How to survive a horrible class (with pictures)

How to survive a horrible class (with pictures)
How to survive a horrible class (with pictures)

Is this class demoralizing you? Everyone has experienced this one or the other time. But there are a few basic tips you can learn to keep your spirits up, keep your spirits up, and make it through this school year, even with the worst class ever.


Part 1 of 3: keep morale going

Survive a Class You Hate Step 1

Step 1. Boost your spirits every day

It doesn't have to be a torture session if you have the right attitude, even if you have to go to the most hated class of all. Put on a little ritual for yourself when you know you have to go to a horrible class to give yourself the strength to go through with it.

Listen to a song that energizes you, something that you really love and that gives you pizzazz and energy. Use this dynamic to face your course. That should at least tone down the first part of a boring lesson

Survive a Class You Hate Step 2

Step 2. Keep good energy for the class

You can't sleep in class, even if you feel like dozing off during this awful class. The higher your energy level during this class, the easier it will be for you to follow and participate. So you will be less bored and the course will seem better to you.

  • Try to get at least eight hours of sleep before you go to school, especially on days when you have to take that class that you don't like. Everything will seem even more boring to you if you are about to take a nap.
  • Try to have a little physical activity to help you save energy before this class. Go hide in the bathroom and do fifteen jumps in the air. Avoid getting noticed all the same.
Survive a Class You Hate Step 3

Step 3. Give yourself a reward in the form of a snack

Algebra is more easily assimilated with a candy bar to prepare yourself. Get yourself a snack for a class you hate and to consume before, during, or after the class, depending on your establishment's rules. Try to save it for later, so that you have something to look forward to. Keep your candy as a reward for surviving another awful class.

Industrial sweets high in sugar may give you a temporary boost, but you'll experience hypoglycemia later in the day, which will make your last class all the more difficult to follow. Rather than devouring gummy teddy bears, try to carry an apple, an orange or a handful of peanuts

Survive a Class You Hate Step 4

Step 4. Dress properly for school

Your looks can influence your mood. You won't want to attend the class if you dress like you don't care about the whole world. Instead, wear a cool new outfit or take a little extra time getting ready for school so that you are more confident, refreshed and refreshed, and not slumped and moody.

Survive a Class You Hate Step 5

Step 5. Personalize your classroom gear for this lesson

Let go when you think about the things you need for this class, decorate your binder, your notebooks and drafts. Get colorful pens, stickers and these fancy dividers for binders. You will at least have something to celebrate in class, even if the class is deadly and you will also have a decoration activity that will prevent you from dropping out.

Part 2 of 3: deal with boredom

Survive a Class You Hate Step 6

Step 1. Find something to make you happy during this class

No course is fun to take from start to finish. But sometimes you can find things there that you enjoy to help you focus and give you a reason to have fun being there. It can also be something that has nothing to do with the content of the lesson, but can be in the room, among the students, or in your own head.

  • Find yourself a classmate or make a friend of a student you like. Spend your time thinking about all the interesting things to say to her after class.
  • Also try to find something in this material that you can enjoy. Try to put up with all this deadly talk about laws and dates to enjoy the happier part that talks about great battles, if you are in history class.
Survive a Class You Hate Step 7

Step 2. Allow yourself to daydream once in a while

Here and there you can treat yourself to an entertaining reverie without losing the thread of the course. A recent study has shown that letting your mind wander in a controlled fashion can increase your focus and help you retain information better.

  • Make up funny stories about your classmates. Which of them is more likely to be the arch enemy of the planet Zebulon? Which one is secretly in love with the teacher? Who in the classroom will survive an apocalyptic zombie invasion?
  • Start by daydreaming about what you'll do after school. A video game accompanied by a croquem monsieur? Not bad.
  • Make each student in the class look like a forest animal. Which one looks more like a squirrel? To a wolf? To an eagle owl? This is very fun.
Survive a Class You Hate Step 8

Step 3. Try to find a connection between this course and topics that interest you more

What if it wasn't algebra, but training for astronauts, which allows you to learn the formulas to calculate your trajectory to the Moon? What if it wasn't history, but a spy lesson? What if it wasn't sport, but a secret training center for talented athletes and geniuses? Allow yourself to imagine that this is quite another thing and that you have to apply yourself to be successful, whatever the subject.

