How to invite a girl to date you in college

How to invite a girl to date you in college
How to invite a girl to date you in college

No one said it's easy to suggest a girl date you, let alone in college, where girls are said to be unpredictable and hard to get along with. This is however not impossible! If you make a plan of attack, stay calm and manage to convince her, she will be your girlfriend in no time. If you want to know how to invite a girl on a date in college, follow these steps.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare to act

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 1

Step 1. Start by being his friend

If you want to offer her to go out with you, you have to get to know her first. You don't have to be her best friend and it's best that way in order to avoid entering the Friendship Zone, but it is recommended that you get to know her a little in order to be in her line of sight. and that she considers you a nice boy. If she doesn't even know you exist or that the only information she has about you comes from gossip and guesswork, she probably won't agree to date you.

  • Be friendly. Greet her and call her by her first name to show her that you are thinking of her.
  • Make an effort when you are in a group. Ask her how her day was or give her a little compliment.
  • Be considerate. Wave her when she walks past you in the hallways or sits behind you in class.
  • Keep in mind that you don't have to rush her to get her attention. Besides, she'll notice you even more if you play the hard-to-reach boy.
Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 2

Step 2. Flirt with her a bit

If you want to go out with her, you're going to have to create an chemistry between you. You need to flirt with her a bit to see if you can joke together and bond. You can compliment her outfit, flirt with her a bit (if she's not too shy), or just joke with her to show her that you appreciate her.

When you're in a group, be considerate, but don't monopolize her. Rather than getting her used to you coming towards her, make her want to flirt with you

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 3

Step 3. See if he likes you

While there is no way to know if she really likes you until she offers to date you, there are signs that will show you that she has spotted you. Knowing that she feels something for you will increase your self-confidence when you ask her on a date. Here are some signs that will show you that she really appreciates you.

  • She completely ignores you or, on the contrary, brings you her full attention when you are in a group.
  • She smiles or blushes when your eyes meet.
  • His friends whisper or giggle when you walk by.
  • You just feel a chemistry when you chat together.
  • Someone else is telling you that you like yourself.
  • She seems to be looking for excuses to talk to you.
  • Pay attention to the number of times she touches you and see if she comes up with absurd excuses. If she touches you once or twice it doesn't mean that she likes you.
Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 4

Step 4. Pick the right time and place to apply

In order to ask her to date you, you don't have to choose the best time and place, but grabbing a good opportunity can increase your odds. If she does indeed want to date you, she will tell you yes, even in less favorable circumstances, but you can increase your odds by choosing somewhere private enough that she doesn't feel uncomfortable and choosing a time when she is in a good mood and will not be able to be distracted or stressed.

You don't have to wait very long for the perfect opportunity to present itself. Girls in college are unpredictable, so if you feel like a good opportunity is coming, grab it instead of waiting for the perfect moment

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 5

Step 5. Think of something you can do together

When you propose to her on a date, you will most likely need an idea of ​​what you could do together! It may seem obvious to you, but you may be so concerned with his answer or with the way in which you will make your request, that you did not wonder what would happen after this famous proposal. Although some boys in college suggest that girls go out with them just to be boyfriend / girlfriend, it's fun to think about what you could do together. So when she says yes, you can answer “great! Would you like to…”instead of“great! Uh… uh… see you later. Here are some ideas for activities to suggest.

  • Going to the upcoming college prom
  • Go see a movie that has just been released
  • Go to a concert
  • Go to the mall together
  • Take her home after school
  • Go to a birthday together

Part 2 of 3: invite her out

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 6

Step 1. Go for privacy

Be isolated enough to keep her friends from giggling and teasing you, but not too much so that she doesn't feel scared or vulnerable. For example, choose to make your request near the lockers after class, at a party or even after the college ball. Try not to suggest to her before class, as she will be distracted by what she has to do that day. Do not offer him a very important assignment beforehand either.

Pick a time when she is not stressed or sad and observe her so you know if she is in a good mood when you approach her

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 7

Step 2. Look Confident

Confidence does half the job, but look a little nervous to show him that you appreciate him. While being confident won't help you much if she just isn't interested, it will help you apply on the right foot if she is. You just have to hold your head up, smile, think about breathing and relax. Even if you are sweating a lot or feel your stomach knot, you need to act as if you are completely comfortable talking to him - and soon you will see that you will believe it yourself!

You don't have to look arrogant. Pretend you know you're nice and a girl is lucky to spend time with you. Make sure you don't look too different from your usual behavior

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 8

Step 3. Start with a few small talk

You probably don't want to say "hi!" Do you want to go out with me ? It would be too abrupt, even for the most direct girl in existence. While you don't want to procrastinate, take a few minutes to make everyone feel comfortable: for you to be ready to offer to date them and for her to be ready to answer your questions. Just say hello, ask how she's doing, and then think of a conversation point or two to bring up before the fateful moment.

If it becomes apparent that you're going to offer to offer her on a date, staring at the ground and kicking imaginary dustballs, it's time to spit it out

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 9

Step 4. Make him your request

It doesn't have to be very elaborate. Just say, "I really enjoy spending time with you. How would you like to go out together? Or "How would you like to be my girlfriend?" »Be simple and adorable and watch her face to understand what she is feeling. You don't need to list her 20 reasons why you love her or convince her that you would be Boyfriend of the Year. Just start with a sentence or two that will help you suggest dating you. After that, you can only wait for his response.

