How to deal with an obnoxious teacher

How to deal with an obnoxious teacher
How to deal with an obnoxious teacher

No one wants to be confronted with an unpleasant teacher, whether you are a student or a parent. This not only means that you hate going to class, but it also means that this teacher wants to make you feel guilty. You should try to adapt your behavior and find a way to make your teacher like you if you have to deal with one that is obnoxious. However, you should talk to your parents about it to take further action, if you find that you have tried everything and your teacher has not changed her attitude towards you.


Part 1 of 3: Adapt your behavior

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 1

Step 1. Put yourself in the teacher's shoes

You might think he's the most unsympathetic being on earth, but you should try to figure him out to know if it's not something else. Try to think about why he (or she) is obnoxious, because he / she feels like he / she doesn't get enough respect in class, for example. Maybe all the students are obnoxious too, one of them probably doesn't take the lesson seriously enough or there is probably a group of students who disrupt the lesson so much that it is impossible to learn. anything. Your teacher is probably obnoxious because he probably has no other way to be heard.

  • Knowing how to put yourself in other people's shoes is a skill that will serve you all your life. Developing empathy and understanding of others can help you gain a new perspective on any social or work situation and enable you to solve problems. You should tell your teacher how you feel.
  • It can obviously be difficult for you to see your teacher as anything other than a hateful character who only seeks to humiliate you, but you should remember that he, too, is a human being.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Try to cooperate, not gang up on him

Your first reaction could be to catch your teacher at fault, to make him feel guilty or to play the superior mind during the lesson, if you have to deal with a teacher who seems unfair to you. However, you will only make the situation worse if you seek to come into conflict with him. Try to be a little nicer to him rather than trying to beat him up, trying to help him as much as you can and being a good student. Your teacher will probably return the favor if you make the effort to be a little nicer to him.

  • While it can be difficult to be kind to someone you hate, it can also help the teacher to be nicer to you, which can improve the mood of the class. This is another skill that you may need later in life, so you would do well to practice now.
  • Don't think you should be a hypocrite. Make the situation as bearable as possible for everyone.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 3

Step 3. Have a positive attitude, rather than complaining

Another way to deal with an obnoxious teacher is to try to have a positive attitude in class, rather than wanting to challenge everything and complain about anything. Don't waste time bitching after the last check-up that you found too hard. Instead, ask yourself if you could do better next time by studying a little more. Don't say Boule de Suif is the most boring book you've ever read. Instead, focus on the areas that really appeal to you. You will create a better atmosphere in the classroom, which will also make your teacher less obnoxious, by having a more positive attitude towards him.

  • Try to concentrate on your studies. You will have more fun following the lessons by showing enthusiasm for the subject that is being taught, which will also make your teacher more friendly. He will be more likely to mellow if he sees that you are really interested in his class.
  • Think about it: it can be quite disheartening for your teacher to teach something they are passionate about only to get big sighs and bulging eyes in response. This kind of student reaction can only encourage a teacher to be obnoxious.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 4

Step 4. Don't take it back

It gets you nowhere. You will obviously find fleeting pleasure in taking it back and making your classmates laugh, but that will only arouse your teacher's grudge and make him more unpleasant. If you have something to say to him, do it at the end of the lesson and in a calm and reasonable manner rather than wanting to make yourself interesting during the lesson.

  • You might think that it is quite normal to take over a teacher, since other students do it too. However, you should learn to stand out from the crowd and be an example to others.
  • Try to keep your tone as respectful as possible if you don't agree with your teacher, ask him questions instead of stating things to mislead him.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 5

Step 5. Find out what pleases her

You can manage your teacher better by knowing what makes them tick. Try to participate more in the course, because no one is interested. Try not to chuckle behind his back anymore, because he thinks he is not respected enough. Make the effort to answer the questions asked and avoid being distracted by something else if your teacher is mean because no student is listening. You can make him nicer by giving him what he wants.

  • Believe it or not, but everyone has a soft spot for something. Maybe your teacher is a cat lover. You can soften her up a bit by simply telling her about your own cat or asking her for pictures of her own.
  • Just complimenting him, like saying you like the new poster on the wall, can motivate him to be nicer if he takes great pride in decorating his classroom.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 6

Step 6. If there is a real problem, start by recording its actions and involve your parents

Sometimes a teacher can be bad enough and their actions are not always justified. You have to take new measures if he is really obnoxious, if he is hurtful to you, if he makes fun of you and if he is having fun putting you and your comrades down. You should first write down everything your teacher says and does. After that, you can show your comments to your parents and discuss them with them to find out what to do next.

