4 ways to get good grades in college

4 ways to get good grades in college
4 ways to get good grades in college

Entering college is an important stage in the life of a young person. Everything is new: the timetables, the subjects, the plurality of teachers… enough to be disturbed. The work required is also more important than in primary school, more subjects and more in-depth work. If you don't pay attention, if you don't work enough or if you are poorly organized, you risk having bad grades quickly and permanently. To be able to overcome this college course, you have to be well organized materially and in your head, and there are certain habits to be adopted quickly. And as there is not only work in the life, do not forget in your schedule of the week, your sports activities, your leisures, your good times!


Method 1 of 4: Be organized

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 1

Step 1. Use a notebook or diary

Coming from CM2, it is difficult in middle school to remember all the work that has to be done, because it is given both for the next day, but also for the following week. Depending on the college you attend, you will be made to write down the work to be done in a notebook or on a school diary. More and more, the work is also noted by your teachers on the college platform (Pronote). Be that as it may, this work diary should be consulted several times a day, especially in the evening when returning from college.

  • At the start of the sixth year, listen carefully to what they tell you about homework, because if you don't change middle school in the meantime, the system will be the same for 4 years. Listen carefully to what we are going to tell you.
  • It might be weird, but knowing where you are with your homework is one way to manage your schooling well.
  • If you have a paper agenda, you can also write down your appointments, invitations, sports competitions …
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 2

Step 2. Don't lose anything

In college, you will be regularly given in class documents on which you will work in class or at home: the idea is not to lose them! Your teachers will tell you where and how to classify them according to their goals. Sometimes you will have to cut them out, paste them in your notebook, put them in a binder … When you get home, check that you don't have any loose paper.

  • At home, also try to organize your things by grouping subjects into categories (languages, important subjects, secondary subjects).
  • If you don't make this effort to rank, you're going to have a hard time getting organized. The documents will be crumpled, torn, you will lose some and inevitably, you will not be able to do the required work: the bad mark is not far! You will also have to have important papers signed, such as an exit permit for a museum or other.
  • As for homework completed and graded, you can classify them at home in a sorter where they will be classified by subject. If you need to find one, it will be quick.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 3

Step 3. Have your equipment

Of course, you will always have to have the material requested, permanently or occasionally, by the teachers. It's a first thing, but also be organized so as not to waste time. You always need to know where your calculator, double decimeter, etc. is located. In your bag, your things must be arranged, for example, by subject, so you can get them out quickly.

  • Have a pencil case, there are some nice ones! Thus, you will not have to search for your ruler, your pencils scattered at the bottom of the bag. When your ink pen stops writing, you will immediately find a cartridge.
  • It is good to have all your things packed, but at the end of each lesson, put them back in your bag and make sure you don't forget anything, not a book, a notebook or a pen. Don't leave your bag lying around!
  • In order not to forget anything, it may be useful to provide a color code at the start of the school year. Each subject has its own color for the covers of books, notebook covers, etc., red for maths, white for French, etc.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 4

Step 4. Prepare your things the day before

In order not to get upset every morning, the night before after your homework, prepare your bag for the next day. With your schedule in front of you (especially at the start of the year, after that it will get better!), Do not forget your books, your notebooks, your kit, but also your checks to return. Your bag should be tidy.

  • Well prepared, the next day, if you have a little bit of free time, you can dress up, play a bit on the console … or study!
  • Instead of looking every morning for where this or that book is, you will be more serene and can start to concentrate on the lessons that are going to take place. Concentration is a key to success.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 5

Step 5. Take care of your belongings

Remember to note in your diary that your red pen is empty, that you have misplaced your eraser and that they must therefore be replaced. Be careful with your books, notebooks and copies. Clean them if they are dirty. It only takes a few minutes every now and then. Empty your bag once a week and clean it thoroughly. Same thing with your desk, tidy up, put things back in their places. Organized in this way, you will waste less time, and you will work in a pleasant environment.

  • When you have time, once a week, on Saturday or Sunday, sort out your school things a bit. This way, you will be off to a good start for the week to come, it won't take you much time if you do it regularly.
  • Clean up by removing what is no longer necessary, your drafts, various notes. Classify the homework given to you during the week.
  • If you have any doubts about the usefulness of a handout, sheet, or assignment, don't file it right away. Put it aside and put it away the following week, then things will be clearer. You can occasionally ask your teachers if this or that document can be classified or if it will be used again.

Method 2 of 4: Participate in class

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 6

Step 1. Don't be late

Granted, you might be late without it being your fault, but if you're going to college on your own, you owe it to yourself to be on time. It is often at the beginning of the hour that teachers announce important things (such as a homework assignment for a given date): it would be silly to miss them!

