How to be successful in your studies and be the best in school

How to be successful in your studies and be the best in school
How to be successful in your studies and be the best in school

College can be a tough experience, you have so much to do in such a short time. To make the most of your time in college, you need to have good grades in class, take advantage of extra-university opportunities, and prepare for life after graduation. It can be a fun and exciting time in your life, especially if you are committed to making it a success.


Part 1 of 3: get good grades

Be a Successful College Student Step 1

Step 1. Go to class

Don't be fooled by the “magic number” of lessons that you can miss and still get good grades. Every class you miss represents content and discussion that you won't get. Some teachers also take your attendance in class into account for your final grade. However, even if you don't have to attend every class, you will make a good impression on your teacher if you show up to their classes.

  • Only miss class if you are really sick, too sick to take the class.
  • If you want to motivate yourself, take into account the cost of each hour of class. Most students will spend several thousand dollars for a year in college. Depending on the price you paid per semester, an hour of class can represent several tens of euros. If you don't make it to class, it's like throwing them in the trash. Would you do it?
Be a Successful College Student Step 2

Step 2. Take notes

Your memory is not as good as you think it is. There are probably a lot of things taking up space in your brain while you are in class. Take better notes to stay involved during class activities (lessons and discussions) and to have a good foundation when studying for exams.

For lessons organized around clear topics and in a logical order, such as history or biology, the Cornwell Method can help you prioritize the most important information

Be a Successful College Student Step 3

Step 3. Participate in class

Ask professors questions, respond when they ask questions, and contribute to discussions. If you actively participate in the lessons, you will get involved with the material and gain a better understanding of what the teacher wants you to know.

It will be easier for you to pay attention if you sit in the front or at least not in the back and the teacher will see you more easily

Be a Successful College Student Step 4

Step 4. Take the time to study

Success in college depends on your preparation outside of class, which is why you should spend time reviewing your grades and reading the textbook after each class. When you study, find a quiet space and avoid any outside distractions. Try to spend two hours studying for every hour you spend in class.

  • Study groups, that is, study sessions with other students, can be helpful, but you could easily get off topic. Make sure you find a study group for the topic you want to review that spends its time studying, not discussing.
  • Don't cram! To be successful in college, you don't just have to pass your exams, you need to learn useful information for life outside of college. When cramming, you might remember enough information to pass your exam, but there's a good chance you'll forget everything you've learned after a day or two. When you spend so much money on learning these things, it would be smarter to make sure you remember them so you don't ruin your investment.
  • Spread your study sessions over several days, this is the best way to make sure you remember what you learned later. Instead of spending nine hours of intense cramming, start revising several days in advance and study one to two hours a day for three to four days in a row. If you can prepare for it well in advance, it's best to spread your revisions apart over several weeks.
Be a Successful College Student Step 5

Step 5. Avoid procrastinating

No teacher has ever complained about their students finishing their homework early. By taking the time to complete an assignment, you will relieve your stress and increase your chances of completing it on time.

  • Sometimes you might have to work all night. If you put it off until later, it will more than likely become and you will be able to sleep better at night if you get to do your homework early.
  • Set regular performance goals, such as writing 200 words per day for your essay or studying six math problems. These little goals may seem easy to you, which is why you will be less inclined to put them off until later. However, you will soon see the success that this accomplishes.
  • Try not to blame yourself for getting down to business. The external motivations, for example "I have to do this for my parents so that they don't scold me" are not as strong as the internal motivations like "I want to be successful so that my good grades help me to go to school. 'nurse. You will prevent yourself from procrastinating by setting positive goals and remembering what you want to accomplish.
Be a Successful College Student Step 6

Step 6. Contact your teacher

Your teacher wants you to be successful in class, so you shouldn't hesitate to ask questions. They often have hours at their desks where you can drop by to introduce yourself, ask questions about the class, or discuss your grades. It can help them get to know you better, learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, and give you better feedback to improve your work.