  • Don't get too noticed. Just take a notebook to class and write down all the horrible things your teacher says. You can also write it down mentally and put it on paper after class.
  • You should have strong arguments with specific examples because it is not enough to say that he is unbearable. The more specific examples you have of his wickedness, the more convincing you will be.

Part 2 of 3: Behave Exemplarily

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 7

Step 1. Be on time for class

One way to make sure that your teacher is not obnoxious to you is to respect the rules he imposes on you. One of the crudest and least respectful things you can do is consistently show up late for class. It's a way of making the teacher understand that you don't give a damn about his class, which won't help your relationship with him. You should apologize if you're late and make sure it doesn't happen again.

Don't be the student putting things away five minutes before class ends. Your rush to want to leave class prematurely is going to be even more annoying for your teacher than being late

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 8

Step 2. Listen to your teacher

You should really make the effort to listen to what he says if you want him to be less obnoxious to you. One of the reasons why a teacher seems aggressive can be because they feel like they are not being heard by students and are being disrespected. You should listen to him when he talks and not be distracted by your phone, by your classmates or by what is going on in the hallway.

It is obviously important to ask questions, but teachers become frankly unpleasant when students ask questions whose answer is obvious, because they have already been answered. Try to listen carefully so as not to make this mistake

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 9

Step 3. Take notes

This will show your teacher that you really care about their class and that you're not just in class to pass the time. It will also give you a better understanding of the topic and show him that you take the course seriously. Teachers like to see their students take notes when they speak because it is a sign of attention. Get into the habit of writing down what he says as often as possible so that he can be a little nicer to you.

Taking notes will also improve your academic performance, which will certainly coax him up

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 10

Step 4. Participate more in the course

Your teacher may be rude to you because he thinks you don't give a damn about his class. It is undoubtedly because you do not participate in it enough. The next time you get the chance, raise your hand to answer their question, volunteer to lend a hand, or be active in group discussions. This will show him that you really care about the class and he will also be nicer to you.

  • You shouldn't try to answer all the questions systematically, but rather make the effort to get involved in the course to better coax your teacher.
  • Taking part in the course will not only soften it, but also make your school program more interesting for you. You will be less bored and distracted in class if you get more involved in the material being taught.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 11

Step 5. Don't argue with your classmates during class

You should avoid talking to your classmates, unless you are participating in a group discussion, if you want to gain the sympathy of your teacher. Chatting in class is very disturbing for the teacher and he has the impression that you are ignoring it. The next time a classmate wants to chat or pass you a note, let them know that you want to focus on the class and that you will talk to them later.

Move away from friends or students who may distract you, if you have the opportunity to choose your place, so that he (or she) has less reason to be obnoxious to you

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 12

Step 6. Don't laugh

The teacher is likely to be laughed at a lot if you think yours is obnoxious. It can be tempting to join in or even be the instigator of others' sarcasm, but it is also the sure thing to turn it against you and make it even more obnoxious. You might think you are very smart behaving like this, but chances are he'll resent you if you blatantly laugh at him or his class.

  • Teachers are people like everyone else and they can take certain situations very badly. If yours catches you in the act of mocking, it will be difficult to get him to change his mind about your account.
  • You shouldn't be in solidarity with students who make fun of the teacher. You shouldn't be associated with this type of behavior.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 13

Step 7. Ask your teacher for help after class

One way to soften him is to ask him for help after class in the subject he teaches. You might be afraid of being alone with your teacher, but you might also learn, with astonishment, that most teachers really enjoy sharing their knowledge and yours might be happy to help. Ask your teacher to help you after class if you have to take a test in a week and there is something you don't fully understand. You might be surprised at his sudden kindness to you after asking him for help.

  • It should work in most cases. However, your teacher might refuse you if he's really, really mean, but it's worth a try.
  • You should ask for help long before the test day, if that's what you want to do. You might make him angry and make him wonder why you didn't ask sooner if you asked him a question about the exam just a day or two earlier.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 14

Step 8. Do not fry

You shouldn't overdo it either, although being a good student by following the teacher's rules can really help make you like him. Your teacher could actually be even more obnoxious, because he will guess your ploy if he feels that you are not being sincere, if you force yourself to answer all his questions and if you flood him with compliments or if you are still glued to his desk to offer your help.

