How to be popular in high school (with pictures)

How to be popular in high school (with pictures)
How to be popular in high school (with pictures)

Navigating the social world of high school can be a daunting experience, but you shouldn't be fooled. You are on your way to being appreciated in high school in no time at all if you learn to appreciate yourself for who you are and if you know how to put others at ease in your presence.


Part 1 of 3: be sociable

Be Popular in High School Step 1

Step 1. Don't be wrong

There is nothing worse than falsehood, because your "friends" will not like you for who you are. Make sure you can be a great person with a lot to offer and you are more likely to attract interesting people. Don't tell others what they want to hear just to be appreciated, and avoid bragging about yourself to look cooler. We will quickly know that you are looking to impress your world or lick their boots, which is not likely to make friends. Rather, you should open up little by little to show who you are and what matters most to you. It is likely that others will notice and talk about it if you are wrong, which will not make it easy for you.

  • What's in it for you to be liked if you pretend to be someone else? You're not going to spend your time telling stories, or?
  • Remember, it might not be worth it if you have to change your personality completely to be liked by others.
Be Popular in High School Step 2

Step 2. Be Really Kind

No one likes beans. Smile at those you know and meet in the hallways. Don't pretend you're worth more than others: arrogance will slow you down considerably. You would like people to talk about you well and not badly. You shouldn't overdo it, however, otherwise you could be used. You might think you have to be a little obnoxious to be appreciated, but in reality, that won't get you very far.

  • You should be polite and well behaved to be really nice. It involves keeping the door open for others, saying hello to those you know, letting your classmates pass in the hallway, and being nice, even if you're in a bad mood.
  • That doesn't mean you should be as hypocritical as adults often are - it just means that you are a sweet teen no matter what you think about how popular others are.
  • There is nothing worse than a person who is pleasant only with valued individuals or with those who may be of use. We will unmask you very quickly if you are nice to those who seem to you to be above you and if you are obnoxious to those who you consider to be your "inferior".
Be Popular in High School Step 3

Step 3. Revolt when necessary

You can't let yourself be walked on if you want to have real friends. You will be really respected if you stay on your guard and if you know how to defend yourself and you will also make true friends and gain the esteem of others. You will not be respected and you will not get very far if you are nice to others for the sole purpose of being more appreciated.

  • You must not let yourself go if you are obnoxious to you, if you are demoralized and if you are belittled for no reason. Let this comrade know that his actions are unacceptable.
  • You must not lower yourself to the level of the one who is hateful to you. You can tell him to stop it without insulting him or being obnoxious too. Remember you are better than this.
Be Popular in High School Step 4

Step 4. Be open to new encounters

You will quickly make friends if you are nice, if you are not afraid to approach new friends to chat with them a bit. You should be excited to meet other young people, whether they are in groups or as class leaders. You should obviously take it easy and not bombard unfamiliar high school students with questions or disturb those who seem very busy. But you should go for it, if you get the chance to talk to someone new in the canteen or after school.

You should let things happen naturally when you talk to young people you don't know. You can talk about classes, your hobbies and the music you love. Ask them questions to show that you care about these high school kids. You can tackle more serious topics later, when you know them better

Be Popular in High School Step 5

Step 5. Take an interest in others

The most important thing when you want to be genuinely social and appreciated is not to constantly talk about yourself or brag about yourself, but to show a genuine interest in other people. You should be interested in others and not seek to derive interest from others. You will be loved more if you ask other people questions and show them that they are important to you. The next time you approach a classmate, try to smile at them, ask them questions about their day in high school, and show them that they really care about you. This doesn't mean you should fake it, but it does mean making the effort to look at the other person and make them feel like they matter to you. Here is what you can do.

