3 ways to avoid going to school

3 ways to avoid going to school
3 ways to avoid going to school

When school classes get boring, slow, exhausting, or too overwhelming, taking a day off from class can help you refuel and refocus. You can avoid going to class for short periods of time by going on an educational trip with parents, joining a club or team that happens on school days, asking for a day off, or pretending. to be sick. If you want to skip classes for longer, then consider enrolling at a local university, doing an internship or service project that will last for one semester, or taking courses at a vocational school.


Method 1 of 3: pretend to be sick to skip class

Avoid Going to School Step 1

Step 1. Carefully choose the disease you are going to claim to have

If you want to avoid going to class, faking an illness is an effective way to avoid having to go to class. The success of your plan depends greatly on the illness you decide to fake. So choose an illness that is known and has symptoms that are relatively easy to fake, such as headaches or the flu. Do not pretend you have an illness that will require a doctor's visit, such as strep throat or mononucleosis. The doctor could indeed reveal your deception!

Avoid Going to School Step 2

Step 2. Pretend you have a headache

Headache is a sure disease and very easy to fake because its symptoms are not visible. Pick a specific area of ​​your head that hurts, such as your forehead or the base of your neck, where you will feel the pain. Pretend that you have trouble coping with noise and light. Lie down on a sofa or on your bed and avoid excessive activities.

  • Put a cold towel over your eyes.
  • Massage your temples for pain relief.
Avoid Going to School Step 3

Step 3. Pretend you have the flu

Pretending to have the flu takes skill and persistence. In order to successfully simulate this disease, you must indeed claim to have several symptoms.

  • Pretend to have chills. Bundle up in blankets or jumpers, take hot baths, or constantly drink hot drinks.
  • Complain in front of your parents about feeling weak and in pain. To make it look like you have all of these symptoms, avoid overdoing it.
  • Simulate several common cold symptoms like sore throat, dry cough, or runny nose.

    Blow your nose constantly

Avoid Going to School Step 4

Step 4. Pretend you have a fever

To pretend you have a fever, you need to have a carefully planned schedule and be constantly vigilant. In order to fake a high temperature, you must expose the thermometer to a source of heat. Instead of relying on some obscure method, like bringing the thermometer close to a light bulb, simply place it against a hot drink. Watch the thermometer and make sure it climbs well above 39 ° C.

Tell your parents that you have been feeling feverish all night long and woke up swimming often

Method 2 of 3: Find alternative study programs

Avoid Going to School Step 5

Step 1. Consider home classes

For students who have difficulty learning or being sociable in a standard school environment, home tuition can be a great solution. As a home student, you will have the luxury of studying from the comfort and security of your home. You will receive a personalized instruction and follow a course very specific to you. This kind of alternative study program is beneficial both for the student who needs extra attention and for the one who wants a more robust course.

Avoid Going to School Step 6

Step 2. Enroll in an online study program

The popularity of online courses continues to grow. These provide students from all over the world with access to excellent teachers, allow them to have a personalized course and put them in contact with a diverse student body. It is therefore a great option for students who excel when they are in a non-classical academic setting.

Avoid Going to School Step 7

Step 3. Double enroll at the university in your area

Taking a class at the local university in lieu of a class in high school is a great way to challenge yourself. In addition, it gives you the option of leaving school. Meet with an advisor from your college and discuss the possibility of re-enrolling at the local university. Explain that you need a new challenge and that you want to prepare yourself in order to succeed in your university studies.

Few of the universities have courses that take up 5 days a week, which means you will spend less time in a classroom

Avoid Going to School Step 8

Step 4. Register for a semester-long internship or service project

Ask your teachers or school counselors if your school provides internships, service projects, or internships that last for one semester. Work with the advisor to get you to register for the program. Finding practical training opportunities will allow you to develop personal and professional skills. Participating in one of these programs will not only have a good effect on your university enrollment applications, but above all it will make you step out of the classroom!

Avoid Going to School Step 9

Step 5. Enroll in a vocational high school

Enrolling in a vocational high school is the best option for students who want to start a career right after high school or for teenagers who simply prefer hands-on learning. Instead of taking regular courses, instead take courses that will give you practical and professional skills. Work with your school counselors to register for these courses or transfer to a vocational school in your area.

Method 3 of 3: Overcome your desire to avoid school

Avoid Going to School Step 10

Step 1. Face those who brutalize you

Dealing with bullies in school is scary, overwhelming, and exhausting! If a bully humiliates you, stay strong and confident. Remember that you are a beautiful and important person. Report the incident to a trusted adult, such as your parents, a teacher, or a school administrator. Talk to the principal, school counselors, and teachers to find a strategy to deal with this persecution.

Avoid Going to School Step 11

Step 2. Get help with concentration problems

Sitting at a table for 6 to 8 hours a day is no small feat! If you are having trouble staying focused, actively seek solutions to this problem. Talk to your teacher and parents to find a personalized study plan. Also, make an appointment with your doctor to explore the medical causes of your inability to concentrate.

Avoid Going to School Step 12

Step 3. Reduce the chance of feeling overwhelmed with homework

During the semester, you may feel overwhelmed by the endless cycle of reading assignments, homework assignments, projects, and exams. If your stress levels are on the rise and you are increasingly lacking in self-confidence, actively seek a way to take back control of your life.

  • Take the time to take care of yourself.
  • Think positive thoughts. Never tell yourself that you can't reach a goal or complete an assignment on time.
  • Do your homework gradually. Focus on solving one problem or on one reading assignment at a time.
  • Set reasonable goals that you can achieve.

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