How to behave well at school (with pictures)

How to behave well at school (with pictures)
How to behave well at school (with pictures)

Behaving well in school isn't as much fun as throwing papier-mâché balls when the teacher has his back turned, but it does have its benefits. Being wise can make a good impression on faculty and administrative staff, who will then be ready to intervene on your behalf when you occasionally do something wrong. Your file will be flawless, which will be an advantage when you apply for a higher school and could even make it easier for you to find a job later.


Part 1 of 3: Behave well in class

Be Well Behaved at School Step 1

Step 1. Always pay attention

This is the most basic way to behave well in class. When a teacher, principal, or other school officials are speaking, open your ears wide. Listen even if that person is not speaking directly to you (in a meeting, for example). Teachers spend their days fighting for the attention of students who prefer to read a book, listen to their classmates or play with their phones. The teacher will therefore notice that you are listening attentively and will think that you are a good student.

  • Avoid asking the teacher to repeat something he has just explained in detail. He might get frustrated or upset. Rather, wait until you can see it one on one and say something like "I'm sorry, I need a little more help on this".
  • If you have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or another condition that makes it hard to concentrate, take your medicine when you wake up so you can take it.
Be Well Behaved at School Step 2

Step 2. Follow the teacher's instructions

Teachers like students to treat them with respect. If you follow all directions carefully, they may give you some special benefits or treatment in return, because they will think you are trustworthy. In addition to following the oral instructions, read the lesson plans and follow any special instructions you find there. Many students forget to take a look at lesson plans: take the lead by being very attentive.

  • If, for example, your teacher said not to enter the classroom until he arrives, but your classmates have entered anyway, wait in the hallway. By being the only person to follow instructions scrupulously, you will stand out in your teacher's mind as an obedient student.
  • Some teachers like to give vague and evasive advice to see which students are listening. When your teacher says something mysterious like “Study well this weekend,” take note, as he may have scheduled a surprise check-up for Monday. You will make a great impression by being prepared.
Be Well Behaved at School Step 3

Step 3. Apply yourself to get good grades

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so don't worry if you don't get 19/20 overall average. It is much more important to show your teachers that you are doing the best you can. Ask smart questions during class. If there is something you are having a hard time understanding, discuss it with your teacher after class.

  • Your willingness to get help will show your teacher that you take their class seriously. A student who applies clearly is much more likely to get a favorable grade when teachers have to give a review to the students.
  • If you have difficulty, do not hesitate to ask your teacher to assign you a tutor. Asking for help when you need it is a sign of maturity that teachers will admire.
Be Well Behaved at School Step 4

Step 4. Participate in class

Many courses are centered around debates. These lessons take the form of a dialogue between the teacher and his students. Try to answer the questions the teacher asks the class. Even if you don't answer correctly, you will show your teacher that you are engaged in the lesson. If you don't participate, the teacher might think that you are not listening or that you are not interested in the topic.

Raise your hand when you have something to say in class. Never throw your answer on the fly! Most teachers hate it when students respond unnoticed

Be Well Behaved at School Step 5

Step 5. Keep Calm

Do not argue with your friends or disturb the class in any way, especially if your teacher is talking. Repeated disruptions can upset the teacher and may even get you fired from class. Respect the teacher. You should know for sure when to shut up. If you are not really sure, still prefer to remain silent or wait for another student to speak first and see the teacher's reaction.

  • If the teacher leaves the classroom, you can afford to chat for a bit. However, be quiet as soon as the teacher returns. Do not chat never when the teacher leaves the room during an exam: other students may report that you tried to cheat or disturbed them.
Be Well Behaved at School Step 6

Step 6. Work on having a good record

Not all students who read this article will have an ideal driving record. If you've been misbehaving in the past, start improving your image now. Apologize to the teachers, students and administrative staff to whom you may have disrespected. If you've been particularly misbehaved, bring a little gift for your teacher for a seasonal party. Pay more attention to your homework. Pay attention in class. Make your glue hours, then follow the steps above to avoid trouble in the future.

Part 2 of 3: Behave Well Outside of Class

Be Well Behaved at School Step 7

Step 1. Don't hang out in the hallways

Between two lessons, it is natural to say hello to any friends you might meet. This is perfectly acceptable from a wise student. However, don't spend too much time chatting or clowning in the hallways. Watch the time and make sure you're always in class before the bell rings. Breaks between classes can be extremely short, and teachers hate that students are late. If you're often late, you might even get stuck or be punished with another penalty.

If you have a stopwatch on your watch or phone, use it. Set a defined time, for example 3 minutes, during which you will allow yourself to chat with your friends. When the alarm sounds, say goodbye and go to class

Be Well Behaved at School Step 8

Step 2. Stay in the good graces of the administration

Principals, principals, deans: these school figures aren't teachers, but that doesn't mean you can ignore them. The same goes for administrative staff. Everyone who works in a school office probably has the power to appeal to the principal or someone who might sanction you. Respect these people: a good reputation among members of the administration can be a godsend if you are in real trouble.

