4 ways to spend time in class

4 ways to spend time in class
4 ways to spend time in class

Sometimes you're too excited or focused on something else and you want your time to go faster in class. There are many games you can play to keep your mind busy or you can look around for something that interests you more than what the teacher is telling. Still try to ask yourself why you are not listening in class so as not to make it a habit.


Method 1 of 4: Play games

Practice Cell Phone Etiquette Step 1

Step 1. Use your phone

It might be illegal to use it in some classes, but if possible, it's a great way to pass the time in class. Use apps, play games or send messages to your friends. Be careful when muting and using discretion.

Play Tic Tac Toe Step 4

Step 2. Play noughts and crosses

You might find someone next to you or you can play on your own, but you need to be low-key. You can do a mini tournament with someone to win four out of seven games before moving on to another opponent.

Count to Ten in Dutch Step 1

Step 3. Count the number of bodily functions

Count the number of times someone sneezes, especially when there is an outbreak of the flu. You could also count the number of yawns in the class or the number of times someone asks a question.

Buy and Use a Moleskine Notebook Step 8

Step 4. Scribble on your notebook

Draw entire scenes or characters. You could also doodle on the sole of your shoe to keep your notebook crisp and no one to notice what you are doing. You might also want to bring loose pieces of paper to class so you can scribble on them discreetly.

  • Create intricate patterns. Use different colors of pencils or punch holes in the paper to connect them with a line.
  • Try to create intricate doodles without lifting the pencil from the paper. Try to see the details you can draw on it.
Create a Paper Helicopter Step 4

Step 5. Fold the paper

Whether you want to make a paper airplane or an origami figure, you can learn how to fold paper. You could also try folding a sheet of paper more than twelve times. It will start to be very difficult after ten.

Draw a Hand Drawing Step 7

Step 6. Write with the other hand

If you usually write with the right hand, try writing with the left hand. If you write from the left, try with the right. Try to see if your notes are still readable.

Also, try writing with both hands at the same time to see if you can form sentences by writing from multiple directions at the same time

Draw a 3D Cube Step 7

Step 7. Draw 3D objects

Try to draw 3D shapes and create patterns. You can connect a series of three-dimensional cubes or draw an object like a book to see if you can make it realistic enough.

Concentrate While There Are Background Noises Step 3

Step 8. Focus on one sound

When focusing on the sound of the clock or your breathing, try to block out all outside stimuli except this noise. See if you can calm your mind down.

Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer Step 8

Step 9. Get yourself a temporary tattoo

Draw on your hand or on your knee if it is uncovered. Challenge yourself to use your other hand to draw the same tattoo on another part of your body.

Do Tongue Tricks Step 4

Step 10. Use your body for entertainment

Try to touch your nose with your tongue or bend your tongue. You could also try wiggling your eyebrows up and down. Find the limits of your body movements, but don't distract others. Be careful that no one is looking at you.

Method 2 of 4: Observe the classroom

Talk to a Girl in Class Step 3

Step 1. Make eye contact with others

It doesn't really matter who you choose, but you should try to find yourself an accomplice. Once you look each other in the eye, you can make a face or smile. You could also wink at someone if you're feeling more daring.

  • It is always easier to pass the time with company. It might be fun to see how long you can continue the interaction, and then discuss the faces you gave each other.
  • Be careful not to make eye contact with anyone who might point this out to the teacher or who might find it embarrassing or offensive.
Talk to a Girl in Class Step 4

Step 2. Chat with someone

If the class is rather large, you might easily be able to start a conversation in the background without disturbing the rest of the class. Chat with someone when your teacher is away. Also, try to avoid talking to people who want to take the course. You might easily find a partner if you spot someone who is also looking for something to do.

You could say, "Is that a feeling or do you also find this class boring?" "

Sleep in Class Step 1

Step 3. Observe your surroundings

Use your imagination to create a story about mundane things like crackling paint on the wall or a spike in the hair of one of your classmates. You can also find as many objects as possible that start with the letter A before going through the entire alphabet. There are hundreds of things you can observe.

Let your imagination be your guide. Don't dwell on something that is starting to bother you

Paint Designs on Walls Step 20

Step 4. Focus on patterns

You might find patterns in the cracked paint on the ceiling, on the exterior, or you can observe the shapes on the carpet. You can also doodle designs on your notebook.

