3 ways to avoid doing homework

3 ways to avoid doing homework
3 ways to avoid doing homework

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you cannot complete your class homework. Maybe you went to the theater or performed after school and were too tired to work! You've probably been running out of time or have fallen asleep. You may also have had something more interesting to do! Fortunately, you can avoid doing your homework and your parents' scolding. You also have the opportunity to convince your teachers by presenting them with very good reasons to justify your conduct. In order to do this, you will have to learn to make believe that you have put in the necessary effort, but that circumstances, luck and technical vagaries have prevented you from completing your work. Simply, you should not get into the annoying habit of neglecting your schoolwork, otherwise you risk not succeeding in your studies.


Method 1 of 3: Apologize to the teacher

Get out of Doing Homework Step 1

Step 1. Get to know your teacher first

To avoid doing your homework, you need to know how to recognize if a teacher is not too strict or if he is perhaps a little carefree and even complacent. Behave well with him at the start of the year, so that he will believe you when you apologize later. Laugh when your teacher makes jokes. Above all, be smiling and try to be a good student.

  • To assess your leeway, observe your teacher's reactions when other students forget to hand in their homework.
  • Check to see if your teacher is actually picking up homework or just walking around the classroom, looking right and left to make sure students have completed them.
  • Try to get a feel for your teacher's preferences. If he posts pictures of his cat all over the place, you can take advantage of them later by telling him that you were too upset to finish your homework because your cat has given birth to babies or is very sick.
  • Remember that your teacher chose to do this job because he likes it very much. Participate in class as much as possible. If he thinks history is your favorite discipline, he's likely to be likable later.
  • Check the number of subjects that go into the calculation of your final mark. If homework is only 20% and you pass all of your tests, projects, and class participation, you may be able to get a good grade without doing your homework.
Get out of Doing Homework Step 2

Step 2. Put everything on the back of the material

Pretend that your computer or the internet was not working or that your printer has failed. Remember, this excuse is common and unconvincing. Your teacher may not accept it.

  • If he asks you to email him your assignment, ask him the next day if he has received your message. When he replies no, look confused and swear you sent him. You can also say that you can't believe your post got lost somewhere. The teacher may probably not realize that you are lying and will give you extra time.
  • Say your printer ink ran out and it was too late to go buy a new cartridge. The teacher may ask you to explain your reasons for not printing your assignment at school. In this case, you can say that you haven't even thought about the question.
Get out of Doing Homework Step 3

Step 3. Pretend you had family problems

Pick a pattern that doesn't excite your teacher's curiosity or desire to check in with your family. Say your parents had problems. Bring tears to your eyes if you can.

  • Invoke the death of a family member. Choose a close person whom you love very much, but the family relationship should not be too close so that the teacher is not tempted to inquire into the matter. Choose for example an aunt or an uncle, as they are usually elderly. There is no limit to the number of aunts and uncles someone can have. It is not like the grandparents whose number decreases the frequency of use of this excuse. Also, you are not going to tempt fate by pretending that your grandmother died suddenly.
  • Say you haven't done your homework because you ran into a family issue that you can't disclose.
  • Let your teacher know that your dog ran away and that you spent all night looking for him. Your worry was so strong that you couldn't do your homework.
Get out of Doing Homework Step 4

Step 4. Complain about your poor memory

Say you thought the assignment due date was the next day, or you wrote it down. When the teacher starts to pick up the homework, look scared and ask your classmates, "But, what homework is this?""

Tell the teacher you were in the bathroom when he dictated the assignment and you didn't know you had homework

Get out of Doing Homework Step 5

Step 5. Pretend to be sick

You can either stay at home or just go to the infirmary before joining the class. Pretend you have a terrible stomach ache, headache, or period pain if you are a girl. You can ask permission to lie down for a while.

This excuse will be more credible if you rarely get sick, that is, once or twice a year at most

Get out of Doing Homework Step 6

Step 6. Consult a guidance counselor

Tell her that your work method is poor and that you are overwhelmed with the homework you have to complete each week. The counselor will give you recommendations on how to handle your schoolwork in the future. He can also talk to your teacher about pushing back the due dates.

Get out of Doing Homework Step 7

Step 7. Be honest

Refrain from being arrogant and don't make a fool of your teacher. Go to him before class starts and tell him you weren't able to do your homework. Pretend you have too much work or you had to spend a lot of time preparing for an important exam. You can also say that you are exhausted or sick or that you did not understand the topic of the assignment. Pretend you're upset because you haven't done your homework. The teacher can give you extra time or just excuse you this time.

If you use this ploy too often, your teacher may change his attitude. So, only use this trick every now and then

Method 2 of 3: Pretend you've completed homework

Get out of Doing Homework Step 8

Step 1. Pretend

If your teacher glances at your notebook, look like you've done all your homework. Randomly write down some suitable operations, for example: 2 + 2 = 23/7, put the 4 and multiply 7 by 2, hoping that the teacher will not look closely.

