How to become a famous kid: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to become a famous kid: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to become a famous kid: 12 steps (with pictures)

Some children become celebrities because they have popular parents. Luckily, there are other ways to get famous! If you are ambitious, talented and smart, know that there are ways you can use these skills to become a celebrity too.


Part 1 of 2: Do what you love

Become Famous As a Child Step 1

Step 1. Enter a contest

It’s one of the best ways people can reach fame. There are beauty contests, dance contests, writing contests, and more. Enter competitions that will allow you to showcase your talents.

  • Familiarize yourself with the most valued competitions in your field. Some competitions are simply a way for promoters to make money. If you enter a competition of little value to professionals in your field, then you will not become popular.
  • Always give your best during a competition. Even when you feel like the competition you are entering is not of great value, give your best, because it will be a great practice for you for the next few times.
  • Even if you don't come out on top, never stop trying. The nature of the competition that took place on that day and the personality of the jury are all things that can influence the end result of any competition.
Become Famous As a Child Step 2

Step 2. Try to appear on a reality show

Shows like The Voice Kids, Star Academy or other well-attended contests are great bridges to stardom. The hearings of these programs are held throughout the national territory.

  • Remember that the competition is very tough during these contests. You will literally face thousands of other kids your age who have only one dream, to become famous.
  • As if that were not enough, during these competitions, the members of the jury can be very hard on the participants. Prepare to be ridiculed no matter how talented you are.
Become Famous As a Child Step 3

Step 3. Find an agent

Consult professional magazines and newspapers, such as Télé 7 jours. This kind of magazine often lists the names of the biggest talent agencies in France. Go through the list, find agencies that represent famous children, then contact them to ask that they represent you too.

  • Keep in mind that no real agent will sign you without the approval of your parents, if you are under the age of majority. Never follow the guidance of an agent without first seeking the advice of an adult and responsible person.
  • Always be honest when introducing yourself to potential agents. No agent will sign you if you don't look the same as your picture.
  • If you are still a minor, do not lie about your age in any way.
Become Famous As a Child Step 4

Step 4. Be prepared to spend the money

It takes money to pay the cost of participating in any contest. You will need to have the best possible equipment for your talent or your sporting discipline, which could be expensive. You will have to dress well and present yourself in the best light. You may have the opportunity to save money by learning to do certain things on your own, like making your own wetsuits or shopping at thrift stores, but know that there are inevitable expenses that you have to do. if you want to become popular.

  • Chat with people who might be willing to help you financially.
  • Research scholarship opportunities in your area of ​​interest.
  • Consider the possibility of using a crowdfunding site like Ulule to help you raise money to complete your project.
Become Famous As a Child Step 5

Step 5. Go to the scene of the action

It would be easier for you to become a popular singer if you already live in Paris, just as it would be easy for you to enter the world of reality TV. Likewise, if you live in an area where there are other celebrities already, you won't have much trouble becoming this popular.

  • Use your connections. Share your talent with everyone you know and consider the different suggestions you will be given to meet other people.
  • Participate in events that concern your area of ​​expertise or that relate to your talent, even if you are not performing.
  • Encourage other young people who, like you, have dreams of becoming famous. You never know, one of these people might come to your aid in the end.
Become Famous As a Child Step 6

Step 6. Get to know your community

If you really want to become famous, you will need to know everything you can about your field. Find the celebrities in this area and follow their news closely. Are you able to imitate them or improve yourself based on what they do? What did these celebrities do during their childhood? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Follow your role models on social media. Find out more about what they do and where they go. Also find out about their daily habits, both personally and professionally.
  • If you pay attention, you will surely notice that no one is perfect and that even the most famous people you know make mistakes. Learn from their mistakes and do your best not to repeat them.
Become Famous As a Child Step 7

Step 7. Be Persistent

Anyone can become famous, but the majority of people are not. This is not always because they are devoid of talent, but they simply felt that there are things in their lives that are worth more than fame. If you really want to become popular, then you will have to be persistent.

