How to join Duke University in the United States

How to join Duke University in the United States
How to join Duke University in the United States

Duke University in the United States is an elite institution and known for accepting the most qualified students. On average only 13% of applicants are admitted. The admission procedure includes official documents, recommendations, a dissertation and the test of standardized English proficiency tests. If you want to improve your chances of getting admitted, find out what the basic requirements are and some tips to help you stand out.


Part 1 of 3: meet the basic requirements

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Step 1. Finish high school

Duke is a very competitive elite university, so it is necessary to complete your high school education with excellent results in order to apply. During your secondary studies, it is important to choose a broad, quality program, as well as to indulge in extracurricular and various activities, while obtaining above average marks.

  • In high school, choose a course that includes natural science, three years of mathematics, a foreign language, four years of English, and civics studies. Also take options that show your willingness to outdo yourself and expand your basic knowledge, while making you a scholar.
  • If you are intending to enroll in Pratt Engineering School at Duke, it is highly recommended that you take algebra and physics classes during high school.
  • Even if it is theoretically possible to integrate Duke by having obtained an equivalence of the BAC such as the DAEU, it is very difficult to access it without a complete secondary school record. It is strongly recommended that you finish high school having obtained the BAC with excellent results if you want to enter Duke.
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Step 2. Take college placement refresher courses or integrate excellence classes, if possible

Duke University is looking for students who have already taken accelerated training, which can in some cases be counted as credits. If further training in university placement is available in your school, find out and register.

  • Generally, training in university placement improvement is available from the first or the final year. They are slightly more advanced and are validated by a standard test followed by the final exam. Usually the university placement improvement test is optional, but it is advisable to take it and get good results if you want to enter prestigious universities such as Duke.
  • If you are following a training course in university placement and if you take the exam, you will first have to arrange for your results to be sent to the universities in which you want to apply. The sooner you decide to sign up for Duke, the sooner the results will be sent.
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Step 3. Participate in extracurricular activities

To join Duke, you need to have a good overall academic background and be engaged in different activities of your school. Practice a sports activity offered by the establishment, register for groups or other associations so that your application stands out.

Duke's admissions office is warning students who register for too many activities. The administration shows that the quality of the activity performed is more important than the quantity. Pick two that you really like instead of signing up for a particular club just so you have something to put on your record

Love Studying Step 12

Step 4. Make sure you have a good GPA (grade) score

Obtaining stable averages shows consistency and ability to succeed at all levels in high school. Trying to maintain a good GPA score is a good way to set yourself apart from your fellow students and show that you are a consistent and serious student, showing potential as a Duke graduate.

  • Also pay close attention to your ranking. Being in the top 25 or even the top 10 in the class can play a big part in your candidacy for Duke. Although your GPA score is the most meaningful criterion, being one of the best students in your school is something that always makes a good impression on a dossier.
  • Your GPA score is another good reason to take the university placement improvement course which has a coefficient of 5 as opposed to the general coefficient which is 4. That is to say that to obtain an average of 14/20 in improvement of university placement gives you more points than the same average for a classic subject and as a bonus you will increase your GPA score.
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Step 5. Take the English proficiency tests

Duke University requires that students have previously taken the American College (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) test. It is therefore important to register for one of the two as soon as possible in order to have the maximum chance of obtaining good results. While Duke does not require a minimum score to be admitted, most students accepted scored above 50%.

  • In order to be admitted, students in Arts & Sciences must generally obtain more than 29 points for the “ACT” and those enrolled in engineering school must obtain 32.
  • For the “SAT”, students must obtain a minimum of 680 points for the oral test, 690 for the mathematics section and 660 for the writing section.
  • In general, students admitted to Duke scored above the required average of between 700 and 800 points for both sections of the “SAT” and approximately 31-35 for the “ACT”. All students admitted to Duke have results above 50%.
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Step 6. Have Duke receive your high school transcript

Check with your guidance counselor to send your report cards and official transcript to Duke as soon as possible after graduation. Also inquire about the possibility of also obtaining unofficial transcripts in order to complete your application.

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Step 7. Obtain two letters of recommendation from professors who know you well

While in high school, it is very important to maintain a good relationship with at least two of your teachers so that they write you very complimentary letters of recommendation. They should be written by professors whose courses you have attended for the past two years.

  • If possible, find out about any teachers in your high school who may have studied at Duke. Letters of recommendation from former students stand out more than those from other teachers.
  • Make sure to request the letters of recommendation as soon as possible after the registration period begins, preferably at the start of the second semester if you want quality writing. Professors will quickly be overwhelmed by student requests, which is why it is best to be among the first.

Part 2 of 3: Complete the registration form

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Step 1. Fill out the application form called “the Common Application”

It is a standardized form for American universities used by many institutions in the United States, including Duke. The form itself is quite clear and asks you to fill in your contact details, establishments attended and other information. All documents must be sent before November 1st for early deliberation and before January 15th for final deliberation.

