4 ways to have fun without a computer

4 ways to have fun without a computer
4 ways to have fun without a computer

Is your internet connection down and you're devastated? Maybe you want to wean yourself off your computer and learn to live in the real world? Don't be afraid: we have lived for thousands of years without the Internet. Get back to basics to have a good time.


Method 1 of 4: Have fun at home

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 1

Step 1. Listen to music

New music is a great way to fill boredom, so you should try new genres.

  • Borrow music from a loved one. Turn on the radio. Use online streaming services to listen to random music you've never heard before, or ask friends what music they might recommend you to listen to.
  • You can create a playlist with your favorite tracks or use an iPod or portable MP3 player.

Step 2. Use your vintage devices

Instead of always being glued to your phone or computer, think about what gadgets you have.

  • You can have fun with a Gameboy, a Nintendo DS, DSi, 3DS, a walkman, an old tablet, an MP # player, an e-reader, an iPod and even a phone not connected to the Internet.
  • If you don't have a portable console, tell your friends, they might lend you one!
Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 2

Step 3. Read a book

Find a book, newspaper or magazine. Take the time to learn more about the world or get acquainted with some famous characters from literature. It may take a little while to get into the story, but when you get to the heart of the book, you won't be able to close it.

  • Consider always taking a book with you, wherever you are.
  • List the books you would like to read.
  • If you can go to the library, you will find enough quality books there. If you don't know what to read, ask the librarian or friends for suggestions!
  • Create a book club with your friends!
Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 3

Step 4. Kitchen

This may be the opportunity to cook a variety of dishes that will keep you busy, if you have the time. Consider a dish that keeps and can be enjoyed without needing to be reheated, such as hummus, pesto or cookies.

  • Ask your parents for permission, if you are using their kitchen.
  • Do not cook unattended, unless you already know how to properly prepare a meal and know the safety guidelines.
  • You can also try making a flan or pickled vegetables.
Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 4

Step 5. Play sports

Sport is good for your mental and physical health. You can try weight training. You can just run around the neighborhood, do sit-ups and push-ups if you don't have a weight lifting or aren't signed up for a gym.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 5

Step 6. Watch TV or play video games

Set new, more difficult goals if you've been around your video games. Watch a show you've never seen or a movie classic you've always wanted to see, if you're watching TV.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 6

Step 7. Play with your pet

The animals are generally quite sociable. This will be good both for his health and also for the bond that the two of you have. Go after him and play brawl with him. Do speed races together or take him for a walk. Try to build a maze or give it a good chew toy if the animal is smaller.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 7

Step 8. Do the housework

Cleaning can seem boring, but you have to do it. You might get more fun out of it when you make it into a game. Stopwatch yourself to see how fast you can clean your room. Put on some music to stay motivated. You could even carry light weights and a pedometer to make this chore a workout.

Think about tidying up. Find an old pile of things you don't use anymore or a closet so full you can't open it and put it away. Set aside anything you no longer need to donate to charity later. You will be able to help needy people if you know how to do it, you will find forgotten items and you will do something useful with an unused item

Method 2 of 4: Play games

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 8

Step 1. Learn to juggle

Pick up three apples, three pears, three balls, or anything you can juggle. Go to four balls when you master the art of juggling three. Perform new tricks by throwing a ball behind your back or under your leg.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 9

Step 2. Play board games

Board games are a good opportunity to bond with others. People who are successful at games like chess and the game of Go are generally considered to be very intelligent. Mastering this kind of game can be a very useful skill. The board games market is booming, you can always find a new one.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 10

Step 3. Play cards

A pack of cards can give rise to endless games. You can play bridge, blackjack or poker.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 11

Step 4. Play solitaire

Solitaire is unique in that it is one of the few games you can play on your own. All you need is a deck of cards and understand the rules.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 12

Step 5. Play outside

You can play hide and seek, ball, jump rope, blind man's throw or whatever. It's a great way to make friends, keep fit, and hone your athletic skills.

  • Try something else if your games are boring you. Consider adapting a game you play often. If you like to play hide and seek, try to turn the tables by asking the others to look for a buddy. The winner is whoever finds it first.
  • Try to draw with a piece of chalk. Admire the result.

Method 3 of 4: Have fun outdoors

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 13

Step 1. Go for a walk

If there is a nice trail or a hill with a view nearby, this would be a good opportunity to clear your head and do some sport. Try to find a place you've never been. If there isn't a place with a nice vantage point around, try walking around an interesting neighborhood that you don't know.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 14

Step 2. Go for a picnic

Prepare a quick meal in a basket, with sandwiches and cold drinks, for example, and eat it in a park or by a river. It will be even more fun playing it with friends or family.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 15

Step 3. Go for a bike ride

Biking is a great activity, and it can also make you go faster than on foot. Take this opportunity to explore a place you've never been to.

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 16

Step 4. Consider traveling

Going to places you've never been is a great opportunity to learn about a country's history, people, and culture. You could go with a backpack to save money. If a trip abroad isn't in your budget, consider visiting a nearby town that you don't know.

Method 4 of 4: tickle your artistic streak

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Step 1. Write

You could write a story, a poem or a journal. Try to practice writing and expressing your feelings. You can consider a bigger task if you have a lot of time, like writing a novel. You will not be able to stop when you are immersed in this activity.

  • Think about the characters if you are writing a story, imagine what makes them different and makes them unique. Why are they acting this way? What problem do they have to solve? This is your plot. Focus on what's conflicting about their personality and how they're going to solve the problem.
  • Start by writing freely if you want to write a poem. Just put on paper how you feel. Read it aloud to see what it looks like.
  • Try the pastiches if you can't find your own characters. We sometimes like to use characters from famous films, books and comics to invent other adventures for them. You can share their adventures later, when you have a computer again, or just keep them to yourself.
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Step 2. Write a song

Try the guitar or the piano. When you've come up with some pretty melodies, put them together to make a song. Write the lyrics to the song and practice singing them if you don't know how to play a musical instrument.

There are many electronic devices available today to record your music. You could even add special effects to your songs. When you are connected to the Internet again, you will be able to send your music online

Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 19

Step 3. Draw

Studies have shown that drawing is a very effective way to overcome boredom. Practice by learning to shade a design or draw in perspective to improve your artistic skills. Many artists improve their skills by copying master paintings, which means they can analyze and recreate other works of art.

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Step 4. Write a letter

Writing letters seems to be a bit old fashioned, yet we always appreciate having a real letter in hand. You can often keep a letter a lifetime, in memory of a relationship. The letter does not have to be too formal or perfectly written. Just write down what is meaningful to you and what your correspondent wants to remember.

  • You can write a letter to friends or family.
  • Mail it or leave it somewhere the person can find it, in their room or in their locker room, for example.
  • Don't write anything too intimate that can't be read by just anyone.
Entertain Yourself Without a Computer Step 21

Step 5. Try the crafts

Look around to find what you could use for artistic purposes or to make a useful object for the house. You can make a photo frame with pictures and glue to give to someone you love. You can make a walking stick with wood and a kitchen knife.

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