3 ways to have fun while being punished

3 ways to have fun while being punished
3 ways to have fun while being punished

It's not at all fun to be punished by your parents. However, even if you are stuck at home for the duration of your punishment, know that there are several ways you can make the most of your time. Even though your parents confiscated all of your electronic devices, there are still several ways you can be entertained. You have to use your imagination and observe everything around you. If you can find a fun way to occupy your time, you'll eventually find that the punishment seems to go by much faster.


Method 1 of 3: Have fun when your device has been confiscated or seized

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 1

Step 1. Read a book

If your parents saw fit to confiscate all of your electronic devices, know that the best way to be entertained is usually to read a book. Although at first you might find books a lot less exciting than watching television or playing video games, you should know that concentrating on reading a good book is an incredibly interesting experience. If you choose the right book, you will no doubt find that time will pass as if nothing had happened.

  • Laying down on your bed and reading is a relaxing way to overcome the stress of this punishment. At times, it can even allow you to forget that you have been punished.
  • Works of fiction for young adults generally come in the form of series. This can be handy if your punishment is going to last a long time.
Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 2

Step 2. Do something creative

To do something creative, you can paint a picture or write a story. Creative activities can be tedious at times, but the truth is, they're a great way to pass the time. If you have been punished for a period of time, it would be beneficial if you considered doing something creative to keep you occupied until the end of the penalty. In this way, you will succeed in turning a punishment into a superb educational opportunity.

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 3

Step 3. Spend time with your siblings

If you have siblings, then it is important that you know that the company of family members besides that of your parents can be a source of great comfort. Depending on the type of relationship you have with your siblings, there are a number of things you can do together. In some cases, you might even do a number of things with them that you would otherwise be punished for, such as movies and video games. However, it is generally recommended that you just try to chat with them. The conversation itself can be very enjoyable when conducted with the right people.

Board games are a fun and relaxed way to pass the time. However, you will need other people to play with. If you have siblings, you have to try to get them to do a game or two

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 4

Step 4. Try on different outfits

You certainly didn't think your wardrobe was a potential source of entertainment. Nonetheless, you can use the punishment period to determine which sets of clothes match better with others. It will be easier if you already have a mirror in your bedroom. If you are generally the type of person who composes clothes at random, this can be an opportunity for you to learn some fashion skills.

If you are a girl, know that you can try different hairstyles and different types of makeup

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 5

Step 5. Rearrange your bedroom

At first glance, redesigning your bedroom may seem overwhelming, but it can turn into a form of creative expression if you really get into it. Moving furniture around or re-decorating your bulletin board can have a big effect on the mood in your bedroom. You might have a hard time stopping when you start the redevelopment!

Method 2 of 3: Have fun with electronic devices

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 6

Step 1. Browse the internet

Surfing the internet takes a long time without you realizing it. In fact, the internet has a virtually unlimited flow of information, and you can try Google by researching anything you find interesting, reading a lot of wikiHow, or doing a Wikipedia data hunt. In case you just want time to go faster, know that there are specialty sites like Buzzfeed that have some pretty fun distractions. The possibilities offered by the internet are limitless and any curiosity can be satisfied, as long as there is a working connection.

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 7

Step 2. Watch a good TV show

There is nothing more interesting and faster than a good TV series. The series offered by some channels are generally of cinematographic quality and can keep you busy for several hours. You can follow a series on your computer or via Netflix. Besides, it is recommended to do it in your bedroom where it will be private, because things could go wrong if your parents catch you watching TV.

Movies are also recommended, but since you certainly have plenty of time, that means you have a perfect opportunity to catch up on longer series

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 8

Step 3. Play a video game

Video games are very entertaining. For example, if you have a console at home, chances are you've already done everything you can to turn it on and start playing. If the punishment that has been inflicted on you does not allow you to go see your friends, then know that video games are a great way to pass the time. In addition, you have the possibility to play a multiplayer game and also interact with your friends.

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 9

Step 4. Exchange text messages with your friends

If you were to normally go out and hang out with your friends, it would definitely be weird and awkward to be apart from them for a while. If by chance your phone was not confiscated by your parents, know that you still have the possibility to stay in contact with them by phone. Let your friends know about the situation and ask them to keep you constantly up to date with what's going on outside.

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 10

Step 5. Make plans with friends

If you have a computer or phone and would like to go out with friends, know that it can be worth making plans for a day after serving the punishment. For example, you can suggest that you get together to eat or to watch a movie together. Although it won't change much about your current situation, the fact that there is a social event that you will participate in when the punishment is over is already very exciting.

Method 3 of 3: Manage with your parents

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 11

Step 1. Apologize

Even if you don't totally regret what you did, know that apologizing to your parents for what happened will go a long way in your favor. If your parents feel that you really regret what you did, they are likely to be much more inclined to relax the restrictions and not punish you.

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 12

Step 2. Analyze the situation from their point of view

When your parents punish you, they usually don't do it with the intention of getting back at you. Instead, they use it to teach you a lesson. Your attitude towards them might change if you make an effort to understand why they punished you. So try to put yourself in their shoes and if you feel that you deserve to be punished or not, make an effort to imagine the situation from their point of view. Most parents don't bother to be willfully unfair. Trying to understand their position can help you understand the situation better.

If you can figure out that you deserve punishment, then it won't hurt you as much. On the other hand, if you still understand and feel that things have been misinterpreted, you can bring up the subject with your parents as long as you are sure that they are open to discussion

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 13

Step 3. Negotiate an agreement with your parents

Some parents may accept other forms of “restitution” to replace or shorten the punishment. While you need to apologize first so that you can initiate a discussion with them, it's still important that you know that you need to submit some ideas on how you plan to make up for what you've done. For example, you can suggest that one day of the punishment is not taken into account and that in return you wash the dishes or dry the floors on the ground floor. These alternative sanctions are generally accepted by parents because they believe they will get something really concrete out of them.

Some parents are very strict and will not even be open to any negotiation. This is something you have to deal with when you are in a strict family environment

Have Fun While You Are Grounded Step 14

Step 4. Control your emotions

It is quite normal for you to be angry when you have been punished for some reason. However, not being able to let go of these feelings will not be very good for you and your family situation. Even if you feel you have been punished for no good reason, you should still do everything to keep your cool. Keep in mind that a simple punishment can be tough if things don't improve.


  • The best way to deal with punishment is to avoid being punished early on. Parents are unfair at times, but it's usually in your best interests to work with them.
  • If no attempt to negotiate to ease the penalty works, then you will need to make sure you keep your cool and relax. You can be angry or sad, but still make an effort to behave like a mature person in front of your parents.
  • Try to take a nap when you are punished. Thus, your day will pass a little faster.

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