How to hide your tears at school (with pictures)

How to hide your tears at school (with pictures)
How to hide your tears at school (with pictures)

Although it is quite normal to cry because of certain emotions, it can become more embarrassing if it happens at school. Fortunately, there are a lot of tips you can use to hide your crying at school if you're having a bad day, but don't want to show it off to others. That being said, if someone is harassing you and this is the reason for your crying, you should report it to one of your teachers or to the principal. You don't just have to deal with it, no one has the right to abuse you.


Part 1 of 4: stop the tears

Hide Tears at School Step 1

Step 1. Find a distraction

If you haven't started crying yet, but think it will be soon, you might try to distract yourself from your gloomy thoughts. Play a game on your phone or try joking with a friend. Immerse yourself in a complicated math book or listen carefully to what the teacher says.

Focusing on an assignment can help distract you and let go of your grief

Step 2. Breathe deeply

Taking deep breaths can sometimes help us focus and relax. To complete a full cycle, inhale for 3 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds, exhale for 3 seconds, and hold your breath for 3 seconds. Repeat as much as you want.

Hide Tears at School Step 2

Step 3. Create some distance

If you are feeling overwhelmed by how you are feeling and think you are going to cry, try to put some distance between yourself and your thoughts.

To do this, try to imagine yourself as a stranger who sees the situation that makes you sad from the outside. You can also try talking about yourself in the third person as you reflect on the situation

Hide Tears at School Step 3

Step 4. Stay aware of the moment

If you are sad about something unrelated to the present moment (for example something that has happened in the past or is going to happen in the future), try to focus only on the present time.

To stay aware of the moment, you must pay attention to your sensations, the information you receive through your senses, and the thoughts that these sensations trigger

Hide Tears at School Step 4

Step 5. Smile

You might improve your mood by smiling, even if you don't feel like it. There is a theory that indicates that there is a link between emotions and facial expressions: even though people generally smile because they feel happy, it is also possible to feel happy because we smile., which makes you feel less sad by forcing yourself to smile.

If you have a pencil handy, try putting it in your mouth and biting it off. This makes it easier to lift the cheeks and smile

Hide Tears at School Step 5

Step 6. Change Your Thoughts

Try to change your mood by thinking of something very funny or something that makes you happy. You can also try to think of the thing that is making you unhappy in another way.

  • For example, you might try to think of something funny that you saw on the internet or something nice that your partner did for you.
  • Take this example to help you see what makes you sad in a different way. Say you are sad because you received a bad grade and you are pissed off because you think you are not smart enough. Instead, try to see the bad mark as a challenge that you can overcome on the next exam by studying more.
Hide Tears at School Step 6

Step 7. Ask for support from those around you

When possible, find a friend or confidant who you can tell what's going on. It might help ease some of your sadness and prevent crying in school.

Part 2 of 4: make up excuses

Hide Tears at School Step 7

Step 1. Say you touched your eye

You could tell that you're awkward and inadvertently got something in your eye causing the tears to come on. This is a situation most people have found themselves in, which is why they will surely believe you if you give them this excuse.

Hide Tears at School Step 8

Step 2. Say you have allergies

Some of them can cause tears and inflammation of the eyes. You could tell that you have an allergy that caused you these symptoms. To make it more believable, try continuing your story by recounting your experience with this allergy.

For example, to keep the conversation light, you could say that it's really annoying to have an allergy that makes your eyes so swollen

Hide Tears at School Step 9

Step 3. Tell someone you have a cold

Sometimes an illness could cause tears. You might consider saying that you are battling a cold that makes your eyes teary.

Hide Tears at School Step 10

Step 4. Affirm that you are sensitive to air changes

You could try telling your eyes to dry out before they fill with tears, as they are sensitive to wind or temperature changes.

Hide Tears at School Step 11

Step 5. Say you have something in your eye

You might have dust, bug, or eraser residue. Whatever you decide, you have to take your surroundings into account to find something that is present around you and to make it a designated culprit.

  • Remember that whatever you do, you shouldn't lie and say that you have something dangerous in your eye, such as a chemical. If you do, your teacher may take you to the infirmary, which will waste everyone's time unnecessarily.
  • You could also make others worry about you, and if they find out that you have lied, you could get yourself into trouble.
Hide Tears at School Step 12

Step 6. Share how you laughed out loud earlier

Sometimes it is possible to laugh so much that you cry. If you want to hide your tears because you don't want someone to know that you are sad and if that person just saw you, you could tell them that you just laughed at something very funny.

Tell a funny joke you know or a funny situation you saw to make this explanation more realistic. Who knows, remembering that funny situation can make you even feel happier

Hide Tears at School Step 13

Step 7. Blame it on your yawns

Pretend to yawn by opening your mouth wide and breathing hard. Rub your eyes, and if someone asks you questions, you can tell them you're crying because you just yawned.

Hide Tears at School Step 14

Step 8. Tell others that you are not getting enough sleep

Whether or not this is true, some people will think that your eyes are full of tears because you haven't got enough sleep. If you want to hide tears from someone who asks you questions, tell them you went to bed late the night before because of homework or some other plausible reason.

