How to skip school without getting caught by your parents

How to skip school without getting caught by your parents
How to skip school without getting caught by your parents

Skipping class is risky, but if you need to take some time for yourself, it might be worth it. The most important thing is to make sure that your parents don't learn it. It is difficult, but not impossible! It will be better to make a plan before skipping class, rather than doing it spontaneously, hoping that everything goes well. Make sure you don't get caught leaving school and if you are seen outside of school, act like you have a good reason to be there. If you want to fake an illness so you have a good excuse not to go to class, start showing symptoms the night before, so your strategy will be more believable.


Part 1 of 3: make a plan

Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 1

Step 1. Find out about your school's policy regarding absences

Take your institution's policy or any set of rules given to you and review the section on attendance. In particular, consider whether the school will call your parents if you are absent for no reason. If your parents are automatically notified if you're not in class, you'll need to find a way to make sure the school doesn't call them.

  • Discreetly pick up your parents' phones and block the school number the day before you plan to skip class. Cheating on your parents and grabbing their phones could get you in trouble. Before doing this, you will therefore need to assess the risks.
  • If your school doesn't call your parents when they are away, you won't have to worry about them being notified by the school.
  • Skipping school frequently is called “truancy” and you could be expelled from school as a result. You might also be forced to see a psychologist, take remedial classes, get stuck, or be put on probation. Also note that absenteeism will remain recorded in your school record.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 2

Step 2. Before you skip class, make a plan

Pick the exact day you skip school, rather than skipping class spontaneously. Allow yourself enough time to take the necessary precautions and measures. Don't forget to take into account the exams and special events that you can't miss.

  • If you miss an important exam or a project that will have a big impact on your grades, it will be much easier for your parents to notice that you have skipped class.
  • Skipping a day of school when nothing special is going on is going to have far less impact than missing you on a day when something important is happening.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 3

Step 3. Notify the school of an upcoming absence

To prevent the school from telling your parents that you missed class, you could present a notice of justified absence a few days before skipping class. Write the word neatly and sign it imitating your parents' signature. By bringing a note of absence before skipping class, you will have a better chance of not getting caught.

  • To make your parents' signature look authentic, practice reproducing it.
  • Justify your upcoming absence with a simple reason. Say you are visiting a loved one who lives far away, going to a special event with your parents, or having an important medical appointment.
  • Realize that lying to your school officials is never a good idea. If you lie about your absence, you could get yourself into serious trouble.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 4

Step 4. Plan your mode of transportation

If you are going to school by bus, you will need to plan a way home. If you don't live very far, you could walk home. If possible, take a bus or taxi. Have an older friend or sibling drop you off at your house or wherever you choose to go.

  • This step is not easy, but it is important. If you find yourself stranded at school, with no way to leave the premises, you will not be able to skip school.
  • You could also tell your parents that a friend is picking you up that day, so you don't need to take the bus. Then, once your parents leave for work, just stay home.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 5

Step 5. Know the best outings from school

If you plan to leave after entering the school, use a door through which you are unlikely to be seen. If you know of an insulated door that is seldom used, this will be your best option to get away from it all. Make sure that the exit you choose is not near windows and that the teachers will not see you exit.

  • It would still be preferable not to enter the establishment at all that day. But if your parents drop you off or the teachers see you when you arrive, you will have no choice but to quietly exit the facility.
  • You might even have to hide somewhere until class starts, so you can exit the building with total discretion.
  • If you get caught dropping out of school, the punishment could be worse than if you didn't come at all. Leaving your school could be risky. Make sure the game is worth the candle.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 6

Step 6. If you're hanging out with friends, split up

If you're leaving with friends, don't all go out together. Go one by one or two by two, to avoid attracting attention. If possible, each use a different outlet. If possible, set up a meeting point and time away from the school.

  • If a member of the group does not show up at the appointed place and time, assume that they have been caught. Don't go back to school to find him.
  • Find yourself as close to the school as possible, but far enough away nonetheless. Avoid having to go too far to find your friends.

