How to organize a party with friends (with pictures)

How to organize a party with friends (with pictures)
How to organize a party with friends (with pictures)

Do you want to have a good time with friends? Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate important events in your life and share them with those who are close to you. In this article, you will discover how to choose the theme of the evening, what purchases to plan and what activities to offer. A well-organized evening will then become unforgettable!


Part 1 of 3: Answering the “who, what, when, where and why” questions

Have a Great Party Step 1

Step 1. Think about your motivations for having a party

Is it a birthday or a much less intimate event like the New Year? You could very well decide to just get your friends together at your house on a Friday night. In reality, whatever the reason, you must ask yourself a number of questions about the profile of the guests, the decoration, the dress of the evening, the place, the type of meal, the drinks, who to invite and how many people..

  • Birthdays:

    certain age groups are more inclined to celebrate their birthdays by organizing parties on a larger scale. Among the youngest, for example, 10-12 year olds, 16, 18 and 21 year olds like to mark their birthdays by inviting more friends.

  • Vacations:

    many festivities are concentrated around national holidays. The most suitable dates for receptions are around the time of the New Year, July 14 and other more culturally marked events like Halloween.

  • The after:

    evenings can follow one another after concerts, shows and other events.

  • Singles parties:

    these parties are organized for singles ready to meet new people.

  • Sports festivals:

    sporting events can be an opportunity to organize a party on the same theme on the same day.

  • The house parties:

    if you want to receive your friends at your place, the evening will be easier to organize, because the atmosphere is more relaxed. This type of invitation is usually done on Friday or Saturday evening.

Have a Great Party Step 2

Step 2. Take into account the age of your guests

The party you will organize will be consistent with the age category. The process will take into account the expectations of the group and the limits not to be exceeded. For example, a 16 year old teenager's birthday will not be prepared in the same way as a New Year's Eve. A party for a young person under the age of 18 should revolve around activities that do not encourage behavior. risk associated with sex, drugs or alcohol. Better yet, offer a place popular with young people such as an amusement park, a games room, a pizzeria, etc.

The age of the participants should naturally determine the context of the party. Involve a few guests in the organization if you can. Imagine a whole group of 8 year olds running around the house. Therefore, suggest dividing the event into several sequences to make sure it goes smoothly and set a duration according to age. The younger the guests, the shorter the party

Have a Great Party Step 3

Step 3. Think about the place

Depending on the style of this party, choose a most suitable venue. In addition to your home or that of a friend, you can go to another place, why not outside, in a bar, a restaurant, etc.

  • If you are looking for a place near your home, make sure that your neighbors, even those considered to be friends, will not be disturbed, especially if the music is loud or the number of guests is large.
  • If you are organizing your evening in a bar, club, restaurant, amusement park or on other public sites, notify before D-Day and find out about their capacity, even if it means blocking a time slot. for your group on that day.
Have a Great Party Step 4

Step 4. Build your guest list

You want to invite your close friends first, then acquaintances. If you are looking to throw a big party, give your guests the option to come with someone they choose, whether you know or not. This style of invitation can be risky as you will not have complete control over your guest list. However, your guests will give you the opportunity to meet other people.

If your family is staying during the party, keep them away from close friends, unless they have children of the same age, for example. You probably won't be too keen on explaining to your grandma who the stranger you just invited is

Have a Great Party Step 5

Step 5. List as many guests as possible

Unless your address book is full, don't worry about the number of potential diners. If you finally find that your list is long (at least 30 people) or if you have opted for the surprise companion formula per guest, reconsider your organization. Inviting a large number of people requires help. Solicit a few close friends to make the evening a pleasant one for you too.

The more people your party brings together, the more help you will need. Especially if you take care of food, drink, and entertainment. Ask a few friends to help with the organization, cleanup, etc. You can also offer the "Spanish inn" formula where each guest brings a dish to share with the other guests. This distribution will lighten you financially

Part 2 of 3: Planning the Party Highlights

Have a Great Party Step 6

Step 1. Decide if you want there to be a theme

Theme nights are generally well appreciated, as the guests feel more at ease and exchanges are facilitated. Sometimes, some people are held back in their choice of dress for fear of the judgment of others. Despite everything, these evenings are a lot of fun. If you are having a party during the holidays, ask your guests to dress accordingly. Certain themes come up regularly such as the disco years, Rome and Ancient Greece, black and white evening, carnival, the jungle and its Amazons, the Western.

