How to skip a class in high school (with pictures)

How to skip a class in high school (with pictures)
How to skip a class in high school (with pictures)

You shouldn't skip school too often, but you may have to skip class for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you won't have revised a test or you will be too tired to stay awake in class. Whatever the motive, follow these tips so you can skip a high school class without getting caught. wikiHow does not encourage any student to skip class, doing so can have a negative impact on your school life and your future.


Part 1 of 4: Knowing which class to skip

Skip a Class in High School Step 1

Step 1. Think about the teacher

A few days before, determine the course and the schedule that you are going to miss. For example, you choose to skip the third hour of the following Wednesday, which is English class. When making up your own mind, there are two basic aspects to consider: who is the teacher and does he call. It's always good to know which teachers are calling in their classroom, as your absence is less likely to be noticed if it isn't. In case the teacher checks absences, you always have the option of sneaking out after being brought in.

Also take into account the teacher's personality. You will have less trouble skipping lessons taught by more permissive teachers. Never miss a class if the teacher is likely to be looking for you or asking others where you are

Skip a Class in High School Step 2

Step 2. Think about where the class is taking place

It is important to know where the class takes place before you skip it. Ideally, it would be near an unlocked exit. On the other hand, if you have to walk past the principal's office to exit a class, think twice before doing so.

Skip a Class in High School Step 3

Step 3. Think about all the times you've dried off

Better not to dry the same material too often. If you go for a class you've never missed before, you'll have a better chance of falling through the cracks.

Step 4. Do you really need to dry off?

Skipping school is not always the best solution. If you do get caught, the consequences can be problematic, both in high school and at home. If you miss a class, you will have to make it up.

  • Think about your reasons for doing it and ask yourself if there isn't a better solution. For example, if you want to skip off because you forgot to do your homework for the same day, maybe you'd better talk to your teacher to convince them to give you extra time. You would take less risk.

    Skip a Class in High School Step 4

Part 2 of 4: Knowing where to go while you're drying

Skip a Class in High School Step 5

Step 1. Know what you are going to do

When you skip a class, don't wander aimlessly somewhere you might get caught just because you haven't thought about a place where you might go unnoticed. Think about it in advance to find a place to go.

Skip a Class in High School Step 6

Step 2. Get out of sight

Find a quiet, secluded corner in your high school where no one will find you. Under a weeping willow, in the janitor's room, under the stairs, etc.

Skip a Class in High School Step 7

Step 3. Hide in the toilet

If you're the only one who doesn't go to class, the bathroom is definitely the best place to go, as it's unlikely that someone will pick you up there and therefore get caught.

Skip a Class in High School Step 8

Step 4. Exit the school grounds completely

If possible, go and hide in a nearby park, store, or shopping arcade where you are sure not to see anyone from high school. You really shouldn't take the risk of being seen by people who would understand that you didn't go to class. For example, if your mom's best friend runs a store in the mall, avoid that mall at all costs, because she shouldn't tell your mom that she saw you on a Tuesday at noon.

Part 3 of 4: preparing to dry

Skip a Class in High School Step 9

Step 1. Exit class a few minutes before everyone else

Tell your teacher that you need to go to the bathroom so that you can leave class shortly before the bell rings. This will give you time to get out of the way or exit high school before everyone else storms the halls during the interclass. That way, fewer people are likely to see you and you are less likely to get caught.

As an excuse to get out of class before the bell rings, you can tell your teacher that you have music class or workout, that you have medicine to take, or that you absolutely need to use the bathroom

Skip a Class in High School Step 10

Step 2. Say you have an appointment with the guidance counselor

If you give this justification, no one will ask you any questions and the teacher will let you out without a problem, as this is a personal reason.

Skip a Class in High School Step 11

Step 3. Think of an alibi

Choose a close friend who will attend the class in question and notify them of your absence with a compelling reason. If the teacher asks, your friend can step in to explain the reason for your absence, so the teacher will not be suspicious or ask questions. For example, tell her that you were sick and that you came home or that your mother had to take you to a medical appointment. Be aware that you could have big problems if you get caught, hence the importance of being well prepared. If not, why not abandon your project and go to class?

Skip a Class in High School Step 12

Step 4. Park your vehicle outside

If you come by car or scooter, remember not to park it on the school grounds on the day you plan to skip class. Some high schools have closed car parks, which means that you will not be able to collect your vehicle without proof before the end of the course.

Note: If your parents are likely to pass the high school parking lot several times a day to check that your car is there, it would be best to leave it parked all day and walk around. So when your parents come to check you're in high school, they'll see your car

Part 4 of 4: What to do if you get caught

Deal With Your Mom After a Fight Step 5

Step 1. Think about what to say if you are found in the toilet

In this case, finding an excuse is a snap. Just answer "I needed to go to the bathroom" or "I have my period" (for girls).

Skip a Class in High School Step 14

Step 2. Prepare an excuse if you get caught in a secluded area of ​​high school

This situation is much more delicate. Your best bet is to fake a fall or sit on the ground looking as sick as possible. If you can, do not hesitate to pretend to cry either.

Skip a Class in High School Step 15

Step 3. Know what to do if you get caught outside of high school

In this case, it is almost impossible to find an excuse. You can try saying that your mom just took you to the dentist, doctor, or guidance counselor. Otherwise, get out and cross your fingers so that no one has recognized you.

Skip a Class in High School Step 16

Step 4. Know what to say if you are seen walking around the school

Here's what you might say to the person who saw you:

  • a teacher had sent you to get something;
  • you went to the bathroom;
  • you forgot some school stuff in your locker;
  • you were going to or coming back from the infirmary;
  • you are new and can no longer find your way to your classroom.

    If you get caught wandering around high school, pretend you're going back to class and using the nearest restroom. Do not go out until the end of the hour

Skip a Class in High School Step 17

Step 5. Prepare an excuse for your return to class

If you didn't get caught by skipping class, go back to school and attend the next class as usual. Keep a few of the excuses mentioned above in mind, in case the teacher realizes you weren't in the previous class. You can also prepare a fake apology from another teacher or from a parent to cover your back if someone asks you to.

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