How to roll a coin between your fingers

How to roll a coin between your fingers
How to roll a coin between your fingers

Rolling a coin between your fingers is a little trick that every self-respecting juggler should master. This easy-to-learn trick of flicking a coin from one finger to another is a lot of fun to perform, and pulling it off takes more practice than skill.


Roll a Coin on Your Knuckles Step 1

Step 1. For simplicity, we are going to number the joints of your hand

The joint that connects your fingers to your hand will be numbered 1, the one that connects the first phalanx to the second phalanx will be numbered 2. The most distal joint (closest to the tip of the finger) will not be involved.

Step 2. Open your hand and join your fingers

Step 3. Flex your fingers around joint 1 so that they make a right angle with the palm of your hand

Step 4. Flex your fingers around joint 2 so that your 1st and 2nd phalanges are at a right angle

You will maintain this position for the entire turn.

Step 5. Hold a coin between your thumb and forefinger, positioning it between joints 1 and 2 of the index finger

Step 6. Lift your middle finger slightly so that it hits the right edge of the room

Swing the coin on your index finger (releasing it with your thumb) and “grab” the coin by the middle finger as in the photo. Lower your middle finger by raising your middle finger slightly so that the coin rolls over your middle finger between joints 1 and 2.

Step 7. Repeat this same maneuver with the middle and ring fingers so that the part rests between joints 1 and 2 of the latter

Step 8. Grasp the coin by your little finger

Rather than letting it roll, let it slide between the little finger and the ring finger, then grab it with your thumb, with the piece resting on the side edge of the thumb.

Step 9. Bring the piece back with your thumb to the starting position between joints 1 and 2 of the index finger

Step 10. Repeat as much as you want


  • Don't give up too quickly, learning this trick takes a lot of patience and persistence.
  • Tilt your hand down slightly so that gravity helps the part roll. This will facilitate the ride which will have a smoother air.
  • If you put on rings, take them off, they will get in your way.
  • To master this trick, always carry the coin with you in your pockets to practice whenever you have time. Make it an occupation when you are bored.
  • It may take up to six months of training to master this trick smoothly. Nothing can be learned overnight.
  • The larger the room, the easier the trick will be to play. Although, if your hands are small, it is advisable to start with a small room. Euro 2 coins, 50 cents (US) coins and US $ 1 coins will do.
  • Once you have mastered this trick with both hands, try rolling the coin on both hands, lining them up. To make the coin roll endlessly, swap your hands each time the coin rolls over an entire hand and start over.

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