Part 3 of 4: hide your tears

Hide Tears at School Step 15

Step 1. Rest your head on your arms

If you are sitting at your desk, rest your head on your folded arms so that no one can see your eyes. Say you are tired or have a headache and need two minutes to recover. Let a few tears flow as you pretend to rest.

Only do this if it doesn't bother your teacher, otherwise they might call you and get everyone's attention to you

Hide Tears at School Step 16

Step 2. Avoid talking

Sometimes your voice might shake when you are sad, indicating that you are on the verge of tears. Try to avoid talking while you are sad.

If this is not possible, try speaking in a lower voice than usual and force yourself. Since you are sad, you are probably going to sound more normal, even if you feel like you are speaking louder

Hide Tears at School Step 17

Step 3. Wipe your eyes

Find a reason to bend over, such as dropping a pencil or grabbing something in your bag, and wipe your eyes with your shirt or a tissue if you have one.

Hide Tears at School Step 18

Step 4. Find a tissue and blow your nose

If you don't have one, but can get one, find a handkerchief. You can pretend to blow your nose, but before doing so, discreetly wipe your eyes to make the tears disappear.

Try to turn your back on others while you pretend to blow your nose, they'll probably think you're polite and don't want to do it in front of them

Hide Tears at School Step 19

Step 5. Pretend you have something in your eye

You might make people seem like they're trying to get an eyelash or something else in your eye by blinking or pulling on it. As you do this, quietly wipe away any tears that others might see.

Hide Tears at School Step 20

Step 6. Tell them you are going to sneeze

Try pretending to sneeze into your hands or elbow and wipe away tears at the same time. If someone sees the tears that remain and asks you questions, you might joke by telling them that you sneezed so hard it made you cry.

If you know you cry easily, you might consider keeping tissues in your bag for when you might need them. If you don't have a bag, you could put some in your pocket

Part 4 of 4: Getting Out of These Situations

Hide Tears at School Step 21

Step 1. Apologize before you go

If you are in class and feel tears coming on, ask to go to the bathroom. You're more likely to find yourself there alone while the others are in progress.

If you are on a break, stay away from others. Try to find an excuse by telling them that you want to spend some time alone or go for a walk

Hide Tears at School Step 22

Step 2. Reduce the risk of being overheard

Once you are in the bathroom, find one where you can be alone. If you're worried about making noise, run the faucet or flush the toilet when you feel like you're going to cry and others might hear you.

If you are on a break, you will be less likely to be heard if you move away from others

Hide Tears at School Step 23

Step 3. Let yourself go

Once you are alone in the toilet or have flushed the toilet so no one can hear you, you can cry as much as you want. Once you've let go of your tears and think you're not going to cry again, you can take a minute to recover.

  • If you're on a break, take a look around to make sure there's no one around.
  • Internalizing your emotions can have negative effects on your health. When you can, let your feelings run free.
Hide Tears at School Step 24

Step 4. Wait for your face to return to normal

After you cry, your face is probably going to be red or swollen. Before returning to class, wait a few minutes for the evidence of your crying to disappear.

  • If you can do this without being seen, speed up the process by splashing cold water on your face.
  • If it's still red or swollen when you return to class, try putting your hand in front and scratching your forehead as you come in to sit down. This way you can cover your face and make it look like you've had irritation.
  • When you come back to class, you can also pretend to yawn, this will make your face wrinkle and you can hide your crying better. You can try this method on its own or by scratching your forehead at the same time.
  • If you have to wait during a break, do your best to avoid your classmates.
Hide Tears at School Step 25

Step 5. Hide your face

If you are sitting to the left or right of the classroom, you can continue to hide your face and other late-blooming tears by resting your hand on it so that others cannot see you.

  • If you are sitting on the left, you can put your right hand on your face and if you are sitting on the right, use your left hand.
  • Be careful not to appear as if you are falling asleep when using this method or your teacher may call you and draw everyone's attention to you.


  • If you can't stop your tears, you might ask a friend to distract others while you wipe them away.
  • Keep tissues on hand.
  • Look down and use gravity to quickly blink those tears away.
  • If you have long hair and are about to cry, you can tilt your head, cover your face with your hair, and fold your arms until you have calmed down. If you're having a hard time calming down, take deep breaths and think of something different.
  • The toilet is always a good place to cry at school. Cry in silence and no one will hear you.
  • Think about something fun or a day when you were on cloud nine. It should help you stop your tears until you can use the bathroom.
  • Sometimes the only thing you can do is let them out, so don't hold back! No one is going to blame you if you cry. It's a normal thing that everyone does.
  • If all of these tips don't work, put on sunglasses. They will hide your tears.


  • Sometimes people cry to indicate to others that they need help. Also consider letting others see you cry. You might want to ask a teacher or a friend for help in finding a solution to the cause of your tears.
  • Sometimes you could cause negative health effects if you hold back tears, which is why you should consider expressing your feelings if you feel comfortable doing so.

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