  • Don't forget the teacher's assistants. Many of them have good knowledge of the subject. If the class attracts a lot of students, it is probably them and not the teacher who are taking care of the grades.
  • This is best if you want to establish good communication from the start. If the first time your teacher hears from you is the night before a mid-year exam, they might not take you as seriously as if you had come to see them earlier to ask them questions.
Be a Successful College Student Step 7

Step 7. Build Confidence

The attitude of most students in class dictates their success. Know that you can learn and be successful and you increase your chances of getting there. Focus not on your difficulties, but on how you can overcome them.

If you are rather shy or worry about sharing your opinions during class, remember that your teacher wants you to learn. In general, classrooms are a “safe area” where people can share their opinions, ask questions or discuss. Try not to worry about looking silly if you ask a question, chances are other students wanted to ask the same, but didn't dare. You can be the one to show them the way

Part 2 of 3: Enjoying the social scene

Be a Successful College Student Step 8

Step 1. Get involved in a team or club

You are not always going to be able to keep up with your current passions. Find groups or activities that appeal to you or that involve practical applications of your studies. These events are also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Be a Successful College Student Step 9

Step 2. Attend campus events

Universities generally have access to an extraordinary variety of cultural, intellectual and sporting events available to their students. Take advantage and participate in the cultural life of your university, as some of these activities may not be available after graduation.

Be a Successful College Student Step 10

Step 3. Organize your time

Unlike high school, no one is watching you and watching what you do in college anymore, which is why you're going to have to do it yourself. Prioritize each event and assignment based on the deadline and its importance to achieving your goals. You don't have to fill your schedule just with academic work, which is why you should also make time for personal activities and hobbies.

You may find that your schedule is too busy between class, work, social events and other activities. Sometimes you need to know how to eliminate certain things from your agenda to organize yourself properly

Be a Successful College Student Step 11

Step 4. Make Friends

Studies suggest that the first year of college is extremely stressful. It can be hard on your sanity. One of the best things you can do to be successful is to make friends with a variety of people and hang out with them.

  • Build a stronger social network in college so that you can perform better at work later in life.
  • That doesn't mean you have to spend every night out partying or skipping class and not doing your homework. Instead, try to find a healthy balance. You might even get your friends involved in class or in other activities, such as sports or debates.
Be a Successful College Student Step 12

Step 5. Decide if you want to participate in the fraternities

In some universities there is a system of student associations that you can join that are part of the student experience. There can be many benefits to being part of a student association, such as socializing or creating a support network for yourself, but it takes a long time. It can be even more stressful if this is your first year, when you already have to adjust to a lot of new things. Some experts recommend waiting a few years before joining a student association. This way you will already have a good foundation in college.

Part 3 of 3: Prepare for the diploma

Be a Successful College Student Step 13

Step 1. Choose the right courses

Choose courses that interest you and that you want to learn. This will get you to work on interesting things instead of just finding the simpler courses.

Avoid choosing your main subject right away. Unless you are completely sure that you want to pursue a certain area, there is no benefit in making the decision right away. Choose a variety of courses and find out about the work required in each major subject

Be a Successful College Student Step 14

Step 2. Track your progress

You want to graduate on time, which is why you need to make sure you meet all the criteria for your university and major. You're going to need to have enough credit and good grades. Also find out about secondary subjects, for example sports.

Most universities offer a "progress" calculator that you can find online, otherwise discuss it with your advisor

Be a Successful College Student Step 15

Step 3. Don't choose easy subjects

College can be a difficult stage in life, and you need to be prepared to deal with failure or at least not to do as well as in high school. Your life after college will no longer revolve around the good grades you got, but how you deal with disappointments.

Be a Successful College Student Step 16

Step 4. Use the career services of your college

Each university offers them. Find out about the type of job graduating students at your school choose. This desk will also help you create a CV, send your application to potential employers, and give you other useful tips.

Be a Successful College Student Step 17

Step 5. Find internships and other professional work

If possible, find something that will allow you to apply the things you have learned to a work environment. You can gain valuable professional experience for the future.

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