  • Ask him what he did last weekend.
  • Ask him or her about what he or she does outside of high school.
  • Give a little (sincere) compliment on her outfit.
  • Remind him or her of a topic he or she touched on last time.
  • Try to let your partner talk about him as well.
  • Ask him what he likes and dislikes.
  • Ask him to share some new info.
Be Popular in High School Step 6

Step 6. Don't act like you're above these considerations

High school is obviously the place where lots of kids act like school is something totally silly to them. These young people undoubtedly put on too much makeup, are too introverted in class, never arrive on time or are insolent when the teacher reprimands them. You shouldn't behave this way in high school, though. Accept that it's okay to worry about your studies and that you should be interested in what is important, rather than being afraid of being taken for a draw. Be excited to talk about your favorite book if you really like French lessons. If you like to play tennis, talk to your friends about your next game.

You will be more interesting and more enthusiastic when you talk about what you like. You also have the right to have an opinion. You're going to get very boring if you just approve of everything you're told and nod your head. Try to provoke a discussion and figure out when to listen and when it is best to respond

Be Popular in High School Step 7

Step 7. Chat a bit with new friends

Knowing how to talk pleasantly is a skill not mastered by all high school students. You are on your way to being more appreciated if you know how. You just need to be able to discuss anything and everything with others when you meet them in the hallways, without having to rack your brains to find a topic or get too nervous. Relax, stop being afraid of talking nonsense and put the other person at ease when you start a discussion in the hallway between two lessons. Here's what you can do when chatting with a friend:

  • tells a funny anecdote from the last lesson;
  • ask the other what he did during the weekend;
  • talks about everything related to high school life, such as a school year end party and take the opportunity to ask the high school student if he intends to go there;
  • evokes your surroundings, like this poster for donating blood or the cute t-shirt she's wearing.
Be Popular in High School Step 8

Step 8. Smile at the others

You probably think that smiling is the last thing to do in high school, that it's not cool at all and that you will look bad. But you should change your attitude if you want to be more accessible and therefore more appreciated. Smiling makes you more approachable, you will get noticed by others and you will feel welcome by your side. You don't have to smile at all high school kids, but you should do it when you run into a classmate in the hallway, even if you don't know him.

Let’s be honest. Young people in high school tend to judge others and see meanness in others where it isn't. You will be found outgoing and open if you smile more

Part 2 of 3: Getting noticed

Be Popular in High School Step 9

Step 1. Dress well

You don't have to wear designer or ruinous clothes to be appreciated. You just need to dress properly. There is no question of being superficial. People who dress well are simply taken more seriously and treated with more respect than those who have a more sloppy appearance, whether in a professional setting or at a party. Wear clothes that fit you, aren't wrinkled, and are clean, and you will be noticed more.

  • Your clothes can be a little loose or more fitted depending on the look you have chosen. But if your pants are really too wide, ask yourself if it's really worth wearing them.
  • A few pretty accessories, like a pair of silver earrings or a nice watch, are enough to give your outfit some style.
  • You don't need to have multiple outfits. It is better to have some nice pieces. Quality jeans can serve you longer than three rotten denims.
Be Popular in High School Step 10

Step 2. Practice good hygiene

Take a shower, brush your teeth, put on deodorant and stay clean. You should still avoid inundating yourself with perfume, which would be as disastrous as not washing yourself at all, although good hygiene is important. It shows that you respect yourself and take care of yourself.

You should go to high school with a fresh wash. Take some deodorant during your PE and try to stay as clean as possible

Be Popular in High School Step 11

Step 3. Make good decisions

Don't smoke, don't run away and don't shut up. It can ruin your life before it even begins and it won't make you very appreciated either. You might think that you will be liked more if you have a rebellious attitude or if you break the rules. We will obviously notice you, but not for the right reasons. There is a big difference between being appreciated because you are balanced and nice and being appreciated because of a bad reputation.

  • It is easier to make good decisions when you surround yourself with people who have their heads on their shoulders. You are more likely to not make the right choices if you are in poor surroundings.
  • Don't drink like a dump at a party or do anything illegal just to get noticed. The attention you get for your whims is not going to last.
Be Popular in High School Step 12

Step 4. Impress others with your confidence

It will be noticed for miles around if you love yourself, what you do and how you look. Smile at others and don't be afraid to say hello or start a discussion. Walk with your head held high and have positive body movements, good posture, and good energy when others notice you. We will want to know you and we will be more interested in you.

