How to flirt (for teens): 14 steps (with pictures)

How to flirt (for teens): 14 steps (with pictures)
How to flirt (for teens): 14 steps (with pictures)

If you want the person you love to be interested in you, know that flirting is very important! So flirt with her in the best way … Flirting is a bit like an art whose basic elements are trust and dialogue.


Part 1 of 3: Flirting Through Dialogue

Flirt (for Teens) Step 1

Step 1. Choose a topic for discussion

If you want to flirt with someone, you have to talk to them! Find a good topic to start a conversation.

  • The opening topic of the conversation should not be something too trivial or a cliché so as not to make the person laugh too much. You could give him some chewing gum, for example.
  • The best topics to start this kind of discussion are natural and of general interest. For example, you can make a comment or ask a question about a school assignment or a movie, this will allow you to have a dialogue. Say something like, “Hi! What do you think of math homework? I think it was very difficult”, or:“have you ever watched movie X? I really want to watch it”. The goal is to break the ice and start a discussion.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 2

Step 2. Compliment the person

Flirting should be positive and make the person feel proud of themselves. You could say, “hi! I love your t-shirt! Where did you buy it ? "Or:" how do you manage to always pass the tests so well? Tell me your secrets”.

  • People will want to be by your side if you give them positive, but sincere compliments often. So pick something you really like about the person and let them know! Don't overdo it, otherwise it will ring wrong.
  • A compliment can also work as an icebreaker. A compliment takes the other person out of their comfort zone and is likely to make them more open to you.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 3

Step 3. Join the conversation

Try not to let the other person talk to themselves. Discussion can be very enjoyable if done well.

  • Do not allow silence to dominate the conversation, as it could be awkward and uncomfortable for both of you. Ask questions if all else fails. "How do you think the football team will play tonight?" Or: "did you hear X's new song"?
  • When you converse, try to focus on common interests. Maybe you like the same music group or have groups of mutual friends. Stay positive and don't talk badly about other people! Asks a question about something the other likes or does.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 4

Step 4. Tease the person

Do this appropriately. Provocations that hurt feelings will keep him away from you.

  • Jokes are a way to communicate your interest to the person. You could say something like "You tried to play football!" Well done ! You have courage. I am surprised that you went as far as the test”.
  • Be funny. Humor appeals to most people if it is done in a gentle way and doesn't affect their sensitivity. Be very careful about making jokes about a teenager's height or appearance because what you think he would like he might not like. Humor is a very sensitive subject.

Part 2 of 3: Flirting Through Body Language

Flirt (for Teens) Step 5

Step 1. Be yourself

Although this is a cliché, this requirement is essential when you are flirting. Impersonating someone you are not is unattractive.

  • Think about it: if you put on airs and pretend to be a different person than you really are, and the flirtation results in a relationship, the other will realize after that you're not the same person, and that you have changed your true personality in the hope of seducing her.
  • If that person isn't attracted to who you really are, they aren't worth your time and effort.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 6

Step 2. Make eye contact

Body language is a big part of flirting, and eye contact is an important expression of body language. Eye contact promotes intimacy and shows interest in the person.

  • You will appear disinterested or even pretentious if you don't make any eye contact at all or you will appear extremely shy. Take a look at his lips then look away.
  • Don't stare at her for long. It can be scary. Make eye contact once in a while. Briefly meet her gaze, smile elegantly, then look away. Then start again.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 7

Step 3. Smile at the person

Smiling is an important part of flirting. Smiling lets people know that you are positive and warm towards them.

  • Don't smile too much, it might look fake, just like eye contact. It is important to smile naturally.
  • People like to be around people who seem to be happy and who make them feel good in the world and with themselves. Confidence is contagious, and a great way to project confidence is to smile.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 8

Step 4. Use open body language

Body language experts say there is closed body language and open body language. To flirt, you have to communicate with open body language.

  • Open body language is noted when the palms of the hands are facing upwards, the arms and legs are not crossed and one moves slightly in each other's space, for example by leaning forward and smiling.
  • Closed body language can be recognized when the feet are not facing the person, the arms are crossed over the chest, one does not smile and the body moves away from the other. While communicating with open body language, you can gauge whether the person likes you or is receptive to your flirtation by studying their own body language.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 9

Step 5. Always touch her (or her) lightly

It can be embarrassing, it's true. However, if you chat for a long time and get along well, try a gentle touch while being playful or trying to chase something imaginary on his cheek.

  • Touch one of her elbows when you talk about her, or gently look at one of her hair the wind is trying to blow away.
  • Watch his reaction. If he (or she) pulls away from you, crosses his arms, finds an excuse to start by writing a message, etc., stop flirting (or stop flirting so "hard", you may be putting a lot of pressure on him).

Part 3 of 3: Flirt in Other Ways

Flirt (for Teens) Step 10

Step 1. Flirt subtly

The best flirtation is subtle. This means that you are communicating interest to the other without doing so openly. It is also an art.

  • This means that open-ended activities such as sex chats are not a good idea. On the one hand, it can be prohibited and against school rules. On the other hand, it is very unlikely that you will get the type of interest that you are looking for.
  • A better way to flirt is to just talk to each other candidly about things that you have a similar interest in. Avoid talking about sex. Even if you are no longer young, this is not a good thing!
Flirt (for Teens) Step 11

Step 2. Flirt through messages or on social media

This does not mean that you should send equivocal texts or messages related to sex. Don't do these things. It's unattractive and could get you in big trouble.

  • Flirting through messages or on social media just means that you are showing interest and offering positive feedback. You can send him a comment on a homework assignment, for example. Be relaxed. Stay very positive on social media by posting status updates that focus on the activities you do. It will make her want to be part of your exciting life!
  • You can like one of her photos on Facebook, retweet one of her tweets, or post them on Snapchat. It's the internet equivalent of getting close to a person and saying hello. You could use emoticons to indicate your interest in certain things.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 12

Step 3. Be a good listener

People love to talk about themselves, let's face it. You will attract his interest by sometimes knowing how to listen to him and by being a support.

  • Ask questions when chatting to let her know you're really listening. Offer positive feedback as well.
  • If the person is having a hard time, lean towards them a little or touch their shoulder to show your affection and concern. Don't just talk about yourself.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 13

Step 4. Wear red

Research has shown that people, especially boys, are naturally drawn to red, sometimes even without realizing it.

  • Likewise, if you're a girl, you could wear a lip gloss that some find attractive or dangling earrings to highlight a long neck. Spread perfume or cologne around your neck.
  • Avoid dark colors that appear dull and depressing. Wear bright, fun colors and softer makeup that is synonymous with romance like pink, light blue, etc.
Flirt (for Teens) Step 14

Step 5. Make him want to know you better

If your flirting session is going really well, you probably wouldn't want it to end (especially if you like the person), but you run the risk of getting boring if you keep going.

  • Avoid the "friendship zone". Sometimes being friends with someone is likely to lead you to a situation where you will be considered a best friend and there is nothing less sexy than that.
  • Avoid being too available by giving too much of your time, energy and attention or by trying too hard. If you're used to seeing each other in the same place at lunchtime, make an effort not to go there once in a while. You will thus make him want to see you.


  • Be in good posture and give the appearance of a strong and protective person.
  • Do not rush so as not to frighten the person.
  • Keep in touch with him (or her).
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Don't be too aggressive.
  • Be patient. Let fate do its magic.

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