How to seduce your teacher: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to seduce your teacher: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to seduce your teacher: 14 steps (with pictures)

When you study a subject that you are sincerely passionate about, you come to class happy, motivated, and ready to learn new things. When you study with a teacher who you really like, you certainly feel the same way. After all, is there anything nicer than sitting around and being able to admire your loved one for an entire class? If you want to declare your feelings and seduce your teacher, you will need to put in place an appropriate strategy and have a lot of courage. It may sound tricky, but don't worry, it is quite possible to seduce your teacher.


Part 1 of 4: assess the situation

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Step 1. Find out about their marital status

Look at his left ring finger. Is he wearing a wedding ring? If so, you need to decide if this information presents a barrier that will prevent you from seducing your teacher. If not, find out if he's dating someone. Some teachers will mention their girlfriend or fiancee in front of their class. Pay attention to what he says for any clue to his romantic status. You can also get information from his other students. If you can find your teacher on Facebook, it will also be easier for you to know if they are available or in a relationship.

  • If you can't determine her romantic status, be courageous. After class, go talk to him and ask him, for example, "hello sir. I think I saw you with your girlfriend at a restaurant last weekend. Was it you? With a bit of luck, bluffing will allow you to gather new information. Ideally, he'll give you some great clues in his response.
  • Don't assume anything about their sexual orientation. If you've confirmed that your teacher is single, try to make sure they're interested in your gender. However, even if your teacher has a reputation for being heterosexual, he or she may as well be bisexual or have an orientation that he does not disclose in his workplace.
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Step 2. Find out about your school rules

Some universities ban the relationship between professors and students, while others are content to strongly discourage them. This information can make all the difference and will determine the difficulty you may encounter in convincing your teacher. However, you must be of legal age and remain very discreet. Your relationship may be technically permissible and in this case you won't have to insist too long. If it is forbidden however, the challenge and scandal can also make your relationship more exciting.

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Step 3. Determine the risks and rewards

If you signed up for this class for the sole purpose of seducing your teacher, you won't have much to lose. However, if the latter is also the director of your department, you should consider the possible consequences if you come forward. However, when it comes to love, you sometimes have to forget logic and know how to listen to your heart.

  • If your teacher rejects your advances, will you be able to accept it? If you need to take three more courses with him in order to graduate, be careful. It will be much more strained if your relationship with your teacher has deteriorated.
  • If you manage to seduce him, could your relationship have a negative impact on your studies?

Part 2 of 4: get his attention

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Step 1. Be a good student

Be attentive in his class and appear interested in what he will teach you. Participate in class discussions, answer questions and take notes. Turn off your cell phone and avoid daydreaming. Look genuinely interested in every word that comes out of her mouth. Although being a good student will not be enough to appeal to him, this attitude will give you a good foundation. Remember, this is his job and your interest will certainly please him.

Even if you don't manage to seduce him, you will score higher in his class by paying attention and working hard

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Step 2. Take care of your appearance

Even though you may think the teachers are far too intellectual to care about appearance, they are still human beings. If you appear neglected, you will have a hard time getting his attention. Your outfits should remain appropriate to the context, but wear clothes that flatter you. By appearing neat and elegant, you will also be able to show her that you respect her class. Try to dress more elegant and mature than your peers: for example, wear a cardigan rather than a sweatshirt or a nice skirt at the knee to appear more professional and on a par with your teacher.

Taking care of your appearance will also help you feel more confident. If you go to class on your 31st and confident, it will be easier for you to be on an equal footing with your teacher

Step 3. Use body language

Smile at your teacher and try to hold his gaze when possible. Nod when you think he shares an interesting point, or just to show him that you are listening and agreeing with him. Be a little more enterprising if you have a particularly attractive physical appeal and find a way to show it discreetly. Bend down to pick up your pen, adjust your outfit to give it a glimpse of your strengths, or just take your time before sitting down. The point is to get his attention.

  • Don't stare at him when you look him in the eye. If he notices you're looking at him, keep in touch a little longer than is socially acceptable. If he's smiling back at you, that's a good sign.