  • Developing real self-confidence can take years. You can do it if you work at it and do what you really love to do, if you are really good at something and excel at it, which will make you happier and more proud of yourself day after day.
  • You should also make a list of everything you like about yourself. Read it often, especially when you are not feeling well.
  • You can also try to change what you don't like about yourself. Do not think that you are incapable of changing: your destiny is in your hands.
  • You can also improve your confidence by hanging out with people who make you feel comfortable. Let go of the comrades who constantly put you down.
Be Popular in High School Step 13

Step 5. Don't laugh at or torment others into believing that you will be appreciated more

We won't think well of you. Don't do it, because it's unfair to be appreciated at the expense of others. In addition, we are also afraid of stalkers, but we rarely appreciate them. You shouldn't be making a name for yourself as a thick bully.

Those who are truly appreciated do not seek to put others down because they have enough self-confidence to avoid being obnoxious

Be Popular in High School Step 14

Step 6. Don't neglect your studies

Concentrate on your studies, even if you seek to be appreciated first. Your grades are more important than your social status in high school. You will be noticed as a good student if you study well and you will have more opportunities to meet other young people. You obviously don't have to come across as a stuck nerd, but we'll appreciate you if you're proud of your results and your work.

Remember that at the end of the day, you're going to regret that you didn't work harder because you wanted to be a high school star, even if it was fun at first

Be Popular in High School Step 15

Step 7. Make sports a priority

Whether you do athletics or are good at basketball, physical activity will give you more than just a good look, it will also give you a good mind. You will be noticed more if you feel good about yourself and you will be taken for an awesome youngster worth dating. Physical activity alone won't help you make more friends, but it can give you a lifestyle that you can enjoy more.

Making sport a priority will also lead you to meet lots of young people and make friends, whether as part of a team sport in high school, in a club or elsewhere

Be Popular in High School Step 16

Step 8. Always enjoy what you do

You get noticed when you show others that you can have fun anywhere. You should always appear jovial whether you're in class, in the canteen, or at a party. You don't have to giggle in math class either, but you should be emitting positive vibes and showing others that you love what you do and who you are. Start a real conversation with other young people instead of looking around for popular young people to talk to. Others will want to be with you if you love what you do too much to care what others think.

  • You are more likely to make friends if you laugh often, if you feel happy and satisfied with yourself.
  • You obviously shouldn't be faking it after you've had a terrible day, but there's nothing wrong with having a good time when you get the chance.
  • You have the right to complain when you really need to, but you shouldn't make a reputation for being cranky.
Be Popular in High School Step 17

Step 9. Make a habit of minding your own business

You should learn to be independent and do what you like, even though the art of being outgoing and outgoing are good ways to be appreciated more. You shouldn't hesitate to do this because no one else does like you, whether it's dressing differently, listening to a different musical stream, or trying out an activity you didn't know in high school. Your independence will get you noticed for one simple reason: because you stand out from the crowd.

That doesn't mean you should be different just to get noticed, but because you really want to be different. You shouldn't sound like a show-off trying out original things just to get attention

Be Popular in High School Step 18

Step 10. Don't push it too hard

You shouldn't seem like you're forcing yourself, although there are many things you can do to improve your social life and to stand out from your fellow students. High school students are very sensitive to this, so you should avoid pretending to have original activities just to get noticed. So you shouldn't insist too much on hanging out with the most popular high school students if they aren't interested in you, or sticking yourself into discussions when you're not welcome. You should also try not to imitate the look of high school stars, because you will be exposed very quickly.

