3 ways to have a detention

3 ways to have a detention
3 ways to have a detention

Trying to grab a glue might not be the brightest idea, but if you think it'll teach you anything, then give it a go. You can learn some creative ideas to disrupt class and irritate everyone around you without getting yourself into more serious trouble in the future. If you do these things once or twice, it shouldn't cost you more than a detention or two.


Method 1 of 3: Disrupt the lesson

Get a Detention Step 1

Step 1. Speak when you shouldn't

Do you want to get into trouble real fast? You only have to speak at the same time as the teacher or when you should be quiet. Here are some methods for talking when you shouldn't.

  • Wait until you are given a homework assignment and start by raising your hand to ask questions about the homework assignment.
  • Interrupt other learners while they are reading aloud or giving their science presentations. Start by saying inappropriate expressions to make their words more funny. At the end of their presentations, shout Hou! or Too bad!
  • Wait until there is a working silence and start by chatting with your neighbor or laughing loudly.
  • As another learner answers a question, shout This is wrong! Or Wrong answer!, even if he gives the correct answer.
  • Start talking without lifting your finger. Instead of waiting for someone to nominate you, throw out your question or comment.
  • When watching a video, start reacting to anything the actors say as if they are in the same room as you. Otherwise, throw inappropriate short phrases over all of the actor's phrases to make them more comical.
Get a Detention Step 2

Step 2. Irritate your teacher

He will give you detention if you only irritate everyone in the class. Want to screw your teacher up quickly? Try the following techniques.

  • Call the teacher by first name, nickname, or someone else's name throughout the lesson.
  • Argue with the teacher claiming that you know there is a question mark. Otherwise, don't let him give homework.
  • Forge a note saying you are exempt from the course because it is boring. The teachers will immediately notice that this is fake. Hold that this is true and deny it all. When you are discovered, consider bursting into tears or screaming, the choice is yours.
  • Correct the teacher whenever you get the chance. Make sure all your corrections are off topic and incorrect. Always pretend to be right and never let the teacher speak.
  • Ask a lot of personal questions of the teacher. Be as pissed off as possible on the matter. Make suggestions for him about his love life, his way of leading or teaching. If he says anything that has anything to do with the gay community, ask him if he's gay and start by telling everyone how to be kind to gay people.
  • When the teacher asks the whole class a question, answer out loud, Your mother!, Your mom ! or Your grandma!
  • Ask for the time the class will end every ten minutes.
  • Over, shout Boring! The detention is in the pocket!
Get a Detention Step 3

Step 3. Make Enough Noise

When everyone is quiet or when the teacher is explaining something, start causing a ruckus without saying anything at all. Here are some techniques for annoying your teacher with noise.

  • Try to emulate someone with a brain injury, pretending to have a seizure and constantly shouting nervously.
  • Tap the locker loudly. Tap your locker in the middle of a test when the teacher has called for silence.
  • Tap your table throughout the lesson.
  • Make little sharp noises with your pen or tap on the table with your pencil.
  • Keep a laptop or iPod hidden somewhere and occasionally play animal calls. Start playing the worried child because you have heard lions.
Get a Detention Step 4

Step 4. Sing along and get others to follow you

Start slowly and then yell more and more as you progress trying to turn your class into a music school. All of these ideas will undoubtedly benefit from restraint.

  • Get up in the middle of class and sing Tomorrow does not exist by Lara Fabian and scream very loud You are enlisted by Lara!
  • Randomly sing songs you know everyone hates like Rebecca Black's Friday or Justin Bieber's Baby. It's even better if you do it in the middle of the class.
  • Write a rap song about how bad school is. To sound more annoying, sing it out loud near the principal's office or near the detention room.
  • Sing Pia Mia's Do it again to anyone of the opposite sex and say So Can We Do It Again?
Get a Detention Step 5

Step 5. Forget all your supplies

While it might get you in more trouble than you hope, it's also a good way to have some glue if you're using it as a general distraction in the classroom. Below are some techniques for coming to class without getting ready and getting in the way.

  • Ask to take your things one after the other whenever you need them. Turn to your neighbor and ask him out loud, Can I borrow a pencil from you? Five minutes later, turn to someone else and ask Can I borrow a sheet from you? And so on.
  • Spend a good ten or fifteen minutes putting on and taking off your hood. Make sure there is a rude slogan that can get you into trouble.
  • Behave all day and then raise your hand to read it out loud. As you read, start by stuttering on each word and read like a four-year-old, or add inappropriate words to make the sentences more fun.
  • Read very strongly or very weakly, or make everything you read into a long sentence.
Get a Detention Step 6

Step 6. Check your school rules so you don't go too far

In your school there must be several ways to get you into trouble. Find the rules you can break and get a hold, and make sure you avoid the ones that could lead to you being fired.