  • If one agency rejects you, just move on to the next one.
  • Most people lose more competitions than they win. So keep participating in contests and your chances of winning will increase tenfold.
  • Don't get distracted. If you're really concerned about your future career and the ambition to become popular, you don't have time to get involved in petty quarrels between siblings, classmates, or neighbors. Always be focused and your chances of success will increase.

Part 2 of 2: Do something amazing

Become Famous As a Child Step 8

Step 1. Brainstorm to gather ideas

Take a trip to YouTube and check out the most viewed videos or the channels with the most subscriptions. It will be an opportunity for you to see what other children are doing. At the same time, you will have ideas on things you could do.

  • Look for things in the video that you can do better than the children.
  • Think about it and ask yourself if you can make changes to the works done by other people, to make them better or more incredible.
  • Chat with relatives and friends to find ideas. Maybe you could do something with them. After all, even the most famous singer has backing vocalists and a band to help him out. You don't have to do it all alone.
Become Famous As a Child Step 9

Step 2. Make a video

You need to record videos to show the audience what you have done. For this you will need to have a camera. After that, you will have to learn how to record a video, edit it and then make it available on the Internet. Make sure the video you take has pristine sound quality. If not, then consider including background sound.

  • One video might be enough, but you might also need to make several.
  • Make your video interesting by adding nice special effects (like volume animation).
  • If your video doesn't captivate you, then it won't interest others either. Try to be friendly, funny and entertaining.
  • Don't break the law to get your point across or your video will be outright censored on social media.
Become Famous As a Child Step 10

Step 3. Promote yourself

Create a video channel or a website and get active on social networks. Do not limit yourself exclusively to the most famous social networks, but also take an interest in the new trendy platforms.

  • Do not post your address, phone number, or other contact information that may help people locate you on these sites. This is not only risky, but you will also sound like someone unpopular.
  • Make sure that everything about you on the Internet matches the self-image you want to promote. For example, if your goal is to become popular by doing gymnastics, make sure people see you doing a lot of exercises, and not getting drunk at a party.
  • Searching for other people on social media. Twitter is a great way to promote yourself directly to other celebrities. However, do not overuse it, otherwise you will become embarrassing. It's kind of a fine line between promotion and spam.
Become Famous As a Child Step 11

Step 4. Prepare for the fame to disappear

There is a well-known quote from artist Andy Warhol who said, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. "Fame isn't always something that lasts. It can only last 1 or 2 days or even several weeks and even more.

  • Learn about the lives of other celebrities. What do they do when they are not as popular as they once were? Find the stars who are living a life that looks good to you.
  • You might understand that being famous is not easy. It may be a good thing to show constant attention, but it can be exhausting. Depending on what kind of celebrity you are, you will have several different constraints in your activities, in what you do and in the way you present yourself. As soon as the popularity wears off, you won't have to worry too much about these things.
Become Famous As a Child Step 12

Step 5. Talk to your loved ones

If you become a celebrity, it will have an impact on your family. You have to make sure that you will continue to have the support of those close to you. Being part of your family is something that will always last longer than being famous. This applies to the biggest celebrities and you won't be the exception.

  • Maybe your loved ones can help you by giving you ideas. They might notice your talents and skills and help you find the best ways to promote them.
  • If you need help with buying things or with transportation, your parents may be able to help.
  • Your parents may have to sign certain documents for you, if you are still a minor. It would be good to inform them of everything beforehand. This will save you having to explain things to them at the last minute.


  • Don't be fooled by a pervert or a crook. Child pornography is a big industry, but it is illegal and will not make you famous.
  • Never choose a manager or agent without consulting your parents. Also, don't go to performances or auditions without their permission.
  • Remember that once something is uploaded, it is accessible to everyone and forever. Don't post things that will embarrass you when you get older.

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