  • If your teacher just checks homework without picking it up, write the title and subject of the assignment at the top of a page that contains notes you took previously. If the teacher is not careful, he will only see fire.
  • If he's paying attention, try to distract him by asking him a question about the topic or showing him a word you didn't understand in your textbook.
Get out of Doing Homework Step 9

Step 2. Look for the answers online or at the end of the book

Many textbooks contain all or half of the answers at the end of the book, especially in the case of math textbooks. Your teacher may have found their exercises or questions online. So you too can look for the answers online.

Get out of Doing Homework Step 10

Step 3. Pretend you forgot your homework

Behave convincingly. Search your bag in the presence of the teacher before saying that you did not find anything. Say something like, “I'm so sorry my alarm clock malfunctioned this morning and I was so late I just messed it up in my bag. I probably left my homework at home”.

Pretend you left it on your desk, in the car or on the bus and ask for permission to put it back at the end of the day. Afterwards, you can quickly do your homework over lunch

Get out of Doing Homework Step 11

Step 4. Ask your friends to help you

They can give you the answers or do your homework for you. You can also agree with a friend. For example, he does your homework this time around and you will do his homework next time. Keep in mind that this is cheating and you could be in trouble if you get caught.

  • Divide the work among your friends and have some of them answer questions # 1 and # 2, others to do questions # 3 and # 4 and so on until the end of the assignment.
  • Form a study group and let them answer all of the questions.
  • If a friend of yours owes you a favor, tell them how they can pay off their debt.
Get out of Doing Homework Step 12

Step 5. Destroy the CD-ROM or key that contains the assignment

Damage the CD before going to school. As you enter the classroom, pretend to fall and scatter your things on the floor. Show your broken CD to the teacher. He will be touched by the event that unfolded before his eyes.

Take a blank player and swear to your teacher that you have no idea what happened, but downloaded the content into the player

Get out of Doing Homework Step 13

Step 6. Deliberately corrupt the file

For this purpose, you just have to open it in another program, then force it to be saved as a Word document. When your teacher tries to read it, he will receive an error message.

  • Go to File Explorer to find the file you want to corrupt. Right click on it and select 'open with', then select Notepad. Once the file is opened in Notepad, you should see a document full of weird signs. Click anywhere in the document and type something at random to interrupt the sequence of these signs. Then just save and send the document to the teacher. When it opens it, it will receive an error message.
  • Do not select "use as default application" when choosing Notepad after opening File Explorer, otherwise all your Word documents (.docx) will be automatically corrupted.
  • Create a blank image in the “Paint” software and save it in.bmp format. Subsequently, change the format to.doc, as well as the name of the document to display the title of your assignment. Now when you open the file in any other text display program, you will get corrupted text. Send it to the teacher, and if he asks you questions the next day, say you're sorry for the inconvenience and promise to send him homework that evening. This gives you an extra day to prepare for your homework.
  • Open a document other than Word, say a song saved as an.mp3 file. Right click, choose "properties". At the top, in the field reserved for the nature of the file, change the format from mp3 to.docx. Now it will be opened in Word as a corrupted document! Several teachers will give an additional time of one day to submit an assignment. Use this time to make your own.

Method 3 of 3: Convince the parents

Get out of Doing Homework Step 14

Step 1. Pretend that you have to work on your computer

You can use your device to trick your parents into believing that you are doing your homework. After they leave, just open a new tab and do whatever you want. When your parents return, don't forget to pretend to do your homework.

  • Do your parents check your browsing history? It's easy to get around. If you have the "Chrome" browser from "Google", you can browse in private mode. This mode does not load your browsing history. Press “ctrl + shift + N” at the same time to open another tab. Remember to close all private tabs before you get back to work.
  • Remember that the command ctrl + w allows you to close a window with a tab. This method is perfect, because it saves you from downloading "Firefox" and some of its modules. Thus, you will use the computer without showing your exploits to your parents.
Get out of Doing Homework Step 15

Step 2. Pretend you have finished your homework

Tell your parents that you have already completed your homework at school, either during lunch hour or during your class time. If they want to check it out, say you left your homework in your locker so you won't forget it at home the next day.

Get out of Doing Homework Step 16

Step 3. Use a little trick

You can tell your parents that you are going to study at the library or at a friend's house. Leave the house with your bag and your textbooks. If you visit a friend, you can have fun playing video games or just daydream and do nothing. You can also go to the mall or elsewhere, but don't get caught by your parents!


  • Warning ! In most cases, and although these ideas work well, it is rare for your teacher to exempt you from doing your homework. However, it may give you extra time to get the job done and not decrease your chances of getting a good grade.
  • Homework is used to help you. In the long run, if you don't, your teacher may issue you a warning, but that's not all! Your future can also suffer.
  • It's best to do your homework consistently. This will make it easier for you to learn your lessons. On the other hand, if you fail to do your homework, you won't earn points.
  • If you know your teacher is watching you, it's best to do your homework on time next time and avoid making excuses.

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