How to have a romantic relationship in college

How to have a romantic relationship in college
How to have a romantic relationship in college

Ah youthful loves… If you want to know more about the complicated world of dating when you're in college, you can learn a few tips to make it go as smoothly as possible. You can learn the correct way to invite someone out and how to spend time together when you have no car and no money.


Part 1 of 3: invite someone out

Date in Middle School Step 1

Step 1. Only date someone if you want to

In college, you often experience a heightened mix of various emotions. Your hormones will be racing, and you will notice members of the opposite sex, or of the same sex, for the first time. But dating while you're in college shouldn't be your priority. You should focus on friendships, school, and developing your unique personality rather than dating.

  • If you want to date someone, talk to your parents and ask them for advice. Make sure you have their permission before continuing.
  • If you don't want to date anyone, that's okay. Most college relationships exist mostly on the internet and in the imagination, so you shouldn't do everything that other people tell you to do. Don't date anyone if you don't want to.
Date in Middle School Step 2

Step 2. Find someone you like

Who caught your attention recently? Who seems to be an interesting person, more than a normal friend? Who attracts you? Try to find someone who could make your date more interesting, someone you can imagine spending a lot of time with, someone you would like to kiss.

  • Make sure this person isn't already dating someone else. It might be a little awkward to invite someone on a date if they are already dating someone else.
  • Make friends on Facebook first, if you haven't already. This can be a great way to get to know him better before asking him to date you in real life.
Date in Middle School Step 3

Step 3. Wait until you have a good excuse to ask her

Although you can always ask the question directly: "Would you like to go out with me?" », It is sometimes better to have a more specific reason in mind, to have an excuse to discuss together.

  • Is it time to invite a partner to dance? In general, an invitation to dance can also be an invitation to date. If all goes well, you can form a couple afterwards. If not, you still had fun.
  • Is there a match you would like to go together? Ask him the question.
  • There might be a movie coming to theaters soon that everyone is talking about. Ask that person if they want to go see it with you.
Date in Middle School Step 4

Step 4. Make sure you arrange yourself well

If you're going to stand in front of this person, you need to make sure you look on top. Make sure your clothes are clean and nice, to look neat and to feel confident enough to invite them out on a date.

In the morning, take a shower and arrange your hair, paying a little more attention than usual. You don't have to look like a Hollywood star, so don't overdo it, but take some time to look your best

Date in Middle School Step 5

Step 5. Wait a moment in private

Try to find a minute that the two of you can be together before you ask her the question. Sometimes breaks can be a good opportunity to do this or after school. If you can't find a time when the two of you can be together, ask her if you can talk to her for a second.

  • Try to do this in person, if possible, instead of over the phone. For many people, making these kinds of text or internet requests is a bad idea, but it can work for other people. If you chat with someone on a regular basis, that shouldn't be a problem.
  • There is always a chance that you will get rejected. If it happens in front of an audience, it will be worse than if it happened in private.
Date in Middle School Step 6

Step 6. Introduce yourself, if necessary

If you like someone, but if they don't know who you are, they'll probably say no if you ask them to date you. The best thing to do is introduce yourself quickly and let him know how you know him.

“Hi, my name is… We're taking the same history lesson. I was wondering if… "

Date in Middle School Step 7

Step 7. Simply ask

When you have the chance, don't hesitate any longer and ask. You don't have to think long and hard about it and try to appear smart. Just be kind, flattering, and clear.

  • You can say, for example, "I've noticed you for a while and you look very kind and nice." I like you a lot. Would you like us to go out together? "
  • Don't wait for someone to ask you or assume someone is going to ask you, whether it's a boy or a girl. There is no reason that girls should not invite boys out to college and even at any age.
Date in Middle School Step 8

Step 8. Make sure your parents and parents agree

Since you are still a minor, it is important that your parents give you permission to go out with this person and that the parents of that person give them permission to go out with you. Ask them and do what they tell you.

  • This is all the more important if you find yourself in public with the person to whom you are making the request. This shouldn't be a problem for either parent, especially if you're going to need to get around by car.
  • You can still hang out with someone at school, no matter what your parents say. Better to have their permission, of course, but after all, Romeo and Juliet were also middle school age.

Part 2 of 3: spending time together

Date in Middle School Step 9

Step 1. Talk to each other on the phone and on Skype

Talking with the person you're dating can be as fun and important as meeting up and going somewhere. Talk to each other on Skype or other chat services or even on the phone.

Plan something that you can do together, even if you are not together. If there's a show you both enjoy watching, watch it at the same time and talk about it over the phone. You can also just leave the Skype window open while you do your homework

Date in Middle School Step 10

Step 2. Text yourself

Make sure you have permission to text each other, then swap your numbers and write to each other. You can chat and laugh together, even if you are not together.

