3 ways to look older if you're a teenager

3 ways to look older if you're a teenager
3 ways to look older if you're a teenager

Are you tired of being mistaken for a brother or sister younger than you? You can appear to be older and more mature than you really are. All you need to do is focus on the way you dress and hold yourself and you will be thought to be older.


Method 1 of 3: Wear the right clothes

Look Older As a Teen Step 1

Step 1. Ditch the teen outfits

Clothes are things that allow others to judge us. People's opinion is dependent on what we wear. Stop dressing like a teenager if you want to look older than your age. Start by shopping in the adult clothing department. Ignore the teen department and choose the one intended for adults instead. The teenage department tends to offer thin, inexpensive clothes with semi-sheer fabrics, which make you look younger. Instead, choose better quality clothes instead of those cheap garbage.

  • Girls should avoid teenage trends like pleated tops and skirts, and patent buckle shoes.
  • Avoid overly sporty style. Sweatpants, basketball shorts and caps, and casual pants make you look scruffy and nonchalant. These are also fairly common styles among teens.
Look Older As a Teen Step 2

Step 2. Wear clothes that fit

Swap loose clothes for more figure-flattering outfits. You are not going to put on outfits in which you disappear and which erase your figure. It may seem unattractive and sloppy. You shouldn't wear tight clothes either. Clothing that is too tight can make you look too young and immature.

  • Choose your shirts by measuring the width of your shoulders, if you are a boy. The shirt is too big and won't do, if the seams are beyond your shoulder width.
  • Choose clothes that hug your curves (without revealing them) if you're a girl. Wear an A-line skirt that will look away from your hips which are too thin to give the impression of fuller volume. Choose scooped and V-shaped necklines. Shop for jackets and sweaters that match your figure.
Look Older As a Teen Step 3

Step 3. Do not wear a printed t-shirt

One of the signs of your youth is wearing a t-shirt printed with a logo or a funny quote. It also includes t-shirts with the effigy of a music group, a brand of clothing and acronyms. Ditch the t-shirt altogether if you want to look older.

  • Try to wear plain or striped shirts if you are a boy. Choose bright colors like pink or pale yellow, red or orange. A more mature outfit doesn't mean you should choose depressing colors.
  • Shirts and polo shirts are good men's choices for a change from teeshirts.
  • Girls should choose t-shirts or tops that are a little more sophisticated. Try plain tunics in bright colors or with patterns. You should however avoid the neon and fluorescent colors.
Look Older As a Teen Step 4

Step 4. Wear quality jeans

Jeans are a timeless classic in any wardrobe. However, you should consider what kind of jeans you wear if you want to look older. Buy good quality models in flattering fits. Make sure they are neither low waisted nor too high waisted.

  • Buy straight-cut jeans if you're a boy. Choose flare-down or skin-tight styles if you're a girl. You should still make sure you don't get too pouty if you're wearing skinny jeans.
  • Swap your faded or ripped jeans for dark, solid styles. Do not buy jeans with rhinestones or other decorations.
Look Older As a Teen Step 5

Step 5. Wear the correct footwear

Put the finishing touches on a more mature outfit by wearing the right shoes. Do not wear sneakers or sneakers. Do not wear too showy models either. Don't wear heels that are too high or too sophisticated if you are a girl. Regardless of your gender, never wear flip flops. Instead, try to wear more classic shoes.

  • Wears boots. Black boots go with almost any outfit. Brown lace-up boots are also a great choice for your outfits. Shoes and ankle boots can also do the trick if you don't want to wear boots. Patent leather shoes make you look more mature.
  • Wear pumps if you're a girl. Make sure the heels aren't too high. Wear quality ballet flats if you don't like heels. Sandals look great in summer.
Look Older As a Teen Step 6

Step 6. Dress well

Another way to look older is to dress well. Look impeccably and professionally. It allows people to no longer think of you as a teenager.

  • Wear canvas or pleated pants if you're a boy. Pair them with a tucked-in polo shirt or a classic shirt. Wear a nice leather belt and dress shoes. You don't have to wear a tie, but it will give you more maturity.
  • Wear dresses that fall to the knee and with necklines that aren't too low-cut if you're a girl. You can also wear a nice blouse and a skirt. Combine your skirt or dress with a cardigan or jacket. Wear classic shoes.
Look Older As a Teen Step 7

Step 7. Get rid of your backpack

Don't wear a backpack when you go out. It will make you too juvenile. Bring a briefcase or briefcase if you are a boy. Go out with a simple clutch or a cute purse-shaped bag if you're a girl.

Method 2 of 3: Look more grown-up

Look Older As a Teen Step 8

Step 1. Get a better haircut

A haircut or hairstyle can make you look much younger. There are several ways to have a more serious haircut. But you can still avoid certain styles so as not to look too young. Do not color your hair in too extreme colors and do not get streaks in garish colors. Avoid overly sweeping haircuts, like an Iroquois crest, a shaved head to one side of the head, or long African curls. Sports a more classic haircut.

  • A boy looks much younger with long, tangled hair. Replace this look with a more structured fit. You can look younger with hair that is spiky, too long, or any style of cut that can make you look immature.
  • Consider a bob, pixie cut, or any other chic cut if you're a girl. Long, straight hair can also give you more maturity. Don't wear tons of hair accessories like headbands, hoops, and scrunchies.
Look Older As a Teen Step 9

Step 2. Grow a beard if you are a boy

It can make you look more mature. A recent study has shown that a beard can make a man look ten years older. If you decide to grow a beard or mustache, make sure it suits you. Some teens don't have enough hair to grow a beard or goatee.