If you are over 18, you can move towards sexier themes. Adults also consider these parties to be real costume balls. In some cultures, especially in Africa, this theme will have no connotation

Have a Great Party Step 7

Step 2. Plan the food

Food purchases often revolve around sweet, salty and fatty foods that are inexpensive and easy to store. Cakes, ice creams, crisps, sausages, small quick preparations to soak in different sauces, also called "dip", assortments of dried fruits, sweets are foods that are often found during these festivals. However, you can replace them depending on the inspiration of the moment and the chosen theme. Be creative.

A lot of people go to parties to be trendy. If you are organizing more formal events, don't try to organize the same kind of popular parties. The composition of original cheese platters, various breads and nicely presented vegetables will do just fine

Have a Great Party Step 8

Step 3. Don't forget the drinks

When you are reviewing drinks to buy, you might think only of beer and alcohol. Add water, fruit drinks and different kinds of soda to your shopping list. When it comes to alcohol, beer is the cheapest. Depending on the number of guests, choose large capacity packaging such as small barrels instead of simple cans. These more rational purchases will reduce the amount of waste and facilitate its disposal. You will find as the most common brands of beers, Guinness, Heineken, Kronenbourg, Corona and lighter versions. Also think about wines and liqueurs.

If alcoholic beverages are consumed, remember that your guests are your responsibility. Your guests will have to go home after your party. If they have to take the road, make sure the drivers are fit to drive. If this is not the case, you will have to invite them to find another solution, even if it means taking the keys to the vehicle. Offer unlimited non-alcoholic drinks to encourage your guests to stay sober

Have a Great Party Step 9

Step 4. Purchase decorative items

The decoration should correspond to the chosen theme or the reasons for the party. You can easily find most of your purchases at an affordable price in stores or on the Internet. Make sure that your decoration is in line with the theme. The greater the effort in this area, the more your guests will appreciate. If your friends, for example, really feel in a jungle or transported to the 80s with your decorative elements, your party will be a real success!

If the location you have chosen is difficult to find, put up posters to show you the way, for example. Balloons or banners can also be used, as these are clearly visible elements. You can use lights if you want

Have a Great Party Step 10

Step 5. Prepare your supplies

So you've got the food, drink, decor, and now?

  • To start with, you need to equip yourself to keep food and drinks at the right temperature. Have enough platters, bowls, plates, and other supplies for your guests to help themselves easily.
  • You want your drinks to be fresh and accessible. Get a large cooler to store your soda and beer cans. For strong alcohols, store them behind a bar for example so that they are within reach while being under your control. Think of the wine refrigerator to keep your wines at the desired temperature.
  • If your drinks are available and in large quantities, call a trusted friend or organize tours between several people to fill the glasses of your guests.
  • Use disposable dishes. Don't take out your beautiful grandma porcelain dinnerware if you are afraid that it will pass from hand to hand at the risk of being broken.
  • Head for plastic cutlery. You can then recycle them after use, just like paper dishes.
  • Remember to equip yourself with a bin ideally suited to recycling to collect the various waste. For cigarettes, place several ashtrays or one or two containers filled with water. Otherwise, your guests will put cigarette butts in the hallway, in the backyard, or even inside your home.
Have a Great Party Step 11

Step 6. Plan activities

As soon as they arrive, your guests will likely be impressed with your outfit, your food and drink selection, your decoration, but then, once the introductions are done, they will look to do something else. Here are some ideas to get the party started.

