How to build a Lego house: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to build a Lego house: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to build a Lego house: 12 steps (with pictures)

Lego have been delighting children and adults for generations. Usually, we make houses with Lego. Depending on the rooms and the time you have available, you can make all types of houses, from a simple bungalow to a mansion. The following instructions will help you use all of your creativity to create a Lego house.


Method 1 of 2: Build a house from scratch

Build a LEGO House Step 1

Step 1. Find a foundation

Use a Lego table or one of the large green platforms that the brand sells. This will be the floor and the garden of your house, if you decide to include a garden in your construction.

If you build your house in two parts, on two different levels, you will be able to open it to see what is inside by separating the two levels

Step 2. Plan your construction

Lay a first layer of pieces which will be your foundation. It is on this foundation that you will put your walls, your doors and the various rooms of your house. Plan a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, if you have the space.

  • Try to be inspired by a real house. Where would the fireplace go, for example? If you are going to incorporate a fireplace into your house, you must lay bricks for its foundation from the first phase of construction.
  • If you want to have a floor, plan a large space for the stairs. Stairs are best incorporated as you lay your foundation to get an idea of ​​how much space they will take up.

Step 3. Lay the exterior walls

The next step is to lay the exterior walls of your house.

  • Tip: your walls will be more solid if you avoid accumulating the same rooms in height. Instead, try to nest them together.
  • Remember to leave spaces for the windows! You can leave holes in your walls or install window-shaped pieces, if you have them. It will be more difficult for you to add them later. So consider incorporating the holes in your exterior walls as soon as you design your home.

Step 4. Lay the interior walls

Finish setting up the walls by delimiting the rooms in the house.

Step 5. Make the furniture

In the living room you can put chairs and a TV. For the kitchen, you can put a worktop, sink, oven, etc. For the bedroom, put a bed and a desk. Put a toilet, shower and sink in the bathroom.

If you have special pieces, you can make furniture that looks more realistic. Lego sells parts that look like pianos, ovens, sinks, etc. It is these kinds of details that will make your home more realistic

Step 6. Add decorations

Once you have finished the basics, you can start adding decorative elements that will make your home more unique.

You can put tiles on the floor or make it a terrace. You can also add light sources and a ceiling fan. Put trees and flowers in the garden. Use your imagination to integrate the rooms you have available in a way that makes the house as interesting as possible

Step 7. Lay the roof

Putting on the roof should be the last step in building your house, because once you have it installed you will have a much harder time moving things around inside the house.

You can of course get around this problem by choosing to put a removable roof. Secure it with hinges so you can slide it off or just lay it down, not secure it, so you can remove it more easily

Step 8. Play with your new home

Method 2 of 2: Build a house from a model

Step 1. Obtain a template

Lego packs that you can buy in the store often come with instructions for building the house in the pack. There are several models of house that you can buy yourself.

  • Also, if you have a lot of rooms and are looking for house models or inspiration to build your house, you can find some on the internet. You will find them on the official Lego website. There you will also find basic instructions like these for building a house, as well as videos that show you how to make lots of different creations.
  • Other sites can also give you models of different difficulty levels, like this one
  • offers a mix of old Lego manuals and creations from site visitors. There you will also find a lot of models for building houses.

Step 2. Check that you have all the parts

The template will tell you which pieces to use to make the house shown on the package. Look at all of your Lego and make sure you have all the parts you need. Otherwise, you may be missing parts in the middle of your build.

Even if you're building from a given kit, it's still best to check that you have all of the necessary parts before you start building. Sometimes parts are missing, which can be frustrating if you find out in the middle of your build. If you find that some parts are missing when checking out at the start of your build, you can return the package to the store and receive a new package with all the parts

Step 3. Follow the pattern

Follow the instructions step by step. Place your pieces exactly where the instructions tell you to put them.

Sometimes it may be helpful to count the spikes (the bumps that are on the surface of each Lego piece) to make sure you stick to the distances shown in the model

Step 4. Personalize

Wait until you finish the house to customize it with your own Lego pieces. You can add trees and flowers or a garage.

For example, you can make your house look more wintery by adding white patches in the garden or making ice from transparent pieces


  • Build on a flat, smooth surface. If you are building on a rough surface, such as a carpet, it may be more difficult to fit the pieces together.
  • Sort your parts to make it easier to find the ones you need.
  • Use your imagination and be creative. Your only limits are the parts you have. With the right parts and a creative mind, you can build a house in space, a houseboat, a house on wheels, or any house that crosses your mind!
  • When breaking down a house you built from a model, take a close look at how the pieces were attached to each other. It can inspire you for your own future creations.

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