A teacher will naturally be wary of a student who goes to too much trouble to enter into his good graces, especially if he is downright odious. Act with sincerity

Part 3 of 3: Dealing with an obnoxious teacher as a parent

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 15

Step 1. Ask your child to describe what the teacher did

When it comes to dealing with an obnoxious teacher, the first thing you should do is get to the point. Talk to your child about what the teacher did and why he is obnoxious. Make sure your child has specific examples to share with you and not a vague judgment on their supposed meanness. If your child has no example for you, ask him or her to go back to class and make notes of the horrible things the teacher said or did. This will give you a better idea of ​​the situation.

  • Sit down with your child and have a very frank discussion about this teacher together. Make sure the child has plenty of time to give you as much detail as possible and not vague comments.
  • Help your child calm down for more concrete information if he is crying or upset at the thought of talking to his teacher.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 16

Step 2. Make sure the teacher has really crossed the line

It can obviously be quite hard to realize that your child is being treated unfairly because you love them and can't stand the idea of ​​being obnoxious to them. You should, however, make sure that your child is telling the truth about the teacher's behavior. You should think about this carefully before taking any action, if your child has complained in the same way from several other teachers.

Your first reaction, of course, is to believe your child and try to protect him, but you should also think about the impact of the child's behavior on his teacher. Consider the possibility of shared harm between your child and the teacher

Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 17

Step 3. Talk to other parents to see if their kids are saying the same thing

Another thing to do is to discuss it with other parents of students to see if their children are complaining about the same things. If so, it can help you put an end to this situation. Obviously, just because other children haven't heard anything does not mean that the teacher's behavior is necessarily appropriate, but it is good to have as much information as possible.

  • You don't need to make it a matter of state, but you can suggest that your child has had some problems with their teacher to see if other students have been through similar situations.
  • Strength is in numbers. It will be easier to take action if several parents complain about a teacher.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 18

Step 4. Meet the teacher in person to get your own idea of ​​the situation

You should make an appointment with this teacher to make up your own mind if your child has genuinely felt hurt or if he is just telling you that he is mean. Either the teacher will confirm what your child is saying by being so obnoxious to you, or they will pretend everything is fine. You might also find that the professor is not as bad as you thought, and you should decide what to do next.

  • Take the time to get a feel for the teacher's personality or problem. You may find yourself facing a big problem if the teacher is obnoxious when talking about their students or seems to dislike them overall.
  • Trust your instincts. Do you think the teacher is pretending to be sympathetic or is he really?
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 19

Step 5. Go see the principal or the principal of the establishment if there is a real problem

If after talking to the teacher or your child you are convinced that there is a problem, it is time to speak to a school official. You don't want your child to be in a discouraging environment that doesn't make them want to go to class or learn something. Make an appointment with the administrators of the establishment and know in advance what you want to tell them.

  • Use the concrete details provided by your child to prove that the teacher's behavior is not appropriate.You can't just say that the teacher is mean, but you can point out many of his comments that crossed the line.
  • The impact of your approach will be more important if there are several parents who want to meet the head of the school.
Deal With a Mean Teacher Step 20

Step 6. See what actions you could take if the problem is not resolved

Unfortunately, your complaint to the principal may not be enough to make things happen. You may decide to send your child to another facility. If you don't think such drastic measures are worth it, you could also ask your child to complete their school year and put up with their mean teacher without letting themselves be unsettled.

You can tell your child that this is a lesson for life if you decide not to take further action. Explain that unfortunately everyone has to deal with people they don't like. Learning to cooperate with these types of people without being belittled is a very useful skill in life. This type of response might not be the most comforting, but it could be the best thing for you


  • Show your teacher that you are trying to make an effort. Teachers want to know that you are at least making the effort to learn something. Ask for help if there is something you don't understand.
  • Instead, focus on what can improve your life, not what can make it worse. Remember that you are not going to endure obnoxious teachers all your life.
  • Try to shut up as much as you can, if you have an obnoxious teacher.
  • Tell your teacher about any learning problems, such as dyslexia, that you may have so that they can better understand you.


  • Immediately inform your parents or the principal of the school if your teacher is cruel to the point of making physical threats or verbally abusing you.
  • Disagreeable teachers often have serious personal problems that go back to childhood and only reflect their own pain on others.

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