Step 3. Play a game with someone

Take a deck of cards with you, in case people want to play. Poker and the chairman are very popular evening games. You could also play hide and seek, 123 Soleil, or a board game, like Twister. The holidays are an opportunity to let go: have fun!

Don't be ashamed to come up with a game. There will always be at least one or two people who welcome the idea with enthusiasm

Part 3 of 3: be responsible

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Step 1. Ask permission to go to the party

If you live with your parents, ask them if you can make it to this party. If your parents are strict, you may have to work out the truth to get their consent. However, he would not be responsible for lying to them. Be honest with your parents: if you get caught lying, you could then be punished. You will also need to ask the party organizer if you are welcome. If you know your parents won't let you go to this party, try one of the following options.

Try to convince your parents to let you go to the party for just an hour or two. Give them all the information you can to reassure them. For example, tell them that responsible adults will be there or that you will be going to the party with a friend and you will watch each other. Also promise not to do anything illegal and not to drink if you are under age to drink

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Step 2. Dress for the evening

Wear something you feel comfortable in and confident in. Don't be afraid to be yourself and dress how you want. Most evenings at home are very informal, but at some of them you will need to stick to a fun sartorial theme.

If you know people who are planning to put on their 31s for the evening, agree to match your outfits. So people will notice you at the party and come and talk to you

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Step 3. Make it to the party safely

When you go to a party, there are certain precautions you should take. Evenings are often a good excuse for young people to drink, often too much. If you are driving, consider this point before you go to the party. There is no shame in getting to a party by public transport or taxi. Your parents will appreciate that you are being responsible by opting for a taxi over your car if you plan on drinking.

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Step 4. Don't make a mess

Respect the house you are in by not messing up. You might even take the initiative to throw away the rubbish left behind by others. Remember that there are people living in this house, maybe even a whole family. Show your gratitude to the organizer of the evening by not littering the premises.

Your behavior might also cause others to clean up their dirt

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Step 5. Moderate your alcohol consumption and that of others

Be aware of how much alcohol you drink. You should always know how many drinks you have had. And if it's not up to you to tell others whether they can drink or not, keep an eye out for people who seem to be losing control. Young people sometimes tend to drink too much. If you spot a guest that's way too drunk, try to help as much as you can.

  • For example, you could tell the drunk person's friends that they need help.
  • Be careful not to exceed your limits when interacting with people who have been drinking too much. Some people will not actually need help.
  • If you notice violence or think someone is at risk of being sexually abused, talk to the owners of the house and take action. Gather several guests and intervene. In the worst case scenario, you may have to threaten to call the police or call the police for good.
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Step 6. Leave the party whenever you want

Don't feel like you have to stay at the party until the end of the night. Go home whenever you want. Sometimes it is best to go to a party for an hour and then leave. It works for some people and not at all for others! Do as you see fit. Be careful not to leave too much of a mess behind and not to break anything. Respect the host and help him clean up before leaving.


  • Always help yourself to your drinks. Never accept a drink served by someone else. This person might have bad intentions.
  • Never get into a car with a drunk driver.
  • If you are uncomfortable at a party night, don't force yourself to go. You will be able to have fun in other settings.
  • If you are not of drinking age, do not drink. There is a risk that you will drink too much alcohol and get intoxicated, especially if you are not used to drinking. You could also get into trouble, especially if you get behind the wheel after drinking. Avoid all of this. For the same reasons, also be careful not to use drugs.

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