How to be the best student in your class

How to be the best student in your class
How to be the best student in your class

Want to impress your teacher? Maybe you just want to make the most of your school year. Whatever your reasons for wanting to be the best student in your class, there are several ways you can improve. Getting good grades isn't enough to be a good student - you also need to be a good person and show your teacher that you take school seriously.


Part 1 of 3: Make the most of your education

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 1

Step 1. Keep your mind and body in shape

It will be easier for you to learn and at school in general if your body is in good condition for learning! There are many things you can do to get in good shape.

  • Get enough sleep. You need to get enough sleep for your mental capacities to be optimal. You should be feeling healthy most of the day. If you feel tired at midday, then you are not getting enough sleep. Most people need around eight hours of sleep.
  • Your body won't be in good shape if you eat exclusively on junk, such as crisps, candies, and burgers. To be the best student you can be, eat vegetables (like broccoli), fruits and lean meats (like chicken), or fish.
  • Drink a lot of water. Your brain needs water to function properly. In fact, it is the case for your whole body. Drink several glasses of water a day, and remember that some people need more water than others. If your urine is very colored, you need to drink more water.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 2

Step 2. Find a learning method that works for you

Everyone learns in their own way, everyone has different abilities. Find a method that works well for you, and try to learn your lessons that way as often as possible. You will have more freedom when you study at home, but you could also chat with your teacher to try to change the flow of lessons to accommodate different learning methods.

  • For example, have you noticed that you have an easier time remembering diagrams and pictures? This means that you have a visual memory, so it is in your best interest to use images and visual representations to better retain your lessons. For example, you could draw a diagram to remember the different parts of a text.
  • Maybe you've noticed that you find it easier to study when listening to quiet music, or have trouble remembering what your teacher has written on the blackboard, but you can "hear" what he said in your head as if you were still in the classroom. This means that you have an auditory memory and therefore that you remember better what you hear. For example, you could record your teacher during class to listen to the lesson again when you do your homework or revise.
  • You may have noticed that during the class you feel like you can still pay attention, but at the same time you really feel the urge to get up and stretch your legs. Maybe you tend to walk around in circles in your room when you study. This means that your memory is kinesthetic, which means that you remember things better when your body is active. Try kneading a piece of plasticine while your teacher is talking.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention

The best thing you can do to improve your grades and to learn things is to pay attention when your teacher is talking. When you are distracted, you miss out on important information, making it harder to understand the lesson or do your homework.

If you have trouble staying focused when your teacher is speaking, try sitting in the front row and participating more in class. Raise your hand and ask questions when you don't understand something or when your teacher says something interesting and you want to learn more

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 4

Step 4. Take notes

It can be difficult to know how to take notes (or at least to do it well), but it will make it easier for you to learn your lessons and revise, so your grades will improve and you will have a better average. Just remember that you don't have to write down everything your teacher says. Write only the important things and what you know you will have a hard time remembering.

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 5

Step 5. Hand in your homework on time and apply yourself

Even if you don't have very good grades on your homework, getting it on time will save you from having a zero. Beyond that, do your best. When you don't understand something, ask someone for help! Your teacher may know someone who can tutor you or even help you himself.

  • Allow enough time to do your homework. It might mean watching TV for less time or spending less time with your friends, but in the end, it will be worth it.
  • Setting up a good environment for doing homework can really help. Find a quiet place where there are no distractions. If you can, go to the library. If you can't leave your house and the people you live with are noisy, try the bathroom.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 6

Step 6. Look for additional ways to learn things

Learning things outside of class can help you better understand what you are studying in class and it can also be a big impress to your teacher. Learning things that interest you can also help you stay focused in the classroom. Look for other ways to learn things about what you study in the classroom and you will realize that school is interesting and that you are getting stronger and stronger.

  • For example, if you are studying French history, you can watch documentaries on the internet to learn more about the period you are studying.
  • You can get information from books you can find in your local library, but you can also learn a lot on the internet. Although Wikipedia is not always fair, this site often contains good information. You can also find documentaries and educational videos on YouTube.
  • Also learn when you are out of school. Keep learning things over the summer, over the weekends and start planning for your next school year as soon as possible by learning about your school schedule. When it comes to summer vacations, reviewing what you've learned in the year for two or three hours, three or four times during the summer, will make sure you are ready for the start of the school year.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 7

Step 7. Start revising earlier

One of the best ways to get better test scores is to start studying and preparing as soon as possible. Above all, do not go about it the night before. The more difficult the control, the sooner you should start revising. Usually, it's a good idea to start revising two or three weeks in advance.

