3 ways to sneak food to the movies

3 ways to sneak food to the movies
3 ways to sneak food to the movies

The prices for candy and snacks in theaters are sky-high, so it's no wonder that people are looking to bring some snacks into the theater when they go to a movie. If this is prohibited at most resorts, you will have little chance of getting caught and some employees will even turn a blind eye. The best way to go through security with food is to hide it in a bag or in your clothes. Choose odorless and noiseless options so that you don't attract attention. Sit comfortably, relax and enjoy the movie!


Method 1 of 3: Hide food in your bag

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 1

Step 1. Place small snacks in a bag

Use a backpack, satchel or purse, in which you will store your food and drinks. For example, you could hide candy, candy bars, crisps, fruits and vegetables, popcorn or bottled drinks in it.

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 2

Step 2. Store food in an airtight box

So food won't spill in your bag on the way to the movies. An airtight box will also mask the smell of popcorn or other food in your bag, which will reduce the risk of getting pinched.

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 3

Step 3. Cover the food with other items

Place your wallet, diary, or other item on top of any food you want to take to the movies. So if someone looks in your bag, they'll only see your personal stuff and not your snack.

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 4

Step 4. Do not stuff the bag

Pick a bag that's big enough so you can fit whatever you want to snack on at the movies. Do not fill it so much that the snacks exceed it. You would then be sure to get caught! Make sure everything fits in the bag and is not visible.

Method 2 of 3: Hide food under your clothes

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 5

Step 1. Hide one or two small snacks in your pockets

Wear oversized clothes and hide small snacks in your pockets. For example, you could wear cargo pants, preferably one with lots of pockets. You will be able to take sweets or chocolates. You could also stuff a snack in your coat pocket. Before you leave your home, look at yourself in the mirror and make sure food is not visible!

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 6

Step 2. Hide food under your sweater or jacket

The food you want to put in the theater may be too big to fit in your sweater or pants pockets. In this case, roll up your coat or jacket and wear it on your arm. Place your snacks in the jacket. People will think that you are only wearing your jacket and no one will suspect that you are hiding a treat during the movie!

You could also place food on your chest, under your jacket. You might appear bigger than usual, but the employee is unlikely to ask you to lift your shirt, unless the effect is very fishy

Step 3. Play the pregnant woman

If you are a woman and are old enough to be pregnant (say between 20 and 40), this technique might work. People are generally more considerate of pregnant women, and movie workers will never ask you to lift your top to check for nothing underneath. To hide popcorn this way, place it in a plastic bag, which you will place on your stomach. For other foods, place them in a plastic bowl. Then place the bowl on your stomach and tie a sweater around it, to prevent the container from slipping. You could also secure the bowl with a string or elastic. Walk around for a few moments and look at yourself in a mirror, to make sure that the result is convincing and that the bowl holds in place. Then layer several clothes, to hide the flaws of your false pregnancy and to keep everything in place. You can also buy a fake pregnant belly and use it for the same purpose. Also make sure you know what to say if someone asks you when the birth is due. The bigger your belly, the closer the birth should be. However, don't overdo it. You should look at most 6 months pregnant or people will wonder or worry about you.

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 7

Step 4. Hide some food in your sleeves

This approach will work best with long, thin foods, such as candy bars. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides and no one will be wondering.

You can secure the candies to your arms with rubber bands or string. This way, they won't fall off as you walk or swing your arms

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 8

Step 5. Keep it natural

If you don't give a reason to have doubts, no one will. Act normally and don't spend your time peering in your purse or pockets.

If you do get caught, apologize and admit that you brought food. There is a good chance that your sweets will be confiscated, without being kicked out of the cinema

Method 3 of 3: Choosing what to take out

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 9

Step 1. Choose snacks sold on site

In most cinemas you will find stalls with sweets and other snacks, which are the same as those sold in supermarkets. You can easily take them to the cinema, since no one will suspect that you did not buy them on the spot. It is very unlikely that you will be asked for the receipt.

In the theaters of some big chains, you can also buy hotdogs, pizzas and burgers. You could then try to bring your own meal

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 10

Step 2. Choose snacks that don't make noise

Some foods make noise when you open or eat them. For example, canned drinks are rarely sold in theaters. The sound of the opening will then attract too much attention.

  • If you want to bring your own soda, pour it into a water bottle. So you won't disturb other spectators when opening your drink.
  • Likewise, you can leave the noisy wrappers at home by opening the candies and transferring them to storage bags before heading to the movies. You will be able to feast in complete discretion, without disturbing anyone.
Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 11

Step 3. Choose odorless foods

When bringing snacks to the movies, avoid foods that give off strong smells. These will grab the attention of spectators and employees and you risk getting caught! Stick to odorless foods like toasted almonds, candy, or bottled water.

Don't try to bring a burger or fried onions. This will avoid making your neighbor salivate, but also attracting the attention of employees

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 12

Step 4. Don't bring a full meal

As a general rule, in a dark movie theater, do not eat anything that requires cutlery. Apart from the fact that you will probably put it everywhere, it would also be very indelicate towards other spectators. The noise of the cutlery will be very disturbing. Leave your meal at home and just bring something to snack on discreetly.

Sneak Food Into a Movie Theater Step 13

Step 5. Do not eat what you have brought in front of the employees

Once you are in the theater, be low key. Hide what you brought and don't eat it in front of the cinema workers. You will therefore be much less likely to get caught.


  • If you have a small child, you can put the treats in their stroller or changing bag.
  • Start by buying your tickets. Then, get out of the cinema and put your snack in your bag. When you return to the cinema, show your tickets. Employees probably won't search you twice.
  • Remember to always throw out your garbage at the end of the movie. Put the packaging and bottles in the trash when you leave the room.
  • You might ask a friend to meet you at the movie theater emergency exit and do without a snack, once you've entered. This approach is riskier and in most cases the doors are monitored by security.
  • If you bring a can, open it as the loud sounds of special effects will drown out the noise.


  • If a sign says it's illegal to bring in food and drink from outside, you'll know you're breaking the rules and running the risk of being kicked out.
  • Most movie theaters rely on proceeds from confectionery sales. Indeed, they must share the revenue from the sale of tickets with the film distributors. By bringing your own food, you will be helping to close movie theaters.

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