  • Many schools have a policy that involves dismissal. If you do something wrong for the first time, you are often given a warning. If this is repeated, you may have a detention. However, if you continue you could get into serious trouble, so know when to stop.
  • If you are only aiming for detention, you should not indulge in more serious offenses. You should not be referred. Setting off the fire alarm, stealing and other actions would bring the police to your heels.

Method 2 of 3: Getting noticed in class

Get a Detention Step 7

Step 1. Walk around the classroom when you shouldn't

If you want to be little more than the bane of the whole class, you might just start playing silly. This should earn you a detention or two, if you go about it right. Here are some techniques for getting up and physically disturbing the whole class.

  • Wait until everything is calm. Get up and start with push-ups. Do twenty and turn around and do sit-ups. If you do it loud enough, before you hit five push-ups, the teacher will ask you what you are doing. This is the opportunity for you to respond, Ben, I wouldn't want to be like you!
  • Sit upside down in your chair. Make sure your head is where your feet should be and your thighs are upright where your upper body should be, and swing your legs behind the chair.
  • Get out of the classroom. If the teacher asks why you're going out, just say you're thirsty or forgot a pencil in your locker. If you really want to piss off your teacher, just tell them you're going out because you're bored.
  • Do the exact opposite of anything the teacher asks. If he asks to return the copies, keep yours under your chair.
  • Be as slow as possible. After some time, you will have a detention.
  • Put your head down and try to fall asleep in class. Snore like a forge. Don't get up when the teacher calls you.
Get a Detention Step 8

Step 2. Annoy your comrades

You don't have to just blame the teacher. If you annoy your classmates, they might scold you and you will end up in detention. Try to push them, throw things at them, or engage in headless conversations with them. Here you will find some ideas for this.

  • Pass notes or better yet, toss them to anyone, even the teacher. Avoid blaming other people so the teacher knows it's you.
  • Throw pencils or pens.
  • Throw paper balls at random people. Shout We take cover! then throw a lot of it all at once. Touch the professor as much as possible, if you have the courage. But it could get you a referral.
  • Establish papers around you. If the teacher asks you why you did this, tell him I'm afraid I'll be cheated!
  • For no reason, duck down and simulate the siren of an air raid. So finger the professor and shout Hitler is coming back to bomb us!
Get a Detention Step 9

Step 3. Send messages using your phone

If the teacher decides to take your cell phone, refuse to hand it over. It could cost you multiple deductions or even the seizure of your device.

  • Take your iPhone or iPod. Try to watch a movie. For an added touch of annoyance, eat plenty of popcorn or candy in addition to the movie. People might ask for a bit, which may distract their attention from what the teacher is saying for a while.
  • If you are listening to music on your iPod, turn the volume up as much as possible. You can also start dancing to the music. If the teacher decides to take your iPod away from you, refuse to hand it over.
Get a Detention Step 10

Step 4. Break specific classroom rules

In some classes the rules might not get you too much trouble, but in others they might get you withholding. Check your classroom rules for other methods of getting into detention.

  • Chew gum in class or have something to eat. If the teacher doesn't notice this, make big bubbles and pop them then make the sound of the lips. Give a piece of it to your comrades and impose it on them.
  • Sit comfortably in your seat and do nothing. This can annoy your teacher and get you in trouble.
  • Eat very roughly and loudly. Bring a bottle of water, a bottle of soda, a small bag of crisps or a cereal bar. Chew with your mouth open. Gargle with the drink then choke it and spit it all out on someone.
  • Bring your full makeup bag, brush and a small mirror. Spread them out on your table and make yourself look good! If it happened that the teacher didn't notice you, ask if your lip gloss is too dark or if your eye shadow is too light.
  • Change in class. Wear a tank top and shorts. Put a shirt over the tank top, then a hoodie or other shirt. Put jeans on the shorts. Wear flip flops. Take them off and wear socks and tennis shoes.
Get a Detention Step 11

Step 5. Simulate natural needs

When you feel like going to the bathroom, you can take the opportunity to create a big mess. And even this is not the case, you can simulate. This will annoy everyone in the class.

