5 ways to drop an egg without breaking it

5 ways to drop an egg without breaking it
5 ways to drop an egg without breaking it

The falling egg experiment is often used in science class, but it can be quite intimidating if you've never passed it. To drop an egg without breaking it, you must find a way to reduce the force of the impact and its effects on the delicate shell of the egg.


Method 1 of 5: Use the nylon stocking method

Step 1. Obtain a pair of nylon stockings, two rubber bands, a stapler and a box

Ask an adult to give you an old pair of nylons. Buy a pair if necessary. You can use an old pair, but you need to make sure they are still elastic enough. You will take advantage of the elasticity of the stockings so that the shock is absorbed by the stockings and not by the eggshell.

  • Do not use low yarns. If the stockings are threading when you cut them, they will be too brittle to protect the egg.
  • You can choose any size you want as long as it is no larger than the stockings.

Step 2. Cut out one of the legs from the stockings

The piece you cut should be long enough to stretch the entire length of the box. It can also be longer, as you will be using the protruding length to hold the stocking in place.

Step 3. Secure the egg

Put the egg at the bottom. Put a rubber band on each side and double it until it is tight enough. The egg must not be able to move. If you shake the bottom, the egg should not move inside.

If you can't find elastic bands, you can tie a knot on each side of the bottom

Step 4. Install the different parts

Stretch the bottom across the length of the box. Stretch it diagonally from corner to corner so that the egg floats in the middle of the box. Use a staple gun and chatterton to hold the stocking in place.

Step 5. Test the device

Shake the box. The egg should not hit the bottom of the box, even if you shake it. It should not move inside the bottom. If the bottom is too loose, pull on it a bit more and staple it.

Method 2 of 5: Parachute the egg safely

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 1

Step 1. Design the object that the egg will land on

You can use whatever material you want, as long as it is large enough to accommodate the egg and absorbent material. Also take weight into account. If this object is too heavy, there is a good chance that the parachute will not work!

For example, you could use two plastic cups. One of the glasses can serve as the base while the other, upside down on top of the first, becomes the lid. Hold the two glasses in place with duct tape

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 2

Step 2. Make sure the egg does not move inside the glass

You need to absorb the shock to prevent the egg from hitting the glass as it descends. You can use materials that are commonly used to wrap fragile items, such as bubble wrap or polystyrene beads. If you don't have one on hand, you can always crumple newspaper and use it instead.

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 3

Step 3. Prepare the parachute

One of the easiest materials to use is a plastic bag. Secure a large plastic bag over the two glasses with tape or staples. Make sure the handles are near the edges of the top glass so that enough air can flow into the pocket as the egg falls.

  • The theory that explains how the device works is as follows: the parachute slows down the speed of the falling object. Reduced speed means that the force of the impact will be less.
  • When you drop the egg, make sure the side you attached the parachute to is up. This will allow air to inflate the pouch and open it, which in turn will reduce the rate of descent of the egg.

Method 3 of 5: Ballast the container

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 4

Step 1. Place a stone in a styrofoam glass

The stone must be heavier than the egg. You do this to try and control which side of the container will touch the ground first. This way, the bottom of the container will be able to absorb the most impact while the egg stays secure on top of the container.

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 5

Step 2. Place six more Styrofoam cups inside the first one

Put these glasses in the initial glass where the stone is located as if to stack them. Then put the egg in the top glass. This prevents the egg from hitting the stone during the fall. Place a last glass on top to prevent the egg from moving.

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 6

Step 3. Hold the glasses together with masking tape

Put duct tape on the sides of the glasses to prevent them from separating from each other during the fall. Styrofoam glasses should help cushion the fall.

Method 4 of 5: Build a cushion with puffed rice

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 7

Step 1. Fill a resealable bag with puffed rice

Put the egg in the bag and fill it with puffed rice. Make sure the egg is in the center of the pouch filled with puffed rice so that the rice can protect the egg. It is better to use puffed rice rather than other types of cereal, because puffed rice is filled with air. This helps to better cushion the fall of the egg.

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 8

Step 2. Fill three more bags with puffed rice

Do not put eggs in these bags. These additional bags will better cushion the fall of the egg.

Drop an Egg Without It Breaking Step 9

Step 3. Place the four bags in a larger resealable bag

Make sure that the bag that contains the egg is in the middle of the other bags and that the other bags are tight on each side. Secure them in place around the bag with the egg using duct tape so they cannot move. Once again, your goal is to protect the egg to lessen the impact with the ground.

Method 5 of 5: Protect the egg with plastic

Step 1. Use bubble wrap

Obtain a roll of bubble wrap. It would be best to use bubble wrap with large bubbles. Wrap it around the egg and secure it in place with duct tape (unless it is against the rules of the contest you are entering). Roll the bubble wrap into a tube. Seal the tube with duct tape. Shake it to make sure the egg doesn't move.

Step 2. Use straws

Put the egg in a paper cup and wrap duct tape around it so that the egg cannot fall out. Obtain six straws. Place three straws on the floor in the shape of a triangle. Take a straw and connect it with glue between two straws in one corner of the triangle. Repeat the same with the remaining straws and corners to have three straws standing at each corner of the triangle.

  • Glue each of these straws with glue and duct tape to make a 3-D triangle.
  • Hang your cup in the center of the triangle with rubber bands. You may need to cut, tie, or glue the rubber bands to hold the egg together.
  • Test your build by shaking it. If the egg moves or the straws break, add more tape.

Step 3. Secure the egg with bags

Just like the method with puffed rice, use bags to secure the egg drop. Instead of puffed rice, fill bags with crumpled newspaper. The newsprint you choose should be fresh, not worn and soft.

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