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Part 3 of 4: seeing it one on one

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Step 1. Go to his office

Many professors have to stay in their desks during certain hours and few students take the opportunity to talk to them. Check your teacher's timetable, information that will generally be communicated to you at the start of the semester. Visit his office regularly so that he can help you with your homework, prepare for your exams or simply discuss the topic of your essay. He will not only be impressed with your academic ethics, but you will set you apart from his other students. You will no longer be one more face in his class and will succeed in creating a certain connection with him.

  • Don't go there every week if you don't have anything special to ask. However, once you get into the habit of visiting him, you can just drop by to talk about one topic or another that may not be relevant to your lessons. He will certainly have realized that you were interested in him.
  • Familiarity can lead to a loving connection. Just chatting with him regularly can make him develop feelings for you.
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Step 2. Talk to him before and after your lessons

Try to arrive in class a few minutes before it starts, and be sure to greet your teacher with a smile. Say hello and ask him how his day was or discuss an aspect of his class. Try to talk to him alone as much as possible. He will appreciate your kindness and your sociability.

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Step 3. Communicate by email

Ask him a question about your class or an assignment he has asked you to do. Share your opinion on an ongoing debate. Send him the link of an article you find interesting. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and find an excuse to start a conversation.

  • In your emails, keep it professional, but slightly flirty. If you email her at night or on the weekend, find a way to justify it. If your teacher uses smileys, you too can use a winking smiley. The limits professors place in their written correspondence vary, and you need to find the most appropriate style of email communication with yours. Don't be another student sending her annoying messages every now and then.
  • Even if you want to talk to him every day, limit your correspondence unless your teacher makes it clear that he wants to talk to you on a regular basis as well. If you overdo it, you might disturb him.

Part 4 of 4: Create an intimate relationship

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Step 1. Talk about topics other than your lessons

This technique works particularly well during his working hours. If he seems friendly and available, try talking to him about a topic that is not directly relevant to your lessons. Ask him questions about his passions and interests, ask him for advice on a topic other than your lessons, or talk to him about a topic that interests you. Also ask him what he did before he became a teacher.

  • By talking about topics other than your lessons, you can show her that you are more than just a student. You are a 3D person, just like him, and you can start to form a friendship, before you try to take it to the next level.
  • You can try this technique before or after your class, unless your teacher is not available to speak. Its office hours will also allow you to have the privacy you need to discuss these topics.
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Step 2. Give him clues

If you don't have the courage to declare yourself head-on, you can create an atmosphere more conducive to seduction. Place a present and a small note on his desk. Don't give her anything too big and aim for a pretty pen or pastry instead. In your note, you can write him that you think of him and hope that this gift will make him happy. You don't have to confess your love for him or make a daring proposition, but just let him know that you think of him as anything other than a teacher.

  • Think of a present that your teacher really needs. Does he constantly borrow a pen from his students? You can give him a new one. Does he often seem tired in class? Offer him a coffee. Does he complain about not having enough time to eat? Bring him a homemade muffin. You can stay light and relaxed.
  • If he asks you questions about your gift or tries to return it to you, don't be shy. Just tell her that you genuinely appreciate her and want to make her happy.
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Step 3. Pay attention to the signals

Observe the way your teacher behaves with you and compare his attitude to the one he adopts with his other students. Does he look at you more often? Is he friendly and receptive to your attempts to strike up a conversation? Does he behave differently with you? If he doesn't seem interested, don't be too pushy.

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Step 4. Meet him outside of school

It won't necessarily be possible, but it's a successful strategy if you can. Find out where he goes out on weekends or after school. If he mentioned a cafe near campus, visit it regularly to study. If he mentioned a concert by his favorite musician, buy tickets. If you really want to woo him, go the extra mile to see him outside of the classroom.

  • This will not only allow you to spend more time with him and show him that you are not just his student. But he'll also see that you share the same interests.
  • Don't harass him. If you "accidentally" meet him at a concert, you can ask him if he will go to the next concert of a similar group. If he's having lunch at the same restaurant, ask if you can sit next to him.
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Step 5. Declare yourself at the end of the semester

Make an appointment to speak with him after your final exam scores have been released. Ask him for advice for the next semester or your admission to a professional course. Try to strike up a conversation on other topics. If he seems receptive and you have the courage, suggest going for a cup of coffee.

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