Here's an example: In many schools, the secretary is the one you will need to talk to when you arrive late, for one reason or another. Sometimes that person is annoying and since they don't have the power to punish you, it might be tempting to be pushy with them. But don't do it! She is probably in contact with the principal every day. And even if she doesn't relate your behavior to the principal, she might make your life difficult the next time you show up with an unconvincing apology

Be Well Behaved at School Step 9

Step 3. Avoid a fight

It is sometimes very difficult, but always very important. Many schools do not tolerate any slippage when it comes to brawls. Punching a punch may be enough to get you temporarily or permanently kicked out. It would also be very bad for your file. Do not fight unless it is absolutely necessary to defend yourself. And even in the desperate cases when you have to fight, you could be in serious trouble. Teachers and supervisors won't necessarily know who started the fight and if it's your word against the attacker's word, you will both likely be punished. The best solution is to avoid a fight altogether. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Learn to stay calm when you are being bothered. Weak and insecure people tend to annoy others in order to feel better about themselves. Try to push these people away without a fight.
  • Ignore your abusers. Some people want to fight for attention because they are bored or upset. Ignore these people and they will sound like fools. In this situation, headphones are the ideal accessory: turn up the volume and immerse yourself in your music.
  • Talk to a supervisor or teacher. If you are feeling harassed, talk to your school staff, especially if you are worried that the people who are harassing you will try to fight. If this should happen, you can tell the teachers that you warned them about the problem in advance.
  • Never start a fight. No matter how much someone disrespects you, you will be considered guilty if you strike first. If you are very angry with another student, do whatever it takes to control yourself: listen to quiet music, eat a big meal, or play sports, for example.
Be Well Behaved at School Step 10

Step 4. Don't speak badly of others

It can be hard to resist the urge to gossip, especially when it's crunchy. But try to avoid this as much as possible. Rumors spread quickly, and if someone hears that you said something mean behind their back, you will quickly gain a reputation as a viper's tongue. This is doubly true for supervisors and teachers. Vicious rumors about school staff can put their jobs at risk. If you get caught starting a rumor about a school employee, your punishment will be severe.

Of course, spreading a rumor is just really nasty too. Before you say anything mean about someone, think about whether it is the truth or just a rumor. If this is the truth, consider how the person would feel if they listened to you speak

Part 3 of 3: Go Further

Be Well Behaved at School Step 11

Step 1. Sign up for extracurricular activities

Your good behavior shouldn't be limited to classrooms. Most schools have different extracurricular activities that you can participate in. By dedicating yourself to these activities, you will have the opportunity to expand your circle of friends, both in terms of other students and educational staff. You will thus develop a reputation as an applied student. Here are some activities your school could offer:

  • team sports
  • music groups or workshops
  • A choir
  • theater workshops
  • more specific clubs (debates, cooking, robotics, etc.)
Be Well Behaved at School Step 12

Step 2. Cultivate the good looks

Sad to say, but many students and teachers are superficial and will judge you by your appearance. If you really care about being a model student, dress accordingly. Avoid jeans with holes, baggy pants, or tracksuits. Do not wear piercings on your face or on your body. Smile: don't look harsh or threatening. Unfortunately, these little superficial details will make you perceive differently by some people.

  • Boys should be clean-shaven and have a short, classic haircut. Prefer clean button-down shirts and pants that suit your size. Do not wear earrings.
  • Girls should avoid applying too much makeup, wearing clothes that reveal too much of their body (low-cut t-shirt, bare stomach) and wearing too much jewelry.
Be Well Behaved at School Step 13

Step 3. Go to the shelved students

A good way to build a good reputation is to do your best to be kind and warm to marginalized students. Volunteer to show new students around the school. If you see someone sitting alone in the canteen, sit next to them. Stand up for victims of harassment. You can even try inviting the outcast from the class to the school party. Be a friend to those who don't. You will definitely stand out and it will be very kind of you.

Be Well Behaved at School Step 14

Step 4. Become a leader

By taking a leadership role, you will have more opportunity to do good (and a larger audience to admire your good deeds). Introduce yourself as a class delegate, start your own after-school activity club, or become the captain of a school sports team. Whatever you do, be a good example: a well behaved leader will quickly gain the respect and admiration of students and teachers alike.

Be Well Behaved at School Step 15

Step 5. Behave well outside of school

At school, everything is learned quickly and what you do in your free time can affect how you are viewed by your classmates and teachers. Volunteer at a charity or homeless shelter. Take part in a community aid program. Spend a Saturday helping out at the Restos du Cœur. Sponsor a young person in difficulty. Encourage your friends to do the same. All of these things will contribute to your reputation as a good student.

Be Well Behaved at School Step 16

Step 6. Ignore your detractors

It's almost inevitable that some people will resent you for trying to behave well in school. Ignore insults and teasing. It will show your maturity and composure and conversely, these people will appear immature. Don't let mockery get to you: the benefits of good behavior are worth more than the momentary relief of revenge.

Do not lower yourself to the level of these people by responding to their insults. The best revenge is to be happy and to continue your efforts, it will frustrate them beyond your expectations


  • Remember that everyone makes mistakes.
  • You have the right to ask questions.
  • Don't give up on your good behavior.


  • Teachers can joke too. However, when a teacher gives a strange instruction, make sure it's a joke before laughing.
  • If you behave well and then do a big mistake, those around you will be very disappointed. People will think you are not serious and wonder if your goal is really for you. Your teacher might even advise against taking a leadership position.
  • Good behavior must be constant.

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