Part 2 of 3: Avoid Getting Caught

Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 7

Step 1. Show Yourself

Whether you pick up the phone at home, an adult asks you why you're not at school, or a teacher asks where you have been, answer with confidence. If you seem to doubt, you run the risk of being exposed.

  • Speak loudly and understandably and don't stutter. Provide simple and straightforward answers so that you don't seem to be making things up.
  • If you answer the phone at home, change your voice to sound sick, or try to imitate a parent's voice. It would be best not to answer the phone anyway, unless you are expecting an important call.
  • If you are seen outside of school and asked to justify yourself, say “I am working on a project and I am allowed to leave school. I have to do this quickly and therefore I cannot stay discussing”.
  • Or: “I'm on my way for a date and I just took a little break in town. "
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 8

Step 2. Stay home instead of going out

When you skip class, it will be tempting to go out on the town and have some fun. The downside is that you will risk being seen by someone, maybe even your parents. So that no one notices that you are not at school, have a good rest at home.

  • Staying at home all day might not sound like much fun to you, but tell yourself that it's not often that you have the house all to yourself. Take the time to do what you can't do when you're feeling uneasy.
  • Hang out all day in your pajamas. Turn on the TV. Take a long bath undisturbed. To avoid getting bored, ask a friend to skip class with you and invite them over to your house.
  • Going to school is important and if you skip class you will be missing out. Make the day you are spending a memorable one and put it to good use. If you waste your time, you'll regret skipping class.
  • Keep in mind that skipping class is never a good idea and that the good time you might be spending isn't worth getting in trouble.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 9

Step 3. Get out of the house sometime before your parents come home

If you spend the day outside, make sure you get home when you usually come home, so your parents don't ask you questions. If you stay home all day, take some time out at the end of the day so your parents don't find you home when you come home from work, when you usually haven't been home by that time.

If your parents usually come home late at night, you won't need to leave your house, as they will expect to find you home when you get home

Part 3 of 3: simulate a disease

Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 10

Step 1. Start pretending to be sick the night before

During the evening before the day you want to skip class, start sneezing every now and then. Blow your nose loudly somewhere your parents can hear you. By starting to fake the illness the day before, your parents will have fewer questions when you tell them that you are not feeling well the next morning.

  • There are many, many diseases with different symptoms. Pick a few, like a stomachache, sneezing, or nausea, but don't overdo it and fake too many symptoms.
  • If your parents worry easily, pretending to be sick might not be a good idea. They might be so worried that they'll take you straight to the doctor. And if they find out that you have been pretending to be sick, they could seriously punish you.
  • Lying to your parents about your condition is worse than skipping school and you will lose their confidence.
Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 11

Step 2. Spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning

As soon as you wake up, go straight to the bathroom. Make a lot of noise, as if you are sitting on the toilet and not feeling well at all. Pour water in the toilet, to reproduce the sound.

For more effect, remember to flush the toilet at least two or three times

Skip School Without Parents Knowing Step 12

Step 3. Simulate a fever with a thermometer

Heat some tea and hold the thermometer against the outside of the cup, until it reaches 38 ° C. Be careful that the thermometer does not read 40 ° C or higher, as this will sound an alarm and your parents will likely take you to the doctor. Remember to fake other symptoms of fever, such as making yourself sweat and saying you're cold.

The combination of the temperature displayed by the thermometer, the perspiration visible on your forehead, and the fact that you are pretending to be cold, should be enough to convince your parents that you are feverish, without worrying them too much


  • If you do get caught, say you're sorry and accept the punishment immediately, instead of lying, which will get you into even more trouble.
  • If your school has a dress code, wear dress code on the day you skip class. So when your parents get home, they won't notice anything strange and won't suspect that you weren't in class.
  • Even if you've spent the day at home and aren't dirty, take a bath or a shower, so your parents will think you were in class.

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