Write down any questions you might be asked during the next exam and learn the answers. Try to get up earlier on the day of the exam and review your notes, it may be helpful to go over them one last time. The more difficult the control, the earlier you have to revise. Usually it takes two to three weeks

Part 2 of 3: Being a good person

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 13

Step 1. Make people feel good

Getting good grades isn't enough to be a good student. You should also try to be a good person. Don't try to intimidate other students, it won't make you the best student in your class. Focus on making people feel good by giving them compliments and telling them when they've done something right. Never be mean or mocking to others, and never say anything hurtful.

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 14

Step 2. Help others

Helping people as much as possible will make you a better person. If you know how to do something or know a better way to do something, show them. Don't try to appear smarter or stronger than you are, just be nice and friendly. You can also do small things, like hold the door for someone or help them carry something heavy.

For example, if someone has been away for a few days, offer to explain what they missed and lend them your lessons

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 15

Step 3. Respect others, even when they behave badly

Even when people are rude to you, you should continue to respect them. Don't yell at them or hit them. Don't insult them, don't walk past them in the line just to enrage them. Just ignore them and treat them like everyone else.

Respect others by not cutting them off and letting them speak when they want. Respect their opinions and don't worry if they don't think quite like you. You should let people be themselves and not condemn them for thinking or acting differently

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 16

Step 4. Keep Calm

When you are in class, stay as calm as possible. Don't turn around and disturb others. Also, try not to stress too much when classes are difficult. Not only does this not do you good, but you also risk to spend your nerves on others.

  • Calm yourself down by breathing slowly. Tell yourself everything will be fine. You are strong enough to make it happen!
  • Don't worry too much about getting the best score. It is only really important to have very good grades during the last year of high school and when you are at university (if you plan to continue your studies after the baccalaureate). Otherwise, focus on learning your lessons as best you can and don't worry too much about ranking. Knowing your lessons is more important than getting good grades.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 17

Step 5. Make learning fun for everyone

Try to help others have fun. Be enthusiastic and positive in class. Your interest in the course will encourage others to study. It might even motivate other students to show their enthusiasm when they otherwise wouldn't.

For example, if you learn things about planets in science class, you might find a cool picture of your favorite planet and show it to your classmates, then challenge them to find a nice picture of their favorite planet

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 18

Step 6. Be yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself. You can't be the best person you can be if you're pretending to be someone else. Do what you love to do. Share what you love. Build friendships with people who understand you and who you feel good with. Don't worry about what people think. In fact, in a few years you will have forgotten half of their first names. Even if these people don't think you are the nicest, it won't matter in five or six years. On the other hand, you will regret if you did not do what you liked.

Part 3 of 3: Pleasing your teacher

Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 8

Step 1. Be respectful

To please your teacher, it is best to respect him first. Especially if other students disrespect him, you will quickly stand out and become his favorite. Here are some tips to follow.

  • Don't disrupt the class. Don't spread words, talk to friends, make jokes, or stir too much while your teacher is talking.
  • Be punctual (on time), even early and do not miss the lessons.
  • Be polite when talking to your teacher. Call your teacher Sir or Madam and remember to say please and thank you. Be sincere and don't make him feel like he's laughing at him by talking like that.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 9

Step 2. Ask questions

Teachers like students to ask questions. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it shows them that you are paying attention. Then it shows them that you find their lessons interesting and that you enjoy the topic (even if you don't). Finally, they feel smart and helpful. Everyone likes to feel smart and useful. Do not hesitate to ask all your questions and you will see that your teacher will like you more and more.

