3 ways to do homework faster

3 ways to do homework faster
3 ways to do homework faster

Doing school homework can be both frustrating and time-consuming, and you'll definitely want to do more in your spare time than just work. When you have a lot to do, it can be difficult for you to work effectively. Yet by staying focused, meticulous, and organized, you can get your homework done quickly and then engage in more exciting and fun activities.


Method 1 of 3: Stay focused

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Step 1. Work in a well-lit and comfortable environment

Sit in a comfortable, padded armchair. Avoid doing your homework in bed or while sitting on the floor, as there is a good chance that you will fall asleep or get distracted in these places. You should also make sure you are working in a well-lit area so that your eyes are not strained.

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 2

Step 2. Remove any distraction

If you want to be successful at homework at home faster, you will need to remove distractions by keeping electronics away from you and isolating yourself. Turn off your phone, computer (unless you need them for your homework), as well as the television, and close the door. Let your friends and family know that you don't want to be disturbed while you are working, so that they can respect your privacy.

Download site blocking apps like SelfControl or Freedom to stay focused while doing your homework on your computer

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 3

Step 3. Set a stopwatch

At the start of each assignment or topic, consider starting a stopwatch and setting the number of minutes after which you expect to finish. You can regularly take a look at the stopwatch to see how much time has elapsed and how much time you have left. This will make you realize this when you are spending too much time on part of the assignment, and it will quickly make you concentrate again when you are distracted.

If you find yourself spending more time on one type of work or topic than others, you will need to seek additional help at that level. The assistance in question may come from a parent or your teacher

Method 2 of 3: Plan and organize

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 4

Step 1. Put your supplies in order

To avoid wasting time looking for things, it's best that you have everything you will need on hand, including documents, books, writing materials, and more. To be able to stay organized, you can empty your filing cabinet and backpack on a weekly or monthly basis.

Consider grouping different subject files and notepads in a large binder separated by tabs. So all the academic work you do will be gathered in one place

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 5

Step 2. Establish a work schedule for the evening

Rather than just grab the first book you find in your backpack and start working, you should plan ahead. There are several ways you can plan how you will handle your homework over the course of a night:

  • determine how much time you need to spend on all of your homework,
  • make a list of the different tasks you need to finish,
  • estimate the time you will be able to spend on each task in order to finish your homework at the right time,
  • work directly by following your list and cross off tasks as you progress.
Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 6

Step 3. Start your homework as soon as you get home from school

Waiting too long and starting to deal with your homework in the evening may force you to work late at night, which is not too good as it is much more difficult to perform well. when you are tired. Likewise, waiting until the next morning to do your homework will certainly cause you to rush to work or get an incomplete result.

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 7

Step 4. Rank the assignments by importance and due date

When jotting down the tasks to be done during the week in your planner, you should make sure to mark a letter "A" next to the high priority tasks, a letter "C" at the lower priority ones, and an " B”near intermediate works. A homework assignment that needs to be done for the next day should definitely be given priority over one that is due the following Tuesday. You will also need to prioritize the most important homework over the less critical ones.

  • A 10 page assignment due in a week that you have not started should be marked with a letter "A" or "B", while a 5 short question worksheet that should be delivered in three days must be flanked by a letter "C".
  • You must avoid waiting until the last moment to do your homework.

Method 3 of 3: Self-motivate

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 8

Step 1. Take breaks

Working for several hours without a break is sure to delay you. Consider taking a break of about 5 minutes every 25 minutes to stretch and walk around. This will allow your body and your brain to rest for a while.

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 9

Step 2. Eat treats and drink water

While you're going through your schoolwork, it's important to drink plenty of water and eat foods you love, including delicious, healthy, and light treats. It will improve your memory and revitalize your body as well as your brain. You should avoid soda, energy drinks, and junk food, however, to make sure you don't collapse while you go through your homework.

Make the effort to consume celery sticks and apple slices with peanut butter

Get Your Homework Done Fast Step 10

Step 3. Afterwards, relax with a fun activity

You can relax after completing your homework by doing a fun activity. For example, consider visiting a friend, playing your favorite video game, playing basketball in the aisle, or going out with your siblings to buy a treat. Keeping in mind that you will be participating in a fun activity after you finish your school assignment will keep you motivated to focus and work effectively.


  • Wear comfortable clothing while you work.
  • Make sure you get all the work done on time.
  • Make an effort to use a planner to remind you of homework assignments.
  • Sometimes you might be thinking about other homework assignments while you're busy finishing the one you're on. This state of mind is not good, the best thing to do is to focus on the task at hand.
  • Don't fall asleep. If you're having trouble staying awake, set an alarm that sounds almost every 5-10 minutes and alerts you that you need to do your homework.
  • If you think you are getting carried away by the tendency to always procrastinate, then you need to acquire an agenda and plan all the steps for the big jobs to be done.
  • Boost your focus by listening to classical music while you do your homework.
  • Start with the more difficult tasks and move on to the easier ones. This way you will have an easier time as you work.
  • Start your homework at school if you have the possibility (for example during breaks, during lunch, during free time in class, in the study room). This will allow you to have less to do when you are home.
  • Make sure to double check your work after you finish it.

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