4 ways to prank

4 ways to prank
4 ways to prank

Do you want to have fun? Playing harmless pranks is a great way to have a good laugh with your friends. This article will show you how to choose a good prank for a laugh without creating a problem.


Method 1 of 3: Make easy pranks

Play a Prank Step 1

Step 1. Change the language settings of a friend or colleague

Go to his Facebook account, phone or computer and change all of his settings to a language he doesn't speak like Latin, Spanish or German.

Play a Prank Step 2

Step 2. Set some common words to autocorrect mode

When your friend tries to type a word, it will automatically be misspelled. You can also do this with his phone so that when he tries to text he comes across some really weird and very funny words.

Play a Prank Step 3

Step 3. Brush the tips of her pens with clear varnish

Play this joke on your coworkers or family members. The ink will not be able to flow and no one will be able to write anything.

Play a Prank Step 4

Step 4. Put clear nail polish on soap

Leave it in the shower or by the sink so you can watch the show. The soap will not lather and your victims will not be able to wash their hands and have no idea why the soap is not working.

Play a Prank Step 5

Step 5. Say that raisin cookies are actually chocolate

Bring a large basket of raisin cookies and say they are chocolate. Watch everyone get frustrated when they take a bite out of it.

Play a Prank Step 6

Step 6. Fill a mayonnaise jar with pastry cream

Wait until someone makes themselves a sandwich (or be very helpful and make them a sandwich). If not, you can suggest it to friends and start serving yourself.

Play a Prank Step 7

Step 7. Swap the salt and sugar

Put the sugar in the salt shaker and put the salt in the sugar jar (or even in the bag of sugar).

Method 2 of 3: Make more elaborate pranks

Play a Prank Step 8

Step 1. Place a piece of tape under a friend or colleague's computer mouse

The mouse will not connect to the screen and that will drive it crazy. If you want to laugh out loud, put a funny picture under the mouse so he knows where it's coming from.

Play a Prank Step 9

Step 2. Put yellow food coloring in the toilet tank

The latter refills the toilet bowl when flushing. Every time someone does, they will feel like the toilet is broken.

Play a Prank Step 10

Step 3. Make a bottomless box

Cut out the bottoms of all the cereal boxes in the house and leave them on the shelf until a hungry victim grabs them.

Play a Prank Step 11

Step 4. Block someone at the door with an egg

When a friend or family member has their arms full, tell them you want to have an experiment. Tell him to hold the door in order to hold an egg. Then leave, leaving it standing there, unable to leave without dropping the egg.

Play a Prank Step 12

Step 5. Fill a deodorant canister with cottage cheese

Remove the deodorant stick and replace it with cottage cheese.

Method 3 of 3: Make difficult pranks

Play a Prank Step 13

Step 1. Cover a door jamb with plastic wrap

You should only cover the top of the doorframe, otherwise your victim's feet will hit the plastic wrap and not their head. You also need to stretch the film, otherwise she will see it. Ask a friend to help you.

Play a Prank Step 14

Step 2. Cover an egg with chocolate

Take a real egg and cover it with melted chocolate. Let it dry. Wrap it in colorful shiny paper, like a chocolate egg. Give it to someone you love.

Play a Prank Step 15

Step 3. Change the refrigerator handle

If you have one that allows you to change its handle, take a screwdriver and unscrew the handle. Put it on the other side of the refrigerator and screw it on. People will try to open the refrigerator and will be very frustrated when they cannot.

Play a Prank Step 16

Step 4. Fill a dozen cream cakes with mayonnaise

Get a dozen cream cakes and fill them with mayonnaise. Bring them to work and leave them in the break room anonymously.

Play a Prank Step 17

Step 5. Reset all the clocks in the house

You must have access to your victim's phone and their computer, otherwise, they will quickly find out about the deception. Set back or advance all clocks a few hours.

Play a Prank Step 18

Step 6. Wrap a car in plastic wrap

Take plastic wrap and wrap your victim's car so they can't get in without having to cut it up. You will need a lot of plastic wrap.


  • It is important to hide in a place where you cannot be seen.
  • Make sure the stuffing is aimed at the right person!
  • Always make sure the person you're pranking isn't too upset.
  • Remember to read the instructions carefully before you start.
  • Keep a serious look when preparing a prank. If you start to laugh, your victim will know something is going on! Here are a few tips to stay serious: Squeeze your toes as tight as you can, bite your tongue (not to the point of bleeding), or bite the inside of your cheeks.
  • If you want to play pranks on your parents, make sure they're in a good mood. If they're strict, don't.
  • Put brown plasticine on the floor: it will look like poop. Make sure it's not actually poop.
  • If someone asks you to pass them the sugar, give them the salt instead.
  • When your parents get home, jump on them and watch them freak out.
  • A harmless prank can cause your victim to defend themselves.


  • Don't mess with the wrong person. If you think someone is in a bad mood and you play a joke on them, they won't react well.
  • Do not prank the road, it is dangerous and can put lives in danger.
  • If you know people who really get angry with pranks, don't get them.
  • Don't play pranks too often. Let your victims believe they are safe.
  • Avoid pranks that hurt others. They are not funny (especially for the victim) and could cause you problems!

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