  • Ask to go to the bathroom in the middle of a very important class or test. If the teacher refuses, wait five minutes then rephrase the same request. Do this about three times. Grab your crotch, raise your hand and scream I have to go urinate! Oh please! I have to go urinate!
  • Run to the trash can, bend down and make the sound of dripping urine. Wait for everyone to look at you. Raise your head and say There I got you!

Method 3 of 3: Get noticed in school

Get a Detention Step 12

Step 1. Break the rules in the canteen

The canteen is quite a busy and noisy place. It's the perfect place to get into trouble. If you want to get flanked in detention, you can try these few ideas.

  • Throw any kind of lunch bag, aluminum foil or an empty bottle at someone. If an adult nearby notices you, you could be kicked out of the canteen.
  • Take the food from someone's dish and eat first and wait for them to yell at you.
  • If a lot of people come into the hall from the canteen and you are one of those people, pick a few and push them against each other. Push people out of your way. If an adult nearby notices you, you will be entitled to a verbal warning. If you continue, you will have a hold.
Get a Detention Step 13

Step 2. Get noticed at meetings or convocations

If you have to sit down with several other children, this is definitely the place to sit quietly and learn important things from everyone. It could also be a good opportunity to get your ass kicked. If you are aiming for detention, try the following techniques.

  • If the principal comes in and starts talking, shout Who is this moron?
  • Start by heckling any learner who has to speak or have to go on stage. Say shouting weird stuff and nonsense like Voldemort loves you Mr. Skinner!
  • Squeak your chair loudly or talk aloud to your neighbors. Continue to do this even if you were asked to stop.
  • Ask someone who has the floor to shut it up because you are trying to sleep.
Get a Detention Step 14

Step 3. Get noticed at shows and at concerts

If you have to attend a band or choir concert in your school, it is important to behave well. Unless of course, if you want a detention. Here are some techniques to get you one.

  • After the song, boo the singers. Otherwise, stand up and ask them questions instead of applauding them.
  • Make inappropriate comments to your friends about the song. Be aware that this can distract the rest of the audience.
  • Make fun of the performers during and after the song or disturb them by yelling or saying inappropriate words to ridicule their song lyrics or laugh at their disguise.
  • If you have a pre-lunch gathering, take out some little treats you had in the canteen. People can ask for it. Even better, pitch them to artists instead.
Get a Detention Step 15

Step 4. Make havoc in the computer lab

The Introductory Computer Course is the perfect place to learn and interact with technology. It's also the perfect place to grab a glue. If you want to stay before and after class or during lunch, try the ideas below.

  • If you must use a computer in class, go to another site, not the one you are supposed to be on. Pat your friends and show them what you're doing.
  • Start playing games on the computer. Shout Yeah! if you win a point. If you lose, say something inappropriate.
  • Turn down the volume on YouTube and then turn it up first. Play Lil Wayne's A Milli or whatever can get you in trouble.


  • You could read your textbook to see if there is anything else that could cause you to have a detention.
  • Keep in mind that what you are aiming for is restraint, not making everyone believe that you are looking to get their attention.
  • Check your school's sanction system. Some schools have warning levels or cards that you must take two or three times before having a detention. That being said, the cards or warning levels can apply to small faults, but not to serious faults like profanity.
  • Try to have a problem with a teacher who doesn't like you too much.
  • Get caught.
  • If you want, you can use this site at school. To ensure restraint, read a random article or joke text to show teachers you're screwing around.
  • If any of the teachers have an accent, laugh at it.
  • After detention, be super nice and kind. You might have more if you don't change your behavior.
  • Try again if the teacher doesn't give you detention.
  • If you're the only one who wants restraint, don't involve anyone else in your plans.
  • If you are a wise child, unless you are daring, do not persecute someone else for restraint.
  • If your teacher decides to take your cell phone or iPod away from you, refuse to give it to him.


  • You might not get a detention if your teacher likes you or if you are a good boy or in a lower grade.
  • For example, be too good at speaking only Spanish in Spanish class. This will piss off the professor.
  • In some schools, you could be fined or transferred to another school.
  • Remember, the school may call your parents and you will be entitled to more punishment at home, even if that is not the goal.
  • Also remember that in most schools around the world, if you miss a detention you will most likely get another or other harsher punishment.
  • The professor can hold a grudge against you for a while, so get serious afterwards.
  • Restraint isn't always as fun as it sounds. Ask someone who has had this experience before what to do and what to expect.
  • Some of these suggestions could cause your dismissal.
  • You could face a series of holdbacks.
  • You might end up friendless after annoying everyone and getting detention. You can apologize and try to regain their trust afterwards, but this can be very difficult and may take a while.

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