3 ways to skip physical education classes

3 ways to skip physical education classes
3 ways to skip physical education classes

Among students' favorite subjects, physical education and sports probably rank last on the list, but it is a compulsory subject in the school system. However, there are methods that can allow you to be exempted from taking this discipline or skipping some lessons. Knowing that there are a few tips you can learn to avoid going to gym class can help you feel good.


Method 1 of 3: Skip physical education class

Avoid Physical Education Class Step 1

Step 1. Have a parent write you a note

When you try not to attend sports classes, you can ask one of your parents to write a note to justify your absence. Schools and teachers often accept this type of communication as a valid reason. Ask your mom or dad to help you skip a few classes by writing a note for you.

  • Your parents might write a letter stating that you are sick or that you cannot attend class.
  • They might write a note to let it be known that you have a sprained ankle or wrist and need time to heal.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 2

Step 2. Simulate a sprained ankle

The classic technique for skipping a physical education class is to pretend you have an ankle injury. If you are injured, your teacher should not expect you to attend class. For this reason, faking an ankle injury is a safe trick.

  • You can try to limp when you walk, to look more believable.
  • It is especially important not that you run or jump, because you could get caught.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 3

Step 3. Say you have a headache

Headaches and migraines are often very painful and can prevent you from participating in physical activity. Generally, you should avoid the exertion required during physical education and sports classes, before faking headaches. This tactic is also effective and may allow you to skip class because of “your migraines”.

  • Rub your forehead with the palm of your hand to give the impression that you have a headache.
  • Don't move around much when you pretend you have a headache.
  • Remember to make it look like you have a really bad headache, but don't overdo it.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 4

Step 4. Forget your clothes or sports equipment

Often times you need to wear sports clothes or sneakers to attend sports classes. And generally, if you forget them at home, you are not allowed to take the course. Conveniently, this technique can be a simple way to avoid attending classes.

  • This tactic might not always work, as it depends on your teacher and the sporting activities to be done. Some schools provide a change of clothes for students, so you can only rely on this tactic if you are sure your school does not have such a provision.
  • This technique generally works very well with swimming lessons.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 5

Step 5. Don't apologize too often

The more you apologize, the less credible you will be. If you abstain too often, you risk not having the average in sport. Only skip the PE class once in a while to avoid compromising your grades and to ensure your apologies are effective.

  • Pay attention to your notes. Don't skip sports classes if you think it will make you fail.
  • By using the same excuse over and over, your teacher might be suspicious of something.

Method 2 of 3: Manage stress

Avoid Physical Education Class Step 6

Step 1. Change your clothes in peace

A lot of people feel uncomfortable going to the locker room to change. Embarrassment, fear of being judged by others, or anxiety can arise in such a situation. If you are nervous about taking your clothes off before your exercise class, there are a few things you can try to keep your privacy and feel more comfortable.

  • Try to go to another bathroom.
  • Wear a t-shirt and shorts under your uniform.
  • Try to wear sports clothes very often.
  • When swimming, wrap a towel around your waist and put your swimsuit underneath.
  • For more coverage, wear a cotton t-shirt under your gym clothes.
  • Some girls wear a sports bra over their underwire bra. The underwire bra can then be removed when wearing the sports bra.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 7

Step 2. Overcome the humiliation when you are chosen last

The formation of teams can become a source of terror for all involved. Anyone who doesn't like to be the last person to be chosen in a group, and that can cause self-deprecating feelings. However, it's important to put things in perspective and maintain a positive attitude, even if you feel hurt.

  • Avoid getting angry or resentful. Bad attitudes scare people away and fuel your negative feelings.
  • Having a good relationship with friends or teammates will help you cope better with initial rejection. Don't let this situation keep you away from others.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 8

Step 3. Manage your period, if you are a girl

You may have periods during physical education and sports classes. In this case, several girls feel embarrassed and try to skip school. However, you can still participate in the classes to make the situation less stressful. Try the following tips to help you feel more comfortable.

  • Go to the bathroom to change your periodic tampons before the start of the lesson.
  • You may need to change them again after class ends.
  • If you must shower or swim during swimming, consider using tampons.

Method 3 of 3: Make the most of your physical education classes

Avoid Physical Education Class Step 9

Step 1. Dress appropriately

If you have to attend physical education class, dressing properly can help you feel better. If you wear ordinary clothes, such as jeans or a sweatshirt, you may be too hot or not be able to move well. If you know you need to take the gym class, always take training clothes.

  • Taking a t-shirt is a great idea.
  • Wear athletic shorts or pants to move around freely and stay calm.
  • Make sure you have sneakers.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 10

Step 2. Stay with friends

If you have friends in your classroom, staying with them can make you feel better. You can chat together while doing the exercises to kill time and avoid overthinking the class. Try to team up with them or stay close to them to make things go smoothly.

  • Whenever you need to join a team, join your friends' team.
  • You can do all the activities with your friends.
  • Try to stay with them when there are group exercises, such as playing basketball or soccer.
Avoid Physical Education Class Step 11

Step 3. Know what is right for you

Even if you don't like physical education class, focus on the positive aspects of this discipline. Sport has many benefits for mental and physical health. If you start to feel uncomfortable during the class, try to remind yourself that there are benefits to be gained from it.

Avoid Physical Education Class Step 12

Step 4. Check the minimum requirements

In some cases, physical and sports education may be optional. The school programs and teaching hours are imposed by the Ministry, but some schools have the possibility of evaluating the specific cases of each student. If you can get a certificate of unfitness for physical and sports education (for physical or psychological problems), you will not participate in the activities without affecting your chances of moving up to the next grade. However, your presence is compulsory.

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