How to impress your teachers: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to impress your teachers: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to impress your teachers: 14 steps (with pictures)

We see all teachers as people who can give us good or bad grades and therefore make our life easy or very complicated. However, we actually know that they are ordinary people like us. They go to bed at night, dream about what they saw on TV, wake up even though they are still exhausted, and get ready to go to school every day. Whether you like your teacher or not, one thing is certain, you always want to impress him. It is always better to be well seen by him.


Impress Your Teachers Step 1

Step 1. Make sure you are well dressed

Wash and iron all the clothes you will wear to go to school the next day. Dress uniquely and above all, dress appropriately. Wearing a low neckline or pants that reach up to the knee may positively set you apart from other classmates, but not from your teachers. Think about what will be beneficial to you in life, i.e. you prefer to impress the students or the teachers. Comb your hair, take care of your face and take a shower regularly.

Impress Your Teachers Step 2

Step 2. Go to school on time

Avoid being late, as some schools punish students who are late too repeatedly. In some cases, you may even be kicked out of the classroom. Being late denotes irresponsibility, which is why it is important that you get there early. If you happen to be late once, don't try to make up excuses. Teachers can make observations through your actions, for the simple reason that they have already dealt with late students who find excuses for years.

Impress Your Teachers Step 3

Step 3. Talk about anything and everything with your teacher

Discuss everything and nothing with your teacher, because he is also a human being. Just say it in a friendly way like, "Hi, how was your weekend? And also briefly talks about yourself. Teachers will be a little nicer to you if they realize that you're not just trying to get a good grade from them. Always be open to your teacher and say hello when you meet him in the halls of the school. You should never "denigrate" your teacher in public, no matter how much you hate him. You can never have an idea who might be overhearing you and if it eventually fell on the wrong person's ears, the comments you made against your teacher might eventually reach them.

Impress Your Teachers Step 4

Step 4. Go to class prepared

Make sure you prepare for anything. Keep at least two pencils, two pens, eraser, post-its, highlighter, textbooks, binders and loose sheets. Make sure you sharpen your pencils, clean your erasers, and get all the other accessories you need ready. Also remember to keep any other specific items that your teacher requires to bring to class each day, such as a ruler for science and a calculator for math. You should also remember this important fact, as you should take notes on what the teacher says or what he refers to. This way of proceeding will allow you to better understand things, and it will also encourage you to study. If you study and get an A all the time in the different tests, your teacher will be very happy.

Impress Your Teachers Step 5

Step 5. Sit in the front row of the room

Make an effort to sit in the front row of the room whenever possible. This will allow you not to have fun during the lessons and to concentrate better than if you were sitting behind. Research shows that teachers tend to prefer students who sit in the front because they demonstrate self-control, which is necessary in order not to have fun. Sit properly and stand up straight. This gives the teacher the impression that you are interested in the lesson and that you are there to learn. If you can't see the board from your position, consider wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Impress Your Teachers Step 6

Step 6. Improve your attendance

Only miss classes for really necessary reasons (i.e. high fevers, family problems, surgery, chronic illness, etc.). Make an effort to let your teacher know in advance and explain the reasons why you could not attend class. Collect class notes, homework and assignments from your classmates and catch up. Also remember to show your teachers everything you have done as soon as you get back.

Impress Your Teachers Step 7

Step 7. Pay attention in class

While the teacher is talking, make eye contact, look at the board, and take notes, even if he doesn't ask you to. Highlight, circle, or underline all of the items your teacher is focusing on or coming back to. Avoid distraction, turn off your phone, don't skip notes, don't listen to music on your iPod, and don't talk to your classmate next door while the teacher explains the lesson. If all of this is difficult for you to do, then you would gain more by sitting away from your friends.

Impress Your Teachers Step 8

Step 8. Take the course

Ask class-related questions and comment on what the teacher says. Seek to participate in class at least three times in a day and do not monopolize the floor during a class discussion. In fact, the teachers don't want to see the students playing the geek, they want everyone to participate. Don't be afraid to ask the teacher to stop and explain a specific aspect of the topic again. Most teachers will respect you for admitting that you don't understand everything.

Impress Your Teachers Step 9

Step 9. Stay after class for help

It is especially useful to stay after class to get help a few days before a big test or exam. If you feel very confused during the lesson, spend at least half an hour at the end to stay in your class and ask for a summary as well as an explanation of what was covered earlier. Remember to ask ahead of time if you can stay after class, because your teacher might need to go somewhere right after.

Impress Your Teachers Step 10

Step 10. Do your homework

Homework can be a big part of your grade, and heavy work can lower or increase your final grade for a given course. It is therefore important that you can manage your time and do your homework as early as possible. If you've ever forgotten to process a school assignment, do so and return it ASAP. Even if you won't get any marks for it, you will at least earn your teacher's respect and learn more about the subject.

Impress Your Teachers Step 11

Step 11. Help your teacher

It is important that you can help your teacher by rendering him services of collective interest such as repairing the desk or tidying up books. Also ask if he or she needs help with anything.

Impress Your Teachers Step 12

Step 12. Be kind to others

It is recommended that you be kind to others and never give them the opportunity to complain about you to a teacher. Avoid bothering people and be nice to them. Help new students succeed in the classroom. Being a good person improves your reputation with everyone, not just teachers.

Impress Your Teachers Step 13

Step 13. Make sure you participate in the other activities

It is important that you can get involved in other activities such as music, sports and theater.

Impress Your Teachers Step 14

Step 14. Show your teachers how much you appreciate them

You can make the effort to give them a small gift or send them a thank you note.


  • Make the effort to approach your teachers with a good attitude and make sure you don't leave bad impressions.
  • Ask for help with class work such as handing out and collecting materials, etc. This lets teachers see that you are a useful student and they might even give you more importance.
  • If your teacher is busy doing something, offer to help. It could make you the student of the month!
  • When teachers give you grades for class attendance and attendance, they will realize more of you in class, because you would be sitting in the same place for the entire semester or year.
  • Approach your teachers in the halls of the school. Greet them and ask them how they are doing. Always be polite.
  • If an aspect of your course or a specific part that you are studying seems to interest you, research it. When you find that a given topic is of particular interest to your teacher, you really need to do some extra research on that. You may have common interests with your teacher. Just because he's in a position of authority doesn't mean you can't share common interests. Discuss these topics with him. He will appreciate your interests and enjoy discussing topics that fascinate him to a receptive audience.
  • Talk to your teacher using mature language.
  • Don't ask the age of your teachers. It is considered a rude act.
  • Avoid interrupting another student when they are talking.
  • Be a polite student and always smiling.


  • Avoid talking to other students during a lesson. Always follow the course carefully, as it gives a good impression of you to the teachers.
  • Don't worry if other students think you are the “teacher's darling,” as it doesn't matter. Who cares about them? Avoid letting your guard down. You are the only one the teacher will appreciate and you will be successful in life, not those rude people.
  • When you want to help the teacher in your free time, also ask one of your best friends to help you. This avoids annoying silences. However, be sure not to inform everyone, as other students will also want to help and interfere with your teacher-student relationship.
  • Be ready to be called "teacher's darling", "bootie", "Perfect Little Angel" or "Mister I Know It All". If you are called that, just make an effort to ignore these kinds of comments.

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