How to prepare your bag for school (for girls)

How to prepare your bag for school (for girls)
How to prepare your bag for school (for girls)

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to pack your school bag before going to school. With a little patience, a teenager will be able to decide what to pack to have a hassle-free day.


Part 1 of 3: Take the essentials

Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 1

Step 1. Be methodical

Start by placing your books in your bag to avoid crushing small items. If it's back to school day, bring a notebook. To keep your bag from getting too heavy, only pack the books you need that day (you can always leave a few in your locker).

Put your books in the order you need them throughout the day. To make sure you don't forget any, double-check at least twice that you have picked up all the necessary books

Step 2. Place your pencil case in your bag

Don't just carry a pen in your pocket. Be organized and pack all the tools you might need:

  • pencils and pens for writing

    Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 3Bullet1
  • felt-tip pens and colored pencils for drawing
  • your geometry material (ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, protractor, compass)

    Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 3Bullet3
  • post-its

    Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 3Bullet4
  • a calculator

    Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 3Bullet5
  • highlighters

    Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 3Bullet6
Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 4

Step 3. Remember to bring other items as well

This might be tape, scissors, glue, or a stapler, as these could help keep your things tidy.

Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 2

Step 4. On the days when you have sports, put on your gym clothes

Part 2 of 3: take emergency supplies

Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 5

Step 1. Take the girls' emergency kit

This includes:

  • tampons or sanitary napkins,
  • make-up (mascara, eyeliner, gloss, powder, pocket mirror, cream, anti-shine paper),
  • hygiene products (perfume, deodorant, hand sanitizer),
  • a hairbrush, bobby pins and rubber bands,
  • tissues,
  • chewing gum or mints (if your school allows it).

Part 3 of 3: Thinking About Personal Affairs

Pack a School Bag (Teen Girls) Step 6

Step 1. Don't forget your personal items

If you have room in your bag, consider the following personal items:

  • your keys,
  • your mobile phone (if you have the right),
  • your iPod or MP3 player and headphones (if you have the right),
  • chewing gum or mints (if you have the right),
  • a small umbrella (in case of rain),
  • your glasses,
  • your phone charger,
  • your lunch or the money for lunch,
  • anything else you might need during the day.


  • Regularly clean your bag and throw away what you no longer need.
  • Make sure your bag is ready the night before, so you don't have to rush in the morning.
  • Use a bag that has enough pockets and compartments to hold all of your stuff.
  • Place all your important papers in a pocket so they won't get damaged.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged when you leave for school, in case of an emergency (remember to take your charger if, for example, you are going to a friend's house after school, so you don't run out battery).
  • Do not pack anything that you will not need. Only pack useful items in your bag, so that the weight is not too heavy.
  • If you don't wear jeans and don't have a pocket (for example, if you wear a skirt), keep your phone or mp3 player in a small, inconspicuous pocket in your bag. Roll up your chargers and headphones tightly to save space.
  • Remember to keep small items such as your phone, hand sanitizer, or chewing gum in your pockets, so they can be easily accessed.
  • Make sure you are allowed to bring your phone or other electronic device to school.
  • Arrange your books correctly in your bag.
  • If you have a sports locker, leave your sports stuff there. If you have a locker to put your books in, go there between classes and grab the books you need as you go. If you don't have a personal record, you may be able to share a friend's.
  • If your bag gets too heavy, grab a few books in your hand.
  • If you are a believer, consider bringing a small religious book, which can help you refocus when you need to.


  • Keep your personal items, such as tampons and sanitary napkins, in a small pocket inside your bag so that no one can see them if your bag is left open.
  • Always keep your bag closed.
  • Never let anyone rummage through your bag, except maybe your family members or very close friends.
  • Make sure your parents allow you to take valuables to school.
  • If you're not allowed to take your phone or chewing gum to school, don't risk bending this rule.

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