3 ways to please a girl at school

3 ways to please a girl at school
3 ways to please a girl at school

It is sometimes difficult to know if the girl you like shares our attraction. While you can't get a girl to date you, you can still impress her and get her to notice you.


Method 1 of 3: Talk to girls

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 1

Step 1. Look for his gaze

Gently approach the girl you are interested in.

  • Say hello to her when you see her at school or during extracurricular activities.
  • If you've never spoken to her before, gather the courage to smile at her first and then say hello later! She will quickly understand the message …
  • If you never take a look in this girl's direction, she'll never know you like her.
  • When you go to talk to her, don't be too shy. Insurance is an extremely attractive quality.
  • Don't stare at it for too long. You might make her uncomfortable and she would wonder if there was something wrong with her.
  • When you introduce yourself to her, have open and dynamic body language. Don't slouch, stare, and mumble.
  • At the beginning, talk about everything and nothing. Ask her how she is, what she is doing, etc.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 2

Step 2. Interact with this girl via SMS and social media

This girl probably has a Facebook or Twitter account. Start a conversation online or by text message.

  • " Hey how are you ? "
  • " What are you doing today ? "
  • Comment on his photos. If she has a pet, ask her how she is doing. If you see her playing a sport, this discipline will be a perfect topic of conversation.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 3

Step 3. Give her a compliment early in the conversation

Girls love to hear themselves say nice things.

  • Give her friendly compliments and don't focus on her appearance.
  • Girls don't want their looks to get all the attention. If the girl you want is good at something, tell her.
  • To compliment a girl, you could say “I noticed you dance very well” or “I liked what you said today in history class. I had never seen it this way. "
  • If she's athletic, compliment her on her last game: "You were amazing in last weekend's game!" "
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 4

Step 4. Talk to her during lunch or after school

Don't be afraid to share information about yourself so that she can get to know you.

  • Ask him questions about his family, his interests, his classes.
  • During the conversation, look her in the eye and pay attention. Say something like "I think this is awesome" or "This is awesome! I would like you to tell me more! "
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 5

Step 5. Get to know the girl you like

Get involved in the same activities as her.

  • By showing an interest in the things she loves, you will have the opportunity to spend more time with her.
  • Try to join a club she belongs to so you can get to know her better. She will see that you have things in common.
  • For example, offer to help her organize a booth for the school fair or participate in the same theater workshop as her.
  • To initiate such a conversation, you could say “I noticed you were involved in…. I am very good at… and I am ready to help you. "
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 6

Step 6. Avoid talking too long about yourself

If you start to brag, the girl will lose interest in your words.

  • Ask her what she likes to do, ask her about her family, her dog or cat and school.
  • Also, be sure to share information about yourself.
  • Always bring the conversation back to her.

Method 2 of 3: Impress girls at school

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 7

Step 1. Treat the girl you like best

Get to know her tastes and surprise her with kind attentions.

  • If she has a favorite flower, buy one and surprise her by giving it to her.
  • Offer to carry their bag or books.
  • Bring their favorite treats to school or to an after-school activity.
  • Help her complete a school project.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 8

Step 2. Be a good friend

Don't listen to or spread rumors about it. It would be really nasty … [Editor's note]

  • Rumors are hard to deal with in high school, especially for girls.
  • If someone says something mean about her, stand up for her.
  • Don't let your friends say mean things about her or her friends.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 9

Step 3. Invite her out

Suggest that she go see a movie of her choice or do an activity that she enjoys.

  • After courting this girl for a while, try inviting her on a romantic date.
  • Go ahead and say, "Are you busy on Saturday?" I wish we could go to the movies”or something like that.
  • If you know she would like to attend a particular event, offer to invite her. Say something like, “I heard you wanted to go dancing on Friday night. I would like to take you there if that tells you. "
  • Make sure you offer him an outing that interests him.
  • Don't be rushed or rude if she refuses your invitation.
  • The activity doesn't have to be expensive. The important thing is that you can spend time together.
  • If you or this girl is shy, try to organize a group outing so that the situation is more relaxed.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 10

Step 4. Avoid Becoming Obsessed With This Girl

She would notice it and run away from you.

  • Let her breathe. Don't always be in his paws.
  • Do not follow her neither to school nor outside. Let your interactions unfold naturally, without forcing them.
  • Don't be too thoughtful. And if she told you that you weren't interested in her, don't harass her.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 11

Step 5. Take care of your presentation

When you see this girl you have to be in your best light.

  • Whatever your personal style, make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.
  • Make sure you look groomed.
  • Make sure you are clean. Wash yourself, use deodorant, brush your teeth, etc.
  • Dressed well, you will look more confident.

Method 3 of 3: Get noticed with your personality

Make a Girl at School Like You Step 12

Step 1. Be yourself

Don't be afraid to have your own personality and be sure of yourself.

  • Don't change to get a girl's attention.
  • Girls like self-confident, self-confident boys.
  • If you're creative, join a music, art, or theater group (being a musician works well). You will meet (and attract) girls with similar passions.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 13

Step 2. Develop your own passions

Keep playing your sport, your art or any other activity, even as you try to seduce this girl.

  • Don't spend 100% of your time thinking about her or trying to impress her.
  • Maintain a balanced life. Occupy your time with your own passions.
  • Hopefully, she'll share some of these and then you can spend more time together.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 14

Step 3. Continue to see your friends

A boy who has a lot of friends is more attractive to girls.

  • You could also meet girls through your friends.
  • Invite the girl you are interested in to join your group of friends for some activity.
  • Friends are important. Make sure when you are dating a girl that you don't neglect your friends.
Make a Girl at School Like You Step 15

Step 4. Stay focused on your studies

You wouldn't want your grades to tumble because you are devoting all of your attention to a girl and how to seduce her.

  • A boy who has good grades will be more attractive than a boy who fails at school.
  • Participate in class. Girls will notice you and see that you have confidence in yourself.
  • If you are struggling with a subject and it is a class a girl is good at, you might want to ask her for help.


  • Girls are not all the same and they all have different tastes.
  • Make sure she doesn't already have a boyfriend.
  • She might refuse your invitation to go out, be prepared to accept a refusal.

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