Survive a Class You Hate Step 9

Step 4. Take notes and doodle in the margin

Here, you are a winner on all counts. Taking notes forces you to participate in class, while doodling is a fun and easy way to kill time. It also allows you not to drop out.

A recent study has shown that you are able to retain more information when you doodle because you are actively engaged in drawing and taking notes, not just listening

Survive a Class You Hate Step 10

Step 5. Find another silent activity when there are down times

Try to find yourself a little game to pass the time, if you want to occupy your mind. As long as you don't make noise and get noticed by the teacher, you can play a little game for yourself every now and then, just to survive this horrible class.

  • Move your pen away and closer as fast as possible. Stop yourself and try to beat your own record. Involves a classmate.
  • Sit near a window. Look outside. Give yourself five points if you see a bird, ten points if it's rubbish. Challenge your neighbor at the table.
  • Try to get something moving with your mind. Try to convince the girl sitting next to you to scratch her head just by thinking about it very hard. It is worth a try.
Survive a Class You Hate Step 11

Step 6. Do your best to stay good

This class will be a big source of trouble if you don't like it because you are systematically scolded there. Learn to shut up and not be noticed, otherwise the rest of the class will only get worse if your goal is to survive it. Be more subtle if you need to mess up. Try to communicate with the friend at the other end of the classroom without getting caught.

  • Boring the teacher is not a good way to survive a class. On the other hand, it's a great way to get stuck. Don't say bad things about him or make a fuss unless you want it to get worse.
  • Talk to your parents, an education counselor or your teacher to try to find a solution if you hate this class because it is too difficult or because you cannot concentrate. You may need psychological help.

Part 3 of 3: Getting to the end of the school year

Survive a Class You Hate Step 12

Step 1. Make a friend in class

A class you don't like will go faster throughout the school year if you can find a buddy. It will be more painful every day if you go to this class alone. But it will turn out much better if a friendly face awaits you there and if you find a listening ear to listen to your complaints after class.

You just need to find an excuse to talk to someone if you don't know anyone. Compliment a friend's sweater and ask his name, that's perfect

Survive a Class You Hate Step 13

Step 2. Be prepared for each class

It will only get worse if you arrive at class without a book or pen and if you haven't done your homework. You will be scolded by the teacher, you will be in a fog all the time of the lesson and you will have nothing to occupy yourself. Even if you think homework is boring, you have to do it if you want to survive this class, even if you hate it.

  • Try to do your least favorite homework first. You'll finish them faster, which means the rest will be a lot less awful to do.
  • Do your homework in class, if you can. The best way to make this job as painless as possible is to finish it in school, if you can. Leave those horrible homework at school and you'll be less nervous about it.
Survive a Class You Hate Step 14

Step 3. Do enough so that you don't repeat yourself

You don't have to be the first of the class sitting in the front row if this class is a real nightmare. You don't need to collect top marks every time. But that doesn't mean you can do nothing, to the point of having to repeat a year, either. You're going to end up in the same place and hate this class again, if you don't make it to the next grade. It does not mean anything.

Find yourself an ally in the expression "do only the bare minimum required". What is the bare minimum you need in order not to repeat a grade? As long as you stay within these limits, you will just have to wait until the end of the school year

Survive a Class You Hate Step 15

Step 4. Talk about your problems with the teacher

Do this if you are really struggling and can't find a way to enjoy this class or if this class annoys and anguishes you horribly. A teacher will often be very understanding, especially if you sincerely want to improve yourself and go to the end of this subject without making a fuss.

  • Wait until the end of the lesson and talk to the teacher one-on-one. You can tell him that you really want to be successful in this class, but that you are having difficulty, that you cannot concentrate and participate. Ask him what you can do.
  • Ask the teacher if he can integrate more pictures and explanations on the board or practical work in class if you are a pupil with more visual and concrete intelligence.
Survive a Class You Hate Step 16

Step 5. Unfortunately, you cannot dispense with this course

This is only possible at the university and only for optional subjects. This is a fairly common practice among American high school students, who have the right to change courses, but also teachers. In France, you are condemned to follow the most dreadful course until the end of the school year.

You cannot attend a class that is not in your curriculum or take that of another teacher, as is the case in the United States


  • Try to sympathize with all the newcomers to your class. Thus, they will support you in your battles.
  • Say "sir" or "madam" to your teacher. It's more polite than calling him out without giving him any title.

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