Make Your Wishes Come True Step 1

Step 5. Imagine what other people are doing with their laptops

Try to find someone who is using their phone and think about what they might be doing on it. You could also try to imagine the type of phone they have.

Think about what games they might be playing and ask them later to see if you got it right. You could turn it into a game and score points whenever you're right

Be an Expert in Math Step 1

Step 6. Read what you have in front of you

You might read notes you took in another class, your textbook, a novel, or a friend's notebook. Reading is a great way to pass the time because you aren't going to disturb anyone. Try not to make noise or laugh if you are reading something funny or you will be making the teacher understand what you are doing.

Avoid reading magazines or newspapers, as your teacher might take it for disrespect and you will get punished

Method 3 of 4: Change your point of view

Accomplish a Goal Step 15

Step 1. Change the way you think

Don't see the class as a dull moment. Spend your time telling yourself the class is fun. If you get your brain to think you're having fun in class, the time will go by much faster.

Befriend a Professor Step 1

Step 2. Change your habits

Sit in another location or take shorthand notes. If you stimulate yourself in different ways, studies have shown that you can trick your brain into thinking that time is passing faster than it actually is.

Don't change places if you all have fixed seats, if you have sight or hearing problems, or if you know your chosen location is worse than the first

Improve Yourself Step 2

Step 3. Try to have a sense of achievement

Make the class a game. Write down all the questions you ask and the answers you give to the teacher's questions. You will feel energized when you know you have accomplished something. You could set yourself a bigger challenge, such as getting your teacher to quote a scene from a movie to help you understand the topic.

Be Successful in Life Step 1

Step 4. Free your imagination

Daydream and let your imagination jump from image to image. Studies have shown that brief moments of escapism may speed up your perception of time. Create stories or think about things you want.

Method 4 of 4: Understand the problem

Make Yourself Emotionally Numb Step 7

Step 1. Ask yourself why you are bored

Is it because of the teacher? Is it because of the material? Do you feel lonely? Ask yourself why you want to pass the time. The time you spend in class should be valuable, which is why you should try to understand why you feel the need to pass the time instead of taking the class.

Tell Your Teacher You're Having Your Period Step 1

Step 2. Get to know your teachers

If you feel like passing the time because your teacher doesn't seem to want to get in touch with you, discuss it with him after class. Let her know you don't feel involved and try to find a solution together. Your teacher will appreciate that you take this kind of initiative and will help you get more involved in the lesson.

If you still feel the need to waste your time despite your teacher's best efforts, discuss it with your parents and the principal. If you've gotten to this point, you may have had problems with this kind of attitude before. You may have to find a solution that your teacher alone cannot give you

Be a Good Leader at School Step 1

Step 3. Appreciate your work

The class might not stimulate you enough, making you want to waste time. Instead of spending it doing unproductive things, you can focus on your work and get involved in the classroom. Ask questions and request additional projects or presentations.

Appear Like a Smart Girl at School Step 19

Step 4. Get involved with the teacher and your classmates

If you feel like no one is seeing you, it could give you a feeling of impunity. Listen to the course and ask questions about the topics that interest you. Ask your classmates questions if you don't understand what they are asking or if you just want to involve them. Redirect the topic in a direction that allows everyone to be involved.

You could ask your teacher to organize a debate so that your mind can work on a more valid argument

Form a Study Group Step 1

Step 5. Lead projects that involve a group

The course becomes more enjoyable if you work with your friends. Usually, you will not be allowed to talk to each other during class, but group exercises allow you to do so. Even if you still have to finish what you are asked to do, group activities give you the opportunity to waste some time chatting with your fellow students.


  • Try to have fun. You're going to be entertained for not much if you do it right.
  • Don't let the clowns in the classroom do it.
  • Pay someone to help you.
  • Scribble or draw behind a book, don't let the teacher see you. You can also do this while he's not looking at you.


  • Don't do anything too dangerous or stupid. You don't want to get hurt or get fired.
  • Make sure your teacher isn't smart enough to understand what you are doing.
  • If he realizes it, stop. You don't want to get into trouble.
  • Don't snore or drool.
  • Don't let an innocent person get punished for you.
  • Also, make sure you don't do this all the time. You can pass the time every now and then, but if you do it every day for the whole school year, you are going to miss your exams and you could repeat yourself.

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