  • Trying to make new friends is a great way to open up to others and be more appreciated. You should, however, be on your guard and know when to take advantage of your kindness. You shouldn't run the risk of being embarrassed by trying to connect with young people who don't want you.
  • This also applies to young people of the opposite sex. Even if hitting on someone you like makes you feel better, take it easy and get a feel for the other person's feelings before you go any further.

Part 3 of 3: Get involved

Be Popular in High School Step 19

Step 1. Sign up for extracurricular activities

It can help you make yourself better appreciated, whether it's basketball, soccer or whatever, just because you'll get to know more people.You're going to miss loads of amazing kids in high school if you only hang out with your classmates. You will bond better with those who share your interests and you will be more likely to make friends.

  • Remember that in order for you to be appreciated, others need to know exactly who you are. What better way to do this than by getting involved in an extracurricular activity?
  • It also allows you to discover a new passion, to explore new hobbies, and even to find inspiration to follow a vocation.
Be Popular in High School Step 20

Step 2. Get to know your classmates

Find time to relax and make new friends in your classroom, even if school is most important.

  • You will probably end up making a new best friend after working together on a school assignment or after a talk together. Do not think that friends are only found outside the chest.
  • Your classmates are probably as enthusiastic as you about making new friends, because you don't always end up in your friends' class, since the distributions of the students are quite random.
  • If you don't have friends (es) during lunch break, try to sit with people you don't know, so you will make new friends (es).
Be Popular in High School Step 21

Step 3. Get involved in your community

Whether you volunteer at the Restos du cœur or at the SPA, it will allow you to do something for your community, it will make you meet more people and gain experience. You will undoubtedly also meet friends from your school there.

Getting involved in your community will not only make you meet new people, it will make you feel useful in helping others and improve your self-confidence, which will make it easier for you to meet new people! This is called a "win-win" situation …

Be Popular in High School Step 22

Step 4. Look at lots of things

You should do lots of different things if you want to be appreciated. You're going to miss out on a lot of interesting young people if you just play soccer or work in class to get good grades. You shouldn't spread out, but have two or three different activities that make you meet other people. You will always have the same handful of friends if you do the same thing over and over again.

Being liked sometimes means that you know who you are when you meet your classmates in the hallway. Getting involved in various activities can help you do this

Get Pumped Before a Big Sports Game Step 16

Step 5. Help others and be interested in them

Go to the theater and don't forget to congratulate the actors one by one, mentioning specific things that you liked. Attend sports competitions and scream at the top of your lungs from the stands! Go to concerts, shows, exhibitions and support what your classmates and friends are doing. Let others know that you love what they're doing.

Be Popular in High School Step 23

Step 6. Put yourself forward

You can make yourself better known if you're not afraid to take risks during and after high school. Show what you can do in class. Volunteer to take foreign correspondents home, help a classmate with homework after school. You will be less likely to be appreciated if you just do what you have to do.

You don't have to put yourself forward too artificially if you're really shy. You can do it in a more discreet way by setting up a small club in high school or by proposing to create a sports team


  • Don't lie otherwise we'll take you for a show-off. The lie will always turn against you. Be honest with good moral values ​​and you will be found reliable and respectable.
  • Know that high school is not an end in itself. It's only three years of study in your life. You shouldn't go this route if you don't really like being the darling of high school. Life is too short to bother with things that don't make you happy.
  • Be funny! You should have a good supply of jokes and a good sense of humor.
  • Be good at telling anecdotes! A killjoy will most likely be considered marginal (unless you can care less!).
  • Acne shouldn't be too much of a problem for you, but try to treat it with skin cleansers and cream. Good hygiene is a good start, along with healthy eating.


  • Immediately drop all those trendy kids in high school who are trying to offer you drugs. It is better to be unloved than to venture down this path!
  • Do not gossip behind other people's backs, it will end up falling on the corner of your face!
  • Systematically stay away from problem young people and know that you can do it more easily in the future if you know how to say no to their provocations. Also, don't forget that popular and cool girls don't bicker. A lady is not going to fight, ever. Ignore those who annoy you or report them to the head teacher if it escalates.

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