3 ways to avoid fighting at school

3 ways to avoid fighting at school
3 ways to avoid fighting at school

A fight can happen in your school and it can even happen that you lose your temper. However, this is not the right way to resolve a conflict and it can get you into trouble.


Method 1 of 3: Defuse a tense situation

Avoid a Fight at School Step 1

Step 1. Keep Calm

The best thing you can do is ease the tension by staying calm. It will have a calming effect on those around you.

  • Breathe deeply. Concentrate on your breathing, inhale and exhale slowly.
  • Take the time to think it over. Do not respond impulsively to a provocation.
  • Think about the consequences of a fight to avoid getting upset.
  • Get in the habit of breathing and thinking before you act. You will act in a more calm and collected manner.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 2

Step 2. Focus on something else

For example, if someone pushes you in the canteen, focus on your meal rather than responding to that aggression.

  • For example, you can say, "The bells just rang, I'm going to ignore you and go to my next class." "
  • You can also change the subject. If someone pushes you in the halls, turn to your friends and continue your conversation.
  • This will allow you to let go of that tension and avoid a fight with that person.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 3

Step 3. Prefer humor

If you find yourself in a tense situation, make a joke in order to defuse the situation effectively.

  • If you show that you are relaxed enough to make a joke, your abuser may decide to give up.
  • Don't make a joke at the expense of another person. Just use the irony and ridicule of this situation.
  • You might be laughed at because you study over lunch. Just explain that while it might seem boring, you will be glad you can get into a good school.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 4

Step 4. Have confidence in yourself

This will give you the feeling that you can handle this type of situation in a more mature way. Here's how to be more confident and show it.

  • Focus on your strengths. If people laugh at your outfit, remember that you are very good at sports.
  • Learn to cope with a difficult situation. Think before you get into a fight.
  • By practicing how to respond to these types of situations, you will be better prepared when they do occur. For example, you can learn to say, “I have better things to do than fight. "
Avoid a Fight at School Step 5

Step 5. Ignore the insults

Sometimes you will be hurt by a comrade's words. Know how to react to verbal attacks.

  • You can choose to ignore them and go your way.
  • Stay calm and just end the discussion.
  • Make it clear that you don't want to fight in order to defuse the situation.

Method 2 of 3: Avoid potential conflicts

Avoid a Fight at School Step 6

Step 1. Trust your instincts

Think about the changes you can make on a daily basis to avoid fights.

  • If you realize that a group is waiting for you on your way to school, there is a good chance that they are looking to fight with you.
  • Take a different path. It will take you a few more minutes, but will allow you to avoid a fight.
  • This also applies to your school day. Avoid groups that appear suspicious to you and take another path to reach the classroom.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 7

Step 2. Think about your safety first

It is important that you avoid fighting and know your surroundings well.

  • Move as a group between each class.
  • This will allow you to avoid many fights. Also eat with your friends during meals.
  • If you are concerned about your safety, stay with adults. For example, sit near the faculty table in the canteen.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 8

Step 3. Set limits for yourself

Other schoolchildren must respect your personal space, this will allow you to avoid conflicts.

  • If someone pushes you, explain to them that they need to stay away from you. Be firm and polite.
  • If someone is preventing you from leaving a room, ask them to let you through.
  • By setting these limits, you will express your desire to avoid conflict. This is a better option than just pushing the person to let you pass.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 9

Step 4. Express yourself

Words can get you out of many perilous situations. Use your word to defuse a tense situation.

  • Use your logic. Rather than fighting, think about the consequences of a fight. For example, explain to the person that you are at risk of being fired from the sports team.
  • Also consider asking for help. This will allow you to avoid conflicts.
  • Always speak clearly and confidently so that you are heard.
  • However, always remain respectful of others.
  • Rather than laughing at it, just say you know this person is better than that.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 10

Step 5. Know how to manage your emotions

A fight usually stems from a feeling of anger, stress or fear. Controlling your emotions will therefore allow you to avoid conflicts.

  • For example, you can focus on the positive aspects of your life.
  • Rather than focusing on your personal issues, just enjoy time spent with your friends.
  • Do breathing exercises. Count to 5 while breathing in gently, then hold your breath and exhale for 5 seconds.
  • Share your emotions. Talk about your problems with your friends, your parents, your teachers.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 11

Step 6. Take charge of your life

Don't lose your cool with every difficulty and learn to be more responsible for your behavior.

  • We all have bad days. Focus on the positive things.
  • If you're about to say something mean, calm down and focus on something positive or an activity that you can't wait to do.
  • You may have been hurt by the words of a comrade. Use the same methods described above so you don't get carried away.
  • Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and exercise. This will allow you to stabilize your mood.

Method 3 of 3: Find the help you need

Avoid a Fight at School Step 12

Step 1. Talk to your parents

If you're in a tight spot at school, seek help from those around you.

  • Your parents can help you get through this ordeal. Talk to them about it.
  • Clearly ask your parents if you can talk to them about a problem you are facing.
  • Be as honest as possible. Explain your problem clearly and work together to find a solution.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 13

Step 2. Ask a teacher for help

You can ask him for tips to avoid conflict and ask him to keep this conversation private.

  • Explain your problem to your teacher, if you are afraid of fighting with a classmate, for example.
  • You can also talk to your guidance counselor who is trained to handle this kind of situation.
  • You can also talk about it with the adult supervising your extracurricular activities.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 14

Step 3. Spend time with your real friends

They will also be of great help in dealing with these issues.

  • Your friends will help you laugh, be more relaxed and therefore avoid conflicts.
  • Spend time with honest, generous, and open people.
  • If you're having trouble with a fellow student, tell your friends. Ask them to stay with you during the lunch break, for example.
Avoid a Fight at School Step 15

Step 4. Use the Internet

While school can be tough and it's not always easy to stay positive, know that there are always people out there to listen and support you.

  • Go to forums and sites dedicated to teenagers.
  • Seek advice on how to avoid bullying at school, but also how to avoid becoming a bully yourself.
  • Some sites will allow you to chat with people going through the same ordeals as you.


  • Have confidence in yourself.
  • Don't worry about what others will think if you refuse to fight.
  • Ask for help if you are concerned about your safety.

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