  • Try to find interesting conversations and give her a chance to respond. Don't just write hi. Ask him a question, make a point, talk about something in particular. Don't send him one-word replies. If you can't talk to her right now, tell her.
  • For some great texting ideas to send, read this article.
Date in Middle School Step 11

Step 3. Make it official on Facebook, if you want

Many college love stories take place mostly on Facebook. If you are dating someone, then you need to chat up whether you want it to be public or not, or if you'd rather keep it between you and respect their choice. Remember that many people can see it.

It is important to be careful with your smileys on the Internet. You can send a kiss every now and then, but no more than once every other day

Date in Middle School Step 12

Step 4. Be honest with this person

The only thing you need to do when you're with that person, when you're talking to them, and when you think about saying something, is behave naturally. Make jokes, stay relaxed, and don't try to be someone you're not.

  • Give her sincere compliments, when they are deserved. She will always appreciate more that you tell her that she is pretty today if you are sincere.
  • Behave the same when you're with the person you're dating and with your friends, because that's what it should be, unless you're behaving like a jerk around your friends. The most important thing to remember is that if you're not friends, there's no point in dating.
Date in Middle School Step 13

Step 5. Take it easy

In college, you are in full development, and adolescents develop and mature at different rates. You might experience strong conflicting emotions, like your hormones are out of control. This is exactly what is happening. It is then important to take a step back, calm down and let things go slowly. You have the rest of your life ahead of you to get out.

  • Sometimes you can try a first kiss when it's a good time, but if only you are both comfortable. Be honest and open with each other.
  • Sometimes college romances can feel devastating when they end. Try to relax. In two or three years, when you look back, you'll laugh.
Date in Middle School Step 14

Step 6. Give your little friend some space

If you're dating someone in college, that's great, but that doesn't mean you're married. You shouldn't become obsessive about who he or she chats with on Facebook or sits in the canteen. You are two people who like to spend time together, that's all.

  • Don't be desperate and clingy when dating someone. Don't text her or Facebook messages saying where are you?
  • Spend time with your own friends and individually do things you both love to do. There will always be time to meet your boyfriend.
Date in Middle School Step 15

Step 7. Try to have real life dates

Many college romance stories don't last long and take place more on the internet than in school. This is not a problem. It's hard to do more when you don't have the money or a car. But if you enjoy spending time together, try spending time physically together, not just on Facebook.

Part 3 of 3: Dating

Date in Middle School Step 16

Step 1. Go dancing

One of the best ways to date a college student is to go dancing together. This gives you a great opportunity to apply and have fun together. Most of the time, there are parties organized after school, which is why you don't even have to disturb your parents with the car.

  • If you're afraid to dance, practice. Put some music in your bedroom or in your headphones and work on your moves ahead of time. You don't have to move like a pro, but you don't want to look too awkward.
  • If your school does not organize these kinds of events, you can try going to those organized by other schools with the person you want to invite.
Date in Middle School Step 17

Step 2. Go to the movies together

Ask this person if they'd like to go see a movie with you, maybe the night they go out to make it seem like an event. You could even buy the tickets in advance and invite her to eat something after if you have permission.

  • The cinema can be a great way to make a date look less bizarre. You don't have to talk too much, which is why it's a great choice if you're feeling nervous.
  • If you have an older sibling, ask if they could take you to your date. It would be much better for you.
Date in Middle School Step 18

Step 3. Eat lunch together

Even though it doesn't really sound like a date, one of the best ways to spend time with the person you're dating in college is to have lunch together. Find a quiet table where you can sit together or sit down with your friends and show everyone that you are adorable. Either way, you're going to have fun.

Offer to help her with small things, such as clearing her tray or holding her chair. It might sound a bit old fashioned or something your parents would do, but it's great to make that person feel special

Date in Middle School Step 19

Step 4. Maybe you can come home from school together

If you can't get enough time together at school, spend more time afterward when you get home, if possible. It's a great way to spend time together and have a private chat.

  • Make sure each other's parents know you are dating, and only do so if it's the same way. If they know you're together, you can hang out for a bit. Walk slowly.
  • You can also go elsewhere, if convenient and if you have permission. Go to the mall or another store after class. You can also organize a time outside of school to get together, for example in a park near you.
Date in Middle School Step 20

Step 5. Ask your parents if your boyfriend can come to your house

Invite that person over for dinner or to see a movie at your place. It can be a great way for your family to meet the person you're dating and also for them to meet your family. It's an extra step in your relationship!

You need to discuss this with your parents, as they probably aren't going to want you both to end up locked in your bedroom, but they might give you some privacy in the living room


  • Be calm.
  • Be a good friend, don't do stupid things.
  • Don't overdo it.
  • Don't lie and don't deceive.
  • Don't be too possessive.
  • Pay attention.
  • Let things develop slowly.
  • Obey your parents and make sure they allow you to date someone.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to your boyfriend.

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