Look her in the eye when you ask, rather than looking away or staring at the ground. She will be impressed with your self-confidence

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 10

Step 5. Respond Correctly

After asking her to date you, she will have a few more options than yes or no. So if she says yes to you, give her a hug, smile, and let her know that you're happy to be dating her, without actually doing a dance of joy. Show her that you are enthusiastic and that you see her as a nice girl. Now take the initiative and suggest the projects you have in mind - and the rest is history!

If she doesn't want to date you, don't despair. Thank her for talking to you and have a dignified outing. Don't be mean to her, kick your locker, and back out looking like a dog beat. Remember, you want her to look good on you, even if she doesn't want to be your girlfriend. And don't forget: one lost, ten found, especially in college

Part 3 of 3: Other options

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 11

Step 1. Suggest that she go out with you to the college ball

Prom is a great place to invite her out on a date. Wait for a slow, offer to dance and offer to become your girlfriend at the end of the song. When you dance, you will be able to see in his gaze whether you have a chance or not. You can also use this dance as an excuse beforehand to invite her out on a date. While this is more daring and puts some pressure on it, it gives you a great excuse to make your offer to him!

The vibe at the prom will undoubtedly be more romantic than in the cafeteria during lunch, so if you ask her at the ball, there's a better chance she's got a romance in mind. Disadvantage: it will be almost impossible to steal it from your friends

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 12

Step 2. Write him a note

If you think you are a Casanova when it comes time to write, write her a cute little note that will show her that you appreciate her and want her to become your girlfriend. It's a nice way to surprise her and take the pressure off of a real conversation, but still be sure that she gets your little note, whether you give her in class or slip it into her notebook or locker..

Tell him to drop you a line to get back to you. Whatever happens, don't be nervous, because she won't be around to see your reaction

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 13

Step 3. Get your friends to talk to her

It must be a last resort. If you're too shy but still want to offer her a date and have a good friend or two who have enough charisma to talk to her (without charming her, of course), one of them might ask her if she is. would agree to go out with you. Make sure they know what to say and don't make you look cowardly or distort your intentions.

If you really want a trusted friend to offer this girl on a date, you'll have to rehearse what they say to her together. Sure, this will sound silly to you, but you won't regret grooming your friend for the big time

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 14

Step 4. Call her

You can choose to call her if you are more comfortable on the phone. Call her (luckily you already have her phone number) and offer to go out with you. To do this, it's especially important to think about an activity you could do together, so that you don't just suggest that she go out with you before you hang up awkwardly. You can also get her phone number by asking one of her friends, but after that she'll probably know what to expect when you call her.

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 15

Step 5. Give her a small gift

If you are already friends or know each other well enough and have an idea of ​​what she might enjoy, you can give her an affordable little gem, a CD, a book, a notebook or something that she likes. she might love without spoiling her too much or making her uncomfortable. You can make your request by offering him the gift or prepare a little note to present with it in order to reduce the pressure.

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 16

Step 6. Write it in chalk

It takes a lot of courage. If you really like her, write "do you want to date me (her first name)?" Chalk outside and take her for a walk and chat. Yes, it's a little embarrassing if she refuses, but imagine how adorable it would be if she answered yes to your post!

Ask a Girl Out in Middle School Step 17

Step 7. Offer it to him with food

Find out what is her favorite cake or dessert and write "do you want to go out with me?" With icing. It might sound silly, but if you do, she will be impressed with your attention and creativity and won't be able to resist you. Try not to shake while writing the message and you will be fine!


  • Don't be clingy! It annoys the girls and scares them!
  • Even though it may seem difficult, don't stare at her body! She'll think you're a pervert.
  • Don't act like a jerk if she tells you no.
  • Don't brag or she'll think you're egotistical.
  • Be polite, don't swear or be rude.
  • Don't ask a 5th year student to go out with you if you are in 3rd year. Everyone will think you are weird.
  • Seriously, don't reject your request. There is nothing worse than not knowing if a girl you like likes you. It's even better to know that she doesn't like you.
  • Do not offer to go out with you via the internet or by text message. This creates a very uncertain relationship that will not last very long.
  • Make sure she knows you and don't tell anyone about your intentions before asking her out on a date. If you do tell a friend about it, make sure they're someone you trust and in the worst case blackmail them.
  • Don't send a friend to ask for you.
  • Don't think that it's sticky is touching. It may mean that she is desperate. In addition, do not ask him without perceiving the signals. It might sound cruel, but get her to see you flirting with another girl. Observe her: if she is jealous, it is a good sign.


  • Do not belittle yourself or she will feel uncomfortable and likely say no. Have confidence in yourself when speaking with her.
  • Remember, she might like you too. It is always worth it.
  • If she says yes, don't kiss her right away. It might seem weird to him.
  • Don't cry if she says no to you, say something like "it was worth a try, if you change your mind tell me".
  • If she says no, remember that you will meet a lot of other girls during your high school years.
  • If you spend too much time around her, you will seem odd to her and lessen your chances of getting a positive response to your proposal. Spend more time with your friends and family.
  • In any case, do not make the request in writing. It looks bad and could ruin your chances of getting a positive response. Talking to her face to face shows her that it is important to you and that you are not joking.

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