  • For example, if your teacher talks about chemistry and Avogadro's number, ask him how to memorize it.
  • However, be careful not to ask unnecessary questions. Don't ask questions just to speak up. Otherwise, it will end up annoying your teacher and they will think you are only doing it for attention.
  • Don't ask questions that are personal or that are important only to you. You can find out about your homework, the dates of future exams, and anything other than you. For example, you can ask things like "which pages do we need to read for tomorrow?" Or "is there a better way to memorize this?" ", But not" why did I get a bad grade? "Or" what is your favorite band? Questions like "Ma'am, do you have a boyfriend? »Are to be banned absolutely, you can be suspended for this kind of inquisition.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 10

Step 3. Ask for help

You might be afraid of disturbing your teacher by asking for help or looking stupid. It's quite the opposite. In fact, asking for help shows that you are smart and it will make your teacher happy. When you ask questions, your teacher knows you are going to work hard and better understand what he is teaching you. He will be proud to see you take the initiative to ask for help when you need it.

  • For example, if a math test is coming up and you are not sure you have understood how to divide fractions, ask your teacher if he can explain the lesson to you again and if you can do some exercises with him up to the point. 'until you understand.
  • Say something like, “Mr. Green, I'm having trouble with my homework. I don't know why, but I'm having trouble with the genitive. Can I come and see you after school or during the lunch break so you can explain it to me again, maybe in a different way? "
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 11

Step 4. Help others

Teachers don't like students who have a reputation for causing trouble. It's not just about fighting or arguing with fellow students (but you shouldn't be doing those things either). Teachers don't like students who are rude or chatter all the time. Try to avoid this kind of behavior and you will be more likely to be liked by your teachers.

  • Remind the other students of the rules to follow in class, without being overbearing.
  • If a fight breaks out, immediately approach a teacher, film them, or do whatever feels right to you without getting involved.
  • Help your teacher by making necessary photocopies, helping a new student or whatever is appropriate.
  • Help students who have problems. If a classmate is in a bad mood, support them, if the teacher has full arms, open the door for them. Do not spread rumors, even if it is news that you find very funny.
Be the Best Student in Your Class Step 12

Step 5. Keep the pace of work

Do your homework on time. Write review sheets and seek help at least two weeks before a check-up, not two or three days before. Take notes. When your teacher sees you working hard, you will be a favorite even if you aren't the smartest student or don't get the best grades.


  • Do not be shy. When your teacher questions you, take this opportunity to respond confidently, even if you are unsure of your answer. The teacher will notice your confidence and you will have a better chance of being among the best students.
  • Stay calm during checks. If you are nervous, you may forget the lesson you reviewed.Say a prayer, rest and have a good breakfast before a check-up. It's the best !
  • Ignore people who call you a nerd or a snob. These people are jealous and try to bully you because they think they are "cooler" than you.
  • Remember that you are working for yourself, not for your teacher or anyone else.
  • Even if you don't know an answer to a test, still try to answer based on what you remember from the lesson. Also look at the other questions of the exam: sometimes, a question contains the answer to another question!
  • Stay organized. Store your homework in pockets or binders. You will find them more easily when you need them.
  • When you get home, reread your lessons for the day. This will help you understand them better and review important details.
  • If possible, review your lessons the day before before class. This will allow you to better focus on the details of the course and you will be able to participate more in the classroom.
  • Study a little every time you come home after school, so you don't have to study all night the night before the test.
  • Try to review the main points you learned immediately after class. It will help you remember it for a long time.
  • Remember that there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. If other students in your class are also trying to be the best, you can motivate each other. Be careful, however, not to confuse the spirit of competition with the fact of being unpleasant.
  • When you reach your goal, such as having the highest score on a test, don't forget to reward yourself for the hard work you put in preparing for the exam.
  • Stay focused and don't mind the people who are laughing at you. You shouldn't be ashamed of wanting to do well in school.
  • Be sincere and patient. If you are truly sincere, it will reflect on your newsletter. Maintain this attitude throughout your studies and even afterwards.
  • Don't try to make yourself interesting to your friends to make them laugh. By doing this, you are disrespecting yourself and disturbing those who are trying to study.
  • When you study, make index cards and reread them several times in the morning before the test until you know them by heart.
  • Just before the test, stay relaxed and maintain a good state of mind. Don't panic or have a nervous breakdown before a check-up.
  • Don't be too shy, it will cause you to miss out on many opportunities. When you have a question, feel free to ask your teacher.
  • Don't keep your ideas to yourself, share them with others.


  • Be patient, your grades won't improve overnight.
  • Don't overwork yourself.
  • Remember that for many teachers, your effort is as important as your grades.

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