In order to register for the first deliberation session, the candidate must provide the first semester report card and must commit to attending university courses, in exchange for early acceptance

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Step 2. Complete the “the Duke Student Supplement form”

It is part of the classic Duke application process and includes specific questions about the university, for example if you have any acquaintances having studied or worked at Duke. This form also includes questions about the university, to find out why it is a good choice for you.

Correct answers in this part involve a good knowledge of the course you are applying for, your ability to appoint specific teachers or refer to the fame of the course, and how Duke would help you accomplish your academic goals

Send High School Transcripts to Colleges Step 3

Step 3. Submit all of your official English test results to Duke University

When you take the "ACT" or "SAT" test, you must request that your results be submitted to the institution's admissions office before the registration deadline. The Duke University code for the "SAT" test is 5,156 and the code for the "ACT" is 3088.

Duke requires that complete results be sent to the admissions office when you apply for enrollment. It is therefore important to know that even if you are not satisfied with your first test results and decide to take it again in order to have a better score, you will still have to transmit your first results

Write a Last Minute Essay Step 17

Step 4. Write, proofread, and send in your essays for admission

Each application requires you to answer one of the five long essay indications which should be 750 words long and also include a shorter 150 word essay in which you will explain why Duke is right for you. One of the most useful and important ways to make your admission application stand out from the rest is to complete your essays and make them as neat, unique and clear as possible. Indications may vary, but are relatively similar to those below.

  • Some students have anecdotes or have lived experiences that are an integral part of their identity and think that their file would be incomplete without citing them. If you fall into this category, please let us know.
  • Tell us about a personal incident or a moment in your life when you suffered a failure. How did this mark you and what lessons can you learn from it?
  • Think about a time when you would have questioned a belief or idea. What prompted you to do it? Would you act the same way today?
  • Describe a place or environment in which you feel perfectly good. What are you doing and feeling there? Why is it so important to you?
  • List one professional or personal event or accomplishment that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood, within your culture, community or family environment.
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Step 5. Consider submitting other documents of artistic value

If you are applying as a liberal arts student you are advised to include samples of your work. Gifted arts students should include a portfolio of completed works entering one of these categories.

  • Dance
  • Media / Audiovisual Arts
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Visual arts

Part 3 of 3: Stand out and get admitted

Be a Stage Manager Step 1

Step 1. Consider incorporating youth arts training before applying

As part of Duke's continuing education, Youth Programs provide academic enrichment during the summer and are aimed at particularly gifted students. If you hope to join Duke in the future, participating in one of these summer extra-curricular programs will make your application more competitive and can be a fun experience. You can sign up for one of these Duke youth programs between CM1 and Terminale.

  • Duke's Young Writers Camp
  • Duke Science Action Camp for Young Women
  • Duke's artistic expression! The fine arts camp
  • Duke's Creative Writing Seminar
  • The completion of your higher education
  • Duke's Drama Seminar
Become a Chemical Engineer Step 7

Step 2. Enroll in Duke's talent identification program called "TIP"

It is a summer program available to students from CM2 to Terminale who are interested in natural sciences, regional history and architecture. This program is designed to stimulate gifted students by introducing them to interesting and rewarding crafts that take into account their intelligence and skill. The specific programs vary according to the age group of the participants, but you can apply and register for Duke's "TIP" on the program website linked to [1]. Programs are accessible in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • neuroscience
  • legal training program
  • Appalachian culture
  • the robotics
  • astronomy, physics and astrobiology
Become a Biostatistician Step 9

Step 3. Find the program you may want to enroll in

The more information you have about the department that interests you, the more your application will stand out from the rest. Try to familiarize yourself with the faculty, these specialties and the reputation of the program you are enrolling in. It is a good way to show your seriousness as a candidate and your thoughtful choice to choose Duke as the best institution for your studies.

Become a Certified Dental Assistant Step 8

Step 4. Write original essays

They are probably the most decisive part of the application, more important than your GPA score or your transcripts. You have to show your personality, your unique characteristics and make yourself unforgettable as a potential student of Duke. Most of the essays will be classic and not very memorable, so if yours stands out, you will have every chance of being accepted.

  • Avoid certain topics. There are literally thousands of admissions essays sent out that deal with subjects like the high school sports team that loses and then wins matches thanks to collective training or the humanitarian mission carried out in order to realize the poverty of some. regions of the world. Avoid these topics.
  • Find something original, unique and specific about yourself and relate to your strengths. Are you obsessed with butterflies? Do you have the largest collection of geodes in the region? Find something memorable to tell about yourself.
  • The essay is not intended to highlight your transcripts. You don't have to cite your GPA results or discuss your academic achievement in composing.
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Step 5. Go to open houses to tour the campus if you can

Although the visit is not taken into account or recorded in your registration file, seeing the university with your own eyes is a good way to learn more about the institution before registering, especially by meeting teachers. or officials from the admissions office. You will also be able to receive advice on the admissions process. Plus, you might meet someone who remembers you and your smiley face when signing up.

Become an Actuary Step 5

Step 6. Talk to former students

If you know someone who has studied at Duke, they can be an invaluable resource for information and tips regarding the registration process. Former students are likely to keep in touch with former teachers who can also guide you or maybe even drop a note at the admissions office for you. We never know.

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