  • You may find yourself absent one day. In this case, try to catch up as quickly as possible. Ask one of your classmates what has been done and what needs to be prepared. It's also not bad to go find the teachers who will help you catch up.
  • Of course, it is important to go to school, you will notice it later, but when you are ill, take the time to take care of yourself in order to shorten your absence.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 7

Step 2. Pay attention in class

It’s almost impossible to pay attention for 50 minutes in a row, it’s human. A good teacher interrupts his lesson every 20 minutes, in order to better revive attention. A course is built, that is to say that the teacher has thought of a progression and if you were to miss a step of his course, you would risk being lost for the rest, or even for the following lessons.

  • If possible, try to stand near the board. These are the places where it is easier to concentrate. The back of the classroom is considered to be the place where the bad students are placed.
  • At home, you don't have to be distracted to do your job either. It is good, for example, to turn off your phone so you won't be interrupted by someone calling you or notifications that have nothing to do with classwork. It is a time for everything!
  • A bit like in class, it's good to decompress every 20 minutes by thinking about something else for 5 minutes, then you have to get back to work so as not to lose track of what you were doing.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 8

Step 3. Get noticed by your teachers

In good, that goes without saying! The current cannot pass with all your teachers, it is normal, but try by your attitude (participation, careful work) to make yourself noticed in good. It is not always easy, because the teachers have a hundred college students in charge, but they quickly spot some students. So, if one day you have difficulties, the teacher will be ready to help you. Teaching is a matter of human relations, of trust!

  • Be polite! When you come in, say hello to your teacher and when you leave, say goodbye.
  • If you are not too shy, it is good to stand for the election of delegates. Even if you are not elected, at least you will have shown that you are involved in the life of the class.
  • With very rare exceptions, teachers have chosen this profession because they want their students to succeed and they help them.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 9

Step 4. Participate in class

Learning, learning is not just listening, it is an exchange between the students and the teacher, and between the students themselves. When the time is right, it is good either to ask good questions or to answer the questions asked. Obviously, you should only answer when you are sure you have at least part of the answer. Even if you made a mistake, it wouldn't matter. You don't have to impose yourself all the time either, you have to find the right balance between being passive and overly active!

  • Of course, if you're shy it won't be easy, but still try to ask one question a day, with, for example, one of your favorite teachers.
  • Pay attention to all the questions (and their answers), asked by the teacher as well as by your classmates.
  • In some subjects (languages), oral participation is essential and… noted, don't forget!
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 10

Step 5. Open your draft notebook for each class

You will keep it next to you and write down everything that seems important to you, the teacher's remarks, but also the questions that come to your mind. You don't have to write down precisely, it's your notebook, you write as you want. Then, depending on the circumstances, you will ask the questions you wrote down or in the evening, at home, you will do research to clarify an obscure point.

  • If you ask a question from your draft notebook, you can write down the answer in return, you will clean it up when you get home.
  • Tell yourself that if your teacher repeats the same thing 2 or 3 times, it is important, try to remember it or write it down somewhere.
  • Rest assured: your teachers dictate the lesson and make you emphasize what is important.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 11

Step 6. Never hesitate to ask for help when you don't understand

It is in college that teachers lay the foundations of knowledge: there are many things to learn, and not necessarily simple! As soon as you no longer understand the course, do not hesitate to raise your finger to ask for an explanation, you will be of service to other classmates who also did not understand everything. At the end of the lesson, you can also go see your teacher or ask friends who have understood.

  • You should ask the teacher questions as soon as you seem lost. Of course, you shouldn't interrupt it all the time, only when you don't understand anything at all.
  • You should never leave a class having questions. Go see your teacher at the end of the hour and ask him the question. If he cannot answer you fully, he will give you at least one avenue of research.
  • Find out in your college: it is possible that there is a tutoring system assumed either by older students or by supervisors.

Method 3 of 4: Study Effectively

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 12

Step 1. Have a workspace of your own

The ideal is to have your own bedroom in which there will be an office. Otherwise, find a place in the apartment where you can work away from noise. Your parents will see to it anyway. You need to find a place near where all your supplies are. We only work well in peace.

  • It is always more pleasant to work in a friendly place. Besides your books, your notebooks…, think of decorating your office with objects or posters that you like, but this shouldn't distract you too much either. If you feel the need, you can pin little words on the wall that encourage you to work like "If I do well at school, I will be [an astronomer]", you will put the job you want to do.
  • You need calm to study, because you need to be able to concentrate. Normally, your parents will manage to make sure you can study well, but you know yourself and you should know where in the house to settle in a quiet place.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 13

Step 2. Maintain a steady pace at home

He is at school, he must be at home. It is true that you may be tired in the evening, but you still have to work regularly, more one evening and less another. After a few weeks, you won't think about it anymore, it will have become a habit. As for working hours, it's up to you to see what works best: some prefer to take a 30-minute break before getting to work, others prefer to do homework immediately to be free at the end. of the day.

