How to have a great last day of school

How to have a great last day of school
How to have a great last day of school

Whether you're in your final year of high school or fifth grade, the last day of school is exciting and emotional and something to be celebrated. Also, while waiting for the time for everyone to go their separate ways, there are a lot of cool things you can do to kill time, including making memories by signing end of year albums, sorting out final details. by taking the contacts of your friends, etc. After school, you can also organize parties or events with your classmates to make the most of your first day of summer.


Part 1 of 3: create memories

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Step 1. Circulate your directory for signature

Ask anyone who wants to sign your directory, even those you don't normally interact with. So ask your acquaintances and your friends to write farewell messages in the margins of your phone book and do the same for them.

If you don't have a phone book, but still want to collect signatures, bring a collage of photos, a notebook or even an old t-shirt and ask your classmates to sign on it

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Step 2. Bring in items to sign

If your school doesn't produce yearbooks, there are other items you can sign to commemorate the year. Bring something you can all write on and ask everyone to sign it before the day is over.

  • Sign a football, basketball or volleyball ball.
  • Another great idea would be to have autographed t-shirts. You just have to contribute together to buy yourself several cheap white t-shirts. Then bring a few fabric markers and have each person sign the other's t-shirt.
  • Check with your teacher if it is possible to ask classmates to sign during class. If this is not possible, they will only have to do it during recess or at lunchtime.
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Step 3. Distribute personalized objects or toys

If you are in elementary school, you can bring small toys, such as plastic sandbags, put your classmates' names on them and ask them to sign them. Apart from that, you can also try a fabric teddy bear that can be written on. Either way, if you bring toys to class, everyone can walk away with something that will help them remember the year.

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Step 4. Take pictures

Record the last day of school with your teachers and friends. Ask them the question "how do you want to be remembered in a photo" and see what they will answer you. You can also take pictures with them all day.

However, be sure to first and foremost be aware of the school's policy with regard to photos. You don't want to have any problems for taking pictures during class or at times when cameras are not allowed, do you?

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Step 5. Make a scrapbook

This is a scrapbook you make that includes old photos, ribbons, homework, and other high school memorabilia. Include pictures of your teacher, your classmates and yourself. If your teacher allows you, see if you can spend part of the day making memory albums with your classmates.

Bring supplies including notebooks, various colored pencils and plain pencils, scissors and glue to work on making beautiful memory notebooks for the year

Part 2 of 3: Planning a fun event

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Step 1. Attend school sponsored events

Indeed, the last day of classes can be an ideal time to commemorate the school year with a party, a game or an event. If the school has something planned, you might want to attend. Here are some events that can be organized:

  • a dance competition, a baseball game, a quiz between students and teachers;
  • discussions around an ice cream, a sale of cakes, a picnic;
  • films in the auditorium or on school projectors;
  • a wall or art project done in a group;
  • a party for all summer birthdays that you wouldn't otherwise celebrate.
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Step 2. Share your best memories of the year

Take advantage of the time you spend with your friends and family to talk about everything that was important to you during the past year. You can say how much fun you had, talk about friends you met, crushes, etc.

  • Ask each friend to make predictions about their classmates for the next year. Then write down your predictions and keep them in a safe place. A year later, read them again to see which ones came true and which ones were ultimately wrong.
  • List your highlights as well as your difficult times of the year.
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Step 3. Take turns speaking

If your teacher allows you to do so, take a few minutes before class ends to give a speech. It would be great if you were all in the last year of elementary or high school. Ask those who are willing to come to the front of the class and say what they liked about their experience at school.

If you don't have the option to do this during class, it can be a fun activity to do at lunchtime or in a meeting after class

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Step 4. Organize a chalk festival

You can do this after school or during recess. All you have to do is ask all of your classmates to meet on a playground or in a park and bring pieces of chalk. You can all together make a fun wall mural to commemorate the year and mark the start of the summer season.

  • Take inspiration from images from the school year, such as photos of teachers, friends, and memorabilia.
  • Include plans for the summer. Ask your classmates for inspiration from pictures of vacations they are enjoying or fun events they are planning.
  • Ask each classmate to trace their handprints and write their name underneath.
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Step 5. Prepare summer themed dishes

You can cook up blockbuster summer classics, including hotdog burgers, but you can also get a little creative. You can make a huge cookie and use several fruits to garnish to reproduce the pattern of a beach ball. Create cookies in the shape of fish, umbrellas, and other beach related items.

  • If you are allowed to do so, you can give out treats at school. Otherwise, you can just meet up after class to hand them out.
  • Be sure to factor in everyone's food sensitivities and allergies.
  • If you're not interested in preparing food, you can go get some ice cream after class.
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Step 6. Play summer games

Ask your teacher if it is possible for you to take the class outside to play summer games. You can organize a relay race or a water fight, throw frisbees or blow bubbles. These games can also be suitable for an after-class party.

If you plan to play with water, pack old clothes or a swimsuit

Part 3 of 3: working out the final details

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Step 1. Share your summer contact information with all your friends

Make sure you know how to reach each of your friends once you're out of school. This is very important, especially if you are all starting to work or joining a university. Make sure to save the number of each comrade in your phone or reserve a part of a directory or a notebook to register e-mails.

  • Make sure to pay more attention to anyone who will no longer be with the group the following year.
  • Social networks are a great way to stay in touch. If the majority of your lessons aren't already on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then post them.
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Step 2. Say goodbye to those who are leaving

If a friend of yours won't be with you next year, say goodbye to them. You can ask the students in the class to sign a card for those who are leaving, or you can ask that everyone take turns saying goodbye to them during recess or at lunch time.

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Step 3. Thank your teachers

If during the year a teacher has helped you, express gratitude to them before the day is over. You can write him a letter to say thank you or just let him know how much you appreciated the help he gave you. The teachers work hard and they like to be thanked for.

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