  • A pool table or other game table.
  • A dart board and its target.
  • A pingpong table.
  • A table for making a “beer-pong”, a game of throwing pingpong balls into beer glasses.
  • A sound system for music with space for dancing.
  • If you have a swimming pool, jacuzzi, put them in working order.
  • You can organize other activities that do not require materials. You just have to offer them at a time deemed appropriate during your evening. Find a break to put them in place.
Have a Great Party Step 12

Step 7. Choose the right music

One of the main questions lies in the style of music you are going to play. You could bring in a DJ or a friend who would improvise as a DJ if your party has a lot of people. With iPods and computers, you can even be the DJ of the night. Then draw in iTunes and build up a list of songs to put in your computer. You also have the option of placing your iPod on a compatible stereo system. You will place it near the dance floor for those who would like to find themselves in this type of atmosphere.

Consider the style of your guests for the musical choice. You can choose to play various styles of music if your guests seem to have different musical tastes. Rap, hip-hop, dance, electro and house are the most common on the dance floors

Part 3 of 3: continue in the same dynamic

Have a Great Party Step 13

Step 1. Arrange your house to be ready to receive

If you plan to invite 30 people to a beer-themed party with games inspired by it, consider taking your beautiful vase from the Roman period up to the attic. Anything you want to spare should be kept out of sight. Close the doors of rooms you do not want us to enter, tidy the bathroom and more generally check if all the conditions are met to welcome your guests without risk of damage.

  • Prepare the garbage bags and clean up everything you need. Logistics will be easier at party time and you will be ready to receive your guests.
  • Have games and other music choices available in case you need to rearrange the party in the moment.
Have a Great Party Step 14

Step 2. Set up the place in which you are going to receive

Enlist a few close friends to help you get the house ready for the evening. They will also help you in welcoming the first guests, especially if they arrive earlier, and will save you in many complicated situations. Upon arrival, lead your guests to the location of the buffet, drinks and entertainment. You will put them at ease from the start.

Mix up the guests and meet those you don't know very well. If alcohol is expected, make sure each guest is well served. Adjust the music so that it can easily accompany conversations

Have a Great Party Step 15

Step 3. Make your guests feel good

Make yourself comfortable by introducing your friends to those you know less about. You can start activities and turn up the music to further install the festive evening. Watch the consumption of hard alcohol to avoid slippage. For groups that do not know each other very well, mediate by initiating conversations, because you are the organizer of the evening.

  • If you feel that the evening is running out of steam when it's time to stop, take the opportunity to invite your guests to return home. Start cleaning up and thanking people for coming, so they'll gradually leave your party. If they don't, make it clear that the party is over and make fun of it by offering them to stay here if they don't want to go home.
  • Make sure your guests are able to get home. Do they have your phone? Can they take the wheel? Should they be escorted? If they can't drive, can you make them sleep there?
Have a Great Party Step 16

Step 4. Ask other people for help with the housework

If you find yourself with a gigantic pyramid of cans and paper plates in the middle of the living room, turn to your guests to clean up with you because they are responsible for this mess. If this request makes you uncomfortable, ask a few friends to take charge of mobilizing people before they leave. You will return the service when you are in turn invited to their home.


  • Lock rooms in which you do not want your guests to come.
  • Make sure you have enough drinks in stock or possibly cash to restock just in case.
  • Immediately clean up any damage caused by spilled glasses, fallen food, etc.
  • Surround yourself with close friends to help you and keep an eye on your guests while you are busy with different tasks.
  • Make sure that the ambient temperature remains comfortable where your party is taking place. The air should remain breathable as the number of guests in the same room increases.
  • Don't forget yourself and think about having fun.
  • If you've launched a theme, dress accordingly.Your guests will do the same and will be comfortable with their outfit.
  • Stay as sober as possible or rely on friends to be sober. You will guarantee the smooth running of the evening.


  • Inviting people you don't know is risky because you have no idea how they are behaving to a party.
  • Alcohol disinhibits and partying can quickly escalate.
  • Loud music combined with alcohol can lead to neighborhood complaints, especially if you haven't told your neighbors. The police may intervene so that you stop the music and make you pay a fine. If there are alcohol and drugs, do not put them in sight, as you will expose yourself to a possible search of your home.

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