3 ways to find motivation to do homework

3 ways to find motivation to do homework
3 ways to find motivation to do homework

Even if you like school, it can be difficult to get excited about your homework. Like any other job, it's important to set personal goals and find your own inspiration to move forward. You can also focus by reducing distractions around you and taking care of yourself while you work. Finally, organize your time carefully and divide your homework into manageable tasks to prevent them from becoming overwhelming.


Method 1 of 3: Find the urge and inspiration

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 1

Step 1. Reward yourself on completing your homework

Rewards can be a huge motivator! Whenever you accomplish one of your goals, even a small one, take a moment to reward yourself. You don't have to reward yourself with fancy stuff. It can be something very simple, for example watching a funny video for five minutes after completing a reading exercise.

Give yourself bigger rewards for your bigger achievements. For example, you could go out for pizza with a friend after you have completed an important homework assignment

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 2

Step 2. Get started, too

You don't have to save all of your rewards for last. Sometimes this can help put you in a good mood before you get down to business. Take a few minutes to enjoy your favorite snack or take a look on your social networks.

Just make sure you limit yourself to a certain amount of time (eg ten minutes) so that you don't lose focus and waste several hours

Did you know ?

Japanese researchers recently discovered that you may be able to become more productive by looking at photos or videos of baby animals before you get to work. If you want, watch some kitten videos on YouTube the next time you have to work on a boring assignment. It might help you!

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 3

Step 3. Work with a partner to motivate yourself

You could make your homework more bearable by working with a friend. You can watch each other. Make sure you choose a serious friend who wants to work so you don't end up having fun and distracting each other.

  • When you're doing your homework with a friend, it doesn't necessarily mean you're working on the same thing. You can spend time together while you each do your homework.
  • Check with your teacher before working with a friend on an assignment given to you. He might want you to do it alone.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 4

Step 4. Determine your best working conditions

Some people work best when they get started early in the morning, while others feel more energetic in the late afternoon or evening. You may also find that a certain work environment works better for you. Experiment to find the solution that works best for you.

  • For example, if you are in the morning, try doing your homework right after you eat breakfast.
  • If you tend to get distracted while working at your home desk, try doing your homework in a library or coffee shop.
  • Some people also find it helpful to change the habit from time to time. If you are bored, try working at a different time or finding a new place to study.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 5

Step 5. Set goals with the SMART method

By setting specific goals, you will help keep yourself motivated and it will be easier for you to manage your homework. To get the most out of your goals, keep them specific, quantifiable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (the SMART way). Write them down and be sure to celebrate every time you pull one off, no matter how small.

Vague goals can make you more frustrated. Instead of saying to yourself, “I'm going to do all my homework this week,” try to be more specific. For example, say to yourself: “I will be working on my essay in French one hour a day this week. "

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 6

Step 6. Remember your reason for going to school

Even if you're not that keen on the classes you're taking right now, try to take the big picture and set some personal goals for yourself. Think about what class will do for you in the long run.

  • For example, you might want good grades so that you can enroll in the college of your dreams or advance in a career that you are passionate about.
  • Good grades in progress can also be their own reward, you will feel more motivated if you know that you have done well and that you have done your best!

Method 2 of 3: Stay focused and alert

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 7

Step 1. Take care of your physical needs

It will be difficult to concentrate if you are tired, hungry, or uncomfortable. Try to sleep well if you know you have a lot of homework to do the next day, and don't try to do your homework if you have an empty stomach or a full bladder!

  • If you're feeling tense, do some yoga or light stretching before you get to work.
  • Breathing exercises can also help you feel more comfortable and alert.
  • If you aren't already wearing comfortable clothes, change before you start your homework.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 8

Step 2. Find a comfortable and quiet place to work

Your surroundings can influence your concentration. Before you start doing your homework, find a place that's quiet, well-lit, and with enough space to spread out.

  • You need to find a place where you can sit comfortably without making yourself “too” comfortable. If you're doing your homework in bed or on a comfortable sofa, you might be tempted to doze off!
  • If you have to work from home, ask the people who live with you to give you some quiet time to do your homework.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 9

Step 3. Move away your phone and distractions

If you're constantly looking at your Facebook account or Instagram notifications, you're not going to be doing much work. Put your phone in a place where you cannot easily grab it, such as in your bag or in a drawer. Turn off notifications if they distract you.

  • If you can't resist the temptation to look at your phone or waste your time on websites, consider installing an app or extension on your browser to block tempting apps and sites.
  • Do not try to work with television or radio. If you listen to music while doing your homework, choose something quiet and slow, such as classical music.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 10

Step 4. Boost yourself with water and healthy snacks

While you study, keep a bottle of water and snacks on hand. Staying hydrated and eating healthy will help keep you awake, focused, and alert. Choose foods that will stimulate your brain, for example:

  • whole grains;
  • healthy proteins like fish, beans or dried fruits;
  • blueberries;
  • green leafy vegetables.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 11

Step 5. Take breaks while you work

You will tire and lose focus easily if you work too long without taking a break. Try to do your homework for an hour or an hour and a half before taking a break for a quarter of an hour. This will allow your tired brain to rest and recharge its batteries.

  • During your breaks, you can go for a walk, have a snack, do some meditation or even take a restorative nap.
  • You can also use your breaks to reward yourself with a funny video or quick game on your phone.

Did you know ?

Walking can also improve your thinking skills. If you're stuck on a problem, go for a short walk or even a bit of the treadmill to find the solution!

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 12

Step 6. Alternate between different tasks to stay focused

If you've reached a point where you can't bear to watch your homework anymore, take a break and try moving on to another task for a while. This allows your brain to rest (and vary tasks) while remaining productive.

  • For example, if you've been working on an essay for an hour or two, take a break and then move on to math problems.
  • Don't try to do more than one thing at a time. It will hurt your concentration and you will make even more mistakes.

Method 3 of 3: Organize your time efficiently

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 13

Step 1. Create a schedule

When you are in school, it can be difficult to do everything you have to do. You can help yourself to do this by creating a regular schedule to make your job more manageable. Take time out during the day to study and do your homework, and stick to your schedule as best you can.

  • A schedule will also prevent you from putting off your tasks until the next day.
  • Also make sure to factor in breaks and moments of relaxation in your schedule!


you can avoid unpleasant surprises by jotting down important dates and deadlines in your calendar. For example, you might write down upcoming exams and tests or when to hand in your homework.

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 14

Step 2. Organize your homework and do the most urgent ones first

It might be tempting to put off important and difficult homework and do the easier ones first. However, if you let them wait, you'll panic as you get closer to the deadline, feel frustrated, and even miss the deadline. Watch your homework to decide which ones are most important and urgent, and which ones can wait a bit.

  • Make an orderly list of all your tasks. Try to prioritize those that are due for completion, count as an important grade, or look complicated.
  • Leave homework that can wait and those you can complete quickly and easily at the end of the list.
Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 15

Step 3. Divide your homework into manageable tasks

Long, complicated homework can feel overwhelming if you tackle it head-on. Instead, divide them into smaller pieces that you can finish one after the other. This will help you make your tasks more manageable and on top of that, you can reward yourself every time you complete one of these tasks!

For example, if you are writing a long piece of paper, you could divide it into different tasks, such as researching, writing the bibliography, writing an outline, making a rough draft for the introduction, etc

Find Motivation to Do Homework Step 16

Step 4. Try a productivity app to stay organized

If you're struggling to stay focused and organize your time, productivity apps can come to your rescue. Try downloading one like Todoist, Hours, or Any.do to remember deadlines, create to-do lists, and keep track of how much time you spend on each assignment.

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