  • Try to maintain your beard or whatever. A poorly groomed beard is very bad taste.
  • Stay rather hairless if your hair is not very thick. You will look even more youthful with hairs that grow irregularly.
Look Older As a Teen Step 10

Step 3. Wear light makeup if you are a girl

A nice makeup will give more maturity to your face. Use a pencil to mark your eyes. Wear neutral colors in gold and brown tones. Do not wear pastel or overly bright makeup. Unify your complexion by wearing a tinted cream or foundation.

  • Wear concealer to correct the skin under your eyes.
  • Do not wear any products aimed at teenage girls like heavy lip gloss, with glitter or candy pink nail polish.
Look Older As a Teen Step 11

Step 4. Cover your acne pimples

Your face will look more mature if you have flawless skin. Use a product to hide acne pimples. Practice good hygiene when treating your skin. Try over-the-counter products to treat your acne, such as treatment creams and skin cleansing lotions.

  • Wash your face twice a day with a cleansing acne lotion. Hydrate your skin with a cream. Use a cream for oily skin, if this is the case at home. If your skin is dry, find a more nourishing cream.
  • You can wear bangs to hide pimples on your forehead if you're a girl, in addition to makeup.
Look Older As a Teen Step 12

Step 5. Be physically active

This will not only help you get rid of your childish curves, but it will also allow you to draw the muscles better, which will definitely help you look older. Boys should focus on exercises that work the upper body to widen the shoulders and strengthen the arms. Girls could target waistline and build chest and glute muscles to accentuate their feminine curves.

Variable intensity exercise is a great way to burn fat quickly, and the use of dumbbells will help build muscle. Join the gym or do push-ups and crunches at home to build muscle

Method 3 of 3: Act with more maturity

Look Older As a Teen Step 13

Step 1. Be confident

Nothing gives more maturity than insurance. Even if your looks, unique personality, or social skills aren't what you want them to be, that shouldn't stop you from improving your self-esteem.

There is a fine line between being sure of yourself and being arrogant or pretentious. Insurance is about being good about yourself, not wanting to appear superior to others. Don't brag too much about what you've done or talk in a condescending tone. It is generally the expression of a certain immaturity

Look Older As a Teen Step 14

Step 2. Change the way you behave

Another characteristic behavior of adolescents is to shuffle their feet. Keep your head up and stand up straight. Learn to walk confidently and improve your posture. Start by straightening your back wherever you are, whether it's walking down the street, sitting, or standing in a line. Correct yourself every time you slouch. It will soon become second nature to you.

A change in attitude goes hand in hand with confidence. Keep your head up and don't stare at the ground. Make eye contact with people when you talk to them

Look Older As a Teen Step 15

Step 3. Develop good social manners

Speak slowly and clearly instead of shouting. Remember to be polite by saying "please" and "thank you". Listen carefully to what you are told. Few things are more indicative of maturity than the ability to listen.

  • When someone brings up a personal anecdote, don't immediately jump into something that concerns you. It gives the impression that you are self-centered and not very interested in other people. You should rather react to what we have just told you and then come out with a personal anecdote that is related to the subject of your interlocutor.
  • Also learn to chat. Hear from others. Talk about the weather. Hear from other people's families. Be polite and keep a light tone with others.
Look Older As a Teen Step 16

Step 4. Don't complain too much

People who complain all the time come across as immature and self-centered. When you get older, you accept that things come and go and that nothing happens for no reason. You're not doing yourself a favor if you keep ruminating on the horrible life you have. It is good to open up to your friends to free yourself from a problem or to get some advice, but your attitude is very childish if you complain all the time about unimportant events.

Look Older As a Teen Step 17

Step 5. Improve your vocabulary

This doesn't mean that you have to use unnecessarily complicated words in everyday discussions, which can make it seem like you're desperately looking for attention. Instead, try to remove words that are too childish that will clearly mark your teenage status. Speak slowly and precisely. Give weight to your words by choosing them carefully.

  • Learn a little more sophisticated vocabulary. You could say, for example, that this idea is “innovative” instead of “new”. Tell someone to be more righteous instead of asking them to be more honest. A more elaborate vocabulary gives you more maturity and intelligence.
  • Don't overuse slang. Avoid saying “it's like” all the time, yelling “Oh firecracker! Or match your sentences with remarks such as, "absolutely", "you know" and other irrelevant interjections. Don't use "awesome" or "guy" too much.
Look Older As a Teen Step 18

Step 6. Defend yourself politely, but firmly

You have the right to tell someone who doesn't respect you to stop this behavior. After all, knowing how to be respected is part of maturity. Be candid and say what you have to say. Don't be too sarcastic or too touchy. Even if you use irony as a joke, it will give you a bad reputation and not achieve the results you are looking for.

  • If, for example, you are interrupted, you should say, “You cut me off, please don't interrupt. "
  • Do not say, for example: "Mash, I do not believe it, there is one here who does not know how to close his mouth! "
  • Know when it's best to give up. Anyone can run into bad sleepers, but you should learn to choose your fights carefully. A vengeful, resentful or malicious attitude will make you look immature.
  • Most of the time, people don't realize when they've got hold of you the wrong way. Respect the feelings of others, either by ignoring their mistakes or by making it clear that they have insulted you.

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