  • Everything is good to move forward in his work. If you don't want to work too much at night, because you've had a busy day, it's good to work in college during the day. As soon as you have an hour of free time in your schedule (or between noon and 2 p.m.), take the opportunity to move forward, it will always be that less for the evening.
  • Unfortunately for the students, class work is not enough to be successful! You have to systematically resume your lessons, do the exercises, prepare the homework, and that's how you get good grades. Conversely, everything that is learned during lessons is no longer to be learned and makes work at home easier.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 14

Step 3. Take breaks

When you are in college, it is sure that you will have to work on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday, even Sunday. There is no question of working without interruption, even good students cannot. If you plan to work three hours in a row, consider taking a good break in the middle, about an hour. You can let off steam, eat a little something, chat on the phone… This break has two advantages, it will allow you to assimilate what you have just learned and will help you concentrate for the second part.

When you can no longer remember or do a homework, it is useless to insist, do something else, otherwise you will waste your time

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 15

Step 4. Review every evening

This will not always be possible, because some evenings are overloaded, but on days when you don't have too much work, take the opportunity to revise lessons that you did not understand too well. It is by constantly rereading a course that one ends up mastering it.

If you took notes a bit quickly during class, in the evening, go back to these remarks and questions, and rewrite them if they are not clear enough, while you still have them in mind. If you have time, try to study these somewhat obscure points

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 16

Step 5. Split up your work

While some courses are easy to review, there are others, longer or complicated, which need to be broken down into sub-parts. Obviously, you have to start by working the parts in order. This will save you time, because things will be done logically.

  • Suppose you have to learn in English, for the following week, about twenty irregular verbs, as well as their conjugations. It's a big job, but if you study 4 or 5 a day, which is largely doable, you will be doing your job almost without realizing it.
  • These big assignments often appear the week before class checks, and of course, they all fall at the same time. Instead of revising everything for the last two days, spread your revisions over the week and you should be fine.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 17

Step 6. Also work for the long term

In college, work is to be done either for the following days or for the following week. But, for those who are in Third, there is the Brevet at the end of the year. No question of revising everything the last week. First, you have to work regularly all year round and from March, quietly start revising what has already been done. First quietly (a quarter of an hour a day), then more and more intensely. It is also important to note what has been revised and what needs to be.

  • There will be times when you have to prepare a presentation for in two months.Plan your work by educating yourself on the subject, then finding a plan and finally you can move on to the final writing. If you have a problem, you will have time to talk to your teacher.
  • You will quickly notice it, but this work for 2 to 3 months is added to the daily work and it is easy to be overwhelmed at the last moment.

Method 4 of 4: Take care of yourself

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 18

Step 1. Make Friends Quickly

When entering college, you will be lost in the midst of other students that you do not know. Try to bond with comrades who seem sympathetic to you, this happens naturally, but force your nature a little if you are shy. Having two or three classmates allows you to relax, but also to solve small problems together. You should not isolate yourself among others. You don't have to have classmates in the same class as yours.

  • In the colleges, there is a home which manages various activities (games, sports, theater…) taking place during school time. It's a good opportunity to make friends who share the same passion as you, like chess or the cinema.
  • Just sitting in class next to a classmate can be the start of a great friendship, as long as you don't speak during class unless you need help.
  • Bonding with a comrade doesn't happen overnight. As the days go by, you will meet new comrades and after a few weeks, if you are not too withdrawn, you should have a good network of friends and comrades.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 19

Step 2. Be physically active

Studies have shown that physical activity, in addition to making you feel good about your body, helps you learn and remember better. You will sleep better, you will wake up feeling great, you will be attentive in class and you will be able to do your homework in the evening.

  • No matter what activity you choose: football, rugby, gymnastics, skiing, walking, dancing …
  • It depends on you, but at college age you need to exercise a lot and 30 minutes of physical activity a day is a minimum, not to mention what you can do as a sport on Wednesday afternoon or Saturday. !
  • When you are at your desk and you realize that the lessons do not fit, no need to insist, get up and go do a little exercise. You will see that when you come back, you will have a clearer mind.
Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 20

Step 3. Eat regularly and correctly

The brain consumes 20% of the energy provided by food, which is to say if it is greedy! Do not skip meals, all are important, especially as you are in the growth phase. Data is a kind of fuel for your body. And if you eat well in the morning, you will find that you have greater concentration and you will not have the 11 a.m. munchies. At the 10 am recess, don't forget to eat a little something (fruit, milk roll, etc.) that will keep you going until lunchtime.

At the self service, you have the choice between several starters, middle courses and desserts. Learn to balance your meal, which is already partly done by the college which ensures the good nutritional health of the students by choosing the dishes. Water is better than soda during a meal

Get Good Grades in Middle School Step 21

Step 4. Make full nights

At your age, it's fairly easy as long as you take good habits during school. So, you have to go to bed early enough and at a regular time (even on weekends so as not to lose your rhythm) so as not to disturb falling asleep. You have to flee the screens after the evening meal so as not to get unnecessarily excited, read a book or a comic instead.

  • Middle school students need 10 to 12 hours of sleep in Sixth, about 9 in Third, these are average values.
  • It is counterproductive to spend the night reviewing the control the next day. Work until your usual time and go to sleep, your brain needs it to hold back.
  • There is no question of taking a nap when you come home from school, you will not sleep the next night and you will be out of step, which is not good!

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